Thursday, May 16, 1895

Benton County Times

Location: Vinton, Iowa

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Benton County Times (Newspaper) - May 16, 1895, Vinton, Iowa THETALMAGESEEMM CONSCIENCE THE SUBJECT OF SUNDAYS He Took If atar TTasbod Hie Hands Saying I Am of of TWs Matt about 7 oclock in the up marble stairs a palace and the floors of richest and under ceilings dyed dors of and between snow banks of white and glistening sculp passes a young man of already con demned to on his way to be con demned Jesus of Nazareth is his Comingout to meet him on this tes sellated pavement Is an cowardly with traces of sympathy and fair dealing left in composition Governor Pontius Did ever megt Luxury and whom he might have acquitted If he outspread That magnificent only had the Poor Pilate his laver of the old dispensation la a feeble conscience was after and he knew type of the more glorious laver of our the stain would never be washed from sunlit the right hand or the left and I Here is the laver holding rivers of untl the day of his though he having for its pedestal the might wash In all the lavers of the j Rock of carved with the figure Roman there would be of the lion of Judahs and having eight fingers and two thumbs red at palm branches for and winps suggestive of the souls flight toward the power of conscience when it Is God in and the souls flight With whip of scorpions havenward when we Come ye spikes in pitch of mid1 auditory and wash away all your sins v js Are there ghosts however and all your sor not of the but of ones TO ho p agonizl to thlg GOOD selfishness arrogance and sin and mid night and The bloatedlipped governor takes the cushioned but the prisoner his wrists In a semicircle around the prisoner are with flashing eyes and brandished prosecuting case in the name of re for the bitterest persecutions have been religious prosecutions when a good man he intensity for brevity of if you have never seen an ecclesiastical court a then you have no idea of the foaming infernalism of these old re ligious Governor Pil ate crossquestions the prison and finds right away that he is Vants o let him goi His caution is also increased by some one who comes to the governor and mind not at And amid his slumbering Startled with Caesars stalwart Macbeth looked at his hand after the midnight and he says Will all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand No this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas Making the green one From what did Adam and Eve try to whlspCTSB lawgovernor Claudia hts wif er who has had a dream about the inno cence of this prisoner and about the danger of 4 executing and she awakens this morning dream In time to send the message to her hus then on the judicial And what with the of Tils and the voice of conscience the entire of the Sanhedrists to make out their Pilate resolves to discharge the prisoner from themselves From their own What made Cains punishment greater tnan he could bear His What made Ahab cry out to the pro Hast thou found O mine What made thegreat Felix tremble oefore the little missionary Conscience What made Belshaazars teeth chatter with a chill when he saw a finger of the black sleeve of the midnight and write on the plaster Ing conscience Why is it that that man in this audi with all the marksof worldly prosperity upon is agitated while I find is now flushed and Is now and then the breath is and of on the and then the look of unrest comes to a look of horror and despair he and God It may be that he despoiled a fair young life and turned innocence in to a the smile of hope into the brazenlaughter of Or It be that he has in his possession the property of and by some strategem he keeps it according to and yet he knows it Is not his and that if his heart shouldistop beat Ing this moment lie would be in hell Or It may be he is responsible Tfbr a great the disappearance sof some one and the detectives were tracks were upi and the swift horse or the rail train took him out of and there are only two persons in the universe who know of it and God present at the open for all sin and unclean the the You need not carry your sins half a Come and wash in this glorious gospel that is an opportunity enough to swallow up all That is an op portunity that will yet stand on the Alps and beckon to and yet stand on the Pyrenees and beckon to and it will yet stand on the Ural and beckon to and it will stand at the gate of heaven and beckon to all Pardon for all and pardon right through the blood the Son of A little child that had been but through skilled surgery brought to said why didnt you tell me the earth and the sky are so beautiful Why didnt you tell me replied the moth my I did tell you often I often told you how beautiful they are but you were and you couldnt see if we could have our eyes opened to see the glories in Jesus Christ we would feel that the half had never been told and you would go to some Christian man and Why didnt you tell me before of the glories of the Lord Jesus Christ and that friend would I did tell but you were blind and could not and you were deaf and could not History says that a great army came to capture ancient and when this army got on the hills so that they say the turrets and towers of Jeru they gave a shout that made the earth tremble and whether true or says that so great was the eagles flying in READING FOR YOUNG THE mEOYSs ftTRTSs I acquaintance with the outside covers BUI AiMJ of the popular literature of the A correspondent tells of one of these dispensers of light bodily and mental refreshments who offered him a new the new French The passenger glanced at the title page and saw that the book was ore of Did you say that it was a new novel he sir just The man who wrote It has been dead for forty But the boy was equal to the occa Pshaw said this isnt the old his Maga Three Ships to Find the Life of Lincoln for Youug Americans Boy Dosa H R E E SHIPS there be asail ing Betwixt the sea and sky And One is and one is And one is By and The first little ship is all for Its masts are its sails are And this is the cargo it brings Joyful days with sunlight Nights where dreams like stars are Take or theyll be go Ing For they every one have and consci ence with conscience with pin conscience with conscience with upon him and until a mans conscience rouses him he does not repent What made that farmer con if we could only catch a glimpse of this Gospel temple into which we are all invited to come and there would be a song jubilant and wide at New Jerusalem at New Jerusalem the hosannas of other worlds flying mid air would fold their wings and drop in to our closing doxology Against the disappointing and insufficient laver of Pilates and Pilates and Pilates I place the brazen sea of a Saviors pardoning mercy Asalling on a misty And out across the twilight What It brought of gift and blessing Would not stay for my Was too dear for my So it sails and sails The last riding fair and Upon the is By and be kind and gently blow Not too swiftly hasten When she youll go with To what port I may not Blodgett in Oppressive A story that by any means escapes above the level of socialistic pamph Butthe Iptimation of such a tthirig brings upon an equindctial storm of t They will report to the emperor It sendlilm tip and he will be hung for trea for the emperor has already a sus to to and that sus picion does not cease until Pilate is banished and commits So Gov ernor Pontius Pilate compromises the and proposes that Christ be whipped instead So the prisoner is fastened to alow and on his bent and bared back come the thongs of with pieces of lead and bone so that every fitrokeshaJP be the Christ the with flushed cheek and torn and quivering mangled1 presenting a specta Buffering in which the found the theme for his great est But the Sanhedriats are not yet satis They his nerves laceratedvthey want them an Jacerat havelad some of his blood of down to the last corpuscle SoGovernor Pontius sur reridera tcvihe cry of Cru the sends for He sends a slave out to get Although the constables are in haste to take prisoner to execu tion and the moh outside are impatient to glare upotf their pause is 14 M and say I have four of your They over Into my fold six years ago They had your mark upon and it to my I want you to have those and I want youto have the Interest on the and I want you to have the in crease of the fold if you want to send me to prison I shall make no com plaint The infidel heard of the mans and he said if you have got them sheep you are welcome to I dont want nothing of those things at You just go away from Something has got hold of dont I heard you were down at those religious meet But converted man would notalloW things to stand in that and so the infidel you can pay me the value of the to andJjshant say anything more about Just go away from What was the matter with the two farmers In this one case a convicted conscience leading him to and In the oth necessitated it a wash Some bright is poured and then Governor Pil ate puts his delicate1 hands into the water them and then them for the towel fastened at the slaves while he practically says wash my hands of I wash myhandsof this entire responsi bility you to bear That Is the meaning of my text when It says water and washed his hands before I am in nocent of theblood of this just person nee ye to Behold that ceremony amounts to If there are not in it cor respondehcleS heart and It is a good thing to wash the God created threeQuarters of the world and In thatcommanded cleanli ness and when the ancients did not take the hint he plunged the whole under water and kept it there for some washing was a religious ceremony among the The Jewish MIshna gave particular di rection now that the hands must be thrust three times up to the wrist in and the palm of the hand must be rubbed with the closed fist of the All well enough for a Sym but here in the text is a man who proposes away the guilt of a sin which he does not quit and of which he does not make any Pi lates wash basinwas a dead however beautiful and may be no more than this hypocritical In fancy we may be sprinkled from the baptismal and in manhoodwe may wade into deep and yet never come to moral We may kneel without and bow without and sing without any All your creeds and and and and religious convo cations amount to nothing unless your heartlife go into When that bronzed slave tooJc from the presence of Pilate that wash basin he carried away none of or Pilates wickedness or Pilates guilt Nothing against creedswe all have either written or Noth ing against ceremonies they are of in finite Nothing against sac raments they are divinely Nothing against a if there be us many heartfelt prayers as beads Nothing against incense float ing up from censer aniid Gothic against Conversion ripthing unless the heart is and the pocket book is and the cash drawer is and the ledger is convert and the fireproof safe Is and the pigeon hole containing the cor respondence is and his im provement Is noticed even by the can ary sings in the and the cat that licks the platter after the and the dog that comes bounding from the kennel A man half or quarter or a thousandeth part is not converted at What will be the great book In the day of judgment Con recalling misim proved Conscience recall Ing unforgiven Conscience bring ing up all the Alas for this govern nor Pontius That night after the court had adjourned and the Sanhed rists had gone and nothing was heard outside the room but the step of the I see Pontius Pilate arise from his tapestried and sleepless and go to the laver and begin to wash his crying crimson spot Tellest thou to and to and to the my crime Is there no alkali to remove these dreadful stains Is there no chemistry to dis solve this carnage Must I to the day of my death carry the blood of this Innocent man on my heart and hand thou crimson spot The worst thing a man can have Is an evil con and the best thing a man can have is what Paul calls a good con But is there no such thing as moral purification If a man is a sinner once must he always be a and an unforgiven sinner We have all had conscience after Or do you tell me by the omnivorous reading looking to its novelists and poets for something to lighten the burdens of life and add to the common joys of and socialistic or realistic novels from the leading writers in Eng Russia and making even poor translations of erratic French nov els seem a kind of As far back as 1854 this oppressive realistic fiction had begun to weigh upon as instance these words in Austens Germany appropos of English and German fiction at that day The en tertainment now very commonly pre sented to us consists either of scenes in the the Rackchamber of human researches in the dark and dirty corners of our or po lemics on political and social disguised under the and carried on with the unscrupulous of In spite of the vast and the very surprising acquaintance with the unlovely secrets of our poor which many of these novels and of the good Intentions man ifest In one cannot but deplore such degrading and unfair uses of There are moral diseases and deform ities which it Is the painful duty of hu manity to and of science to de but it is the glorious prerogative of Art to Ignore them it is her benefi Modol for It is difficult to make children believe that the future destinies of the nation are to be shaped by the individual ef forts of its That which was an easy task for our forefathers has been carelessly abandoned for more than fifty Those who are in clined to find fault with existing can politically and may by slight effort locate the The adults of this generation were taught in youth the accumulation of wealth should be the aim of their Too many have been taught to ac cumulate it if but accumulate And so the nation has drifted from the grand old moorings of its and there is none so How to Get Among the rich men of Chicago Is His advice to young men who desire to get rich in money is as follows There are no rules which can be laid down which will lead to de sired but there are certa ele ments which are essential and without which the attainment of wealth is im Prominent among these may be mentioned persis and and above all proper habits in combined with But it should always be borne in mind by young men that persistent aplication is absolutely necessary to Few things are impracticable in and it Is for want of ap plication rather than means that men fail In as has been well said by a French Too many young men are discouraged because of the obstacles they find early in They cannot pursue a path of but must not be discouraged by the thorns that inevitably It has been well said certain amount of opposi tion is a great help to a Kites rise against the Even a head wind is better than No man ever worked his passage anywhere in a dead The importance of the courage referred to above is expressed by Shakespeare in the following words Our doubts are And make us lose the good we oft might win By fearing to I think if the young man of today would cut out the above quotations and impress them in his mind they would prove valuable through Piano Take equal proportions of linseed oil and Mix rub in well with a piece of flannel Thou polish with a piece of chamois This treatment will entirely remove the Uingy appearance that ago gives to fine Xot a Subject Kaslly Controlled New the row up stairs that professor of hyp notism trying to get his wifes permis sion to go out this On the Right ISalosman what dp you want Little Got any lamp chimneys What kind do you wont1 After some reflection Slaw didnt but I think she wants one of the smokeless Too Force of Force of habit is very strong with some and there are persons who never get over A story is told of an Irish boy who had been employed a time in a Dublin shoe Not finding his work there as pleasant ad it might he resigned liis position and secured a clerkship in a hardware One day an old farmer came driving up with a entering the asked the lad if he had any I want em for this said I guess we can fix you replied the boy what size do you wear dont see why you need be so Nice girls wont sue you for breacho you cant find out whether theyre nice or not until they bring the j A Poisonous This fltiy describes a vaporous poi sou hiiiuii breeus coins auU uitious re aiuieui lumu ujjue auu in tns doiiuiy tyuuoia njrais 01 itos luuers ssiumucii pievents uua cures uiLbu nervous uiiu luauey rneu utitmiitjitt uim unpaired vnuuiv are uiso ivuieuittu uy tuts great Greater New with 317 square miles of would be threa times as big as London and twelve times the size of A Moderate A Mode rsw The Great Northern between your wife exhibiting any new j Paul and Puget is the only tendencies transcontinental line not bankrupt or else of in the hands or Its stock is when it comes to new She insists quoted above It is the only line built across the continent without land grant or governmental subsidy and is the only on tlieir newness right into purer and higher The Way of the and the world laughs with and you weep For the sad old earth must borrow its But has trouble enottgh of its and the hills will Sigh it is lost on the air The echoes bound to a joyful But shrink from voicing and men will seek and they turn and go They want full measure of all your But they do not need your Be and your friends are Be and you lose them There are none to decline your nectard But alone you must drink lifes and your halls are and the world goes by Succeed and and it helps you But no man can help you die There is room in the halls of pleasure For a large and lordly awful error that has been How to return to the good old ways of our forefathers is what is bothering us There are a babel of but no solution to the great No theory can be said to even admit of the slightest color of and this though they are all born of honest praiseworthy And even when truth is discovered it will be a long perhaps a quarter of a before enough people will believe it to give it The youth of the present day will have many grave ques tions to confront them when they grow up to be men and They are scheduled for a most impressive From their ranks must come the offi cers of state and the generals and con gressmen and who will once more reestablish the doctrine that a by the for the peo and of the shall not The immortal words of the immortal leader of will be the bat tle cry of the His life should be the model for every boy to It should be taught in the schools and every boy and girl should know it by before they are Lincoln in his life was the embodiment of From youth to maturity he always re spected the rights and views of but in his own actions always die what his conscience told him was It was not easy for such a man as Lincoln to commit an The hand of the Supreme ruler over men is ever with Then to those who are to perpetu ate the glories of this republic there is no better advice than to study the life of pattern after make a religion of and above all things remember that Lincoln tried to do that Which Christ taught men to Troubled Mai wants to know on what day of the week September came what we think of a girl who wrote a sharp letter to a young man who had broken his promises to Answer September came on As to the letter and the it is a rather hard all such things are rather trying but human nature is a curious sort of an and when a man he and that is the end of If he does not wish to come to visit the only thing for you to do is to let him for impatient and sharp words will only make matters if be does not desire your you should have sufficient pride not to desire It is quite possible to get over affairs that sort if one sets about it in You know what Shakespeare says Men have worms have eaten but not for And the same thing can be saW of Dont Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your Life Awa 3 Is the startling title of a book about the guaranteed tobacco habit cure thftt bnaces up nlcotinlzed eliminates tho nicotine makes men gain and You run no physical or financial as NoToBac Is sold by Druggists under a guar antee to cure or money refunded Book Sterling Remedy New York or He IHight Go to said an enthusi astic young school jg a holy To sow in tho young mind the seeds of future knowledge atul watch them as they grow and develop is a pleasure greater than I can I never weary of ruy I think only of I am Tery interrupted the jounr man to whom she was that you are so devoted to your pro Miss I had hoped that some day I might ask in fact I called tonight but I hardly dare go on in the light of what you You may go said the younjr Im a little too enthusiastic at New York line owning and operating its entire Its general agent in Iowa is 220 Fourth Des who will be pleased to send publications to all or information about western or Pacific coast trips to One of the most popular religious books in Japan is Pilgrims illustrated by Japanese The German liiiprigts For this occasion the Wabash Railroad will sell tickets May to June in from all points to at one fare for the rcmml good to return any time up to Juno This is the only line running direct to the meeting Be sure and go via the Wabash in order to save delay and trouble in changing from one road to either before your arrival at Docatur or For time printed matter and other informa tion call on or write to any ticket agent of or connecting lines or General Passenger and Ticket A dealer in artificial limbs estimates that Britons have one or both A Baby A Chinese baby that Washingtonians feel much interested the small Ce lestial having first seen the light at the capital has been followingthe example of Western and has passed be fore the to the great no of all its admiring It presents a very funny with its little head shorn of the locks which are usually the objects fondest pride to the members of this and the only hirsute attachment it sup ports is a round tuft near the crown of its which is the nucleus of a fu ture which will no doubt aston ish the It has at this tender age adopted fir its own the childlike and bland expression which is the dis tinguishing mark of a and which enables him always to prove a match for the diplomats of the Washington It is a pleasure to note the addition of another important feature to the already competent train service of the Nickel Plato The Dining Car Service of this popular law rate line has recently been by which dinner will be served on train leaving Chicago at 2 and breakfast and dinner on train leaving Chicago daily at with direct connections for New York and Breakfast and dinner will be served on train arriving in Chicago at from New York and For full information regarding address your nearest ticket agent or Calash General The crown worn by Queen Victoria weighs forty Through the narrow aisles of Wheeler been just and all the thoughts of your heart have been just and all the actions of your life just right Then you do not know and I take is Nothing against Epip or or Ash or or Good or Palm if these symbols have behind them gcnulne and holy and Christian conse But ceremony la only the to the it only the shell to the it In only the lamp to the It la only the body to the spirit The outward must be symbolical of the the hands by all but more than wash the as you aee Governor Pon Pilate thrust has hands into the power of He had an idea there blood on blood of an Innocent you are a you are a Pontius and not know You commit the very same sin that Pilate You have crucified the Lord of But if ninetenths of this audience are made up of thoughtful and earnest then ninetenths of this audience are saying within Is there no such thing as moral purification Is there no laver In which the soul may wash and be clean Tell it in tell it in tell it in tellit to the That Is what Daifld cried out for when he wish me thoroughly from my and cleanse me from mine And that Is what In another he cried out for when he Wash me and I shall be whiter than Be hold the laver of the filled with living Did you ever see tho picture of the Saver In the ancient taber nacle or in the ancient temple The An Austrian nobleman built a mag nificent house inVienna and caused to be inscribed on the front of it these words This house was erected by Count to be given to the first man who Can prove that he is content One day a stranger knocked at the gate and desired to speak with the I am said to take pos session of this as I find that you have built it In order to bestow it on the man who Is really I am willing to take an oath that I am in that state you please give me Immediate When he had said this the count re plied You are quite with respect to my intentions but I cannot discover the least trace of contentment in your If you were quite contented you would not wish to get possession of my I beg to retire from my As any mans asking for the house was a substantial proof of his discon the count got keeping of it to A Boy The director of one of our large cor porations was in the habit of prowling around the One morning he hap pened to come across the dinner pail of the office His curiosity led him to take off the A slice of homemade two and a piece of apple pie tempted the mil lionaires He became a boy and the dinner pail seemed to be the same one he carried sixty years Just then the office boy came in and surprised the old man eating the pi Kitty Hawk asks if it is true that cer tain merchants will not mark articles with the figure She has that such is the Answer It is true that certain merchants will not put the figure 13 on their One man did and several customers refused the goods unless they were marked twelve and one woman paid fourteen cents rather than the unlucky Verge in the Violet wishes to know where in the BiWe is the verse that speaks of eating bread in the sweat of the Answer The verse occurs In the curse pronounced on the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of It is found in chapter verse 19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat he had finished the bread and dough Thats my dinner youre said the suspect it may be but its a firstrate for all Ive not eaten so good a one for sixty he as he finished the take that and go out and buy yourself a dinner but you wont get so good a and he handed the boy a fivedollar For days the old man kept referring to the firstclass dinner he had eaten from the boys Learning Archie wants to learn but has no means and would like us to tell him how to go about learning and how long it take to become a good Answer It Is not at all easy to advise people how to be come experts when they have no means to pay for In the present case there seems to be only one made out of the womens metallic look It was a great basin stand on a beautiful pedestal but when the the laver was an immense affair called the brazen uea and how deep were the floods there gathered And there were ten lavers at the right and five at the each laver had three hundred gallons of And the out Bide of these lavers was carved and chased with palm trees so delicately cut you could almost see the leaves and lions so true to life that you could Imagine you see the nostril and the cherubim with The Planet The present visit of Enckes comet in the skilled hands of placed so to in the weighing We have thus learned that this though no doubt a con siderable is still much less than the Enckes comet demonstrates that thirty globes as massive as Mer would be required to weigh aa much as the to some photographer and learn the business by practical and hard Perhaps you could give your services for a certain number of hours in a and thus acquire a knowledge of the It would scarcely pay to try to learn It from books or any printed di There are certain handlings that one must see In order to be able to do them In the best and most conven ient Elephant Rajah Obliges Railroad An elephant pushing a long line of freight cars was the unusual scene wit nessed by a party of visitors to the winter quarters of Lemen Brothers cir cus over at Argentine yesterday after says the Kansas City Frank the trainer of the big elephant which the circus carries as the feature of its was using the beast in moving heavy and while so engaged a workman from an elevator near the winter quarters com plained that he could not get a switch engine to move empty box cars to the Ill move them for you with said He was not quite sure that the bigbeast could move the long line of thirtytwo box cars on the Santa Fe railway which runs by the but he resolved to have him try The brakes were re the elephant put his head against the end of the and after a few moments the line began to move The track was perfectly and soon the cars had rolled down to the Only One and That In to The Great Rock Island Route will sell tickets cheap for this excursion to Denver in and you should post yourself at once as to rates and Send by postal card or letter to John for a beautiful souvenir issued by the Rock Island Pacific Rycalled tbe Tourist that tells all about the It will be sent It is a and you should not delay in asking for J OHK Paste DePaster lost all of her diamonds when they bad the fire at her Indeed Wero they burned No Wnbasli HomoSeekers Excursion on April May a and June The Wabash will sell homeseekers excursion tickets at one fare for the round trip to points good returning any time within thirty HORACE Commercial Fourth Des or to Wabash Wisdom m tho Sunday And can you tell me what it means to paint the lily and gild refined gold Its too much of a RODd thing like a man with the mumps playin a A new dining car service between Chicago and Buffalo via the Nickel Plato Road has recently been placed at the disposal the f which will enable patrons of this favorite low rate Hue to obtain all meals oil trains when traveling on through trains between New York and i or reserve tio as oE sleeping car space and further information see your local ticket agent or address General The 30th Triennial Conclave Knights Templar Will be held in August 26th to For this occasion the Wabash Railroad will sell tickets from all stations to Boston at one fare for the round Map of route and guide to Boston will be mailed on application to General Passenger and Ticket Removal of Ticket Office of tho Xew Chicago Louis Railroad Nickel Plato On May 1st the Chicago city ticket office of the New Chicago Louis Nickel Plate Road will be moved to 111 Adams opposite the General Wyoming has the smallest female pop New York the CHENEY Of Halls Catarrh oITsr reward for any case of catarrh that can not be cured by tiiklng Halls Catarrh Send lor Sold by The FrancoGerman war cost besides incalculable loss to mothers appreciate yootl work of Porkers Ginger with reviving qualities boon to sleepless and Many pairs of sandals have been recov ered at The soles are fastened with The banlts of the United States during tho year ISM lost over by When you come to realize that your corns are tnd no more now grateful you All the work or You can work out a good character faster than calumny can destroy Cup of Parks Tea ac night move the bowels m the In tranquility is the supreme It is remarkable how many people there are who have That Tired Feeling and seem to think it is of no impor tance or that nothingneed be done for They would not be so careless if they realized how really serious the malady But they think or It will go off after a We do not mean the legitimate weariness which all experience after a hard days but that wornout feelingwhich is especially overpoweringin the when the body should be refreshed and ready for It is often only the with all the horrible sufferingthat term That Tired Feeling and nervousness are sure indications of an impure and impoverished condition of the The craving of the system for help can only be met by purifying the Hoods Sarsaparilla is the one great blood It expels all gives vitality and regulates the digestion and makes the weak In the spring I felt very much rua strength or I began to take Hoods Sarsaparilla and my appetite improved and I did have that tired feel East The A theatrical company tried to amuse by producing a droll play at which they were One comical scene elicited this remark from a lunatic Wonder where these came Thats Hi m3 Tail Little Cornelia was teachingher young er to print letters For a copy she printed for her the word Margaret took the pencil and careful ly printed the and the and the in their and then added to tlie lower end of the G a little crooked Cornelia took the little paper to in spect the noticing the little ciooked line added to the she Why Margaret why did you put that IHtle crooked line to it for Thats hlms was Margarets Boy Knew Ills it has often been said that association books Is an education in Even the trainboy sometimes feels the Intellectual stimulus of his professional For Hypnotic A good story is told of a judge who lately had the hypnotic plea raised be fore him by a The prisoner claimed that he did not know that he was that he did it auto matically and under the direction of a The judge said that he would give him the full benefit of the law and also of his hypnotic mis He thereupon sentenced the man to ten years in state but told him he if he for the hypnotist and have himself made unconscious for the entire term of his The same said the which enabled you to com mit and not know ought al so to enable you to suffer with hard and not be aware of At any this is the bast I can do for Makes Pure I Very esf Elegant Patterns for 10 Cents When the Coupon Below is Sent The Retail Price of these Patterns is and 35 Cents About A size in coat or trousers Is one inch in two Inches in a an inch in a half an inch in onesixth of an inch in a quar ter of an inch in hats Inveterate Anthony Trollope smoked nearly all his and Sala is almost as for he declares that ho has been a constant user of tobacco in one form or another for nearly forty Henry is C feet 6 Inches a model of manly weighs 236 has been a member of Emperor Williams and has medals won in a military drill 6348 6323 6407 6377 Pattern Pour 10 and IS price 25 cents These patterns aits tlo CD X cs ae O ex O Any one or all of tho above patterns will ho sent for Cents Each when this coupon Is enclosed with the order otherwise tho regular price will Also sond 1 xsnt additional for each pattern ordered to cover postage Give number of Inches waist measure for skirts and number of inches taut measure for Address COUPON PATTERN LOCK BOX NEW

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