Friday, July 21, 1899

Spirit Lake Beacon

Location: Spirit Lake, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Spirit Lake Beacon on Friday, July 21, 1899

Spirit Lake Beacon (Newspaper) - July 21, 1899, Spirit Lake, Iowa VOL XXIX SPIRIT LAKE DICKINSON COUNTY IOWA FRIDAY JULY 21 1899 I Butered at the Post Office at Spirit Lake Iowa I I f NO 37 RAILWAY TIME TABLES B C R OOINO SOUTH 6 Chicago Fast Express PM a Chicago Passenger A M Way Freight PM GOING NORTH Stoux Falls Passenger A M Spirit Lake Passenger P M b Vay Freight A M fWa Daily b Bxcept Sunday Freight trams shown above will carry passen rere only when provided with tickets A JoJr c an Jk m i AHRIVB Milwaukee Mixed Mixed gaOpM rassenirer PM Mixed p M C R I P A 1C C J P ETESON Agent C B FOUNTAIN M D Physician and Surgeon OEceover H A Millers Store Office open from m to 8 p rn Residence 43 SPIRIT LAKE IOWA DR J B STAIR Physician and Surgeon Special attention given to diseases of women and Inner diseases All calls promptly attended over Dickinson County Bank Tele 73 residence 50 SPIRIT LAKE IOWA U S Examining Surgeon DRS A H W PEARSON HOMEOPATHIC Physicians and Surgeons Chronic and obscure diseases a specialty Office in Diamond building Telephone No 21 SPIRIT LAKE IA DR A F MERRILL Resident Dentist Office over Dickinson County Bank Office open for business every day except Mondays Graduate Ohio College Dental Surgery Telephone 63 SPIRIT LAKE IOWA F S LAMB Refracting Optician EYES TESTED FREE At Dr Brownells drug Store the second Thursday of each month Flt Guaranteed GEO H FUNK Attorney at Law TIMES OF HOLDING COURT May 221899 October 191899 November 271899 SPIRIT LAKE IOWA IRA N BLAKEY DEALER IN Live WE FAY CASH FOR HIDES Give me a call wheu in need of anything ID my line HAD OAKK Thirty Years Experience In the optical business I am prepared to test and fit the eye on scientific principles Examination SIDDrtLL CARLTON BROS ABSTRACTS FURNISHED AND Titles Examined We are making a specialty of abstract busi ness All orders will receive prompt and care ful attention SPIRIT LAKE IOWA L E FRANCIS Attorney at Law Will practice in all State and Federal Courts Collections given prompt attention All kinds of pspers drawn up M door wfst nf Ueacon SPIRIT LAKE IOWA H E DOOLITTLE CO Of all Kinds A share of your patronage is earnestly so licited He will spare no pains to please Highest Cash rices Paid For Hides C A NELSON Tonsorial Artist A Clean and Comfortable shave and a satis afctory hair cut BUY GASOLENE AND KEROSENE From G K SchuneniaiVs tank wagon I have established heauquars at v H Jemersoiis iced store where telephone orders will prompt attention WiU exchange gas and oil for all kinds of grain and eggs Telephone No 81 G E SCHUNEMAN SPIRIT LAKE J M JOHNSON County Surveyor includ sewer and life drains etc SPIRIT LAKE MILJUS LOVESEE Iowa CH WYLDBR AUOTIONBBR Charges Reasonable SPIKIT LAKE Cutlery and Sporting Gotiis SPIRIT LAKE IOWA P A LUNBOM SPIRIT LAKE IOWA Will pive all work in his line prompt attention and Guarantee Satisfaction Warm Baths at All Times W V HKKHMAN JOSEPH SARAZINE Proprietor of the Flag Dray Line HE WILL Do Your Work Right Do It make Satrsfnctory to All gjrTelephonc No 39 HENDERSON BROS OKOBOJI IOWA Repair Work of all Kinds Promptly Attended to Traction Engine Repairing SPECIALTY Leave orders with Chas H Copley Spirt ake Iowa or at the shop in Okoboii Iowa PKOPR1ETORS MM WORKflSPECIIILTr This is one of the best mill plants in use anywhere Expense eas not been spared in the determination to secure all the best modern mill ing devices and to make fiour good as the best Try Whole Wheat Flour Cash Paid For Wheat GEO STOERLEIN DKAIKR IN Spirit Cake jBtaam OFFICIAL COUNTY PAPER ASTOWA WAY SLEUTH ODD VOCATION OF AN OLD SAN FRAN CISCO BOATMAN URNITURE STOCK COMPLETE PRICES REASONABLE ORDERS FOR UNDERTAKING Given Prompt Attention A ROPE OF WORMS He BniiK Ilia Prey to Water I of to the Get Aboard and How Tliey Generally Come to Grief Down by the citys sea wall a queer man pursues a queer vocation He is a water front character and his busi ness is the sleuthing of stowaways lie doesnt run his prey to eartn however after the manner of other hunters of human game He runs It to water This weather hardened wrinkled man s at once the terror and the friend of would be stowaways He is known as laptain Jack but his name has half a dozen variations all of which smack of the salt salt soa These are some of his aliases Wharf Rat Water Fowl Sea Dog Whaler Old Man Jack and The Boatinau His stock in trade consists of his shrewdness in spotting a stow and a battered but seaworthy old boat which rides the water by night and day through successive seasons The towns attractions do not lure him from his long accustomed haunts among the masts figureheads piers and piles sails nets stringers and multitudinous varieties of merchandise that crowd the bays edge Captain Jack came out of his sea shell of reserve long enough the other day to tell a bit of what he knows about that venturesome creature ol chance the stowaway who woulc fain voyage out of port without the previous formality of paying for pas senger privileges Ive been in this business a long time Jie said an I can genrally spot a stow Different ones has different meth ods Some hangs round the docks afore a ship sails offerin to lend a hand or proposin to work a passage somewheres When they find this dont go the way they want it to they commence to talk bout sea weather the cost of a cruise the time It takes to git to the islands or Alaska or Panama Theyre always just agoin to make the trip But theres somethin so hungry an home sick an tired lookiu about em that it gives em dead t does to a person whos spent agood many years studyin their kind Others though wait till the last minute then come hustlin along as if they was too rushed to buy a ticket or as if they had one in their pocket Why Ive even been asked by em to row em out to a ship after shed got clear out into the stream If a skipper happens to be good natured hell slack up an take passengers aboard An after all that bother Ive had to bring em back again for nary a red did they have This class of deadheads Is genrally supplied will clothes gripsacks hat boxes steamer trunks canes umbrel las cameras foldin chairs an some times a servant Not a valet Sure Thats what we sailors call puttin on a terrible lot of dog Thems the fellers that always has friends moag guvnors rajahs lords duket an consuls an likewise money to burn always across the water some wheres I dont mind the men but 3 hate to tactle a woman Women stowaways Sure When the Klondike boom was on 1 used to bring In as many women as men Some was only slim things goto to the icy gold mines with no more outft than the thin clothes they stood in The easiest part of the stows plan in inakin an escape is the gittin aboard Nobody knows whos who the day a ships leavin port If shes crowded so much the better The stow can hide in the hold without bein spied But Its mi Thty hard to git past the Heads for by that time the ships been searched an the stows yanked out on deck Captain Jack spoke truly The stowaway who passes the Heads has run the gantlet an in coming vessel be at hand toconvey the intruder back again When the final gong has been souni ed the warning All visitors ashore given the gangplank withdrawn the lust rope loosened and the screw turned the vessels interior is care fully explored Meanwhile Captain Jacks weather beaten boat is speed ing in its wake If a stowaway be discovered a signal is sent from the pilots bridge nud Captain Jack is quickly alongside A rope ladder is lowered and toward it the purser o other officer and his aids escort the discomfited stow Every ilayX continued Jack fetch in mi i an women that want t git away Theyre broke an though theyd try iheii luck in some othe nluec 1 hrnp most of em off a Meiggs wharf Its a heap easier fo me nu for the stows Theres mor lumber there an fewer folks to stan Some of em turns out nil right r some is afterward fished out of th bay Then they go to the coroner A dead man It seems is worth raor to the city Mian a live one And thus it Is that the stowaway sooner or later all journey with Cap tain to begin life all ove again othej to lie for a brief tlm on a marble slab at the morgu marked Fran cisco Examiucr The Curlomi ProcemKm That Stay Seen In Norway Foreiti In the deep pine forests of Norway the woodcutters sometimes find a ser pentine object nearly 50 feet lonjf crawling slowly over the ground If they did not know that it was made up of millions of little worms they Blight be frightened by its peculiar appearance These worms called the gciaro gather during July and August in large numbers preparatory to mi grating In search of food or tor change of condition When setting out on this Jouruey they stick themselves together and form a huge serpentlike mass often reaching a length of be between 40 and 50 feet and several Inches in thickness As the sciara Is only on an average about three thirtyseconds of an Inch in length and barely wider than a fine needle the number required to cam pose a line of the size above men tioned is enormous Their pace is very slow and upon meeting an ob stacle such as a stick or stone they will either writhe over or around it sometimes breaking into two bodiss for this purpose M GuerinMeuevllle a celebrated French naturalist says that If the rear portion of this wonderful snakelike procession be brought into contact with the front part and a sort of circle formed the insects will keep moving round and round in that circle for hours and hours without apparently noticing th they are not getting on in their Jouruey If the procession be broken In two the portions will re unite In a short time The Norwegian peasants when they meet one of these trains will lay some article of their clothing such as a belt or handkerchief on the ground in front of it If the procession passes over it it isjegarded as a good sign but If it makes a way round the re verse Is Becord PLAYING POWER When a locomo tive goes off the track it looks at first as if nothing could ever put it on again No or dinary tools will move it an inch and yet there is apparatus powerful enough to lift that enormous en gin and set it smoothly running again When the human constitution is thrown off the track by some frightfully com plicated disease it looks as if only a miracle could restore it and yet it can be done It is my greatest desire writes Mrs Wm S Vollmer of Concord Cabarrus Co South Caro lina in a grateful letter to Dr R V Pierce of Buffalo N Y V to have you publish my daugh ters cure for it is the nearest to a miracle that I ever witnessed Shcjuad St Vituss iDsnce so toadly she cosld cot hold her hands feet or head still one moment only when asleep Mornings she could not dress herself she would reel and often fall Her shoulders and head were con stantly jerking with great difficulty Her tongue was often thrown out and her face in diflerent shapes She could not take a dipper of water nor food nor anything to her mouth If she tried to put any food to her mouth she would smear it over her face and bosom For several weeks she conld not chew her food all solid food I had to mash up fine We could hardly understand anything she would try to say I bought one bottle of Dr Pierces Golden Medical Discovery one bottle of his Favorite Prescription and one vial of his Pleasant Pel lets I wrote to Dr Pierce and he answered promptly giving advice how to give his medi cines and also now to keep her hygienic sur roundings as near perfect as I could After taking the medicines three weeks I noticed the symptoms gradually leaving I continued until the last dose of the two bottles one of Golden Medical Discovery and the other of Favorite Prescription was given then she needed no more Those two bottles with a vial of Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets made her perfectly well I wish everybody knew the great virtue in Dr Pierces medicines If per sons wishing to know more will write enclos ing stamp I will gladly answer Do not hesitate to write to Dr Pierce He will advise you by mail free of charge FlRSTT NATIONAL BANK SPIRIT LAKE IOWA i f CRAVENS President o s JONES VicePresident JNO w CRAVENS Cashier L n GOOOKICH As3t Cashier CAPITAL STOCK General Banking Business it H ANDHK3EN OEO K PEARSAL1 President Vice President A w OSBORNE Cashier Interest paid on time deposits DICKINSON JOUNTY DANK INCORFOKATED CAPITAL PAID UP SURPLUS f 20000 A General Banking Business HOMESEEKERS EXCURSIONS How Great n Force Im Expended on the Piano The amount of power expended on laying on a piano has recently been igured out In a way which If not alto gether accurate is at least interesting Commenting on the statement that It eally requires more force to sound a note gently on this instrument than It loes to lift the lid of a kettle says Wo mans Life it is easy to verify It If ne takes a small handful of coins and tiles them on a key of a piano When a sufficient quantity Is plied m to make a note sound they may be weighed and the figures will be found to be true If the pianist is playing ortissimo much greater tores Is needed At times the force of six is thrown upon a single key to irodflce aEolitary effect With chords the force is generally spread over the various notes sounded simultaneously though a greater out ut of force is undoubtedly expended This is what gives pianists the won derful strength In their fingers that is often eoinmSnted on One of Chopins compositions has a mssage which takes two minutes and ive seconds to play The total pres sure brought to bear on this it Is es timated is equal to three full tons The average tonnage of an hours laylng of Chopins mnslc varies from L2 to 81 tons The Landlord Outwitted In the wain hall of tenement on the ground floor we counted 17 chil dren says Jacob A Rils la The Attan lc The facts of life here suspend or dinary landlord prejudices to a certain extent Occasionally it Is the tenant who suspends them The policeman laughed as he told rue of the case of a mother who covet ed a flat into which she well knew her family would not be admitted The landlord was particular She knocked with a troubled face alone Yes the flat was to let Had she any children The woman heaved a sigh Six but they are all In Greenwood The landlords heart was touched by such woe He let her have the flat By night he was amazed to find a flock of half a dozen robust youngsters dom iciled under his roof They had indeed been in Greenwood but they had come back from the cemetery to stay And stay they did the rent being paid Via B C R N Ry June 20 July 4 and 18 Aug 1 and 15 Sept 5 and 19 Oct 3 and 17 On these dates round trip tickets good 21 days will be sold at rate of One Fare plus 82 to large numbers of cities and towns in northern western and southern states For further in formation call on B C R N agent or address J MORTON G P T A Cedar Rapids la Croup is the terror of thousands of young mothers because its outbreak is so agonizing and frequently fatal Shilohs Cough and Consumption Cure acts like magic in cases of croup It has never been known to fail The worst cases relieved immediately Price 25 cts 50 cts and W F Dexheimer Mr and Mrs B Lackamp Elston Mo writes One Miuute Cough Cure saved the life fit our little boy when nearly dead with croup W F DEXHEIMKR REAL ESTATE LOANS Made at Reasonable Rates and on short notice Dickinson County Depository Have a Fine Vault and Burglar Proof Safe Guarded bv a Yale Time Lock You cant cure dyspepsia by dieting Eat good wholesome food and plenty of Dyspepsia Cure digests food without aid from the stomach and is made to CUKE W F DEXHEIMEK BARGAINS Selling the Opportunity Miss Amanda said the somewhat elderly but well preserved bachelor to the sparkling young woman with whom he occasionally spent an even ing I think it is a shame the way you treat that young Hankinson If I were he 1 wouldnt let you play fast and loose the way you do I would simply come and carry you off If you vere he Mr Upagaln she replied with downcast eyes perhaps it wouldnt be necessary to carry me off Upon which hint Mr Upagaln im mediately and the invitations are Tribune A diseased stomach surely under mines health It dulls the brain kills energy destroys the nervous system and predisposes to insanity and fatal diseases All dyspeptic troubles are quickly cured by Kodol Dyspepsia Cure It has cured thousands of eases and is curing them every day Its ingredi ents are such that it cant help curing W F DEXHEIMER Sick Headaches The curse of overworked womankind are quickly and surely cured by Karls Clover Root Rea the great blood puri fier and tissue builder Money re funded if not satisfactory Price 25 cts and 50 cts W F Dexheimer DeWitts Little Early Risers expel from the system all poisonous accum ulations regulate the stomach bowels and liver and purify the blood They drive away disease dissipate rnelan cholly and give health and vigor for daily routine Do not gripe or sicken W F DEXUEIJIEK What might have that little cough hadnt been the sad reflection of thousands of con sumptives One Minute Cough Cure cures coughs and colds W F DEXHEISIEB ESTATE A FoJr Jnry In a suit between father and son be fore a Hoosier justice of the peace the sextet comprising the jury came in after three Lours deliberation with the following impartial verdict We the jury agree o find judgment for neither plaintiff nor defendant and find that each pay half the costs It is said the verdict struckevery one as being so unusually fair that oven the parties to the action were and Comment Question of Daly I intended said the German em peror to b guided in this matter en tirely by my duty your majesty answered the oHicial I desiring to call your at tention to tin small amount of duty we have been in the habit of collecting on these American Star Tell Your Sister A Beautiful Complexion is an impossi bility without good pure blood the sortthat only exists in connection a healthy liver and bowels Karls Clover Root Tea acts directly oc the bowels liver and kidneys keeping them in perfect health Price 25 cts and 50 etc F Dexheimer DeWitts Little Early Risers benefit permanently They lend gentle as sistance to nature causing no pains or weakness permanently curing consti pation and liver ailments W F DKXHEIMKR Gunshot wounds and powdtr burns cuts bruises sprains wounds from rusty nails insect stings and ivy pois healed by DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve Positively pre vents blood poisoning Beware of counterfeits DeWitfs is safe and sure W F UKSHEIMUK Thoi Rhoads Centertield Owrites I suffered from piles seven or eight years No remedy gave me relief un til DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve less than a both of which permanently cured me Soothing healing per fectly harmless Ueware of counter feits W F TVKXHEIMEB Your Head Hcfc ton troubled with dandruff la Tour Ulltnf outt Are you grad ually setting bald Have yon tried many tocalled hair restoratives wita nniatislactory II so we Toa to try our Hair Restorative ind Dandruff Cure which positively w permanently cure all the ailments Your money will bs refunded i it fails to do the wort Will bs lent to any address prepaid for Globe Mlg Co GrinneU Bold and by W V DKXHKIMKU Dickinson County People Dont wait uniil outsiders come in and pick up the genuine land snaps quoted below and then say you didnt know any thing about them until it was too late NOW is the time to buy land for a home as an investment or for the boys who will need it soon Next fall will be too late Nine men out of ten whose judgment is worth considering will tell you that Dickinson County real estate will advance from to per acre before another harvest time CINCH A PIECE NOW Look the following list over carefully and make a tion before the prices are advanced selec 1 Eighty acres one and onehalf miles from town close to school and close to grist mill all tillable and fine surrounding country at per acre 2 100 acres six miles from town nearly all tillable 120 acres under cultivation small house barn iOx40 witli shed 30x40 granary Very fine land close to church and school At 826 per acre 3 ICO acres 120 tillable nice grove some bearing fruit trees and small fruit Several miles of fence on land New barn for eight horses good well Story and a half house 18x24 three miles from town S26 per acre 320 acres two and onehalf miles from Spirit Lake all tillable nice bearing orchard pood grove fair buildings all fenced and crossfenced with the best of material Very best quality of land close to school S31 per acre 5 120 acres three miles and a half from Spirit Lake 100 acres tillable about 50 acres under cultivation an acre 6 1GO acres 5 miles from town This is a perfect quarter every acre tillable rood deep black soil lies beautifully to the south School house at corner of land No improvements per acre I 40 acres within two miles of town one mile and a half from Arnolds Pars 30 acres under cultivation Rood soil good neighbor hood per acre 80 acres all tillable and all fenced joining the town site Spirit Lake Fine land and is a barpain at S4o an acre 9 240 acres seven mies from town 200 acres under cultlvateon Two small sets of build ings good quality of land lays to the south per acre 10 200 acres three miles from railroad station 160 acres tillable within one fourth of a mile of school house All prairie an acre on easy terms II 320 acres two miles from railroad station 200 acres under cultivation Fine stream of running water through part of the land Part y fenced just across the road from school louse For sale at an acre on easy terms 12 200 acres 100 acres under cultivation acres more can be broken mile and a half from town close to lake Balance of land is fine pasture per acre oneasy terms 13 tUl acres of unimproved land lying beau tifully to the south all tillable but a small por tion Fine stream of water running across the corner of the section Convenient to school town within one and threefourths miles also larger town within three and a half miles both having railroad and good grain market At an acre on easy terms 14 160 acres five miles from town abund ance of running water party tillable excellent for pasture and good black soil S15 per acre 16 Fine half section nearly all fenced one mile from town and one mile from creamery School house at corner of land Nearly every bit of the land tillable Twostory house ISsit with addition 16x20 good well and wind mill good barn granary and other out houses per acre 11 Three quarter sectionssurroundinRtown site nearly all tillable close to fine lake S23 per acre S 4SO acres of land two miles from town all fenced and crossfenced 240 acres nicely tillable fine stream running across the land with numerous springs half mile from school and very desirable About 240 acres seeded to tame grass At S22 per acre 10 SO acres four miles from pood town all undcrcultivation amla fine piece of land at per acre 20 A full section 7 miles from Spirit Lake Large honse barn and granary pasture and good wells No waste land Nearly all tillable Well located per acre if sold soon Can he divided if desired 21 Quarter section miles from Spirit Lake Good house barn granary sheds corn crib pasture and wells Buildings nearly new and in pood repair 130 acres under a good state of cultivation S26y an acre on easy terms 1 have numerous other descriptions hut the above is sufficient to inform the buver of the character and price of land and terms of sale of holdings in this vicinity When terms are not coated a general thing easy terms such as arc within reach of parties of moderate means can he obtained GEO H FUNK Spirit Lake la

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