Thursday, October 10, 1929

Renwick Times

Location: Renwick, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Renwick Times on Thursday, October 10, 1929

Renwick Times, The (Newspaper) - October 10, 1929, Renwick, Iowa THE RENWICK TIMES VOLUME 44 RENWICK, IOWA, THURSDAY 10, 1929 NUMBER 41 wtwrnwrtttmttmiimi Peoples Savings Bank Hardy, Iowa We solicit your banking business on a sound and conservative bank- ing basis. Neil Hanson, President Lewis SaveiTide, .Vice-Pros. E. J. Hanson, Cashier Miller Wergeland, Alfred Ersland, E. W. Anliker, Henry Erickson, Directors. We can handle your Farm Loans and Insurance. tmrmitmttminmtiinmtjitnn: MO1V Ownership of ii'Poiitinu. llig Six is un experience in economy. True, most people choose 1'onl inn, not. bemuse it in so incvjMMiKivc, but IMJIMIUSC; of I lie, many big eiir advantages which it provides. But it is n fact, tlint with n Poiitiucyou actually save, immey. You When iinn buy Whnn you ilriun W7hnn tradn it. in You HIIVO when you huy a Pontiau bemuse, it is Ilie produced which offers iiiniiy advantages. You sitvc wlieu you drive bemuse, iiKiHinling In n large corporation which employed 996 curs of.'iH different makes (luring 19211, Poiiliac nitc cent. par mile, to ttjmrnta tfitm iltHrfml pricf at iwJI n) (J. n. h.) roinfxiriox tiritfinioltlifi itifnrj mil? for freight -n.l nnrf <wiy wruu or Renwick Auto Implement Co. PONTIAC 745 BIG SIX ritODUCT OF CENKIUI. .MOTORS Removing the Dead Is Our Business Horses, Hogs, Cattle and Sheep (Hides On) Call us for that dead brood sow. We pay phone calls on dead animals. Reverse the call on us. Renwick Rendering Company Phone 27 Renwick, Iowa Attempted Robbery at Co. Treasurer's Office What wore apparently airmleur burglarti made an unsuccessful at- tempt to crack the safe at thci of- liee of County Treasurer liryne, Monday night or Tuesday morning. The outer door had been knocked open and the second door was nev- locked. The safe in which the cash is kept, however, is protected by a tini9 lock, and though the burglars worked on this for some tiuiG it is evident that they failed to gain admittance. Treasurer Byrne reached1 hia" of- fice at about Tuesday morning and was surprised to find the door of his oflice standing open. His first thought, was that in some man- ner he had forgotten to lock it the evening before. However, a glance at the door showed where 11 had been jimmied open; He then turned, to the safe, and found the outer door open and the lock had been knocked out or through the door. As staled, the secortd door was never locked, and the door to the safe was slill closed though the dial had been knocked off and someone had tried to drive the lock bolt through the door, but bad-failed be- cause Iho holt. is larger on the out- side of llic door, and simply could not be driven through the smaller hole. SherilF Hansen was notified im- mediately and took possession of the premises. .No clues were left by the burglars. A ridiculous side of the affair is that the door of the vault where the cash is kept is guarded by a time lock. There is an old dial and combination lock on this door but it is never locked. The burglars spent all their time on this unlocked dial or combination lock, and in their opinion evidently, it blocked their entrance to the cash. In fact, this old lock wns and is useless, and the time lock alone guards the Humboldt Republican. Joe Kautzky of Fort Dodge, an expert in locks, wns called and worked several days before he coukl open the safe. There was only a little money in the safe. Kanawlui Buzzard Captured in Florida Kanaivha Reporter: Who can solvo this mystery? Last week this oflice received a letter from F. A. Niver, cashier of the LuVerne Stale Bank, in which he enclosed the following clipping, sent him by his brother, who resides in Dartow Fin. The clipping was taken from a Florida paper: "Lake Wales, Sept. L. Du Hois, of Lake Hamilton, caught a buzzard this week that had a bam around its leg with the words 'Kanawlm, Iowa' stamped on it." Mr. Nivpr states in his letter: "In sending this clipping my thoughl is to find out just what an Iowa buzzard is, and am wondering wha sort of a bird it was that was tagged Perhaps you can untangle this for me." When this letter was received our was that H. J Thiessen, who had spent the las winter at Lake Hamilton, would b able to throw some light on th mystery, but he denies any know [edge of the happening. It may be liowover, that someone in this vi cinily captured this bird and place this band.around its leg am) if thi is the case we would appreciate hav ing them inform of the facts. However, it seems impossibl that the bird described as a buzznr could have been banded here ns thi communily is too much alive to al tract buzzards, and so far as w know this specie of bird hag neve been seen hero. It may he tha government men banded this bir and set it free in this vicinity they have done in many places. Three Open Days Set for Pheasant Shooting I'heasaiiL shooting in twenty-four orth and northwest Iowa counties, i clober 30 and November 1 and 2, as been'o. k.'ed by State Fish and aine Warden W. E.Albert. The lid will W off in two dozen of ue best pheasant hunting grounds .the state for three whole days ith a bag limit of three birds per ay per hunter. Cocks and hens ill suiter alike; no provision was ade to protect the females. The open davs are the same in all f theitwenly-four counties. The ountieaare: Black Hawk, Hutler, erro Gordo, Clay, Dickinson, Em- et, Floyd; Franklin, Grundy, Ham- ton, Hancock, Hardin, Howard, limbbldt, Kossuthj Lyon; Mitchell, 'lirien, Osceola, Palo Alto, Sioux, 'irmebago, Worth, and Wright. It will be noted that hunting will e allowed on a Wednesday, and ie following Friday and Saturday, aving Thursday out. Thursday, c'tober 31, was skipped to give the rds, exceptionally tame in some ounliea, a chance, Mr. Albert said, y closing this in-between-day the rds will get a chance to recover rom the, first day's slaughter, 'hat is more, important, it may eep out-of-state hunters from looting down Iowa pheasants the rst day. To get three days shoot- ig hunters from a distance would ave to spend Thursday here, doin'g othing. The duck huuting hours will ap- ly on the pheasants. Mr. Albert ays you can begin shooting the ngnecks thirty minutes before un'rise but must quit promptly at undown. Sunrise and sunset for ie three open days follow. Wednesday, October :44 a. m. Sunset p. m. Fri- ay; November a. rn. p. m. Saturday, No- ember a. et p. m; Canada is trying to get her peop to buy less American dry good farmers Elevators in Good Financial''Condition Based on the thorough survey nade by the U. S. Department ol Agriculture, and HO often referred o, theuverage condition of farmers' levator companies is splendid ac- ording to statement published in he Farmers Elevator Guide of Chi- ago. The statement calls attention to he fact that while the average paic up capital stock of these companies s average earned sur plus is S7.-124. The total surplus or all companies the country over s These companies paid dividends averaging 5 per cent on the capita lock which totaled ?hey paid in addition "patronage dividends" totaling The last report was made foi 1826-'27. At tliat time these com panics owned by the farmers hai paid up capital stock amounting t Literature, Belle City Mniiiifactiiriug Co. Racine, Wisconsin V Come In Remvick Auto Talk See Company It It Over LOCAL DEALER Clarion Works Renwick Phone 116 Dead Annimals Removed Free (Hides On) Our New Plant is in operation and ready to serve want you to feel that you can depend on us for prompt and efficient service. Call Us Day or .Night We are licensed by the State to remove all Hogs that (lie of Cholera, Flu or Blackleg. Will call for one hog or want every dead Hog. Also Horses, Sheep, Cattle, etc. Our aim is to give Prompt service. We take care of old or crip- pled animals in a humane manner. The method of rendering is now considered the best way to dispose of all dead stock, as it is 100 per cent effective in destroying all disease germs. Call us promptly and we will save yon the trouble of burning or burying, It's unsanitary, unclean and dangerous to feed car- casses of hogs without being thoroughly cooked. W. H. Bryant, Driver.