Thursday, July 26, 1951

Pella Chronicle

Location: Pella, Iowa

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Pella Chronicle (Newspaper) - July 26, 1951, Pella, Iowa 12 P�8fet In Thi� Issue Pages 1 to 12 Snowballs # I Will Soon be Flying! VOL. 87 ,fttV^t�* ^^'^'^ PELLA, IOWA, JULY ^C, I!�;-)! NO. 30 -^_'0*'^ i.*^ _-_________________^_____ Response to Tulip Fund Appeal Is Heartening Heller's Midget All-Stars Attended Cub Tryouts Midget All-Stars Whipped Monroe Club By 15 to 2 Score The Mi Moinei lut week. They were the only complete team attendingr and won a great deal of attention. Here they are poaed on the baieball (i^ld. Front row, left to right: Tommy Boat, Bob Buyert, Butch Shepard, Larry Van Haalen, Wayne Tanii, and Preilon Steenhoek. Upper row: Don Heller, Dirk Van Gorp, Bruce Heerema, John Van Waardhuizen, Tom Gaard, Gary Wallace, and Al Couppee of Radio Station KRNT, De� Moinei. Honors for Pella Midget Pitchers -(iibhs News Photo Two of Don Hcller't All-Start were among the top tixty boy� chosen for playing ability at the KRNT Cub tryouti in Dei Moinei. They are Bob Buyert, left, and Tommy Boat. Details in ilory. * 5� * Old Timers to Play Merchants This Evening Slickers to Hurl. Girls vs. Leighton in The Curtain-Ralser A right good Softball game is on the card.s for this (Thursday) evening. The Pellu Merchants, 1951 team, will play the old-timers who made the Merchants a top-flight team in Iowa several years ago. Bill Slickers will bo back to take over the hurling and playing with him will i)e: Caldwell, catcher, Guass Ih, Ulrieh 2ii, U-slie ss, Vander Waal .lb, Do Winter, Ciimmiiigs and Vor Heul ill the outfield. And the i-urtaiu-iuiser will he a game between tile I'ellu <iirls vs. l.i'iglilou. This promises to bo a real battle for the rivalry is keen, Tl\e first game will start at 7.-;j0 oVloclc. (,'ome out to Pool Park this evening Uty suine good baseball and good enteitaiiiinent. The pool will be open and the park is ideal now for picnic suppers. New Officers To Be Installed By Legion Post Want Good Turnout For Mectins; Next Monday Evening .\t Ihi' ri'giiliir nieeliTig of the Van Veen-Van llenierl Legion Po^l Monday night, July ."lOtli the Rev. Forest Decker to Speak At Baptist Church Next Sunday Morning Th<^ Rev. Koresfc Heckor, Minister of th  Reformed Church of r.inden. New Jersey, will lie the (lUest iSpeaUer at tlu! Haptist Chureh next .Sunday^morning. His I awfully glad" to have them up Mr. Heller is a swell guy to these * * Heller's All-Stars Mode a Hit at KRNT Baseball Clinic The Midget AU-Star baseball team went to the Des Moines Cub tryout camp Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27th and 28th. The team was trying out in the Midget Division, and the ago limit was 12 years old and under. Al Coup pee, and eight Cub coaches, sol ected (iO players they considered most outstanding from a total of about 400 hoys. Two Pella boys. Tommy Boat and Hobby Huyert, were selected on this group of 00 boys, a great honor. The entire Pclla team returned home lato Wednesday night nn dlhey all enjoyed their trip in Des Moine.i, according to their coach, Don Heller. Hudgeni Commends And from Joe Hudgens, public relations directoi' of KRNT came the following letter; "I'elhi was the only town in tho stale that had a complete baseball team in the 1951 fourth nn-nvr.d KUNT-Cvibs Tryout Camp held in Des Moines July 15-21. Don Heller brought bis 11 Pella Midgets (coniplcte with tiny b\it lively mascot not shown in picture) to the baseball clinic. Wearing srnippy red nnifoinis, the Pellii Midgets were the fliishiest outfit on the (liiiniond. Two of the boys -both pitchers, Hob Huyert ami Tommy Hoat, were selected from the Miilget 0 hascbaUevs at lh(^ camp. They playeil in tho eliminutiou giinu^s, hut their team Wan di'featcd." Mr. Hudgens a<lded: "Wo wore Like to Sing? Join the Crowd j | At Band Concert Audience to Join In Singing Four Popular Songs Director Fred Whalley will h;ive the hand play four Sf)ngs with which everyone is familiar Salui'<lay evening an<l will ask listeners to sing them with the land. The songs will be "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", "I Want a (iirl", "My Wild Irish Rose" and The "Iowa Corn Song." At the concert last .Saturday evening there was some singing that came spontaneously when the band playe<l "In tiie Good Old Summer Tinu'." Folks will respond much, letter Sat\irday night for they have been invited. Liked Grooteri Most striking number on the jirograni for the concert will he '.Vmparito Koca" a march in Spanish style by Texidoi-. The liasses will be featured in the number "Them Basses." Lawrence Grooters was ap-pliuiiled generously last Saturday evening after his vocal solo, Stout Hearted Men" by Komberg -folks like it. There were some claekers in the audience who stepped up the applause throughout the concert. Generally, listeners have responded with applause very well this season-much better than in past seasons when, sonietimca, it seemed they were sitting on their hands. Come out Saturday night and join in the singing. Tho Program Golden Gate, March, Goldman American Eagle, March, Hoehme The Klaxon, March, Fillmore I.imehousc Blues, Popular, Bra ham Too Young, Popular, Dippman Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Song, Friedman I Want A Girl, Song, Von Til-zcr Hiitry of the Gladiators, March, Fucik Mi ui roiuKJing country side that nved it to feel free to ask to use . it. Thru' is no i'li:irge for the use of iIh' eiiuiimicnf we have, which coiisisls of difforiMit sizes of; (�v\ilclu'S. �djust:\ble bed side; talile. nu-iil tiilile that extends ovei- ;i lied .-md wheel chair anil sick 1 oou\ pans. i 'riic wind cliiiir is the ty))e that' can he fiildi'd easily and ti-.vus- i ported in a car. C.intact (he \',F.W. Post coni-muuder for use of this e(\uipmi'nt. It is yours for speedy recovery .�md more pleasant convalescence IIow;h<1 D. Ver Steeg, Post n-a-lU, Pella, la. ('oiinnaiider David Hevan First Mail After Receipt Of Letter Brought $142.00 Indian Coming to Entertain Scouts at Legion Hall Monday A l'.l;iikfei.| Indian, I'.agle F.ys Kci'vs. nicnilii'r of .Argonne Le-u\nn Post, Ill's Mmni'm will lie Bob Louniberry recently elected lS)r)l-52 officers and directors will be duly installed. Bob Loun.sberry of Mc-Callsburg," Iowa, one of the Sixth District Legion 1950-51 Vice Comnuin<lers and elected in June as the Sixth District Commander, has kindly consented to be the Installing Officer. The comrades to be installed and who will assume their full duties in August are: Comnumder, Max (I. Schakel, .Xdjutant, Oren S. Van Niewaal, tst Vice Comnumder, Klaas In'tVeld, 2nd Vice Commatuler, Gerard .M. Gosselink, Scrgeant-at-.\inis, Lloy<le Kiser, Arranging Bus Routes for Schools According to law retjuests for all bus routes must bo outlined and presented before the County Board of Education before August 1. The Pella board is busy thi^ week establishing its bus routc^ in Marion, Maha.ska, and Jasiici counties. Inter-county ajiplica-tions must be approved by the hoard of the home county first. The request then goes to the sending county. The State Department must give final approval before new bus routes or changes can be establishc<l. Jaiper, Mahaalca In so far us Pella is concerned there are few conteniplatc<l changes in Marion County over last year's service. Some I'outes may be broken down, but they will cover approximately the same territory. In Jasper County, the board is asking for permission to I'e-establish a route on the Sully road to the Lynn Grove school, much tho same as was approved last year. Call to Parenta Mahaska County service may have to be altered somewhat on account of new pupils and patrons a.sking for service. One change asks for service north of the Black Oak school on highway 103, north to the road about one-fourth mile east of the Wheatgrow school. Another request for service in the Olivet neighborhood south and west of Leighton is under consideration. Interested parents arc invited to see Superintendent Buerkons or Martin Heerema, Chairman of the Transportation Committee before Monday. Maasdam Invited to Hollywood to Appear On Television Show It was in February of 1051 that Leonard Maasdam, whose farm home is north of Sully about three miles, appeare<l on the radio program, "Double or Nothing" in Hollywoo<l. He won forty dollars by just being himself and, more than that, he won the frien<lship of Walter O'Keefe who puts on the program. Mr. O'Keefe has not forgotten Mr. Maasdam's performance. Now there is a new development. Mr. O'Keefe has invited Mr. Maasdam to Hollywood for a television show to be done the evening of Saturday, July 28lh. The show will be filmed to he shown later over a number of stations. O'Keefe's letters to Mr. Maasdam do not disclose the name of the show or who is sponsoring it. Maasdam thinks it might be a new show to make its initial bow with this first telec.-ist. Lcavinf; Today r,<'onard accepted the invitat;i-tiiin and will board a jilane in Di's Moines for Hollywood today, July L'f'ith, will rehearse for tho show Friday and be on the show .Saturday evening. All his exiicnsca will be paid and he will get a handsome fee in addition. Mr. O'Keefe urged Mr. Maasdam to briijg with him some of his widely-known sorghum and undoubtedly he will be given an opportunit.v to plug it-perhaps not on the TV sliow-probably over the radio. l\lr. Maasdam will lake some IV'lla bologna and cookies along too, and if given the opportunity, will tell the West Coast about Tulip Time and her unique products. He will visit a relative in California the week end and return early next week. Eagle Eyi Keeyt here Monday evening, July 30th to entertain Pella Hoy Scouts, the Cub Scouts, Kxplorers and the (lirl Scouts. He will iiresent his program at Memorial Hall at 7:00 o'clock and will continue for an hour. I';agle lOys Kecys was born in Glacier Naliouul Park, Montana, lie giadUiiled fiiim Carlisle Uni-vei-sity, Class of 1;I12. He has traveled in Alaska and his visited twenty-six foreign hinds. \lo is an antbority on Indian line and on the liislory of the Indians of .\iirl)i .America. lie is a .Sciiuti'r to boys of ten Stales. He'll come as shown in tile picture -in full Indian <lress. Believe Coal of $1,000.00 Will Be Quickly Reached I'll.' Ii'tli'i irnt citizens by Hob KU'\i\. t I'pi�'-eni 1 lur Uic Historical S..i-irl\ iiMil llu' ('hiiiiilii'r of Com-niciri', asking for suhsi-riplions to piciNiiir nmni'V to buy tulip bulbs I'nr pl.'intinir m lanes wlu're n<^efl-i'll .-m.! for ri'pl.'ii'ing sonic in plant inirs, \c;i.s delivero ;oi>il jH-oplc wi'M' ipiirk on Ihi' trigger for Ijic'ic ui'i.' Ilftrcn I'ontriluitors fur 111.' sulK.t.'intial lolal of $11'.;.oil. iliis I ri'ini'iiilously en-loinnginvr aiiil n token that the llioii'^.'inil diilkii:- needed will bo t'ni tluiiniing. Canip Right Back The i'lintiil'Utuis were: .!. <;. lioal $ in.00 .Ml. and .Mrs, Henry Cox 5.00 Conk Son � 10.00 A. T. Ver .Mcer 5.00 (den Xihart 5.00 Pclla ChKinicle 10.00 Uolscri'en 25.00 Dr. J. V. Lankelma 2.00 Vandcn Oevers, �107 Washington . 5.00 I',<1 Van Gorp 10.00 Tvsscliiig Shoe Store 10.00 Mr. anil Mrs. Freil Viss<?r 5.00 Vos Shopping (Center 10.00 Vandermeulen Hoeksema 25.00 H. K. Worndioudt ..... 5.00 Two Members Added To the Faculty of Central College � I'l'csiilcnt (1, T. N'ander Lngt has rmniiiinceil the appointment of two new nu'iulu'is to the Cen- Robert Bu.h Finance Officer, Vernon W. Uoorda, Chaplain, Rev. C. F. Perron, Service Officer, Vorle F. Vor Dught, Historian, Wm. S. Van Hemert (Comrade Van Ilemort who was elected as Assistant Historian has consented to become Historian replacing Oren S. Van Niewaal who was elected hut resigned due to his appointment as .Adjutant by Commander Elect Max Schakel), Directors, G. H. Van Den Berg and Don Douwstra. Continue Tooter In connection with the duties of Adjutant Oren S. Van Niewaal was re-elected Public Relations Chairman of the post and he will continue editing the monthly bulletin of the Post "Tho V & H Tooter" with a mailing list of some 350 names locally and fi'om Supervisors Reported To Rotarians on Summer Recreation Program sermon subject will be entitled "Never Shaken." Special music will be pri'senlcd by the Choir under the dircctiim of Mr. Lawrence Grooters, who will servo as organisi also. The Rev. Mr. Decker is a graduate of Central (Jollegu and of tlu^ New' lirunswick Theological Seminary, lie has heea a very kids anil is really doing wonders for them. There should be more towns in which a man like Heller is looking out for tho kids." successful Minister of tho Reformed Church. The public is invited to hear Mr. Decker at this service. Theressa Nicbiirg, Peggy Leu and Janice Van Zomeren made a coMipiisite report to Rotarians Tni'S'lay on tlicir work with the Youth Recreation program which terminates Ib'S week. Don Heller, who also assisted in carrying out the Slimmer activities, was unable to attend. A total of 132 different ehil-�lren from near and far attended during the summer with u daily average of around SO and ages ranged from 4 to 14. Smooth Sailing Craft activities were especially popular according to Miaa Nie-inirg who outlined some of the materials and projects haiidleil-� mostly on a free expression, recreational basis. Peggy and Janice took care of the playground games for tho younger children. From their report it was evident that they had used good psychology and accomiilished much toward social and einolionid development. fights, arguments, skinned knee , tears, l.'nighter- and nuikc-helievn all contributing to a good sumnu'r of fun and education. Met Real Need The Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, Women's h'ederated Club and all who helped, may feel iiroud of the fine start they have made in sjionsoriiig this much nee<icd project for Pella. Rev. Forest Dekker of Linden, New Jersey was a guest of the club. Rotarians are invited to visit at Ottumwa on Monday, Aug. li. Coach Ivy Williainsen, head coach at Wisconsin University will be the main speaker. Fultz Commended Secretary Wessolink read a communication from the President of Rotary International commending the club on tho fine .service rendered by Tom Fultz as governor of this district. Judge Howard Brooks Coast to (Joast. Memlicrs of tlic Post extend their thanks to the I'ella luisiiiess firms who have helped sU|)port this bulletin with their fine advertising. Other prominent iH^gionnaircs who expect to be guests at the meeting are: lowu Department ('omiiiander Robert (Roll) Hush, Judge Howard llrooks, Al. F. Fab-er, Kditor of The Iowa Legionnaire, and Geo. Kagle F.ys Keeys, Well-known Scouter in ten states. All of these comrades are from Des Moines. Comrade Faglo Kya Kecys has consented to entertain the Pella Hoy Scouts and Cub Scouts in full Indian Regalia at the Legion Ilall the same night, July 30tli, preceding tho Legion (Continued on Pago 6) August 16th Will Be Kids Day at the Marion County Fair How many boys and girls under seventeen years of age, will be at the Marion County Fair Grounds, Thursday, August Ifi, 1951? This day has been officially designated as "Kids Dav" at the 1951 Fair. If interest develops, as it should, the Marion County Fair Hoard promises to even enlarge upon the present program which has been officially adopted for this day. Pony races; three-legged and .sack races; whistling contest, after eating crackers; relay races; greased pig scramble are scheduled contests. Several Marion County boys and girls have expressed themselves saying, after looking over this program: "It looks like a wonderful program to me, both the jirizes and the contests. I will be at the Marion County Fair without fail on Thursday, August l(i". No <loubt this is the sentiment of literally Inuulreds of Marion County boys and girls. Free Admiation As you know, there are many forms of entertainment at a County Fair, such as rides, .^hows, etc., which go with a goixl cnr-niv:il. Then there will be Thrill Day, the Great 105 Ranch Rodeo, Dog an ' act for our guests on this day. Don't forget the date, Thursday. .August Hi. ?142.00 A stamped envelope was included with the letter to each citizen. Dig it up and send in your contribution now. By tho end of this week the Pella Tulip P'ond should he well over tho top. Dr. Leonida R. Jurgent tral (lollege faculty: Dr. Leonida Itooberg Jurgens, assistant professor of sociology and psychology; an<l Mr. Thomas A. Isreal, instructor in political science and history. Mrs. Jiirgens comes to Central from the College of SteuhonviUe, Ohio, where she has been teaching since IU48. She was born in Fs-tonia and received her early education there. In London, Kng., she received her <liplonia for preschool education at the Rachel McMillan Training Center. Then she came to Detroit, Mich., on a scholarship for a year of post- Stan Borgman Will Be Coach At Pella High Will Start Grid Practice Aug. 15th. Schedule Arranged School graduate and Central College alumnus, will take over tho destinies of Pella High School athletics when school opens on August 21). In fact, he exjiects to he (Jj( hand to start football iirac-tice 'two weeks earlier-August 15 tliat is. All local lads interest-ad''in the (dgskiii sport arc hereby alerted and asked to plan their remaining vacation �laya accordingly. Has, Good Record Stan graduated from Central in 11149; The past two years ho has been head coach at lledrick, Iowa where his boys and girl-ij teams made strong records in basketball. He also coached 8-man football the past two years, llo has a wealth of experience in both sjiorts having starred as a center and tackle during his four years at Central. He also played considerable basketball and football while in military service- much of it with the A.R.P. in Furope. He is spending this summer at the University of Iowa working toward an advanced degree in. lihysical education. Grid Schedule The Little Dutch football schedule for the coming year offers a considerable challenge. There aro eight games scheduled of which six are South Central Conferoncc tilts. Th'j complete schedule follows: September 14 - Sigourney, Here September 21 - Indianola, There September 28-Albia, Hera (Homecoming) October 5-Winterset, There October 12-Chariton, Thero October 19-KnoxviUe, Hero October 2(i-Monroe, There November 1-Lincoln (De3 Moines) Here Attention-All Scouts, Cubs, Girl Scouts and Friends! .Attention:-All Cub .Sconteis, Den chiefs, Den Dads and Mothers anil jiareats of cubs! You are urged to be at tho Legion Hall on Monday evening, July 30tli, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. to see and hear a great, real, Indian Scout! .'Ml Cubs and Scouts are requested to bo in uniform. Thoiuaa A. Ureal giadiiate work al the Meirill-l'al-nier .School. In 11)34 she received lu'i" liaclielor of education ilegree fmm the National ('�ollege of Kd-ucatioii at l']vanston, 111. .She eanu'd her I'li.l). al the University of Vieiinii, .\usli'ia, in llll'i, with a major iu child psychology and a minor in educution and I'lnglish. Well Recommended I'lir ten years she did children's wink in K.stiinia, Kngland and the (Continued on Pago 0) Pella Aslced to Aid In Raising Red Crofs Flood Relief Fund ChainiiaM T. G. l''Lilt/. of tho I'ella Red Cfiiss Chapter received, rally this wi'i'k, a coinnuiniration fiiini lu'adi|iiarti'rs askin'j; that tho lii'i'iili' of Pi'lla and the counlry-sidi' 111' given till' iippiMlunily to sulisi'iihi' til till' iv.ilional flood relief fund, till' inoncy to go to :iiil ri'sidi'Uls of Kansas and iMis^nuri wlin lost their Imnu'S and posse^i-siuns recently. The sum asked nationally is :;;,"),1)011,(11)11.III! uliii'h is small cnm-paicd to that asked in tho annual drive. Officers and directors oi I'ella Chaiilcr will meet this week to ilcterniini' how best In raise tho money. Details of the iilan will appeal' in The ("liinnii'le of .August 2uil. Folks who would like to niako i'ontiiliulions at once may do so by leaving I hem with Vernon Roiiida at (he Marion County Sl;ili' Hank of with Dr. T. G. Fultx at his ofi'ice in the City Office liiiilding. l^hccks or money maybe niaib'il to i'itlici- of these gentlemen. The iiilal loss to flood victims has been cstiniutcd at about ono billion ilolhirs, a major disaster^