Friday, February 13, 1903

Ottumwa Daily Courier

Location: Ottumwa, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Ottumwa Daily Courier on Friday, February 13, 1903

Ottumwa Daily Courier (Newspaper) - February 13, 1903, Ottumwa, Iowa J O'CLOCK EDITION WEEKLY 54TH YEAB. OTTUMWA IOWA, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1903. EXONERATES VOL. THREE CENTS THE MINERS Attorney Darrow Places Res- ponsibility of Strike and Goal Famine on Operators. CODfiT KOOM CROWDED Resumes Argument For the Miners This Morningr. SAYS NEITHER SHOULD BE MASTER Declares That Baer's Figures Are Wrong and Attempts to Show That HIS Proposition Is Denounces Child Labor. Philadelphia, Feb. 13. With the de- claration that he believed the strike had been due to the "blind, autocratic and stupid spirit of the Clarence Darrow, the chief counsel for The miners, resumed his argument hclore the coal strike commission this morning, before a. crowded court mem Attorney Darrow contended that the responsibility for the coal lanune rested upon those who had coined the strike and this responsi- I'l'ii.. he declared, was upon the op- irators. "They said he, the issue was, who should be piaster the operators or the men. I say that neither should be master of other'' Darrow Replies to Baer. In his reply to President Baer, At- tpin Darrow in his argument before 'he coal strike commission begun yes- terdf- afternoon and concluded this mo-ning, said in part: NI- lino the President" of ACCUSED OF ABSCONDING J. L MILTON, IOWA CENTRAL BRAKEMAN, ARREST- ED IN ILLINOIS. MARSHALL-TOWN, FEB. L. MILTON, AN IOWA CENTRAL BRAKEMAN, ACCUSED OF ABSCONDING WITH FUNDS COLLECTED FOR FRANK SCHAFFNER OF GRINNELL, AN INJURED BRAKEMAN, WAS ARRESTED IN SPRINGFIELD, ILL., LAST NIGHT AND REQUISITION PAPERS HAVE BEEN FORWARDED BY THE GOVERNOR FOR HIS RETURN TO IOWA. Mr. vreeland is PIBB..UBUI. the the it V.itcs appoint this coinmisMon to s this dilBculty and then, this after- in the lust hour of this proceeding, tn n> in inoie responsible than any other i mi' s '.pfore tiiis commission anil says: We do exactly which these uiea li'Uiiiidcd nine months before." Why did no" "Mi n.ier go to John Mitchell nine nicmtiis ago at, lie eaiue to this commission to IV can do just as yon please about r-c.i. the union. If you do not rec- f-" ir it is bee you are blind and vint to Inimp np asainht it some 'li.u is .ill ]t hcie to stay. There i'li'i tli" powet nor the disposition in "'v t-ikf it. to destroy the union. And if in, si .1 scuts of the'Almighty can p" "iiio.i they had belter b'lnnder f Ml' i few mou- years, and possibly .1 tliev will know it is hole ancl ipi iciiiyp it themselves." Declares Figures Wrong. v, s.tiii the operators have been J" ihi-ii own accountants as to IB miners. Sir.. Darrow ;'i .f .il ih, on-! of all this time and Uboi. 1" is v.llinjr t'i une us or 10 per cent i'n 'i 'he that he savs correctly lep- ri" ,'cumins we will be very" 11 t.cKc il Krom the bopmulng of .MM imtii the end. whatever 3011 '''ml whether the miners knew "i it I'IM WCIP pettius or not. op i m, iiner frnou out a correct fig- v "i .1 suipment that would btnnd in i I'u-'u single moment when incy t iikni to HIP public Chrid Labor Question. (he child labor question now s.iicl- woik of this commission does not i_' si.tinp nd of this abominable. inl enl of luld labor in Pennsyl- "i I een offered the management of Lon- don underground system. 1! 1.1, j 111 h- md if thev can do nothing 'bis infamy should end. 'liildren set StOTi a year'' Refuses Sliding Scale. "mow- took up Eaer's sliding sealp iticni made jesterday and said that a fflil. pi'cposed to show tbat H 11 --.nd ihat the one point raised by Baer would give "is jn 'lie miners only per cent on "ISK D.irrow'.s- remaiks on the plninlv indirated tbat Ihc mm- i, ipiect the proposition. Arbitration for Peace. iii narrow said, "is the onlv can b'p "f''he "''7 PVP1'-V llp conteniptu- mi, "PPrators. X0 hu ni ii- b.-yp done more than the s'l P'eVOIlt 11.. h 11 ,t on tli, Pi 1 i, P! ,s, i bill will 'We will not treat lost noticps on our contract for of hope and inspiration that has entered the dark lives of the miners, hut at this late fl.iy, after months of strife on the part of the men to meet their masters, the opcratois come-in with a proposition." Predicts Destruction of 'Capital. Diirrow predicted that the time will come when -nill be destroyed by-the people, who vcill taie possession of the riches tinder ground, and relieve themselves of the tyranny of those men." So long as the laws of the country do not present industrial he said, "and so lone as the masters of the capital want to fight, so long will the working men fight." HELP FOR F1EA1 DR. SORSEN SEEKING TRANSPORTATION. FREE Railroads Have Offered Him Fre y G. B. Harris and the greatest en- :husiasini was shown throughout the meeting. According to present plans he banquet will be held in the Mon- roe hotel on the evening of February 6. Committees have bean appointed o arrange the program of toasts. FUNERAL OF WM. NELSON. Remains Interred in the Ottumwa Cemetet'y This Afternoon. The funeral services over the re- nains of the late wm. Nelson ivsro eld this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the amily '-esidence. 51S Wost Main RPV. J. M. Bailey, pastor of lie First Christian church, conclucto-1 hf> su'V'ces The remains wero erred in tbo Ottumwa remetory. A number ot the members of liio A. R. accompanied the remains of heir late comrade to their last resting lace. IN FW SPA PERI NEWSPAPER!

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