Thursday, October 26, 1899

Worth County Index

Location: Northwood, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Worth County Index on Thursday, October 26, 1899

Worth County Index (Newspaper) - October 26, 1899, Northwood, Iowa WORTH COUNTY INDEX. Volume 18. Northwood, Iowa, Thursday, October 26, 1899. Number 49 TEHAREVAL SAIL Carpets and Rugs, CURTAINS, 10 per cent off. 50C" 75C" Fair' Bed Blankets, <5oobS, SOc.. TSc., Sl.OO. Sl.SO, S3.00 per pair. 20c., 2Sc., 30c., 40c., ,'Oc., 7Sc. to ?2 j-er yard. Everything goes "Regardless of Cost. Fur Capes, Collarettes and Muffs. Golf and Crushed Plush Capes. tf Outing Flannels at jc., ioc., 150. per yard. H fioods 35c-i 75c., Si.oo each. A complete stock of Chil- dren's, Misses' and Ladies' Big Shawls at S1.50, S2.00, S3.00, SS.OO each. Si.oo, each. Prices the low for Children, Misses, Women, Boys, Youths and Men. almost the old price. Yours, Holland Page, like a Procession Someone Must Lead. That is why we ahead of our competitors in showing- new stylea, new ideas. We are in the front, and if tireless energy, hustle and ambition are factors we intend to stay there. TJits is a few of the up-to-date styles in Jackets and Capes we sell. Kvery garment is guaranteed not only to be the most styl- ish and best grade, but is offered you at lower figures thau you can possibly buy it for auy where else. Ladies' Jackets made of heavy Ker- sey, Beaver, Boucle and Whipcords at Ladies'Crushed Plush Capes, Ladies' Plain Heavy Plush Capes, Large assortment of Misses and Children's Jackets. Goli Capes, Collarettes and Muffs at all prices. Our enormously increased biisintm is satisfactory proof, of the excellence of our atock, both as to style, attractive- ness and price-values. Christiansen Lund. Our Is Bound to Go! and following are some of the in- ducements we are offering to 99 Everything in our line at the Lowest Prices, but just now particular attention is called to the following bargains in Warm Goods. Boys and Children's Fleece-lined Underwear, at 25c. Men's All-wool Fleeced Underwear, at 5Oc. A full line of Ulster Overcoats, from to The largest lino of S in Northern Iowa. The c famous Gordon FUl ItUdLS Ferguson make, at pri- ces which no competition can meet. always chcapi-st and best. It is to your interest to catch some of. our "stock.' Your Clothiers, P.O.corner. Strauss vote For Af livery RcpubllcAii sjlsoiild make a point of endorsing tli-j administration with liis vule. If you like KV-O tinier, pond prices and good vutii for tlieir continuance. You know how. Next Speaker neiuieiauu and Hon s. Fuller, Haugen and Trnwin are billed to speak tonight at a grand rally in West Union. And just now they ate-blaming, the Republican ailiu iilistiatiou for "pre- cipitating" a car famine, and lite oue ever known. As usual the Democratic editors and speakers arc 'way uff in their charges and spcciftcatiuiis to Republican "corruption, efc., hut that is uo reason for considering this an off year. Republicans, sue to it that you arc not off, election your votes in the corn fields. Republicans, do your citizen duty this year of grace and prosperity- If you are satisfied that the administra- tion you helped elect i.-i wise and patriotic, honestly and conscientiously striving to do its full duly in the face of unscrupulous detraction aud op- position; if you are satisfied that the administration has done very much to restore confidence and prosperity anil to place this country on a. prouder plain among the nations, endorse that administration with your .straight Republican vote. Col. Leper of lite fifty-first Iowa, just tiacjc from Philippines, says: "All tliat is needed is an ag- gressive campaign with plenty of men, and this will b: Kcltlvd in short order. The 1'iiipinos tuubt be thorouhly whipped; that i.-i the 'jnly thing they will appreciate; just now. s tjvery town must be held and war conducted in stern fashion." Col. Loper, it seems to us, may be supposed to know quite as much about the demands of the situation ns any of those vociferous fellows who never saw the Philippines and hardly know wliere they (meaning the Philippines and themselves) "are at." Chairman Weaver of the Republican btate central conunUlej sounds this note of warning which should hear and heed: "The Democrats are going-to bring Bryan bacV into Iowa for a few more SliW-pcr-spcech elTorts to close up their campaign. It win Bryan and free silver in 1SOO, and the people must prepare to meet the same old outfit that they met The best way to make thete preparations is to that every Re- publican vote is cast this year, and then the 'skirmish for the campaign of as Bryan calls the campaign in Iowa this fall, will result in a disastrous defeat for the free silver crowd, which it mow rnaitfiuerading under the cloak of anti-imperialism." FOR RI EN VIAL ELECTIONS. for nearly three months there has appeared in our columns, and those of twenty-one other papers of Iowa, a notice headed, "Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of Iowa." We have seen no discussion of the question the public press; and we doubt whether many readers have even taken .the trouble, to acquaint j with the" contents of the noticei.yet it involves a matter of considerable i interest to alt Iowa citizens. In any event it covers a quesliiu which the people will be called upon to decide at I the coming election, and most cilizi desire to vote intelligently. Put popular language the question would read something like this: "Shall hereafter hold our. state elections biennially instead of every year TEIEC INDHX, years ago, went on recorO in favor of bicuuial elections, and there has occurred nothing since then to change our views on the subject Those who favor the present system do so. probably, it is the present system and they are naturally opposed to change; because they make something out of ft, or because they consider annual campaigns schools of education ami as such worth all they cost. Those who favor the biennial method do so presumably, Lecauae they are not fond of upheavals and frequent political rackets witli one scarcely over before another begins; and because they consider the annual election a heavy burden upon the tax payer, and half of ifa wholly needless burden, in view of the fact that the biennial election, once established, will answer every so ns supplying- public servants 5s concerned. The Australian ballot system, considering the advertising required under it, the printing and distributing of big billots, etc., is an expensive luxury; and the other necessary expenses of elections are heavier, we think, than people generally realise. The claims allowed by the Worth county fathers for the constables, judges and clerks cf the Novcmberelection aygrcKatf d S319, an average of ?24.cO per precinct. By actual count there are upwards of election precincts in Iowa, and if the Worth county average prevails throughout the state then the cost for election officers alone was upwards of .OOO. At a low estimate the cost of advertising, printing and distributing tickets must have been and "there are ether ex- It is for the individual voter to judge for himself whether theevery- jear election is worth what it costs. PersonallyTifi', INDEX should be satis- fied with things they are. ic revenue from each election, and as the lang-Ieading paper of the county has a, right to expect thit condition to continue; and our revenues are none too large. But we are not running <r self-interest sheet and do not discitsa public questions from the self-interest standpoint. Nashua is putting in a complete system of sewerage. i Editor Windle of the Ottawa, 111. Galling Gun, addressed the Democrats of Northwood, Monday evening-, treat- t ing mainly of trusts and anti-ex- pansion. He quoted Lincoln coniou sly and admiringly, just as the Democratic orator of the next mil be Pres, McKiuley. Demncrats of this town are claiming- that Orat or Windle quoted direct froua Gov. Shaw .inaugural that he (the favored and thought .the. ing men vrere getting too mnch for Now if Gov. Shaw said anything of the sort it is important and likewise accessible, and for the next two issues before election we will carry it, double leaded, in this Re- publican paper, if any Democrat will produce it. Will the demagogues kindly put up or shut up, on that proposition? NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES, Hon. A. C. Rankin, the "moulder- orator" who has done so to mould the men, will talk Republican politics at Osage tonight. Decorah Republican: Manly Junc- tion has arranged for a lecture course the coining winter. We have a healthy respect for a town of which this can be said. The company building the new rail- way from Blue Earth southeast across thii county has set November 1 as the date when the first engine will roll into Mason City. The Daily Iowa Capital has sent one of its editorial writers, Mr. John Briar, to San Francisco, to report everything pertaining to the arrival of the Fifty- first Iowa, and Mr, Briar is doing ex- cellent work. No other daily news- paper in Iowa has sent a special man to San Francisco. Oelwein The grand jury found a true bill against Mayor B. E. Hough for gambling, and his honor is now under S750 bonds to appear at the next term of court. The information upon which he was indicted declares that on the 20th day of September he did "bet and play at cards, to-wit: the game commonly called poker for money and other property of value." The trial will come off at the December term, Unknown parties who are murderers at heart attempted to wreck an Illinois Central passenger train, two southeast of Cbarles City, Monday night. Fish plates had been removed and two rails respiked four inches out of line. The engine, tender, baggage car and Uvo coaches left the track and the engine is a total wreck. There were seventeen passengers and a full train crew aboard, and that none were killed seems almost a miracle. The engineer was severely but not fatally injured. A claw bar and some empty whisky bottles by the track are the only clues found to date. The work is precisely similar to that attempted a short time ago on the B., C. R. N., just below Nora Springs, and may liave been perpetrated by tnerabers of the same gang. The Department of Agriculture ia ..taking an effort to exhibit farm products at the Paris exposition next year, and the farmers of Worth county are asked to contribute samples for that purpose. Grain or seeds to the amount of about 4 quarts of each variety, perfectly clean from foul stuff, will be forwarded, free of charge, by T. C. Rone, if left with him or at office. Cora must be shelled and the Mame each variety to accompany each package, also the name of the contributor. R. A large assortment of Caps, Mi and Gloves at the Bee Hive, Mittens

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