Thursday, August 11, 1921

Moville Mail

Location: Moville, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Moville Mail on Thursday, August 11, 1921

Moville Mail (Newspaper) - August 11, 1921, Moville, Iowa . 1 m -m t - t - 2~ t F J -t - m' �. r H .i vol. xxxiv moville, iowa, thursday, august 11, 1921 no. 52 ' v � � .4 * s t - Want to Feel Just Right? Take an N? Tonight JUST TRY IT AND SEE bow much better you fat (a the fconusr Tlut *Ufi ItssjicJnr, tired, aoa't-laww-whAtVtke.auUer folia* will be fIttl firo, TROUBLE IS, your system is clogged with a lot of impurities that your overworked digestive and eJlminatlve organs can't get rid of. Pills, oils, salts, calomel and ordinary laxatives, cathartics and purges only force the bowels and prod the liver. Aatur* *� JR*mcdy(NR Tablets) acts on the stomach, liver, bowels and even kidneys, not forcing, but toning and strengthening these organs. The result Is prompt relief and real, lasting benefit. Make the test. Nature's Remedy will act promptly, thoroughly, yet ao mildly, so gently, that you will think nature herself has come to the rescue and is doing the work. And oh, whit a telUM You'll bo surprised to And bow much better you leel-btltMet, better every w�r. it hibllaaJJjr or i tub born If constipated, talc* ooo NR. Tablet each night tot a week, Tbeo you'll not havi to take medicine ererr dajr. Jmt an occasional NR. Tablet atte/ that will be sufficient to keep rout system In food condition - keep you feeling your best." LIVER STOMACH b KIDNEY'S BOWELS i* eol * A PROCLAMATION To the People of Iowa: The management of the State Fair will again offer from August 24th to September 2nd inclusive the greatest exhibition of its character that wilt be assembled tn tiie United States during the year. Agriculture, manufactures, science, industry, art, literature,-all the diyersltied departments of human activity will contribute their highest achievements for the entertainment, the instruction and the improvement of the public. The exposition will be a liberal education in itself, and every man, woman and child in the Commonwealth r should embrace the Invaluable advantages there rendered available. Everywhere throughout the country it is recognized as occupying the foremost pesition among similar enterprises, and the loftiest ambition of our sister states is to approximate in some measure to the unrivalled eminence it has attained. The Pair is the common property of all our people, and it is essentially an institution of the State as the College at Ames or the University at Iowa C.ty. Every citizen must experience a genuine interest in its prosperity, and a profound satisfaction in its progress. I invite all loyal Iowuns to manifest that interest by visiting tiie exhibition a,nd to enhance that satisfaction by enjoying its excellence. "Of all that is good, Iowa affords the best;" N. E. Kendall, Governor. HOY SCOUT NOTES The Board of Examiners for the Boy Scouts, consisting of Messrs, \V. Ft. Hall, P. P. Inlay, J. O, Larklti and G. 0. Sanborn, met at the Federated church Monday evening, August 8. After thorough examination, tiie following were promoted from Tenderfoot to 2nd Class Scouts: Paul Ilavl* land, Wm, McElrath, Chas. Ilhue, Robert Ilhue, Jesse Andrews, Cecil St. Peters, Edgar Inlay, Walter Gree-son, Merle Scholl, Elvln Andrews, Alford Sager. Four 2nd Class Scouts, Harold Rogers, Fred fRathsacb, Albert (Hansen and Herbert Wilier passed the examination for promotion to 1st class. Five 1st Class Scouts successfully passed ;the examination for Merit Badges, as follows: Harry Rockefeller, Swimming; Albort Hansen, Swimming; Lloyd Soutbwick, Swimming and Life Saving; Herbert Wilier, Cooking; Paul Moody, Interpret* lngi Bee Koeplng Scholarship and Cooking. The troop will meet to pro-pare for Ile-regiBtration and to organize for next year's work, Monday eve, September 12. Lewis N. Moody, Scoutmaster. THE CHAUTAUQUA Movllle's Chautauqua opens Saturday night with the Althea Players, a company of five ladies. Eugene Knox la on the program for Sunday night, and is an entertainer of ability. Monday night the >>w York Glee club, a male quartet, will prosent the third number. "A Pair of Sixes" will be presented Tuesday by six experienced players. On the fifth and last night, Moville people wfll have the opportunity of sueing a former Moville girl. Miss Muriel Garner, ^in company with l!)wight Harned, otfer a prelude to the lecture by Hon. Wtu. E. Weuner, whose subject will be, "The Hand at the Nation's Throat/' 1 Tiie program consists of five evening entertainments put on by talent which has had experience in their different lines. The prices of the season tickets have been set at 42.00 for adults and $1.00 for children from ti to 14, war tax included at these prices. General admission will be 25c and 50c, war tax added. - * FOR FARMERS AP*D BREEDERS Every fanner is intensely interested iu increasing his* *acre yield, live stock production, ofllcioncy, and the market prices for his products. Farmer and Breeder, Sioux City, Iowa, helps Us subscribers to increase their incomes. This paper is a publication of the farmers, for the farmers and by the farmers. The editors are highly successful farmers and breeders and the subject matter that appears in the paper is based on practical experience.-. Farmer and Breeder, which is exceptionally woll edited, profusely illustrated and well printed, is published to meet the neods and problem's of farmers In this territory. Its timely and practical hints, if adopted by you, will make money for you. For a short time we aro oifering a limited number yearly subscriptions to Farmer and Breeder with a year's subscription to The Mail for only $&�0. Pay up now and take advantage of this liberal oiler. - J. ECI \ - Jersey Cream Flour 49-Ib sack $2.25 Black Raspberries, in syrup, can 25c Cocoa, in l=lb. cans per pound 30c White House Hilk, 2 large cans i h or small cans for 25c I* Pepper in lb. boxes per box 20c Hardwater Cocoanut Toilet Soap Made by the Palm Olive Co. r b- m. 10c bars for 25c r- j Quaker Corn Flakes, 3 pkgs for - - < - ^'2 -1 - i- Buy canning Peaches now.Price right * - � - ^ �- x - �1 SALT-Barrel. Block, Sack and Crushed Rock A HUMAN MACHINE 1 �: i 1 JUNIOR STOCK JUDGING Three try-outs will be held for the Junior Stock Judging team which will represent Woodbury county at the State Fair, Friday, August 20th, The county will be divided east and west and the boys and girls betweon the agea of ten and nineteen will compete in their Jbspeotlve divisions. The west division will meet at Bronson, August 16. Monday morn-ing at 9 A. M. The east division will meet at Danbury Tuesday morning atD A. M. From these respective places trips will be made to the different farms where classes of hogs, horses and cattle wilJi be judged. The ones who make the live high grades from each division will meet for a final try-out on a day later iu the week and from these ten the team of three will be selected. All boys and siris interested in stock and stock judging ar# urged to be present. * When in Sioux City Saturday the editor of The Mail was shown the workings of tlra votX'fi.raohine which has been on exhibition for a month at the court house. The typeuetting machine and the adding machine were always considered among the world's greatest inventions, hut the voting machine is far in the lead for accuracy and uttlcioney. With this machine there is no pos* slbllity of-spoiled ballots or Inuccur-ate counting of the ballots. They can he used for any kind of an election. According to figures given us the vote in Woodbury county cost last year over 41c for eaoli vote east. In Soott county, where the number of votes cast was about the same as this county, the cost was 21c per vote with the use of this machine. We were Informed that an effort was being made to have the Sioux City council purchase half of tlje machines which would be required in the city. The supervisors would be commended for the purchase of the ma-chines, providing Sioux City comes halt way, which It should do. r-r- HARD WARE.IMPLEMENT & FURNITURE NEWS Edited Each Week by M. E. South wick '3 Hntered In The Moville Mull Office us Plrst Class Reudiii�r Matter -� 1 - r H^.rvd and Power Washers Made by the Voss Mfg. Co. We have been handling thei products for over 20 years and have never seen a good cause a change. They are a sturdy, strong, machine with ap extra heavy tub, built to last. h I ^.^ r . J h-- hand h J - h mac easy run. your next machine FARMS ON PAVED ROAD The Sioux City Journal of Sunday contained an advertisement of a farm of forty acres 12 miles east of Sioux Oity for sale. The farm is on the new paved road and was priced at $36,000. At this figure the land is valued at 1875 per uore. While the owner may not sell this year at the price asked, it is safe to say that some day the farm will bring $876 an acre. What would this farm be worth if looated two miles from the paved roady SBIFFERT BAKBRV r Back again on the job and would like to see the smiling faces of my old customers and some new 'ones. A full line of bakery goods-rye, graham andvWhite bread^butter rolls, cinnamon rolls, cocoanut rolls, coffee cake, variety of cookies and cakes, buns and pies, fcefc roe fill your threshing bills for bakery goods. TO HUH: Jl!ST A UOU. ! I lit the buck nli-h of a Minull Ohio daily 1h an obituary of the Hub-JutU a SAP 8 T Y COURTESY PROMPTNESS ^ - 1 ^r* FIRST TRUST BANK, 1 v.* - v *i ... V ^1 ^ 1 -3 -> .I" V

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