Mason City Globe Gazette, June 28, 1929, Page 2

Publication: Mason City Globe Gazette June 28, 1929

Mason City Globe-Gazette (Newspaper) - June 28, 1929, Mason City, Iowa TWO MASON CUT GLOBEGAZETTE us Before your GUARANTEED BALLOONS 29x440 495 30X45O 29x475 30x475 3Ox5OO 31X5OO 32x5OO 28X525 29x525 30x525 30x550 32x6OO 33x60O 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 595 790 84O 88O 970 920 950 98O Be Just One Flat After Another Nat if you drive in here first GUARANTEED HIGH PRESSURES 0 0 31x4 33x4 34x4 30x5 395 595 890 WHILE THEY LAST Free Tire Inspection Let us inspect all your tires to remove any tacks glass dirt etc that might cause road troubles All tires cor rectly inflated for you No charge its a pleasure II Guaranteed Tire Bring in tires that need fixing We guarantee repairs to outlast the casing Tread cuts sidewall cuts or cracks new sections breaks expertly fixed m Trade Should you need new tires or tubes this summer take our advice and trade or buy now Any type you need inGoodyears at any prices you feel like paying 0 0 0 000 0 0 0 000 THE WORLDS Goodyear AilWeather BALLOONS 29X44O 925 3OX45O 30x500 31x525 31X6OO s Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects GREATEST TIRES Goodyear Pathfinders BALLOONS 29x440 675 30x450 30x5OO 31x525 Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects 0 0 0 000 31x4 32x4 33x4 HIGH PRESSURE 03 810 0 0 0 0 785 HIGH PRESSURE 30x3 565 31x4 32x4 33x4 32x4 9AMWL8SERVICE STATIONS JOE DANIELS SERVICE VERN HOWARD MOR East Slate and Pcnn Avc Phone 470 CENTRAL TIRE CO KEITH PAUKICR MGR 27 1st Sf S W Phone 088 B 0 TIRE CO VOUVO 15th and N Fed Are Phone 574 A I i ;

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Publication: Mason City Globe Gazette

Location: Mason City, Iowa

Issue Date: June 28, 1929