Thursday, February 19, 1857

Maquoketa Sentinel

Location: Maquoketa, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Maquoketa Sentinel on Thursday, February 19, 1857

Maquoketa Sentinel (Newspaper) - February 19, 1857, Maquoketa, Iowa VOL m EVKRT THURSDA W C SWIGART eui Oeumd ttu Post Office Building TERMS PER TEAU It paid in advahce Within Three Months AfterThreeJInaths After Six ARer Twelve Months monthwill begiven to enable sub btra to avail themselves of the advance terms i i 75 2 00 2 50 3 00 ubscri uiuu the above terms will be strictly adhered to i nil cases 4 tST To insure u discontinuance at the end of the subscribedfor all arrrearages must be and nosjtivedirectionsgiven to that effect Thepii of no responsible subscriber will be diseontinu whilearrearagesaro due unlessthe same are tettled for by note op at the option bf the publisbeia HATESOF ADVERTISING One square 12 lines or less one insertion Each subsequent insertion i Three JTopths Sis One Oae fourth of a column year Third of a cbliimn Half a column i 00 so 4 00 6 00 10 00 15 00 20 00 25 00 40 00 Professional Cardsof 10 lines or less inserted 5n the JJiisiuess Directory one year for JG 00 there 13 nocontract made and the unmber ofinserlions is not marked on the advertise at the time they are handed m for publication they wilt becohtined iii until ordered but imdcliarfl ed by thesqniire ADAM GEBERT WHOLESALE aud Refcil dealer in Drv Uoods Groceries Qileenswitrcy Shell1 narif liraie OlassMiirettc Ac S 1S07 V O ALLEN MD f VICE over 5Ir Sctrs aiore Main Street Maquoketa loua JAMES SSHTI1 A MJIOIiey SMITH MOREV rrjUOPUTETOKS of the MatjuokelaSash Door JL and Blind Ktmlory All Oldera IVotll a distance TO THE MUSIC UNION i i I i NO 36 Eor the Sentinel MUSIC ilttsL the choicest gift froaVbeaven Ordained of God to mail is given To renresentcelestial bliss And rai Music lohim whom grace is given Uy him who sits enthroned in heaven It elevates the hiunau mind When we celestial joys can find Music ori it I love to dwell In love to God in praises tell 0 may heart ui tune be found Like perfect chords otsoletnu But those whose joys are all on earth Convert the solemn souud to mirth And show how differently they feel joys on tiptoe heel f But soon theirjoys will close on earth Forage or death will close flieir iiiirth Then how diBerent they must feel joys are closed on tiptoe heel CLIMATE Every winter is the coldest aiil every summer is the hottest and every hard storm theiflercest to judge only fr6ni tlieir feeliriga yet by others will fiot bedoubted that this viiiter will rank pretty well witb the bliisteriug stormy and been affectedbythe iiinor atmospheres And Fourier np jncrtii philoso the changes to elecjrical and eternal iiillueiiceand predicted1 that at some futureage the north polewoud beconioso elevatedin hoi only te bqiiiliiibitable but tlie chiefseat of inadb that centre whereiu the good tim the greatness and goodness of thoworld would gather as formerly it did about the cold seasWof Which we hkv red Pon7 the earth its relative positioiVih the so I ar system and the vari ety of its cliraatedepeiiding as are ac say upon linowri laws there Would appear to be no occasion for groat changes ofweather from year to year or for any pereeptbkio chance tury to another But the history of tho world estiibltshes a contrary fact It shows that regions onee balmy and genial liavej in a lapse of years become the eeats of i winter and the home bleakness wiiile the the rhost inviting lands v na o lands tbati now boast of their orange of philosophers tlitrl fa ihaye aiiioiihted nothing Thismuch pthters have e nee Ve hvceu Sy rimi es and no th po I a and for a of cup formatipuj at tlio polos which is f jjUicoof unvarying tometsucu aswould Eavo delighfetfthe godsof the ancient and about where tliey place their opening for the aurora borealis iis wliere Merton of Dr found the open waters of along whose margin he groves and unmending spring time FortbeSentibcl MAQUOKETA Jan 14 1857 Fellow Citizens The annual meeting of the Jackson Co Agricultural Horticultural canvened pursuant to notice in W Jenkinsoffice and was called id order jy the President j On motion The proceedings of fevious year were read when it appeared there was in the dollars oiiiaining for tlie preseu tyears operation On motion The following officers were J HOLLISTER M D PHYSICIAN AND SUUGJEON JBJock 3d Jtoor D A FLETCHER ATTOKXBY COUNSELrOR ATLAW W OT A R Y P UULIC WILL attcnil to all business entrusted to him with fidelity and aispatcii Iftrlicnlitr iit tcniion paid Ip examination of Laiid Titles colluctiiig jf debts Ice 1ST Offio No 3 Lnirui Block Sd floor up th wiudingstaire Iowa D651 VAN SLYCK HOUSE V Corner 31iu anilPlatte Streets IOWA A11 VAN SLTCK Proprietor rjPHIS I1OUSK has recently changed hands null jLis fodiifrnmdu a resort and home for strangers into the Western World Stagcs leave tliisllonsc dailyfor the North 1 EaslSmitlrand West WILLIAM C SWIGART EEAL PIBTATE AGENT will attend promptly to the sale of Real Estate Farms nnimprur C1 lands toivn lots kc for sale Nu charge firud beyond aEjencyper centime asdno fees Veonircd until the property is disposed of nlvl DR P H GRIFFIN ECLECTIC PHYSICIAN SURGEON ESlEOTFULIjY offers his professional servic IM to tbe citizensof Jiaquukcta and sutrbiuid country Dr G professes the trite principles ol nnMiical rcfurm by means of wllicll he flatters him selt enabled to treat all classes of diseases success fully bothchronie and acute Oifice Main street Maqtioketa n42yl DR GEO MURRAY HATING located in llannoketi Jacksiin county Iowa tenders liis professional to the citizens both of town and country after ten years of a and successful practice in to be able to give reason able satisfaction in Iowa Office and Residence on Plattc Street iu the new building of E B Clan cys Maqnokela Fobnt1ilSo6 34yl W P MONTGOMERY VTTOKIfJEY AT 1AW ItAQUOKETAJOWA BE CONSULTED at his office nrar his resicienccon West Plattstreetfrom9 ocl och A M to 4 oclock P M and from 7 to 9 oclock P SI of each day Professional business will receive pro npt and efficient attention Accent for Insurance Company Com wiissioner of Deeds for the State of York dud Public M R SHADLEY ATTORNEYASD COUNSELLOR AT LAW and Justice of the Peace Particular attention will be pren to collecting atid conveyancing Oilicc in Union JBIocfc Maqni kctiu 32 J BERRY TUSTICE OF TIIE PEACE and Notary Public WOffice at present in thebrick sto Business intlib line of Conveyarcimr tho Draft ing of Contracts Howls Wills ftc will te promptly attended from nlonjr course of prsc tiCBiQ profession at the East lie trusts be be able to excraie dnly properly all such as may be entrusted to him ni5Sni S D T LYMAN ENERAL Dealers in Foreipri and Domestic Dry Goods Boots and Shoes Hats and Caps Gro ceries Clothin Ac ftc ann tinoes flats and Caps Hardware Quecnsware Cntli lery nl DR J C MATTESON of the Slateof Nem YorL TTAV 1JG made tins his permanent residence of JJL fers his professional services to the citizens of Jlaquokcta and vicinity and respectfully solicits a Share of their patronage Office at the Gpodcnow Hotel ilayiokcUi Dec 21 ISM n2S J W JENKINS A TTOKXEV AT Jlaqnokcta Jackson orV countv Iowa rrATT SHITET I F E BT55E1L BES SAJICEIS I T S W1LSOX attention will be to procur ing Wamutd towhich applicants mav be en nailer too late Bounty Land Lnw Office in Mitchells Uriel Block upstairs nl E CALDW1N CO Bctail in Hardivare ic ic OR C HAZEN HAVING pennancnttjlocated in Maquokcta would lender bis professional services to ail who Hiayfavor him with a call Office at his resi dence North Main street Eustside n6 PMITCHELL WHOLESALE and Ketail Dealer in Drv Goods Groceries B cots and Shoes Readr Made Clothing Queenawarc U3rdTOrc Bioks Slationt Irantpoi Sy marries happily elected fcr the present year ForPresideiit Vice President W Currant second Yico Presi dent C ShaW Treasurer JK Millard Directors G Y Arnold JRSwissVS N Ciane Cl Lamson S L Eddy Thomas JV Davis M Godard TE SPipor Sb BlaneiiardW Vosburg E Dorr D SFarr Asa Eiwopcl i lunzy On inotioHj The meeting adjourned to the 4th of March next for tho meeting of the officers And it is hoped and that every officer will make his arrangements to be sure and attend the meeting as business of importance is to ba transacted it is alsohoped that the citizens ral and especially the farmers will take a deeper interest iu our Agricultural and Horticultural Society Hoiv much are accustomed to look upon as the cra dle of cold and this home of wiritei and most evident is it that at some agei of the globe whether before Adairr or not we willnot suggests the tempcrature of the Arctic regions must have been much high er thanDr Kane found1 a true are to be found the remains of animals and plants and formation ofandBucu asnpw wehave only within the tropics The seal the walrus the white i bear tkerelmib frees and the moss were not then found there But there musthavebeen vastforests of huge trees or there could ha no coal beds now The rhinoceros must have lived there or his fossil remains wouldnot have been found j in Siberia The bin elephant must haye cropped the bageiof tkefertile valleys jyberenow the reindeers bound over the imperishable snows or their bones would not begathei ed upon the shores of the Arctic seas and upon the banksofdie Lenn theObi theYenesi and qtliCTstreams ofNorth Asia The ipckofBaffins Bay bear the impressi of plants thatrare notnow found Northof Florida andin are the traces of the coral insects thatnow up the landsin tlie torrid zone and cannot live incold water Evenla ter the Norway navigators canie over to Greenland the hills wevo covered withyerdure and vales flowered in the spirngtime andj thereforo they called ft Greenland biit noweyerlnsting winter reigns over most of it and but nTew days of isunshiris are given to its whole year Dr Kane foupd tbst tlio cold had increasr jbyment this winter but heaven pity the poor neithorlovo the cold uor the extreme the winter brings to From the VeoniaiiV Tlie matrimonial TiiliuIiitiouJi of JaiitJ received Oia foilowingcoinmunica tionby mail ffora a neighboring village request to publish it WeVassSre ourreadeis of so faias we are posted and we doxvri thuiidors of female vengeance oii reprobate Bill This is designed world and the rest of William my husband hasloft liiybed and board wilhout cause or the passed by before he sbidTinyhonseand lot iii Scott near StariipiugGrdurtd and toolc uie tpia wretchedhut in a the Froin The lrcV Island Ailvcrliser say that if they send they sure tcrbe lecling nilthst was aiidsell off all I possessed after selling my mah and child ho leftand located in tex ho is now ranting with the off from top ip toe in broad clbth bought with hiy uiggeriupiioy and forlorn and wratehedJ Saidiild Bill Parlier is about sixty r nVeyefirs of age low in stattte heavy shouJdarcd bald lieaded makes n wretched attempt tobc polite and agreeable and a countenance Sfifflcipntly base to convict hiuitp the pemtetinryor allpiys Dear sir you will do Justice to riijhf 1 1 ta by publishing tlie above and The Chicago lijercliaiits have got a doing biidiiiess own which is Well sot forth in Uie sub joined article from the Times of Yhursdav Tlie prevalence ofthis and other dodges briijk ehargeij tfec is calculated to exoitj ageneral distrust in the liiinds of country merchant if not speedily rcniovoii will work iujtuy to the city Chicago in fact is become notorious dealing withits customers Unfavorable comparisons arc frequemly drawn between it and St Uealcr to Cliipago skinned wbeifci sent to St Louis are filled atthi same rates tliat the individual going then himself wouldpay AproniiuoiitlaWye of Chicago well acquainted iii both pliice recently that the tone of mar cantilb honor was iiifinitely higher in St Louis than in Chicago We Expected to see some measures taken in tho legislature for altering the by the Times wbich would deprive the sharks of their victims1 but as yet webelieve iibtliinoiia been done The Times after a liminary remarks goes oil to But there ia a law in this State and just law too which draws a distinctioi between debts houeslly coiitraeted niu debts incurred aspart of a system ofswiti dling The prbvisioniof reads asfol lows If any person by false representation of bis ownrespectability wealth or mer cantilc correspoudeiice and connections sliall o1 person any valuable thing or if nny person7 shTd cause or procure others do reportfalselj of bishoncsty wealth or niercautilo char actermid by tlius imposiiig upon any per son or pdrsoris obtain credit and tlierebj fraudulently gotiiito possessioubf goods waresor morcliandize or any vnluabl thing every such offender shall bededmdi a siyindler andron conviction sbnll be sentenced to return the property so frnid iileiitlyr obtaiuodiritcaii bo lone and sbalf befihednot eicocding oniii tlioiisaiji e commencedcol1 lars nnd boimprisoned not exceeding iieaiwrsnlrnff iil six magislrale the case i wus examined anil the inaii was held to bail upon his own niyance Just thiiik of holding a swin dler who had obtained credit upon the false representation of being nlijo io pay to bail on his own recognizance Isit not transparent thiit if This man does not pay D 15 Cookc Co tliat debt henvil the rst time he sots foot What fe Hie charge of oblainfaerbdit therebydefraud an nor pQrsonsiof goods chiittelsjO pends upon it and yetit docssoem thoughthere were msucb a society by the actions of Solicit them to become members andex hibit their stock and products or theii mechanical arts or what not and tie very interesting reply is I have nothing to ex hibit And as a general tbing it is our farmers who are so unwilling to becomejwhich tbeSrts of the earth nourished membeis of a society that does more forlwith the most luxuriant profusion They them than any other class of nled it Vineland from the abundance of What is the reason of bearing vines and represent it to the part of so manv f f t ilave very similar to the south of Y cl zeus vine Since that time New Ensr belter their condidition as through this lands shores have become moreinhospita instrumentality it cau be donei and cerble and her Plymouth rocks more dreary j I For marying is notwhat its crjeked up Ui be1 i The same bas been thecourse of jy pathway with now lower down LongbeforeKev was visited by the Pilgrims Fathers seamen from the north of Europe had tliis law has up a practice of catching up any delinquent creditpl who may Chicago and nttemp tipg by criminal process to cnrorcor Uib pjvyjiient of civil debts By means of a species of sharp though not over h onorji bte prepare wid6 Vnarniir al aUMayiis alleging that A B of county on a certain day coiitraeted debt with O D ofChicago lenresentiiii himself to be doing good business xfeeS and th a t p ii t li e a treugtji of such rep resentalionsjio obtained iicredit foricer lie has naypr paid Upon tliisalfidavir A G is arrested amltiio HI tcriialiye is pliorecl th debt oigo tojailtq awVut a trial for swin dling JIardly n day passes without one Or more arrests on siich atriJavits as above the e in no way desire io obstruct the i vu UULL iuaca1 gland Butthe way old Dill has made me wretched is i V sin to inoscs I feel likea the north wind tliukon I retched forlorn sad and January lath 185T JAXJETABKEB of thelaw can reach tainly no one with any knowledge of the past can deny Our Agricultural papers are teeming with the most important news and yet how few of our Farmers ever take one and even those that do scarcely ever put the experiments into operation but go on in the old tjack run ning over tne ground and cultivate weeds far better than their crop soiling has been proven here in our the and icebound and none can say what will be the climate of the country ten centuries or a hundred centuries hence Wo see some instances where this has been reversed and lands have grown war mer and we have the written testimony of civilized men to prove it The old Latin writers bear ample testimony of the cold winters of Italy in tbe days of the power and domination of old Rome time in the same furrow or twice in place amply paid him for his plow and labor This is very evident for the deeper we plow and the nearer we approach to sci entific gardening the better will bethe crops The great trouble with our far mers is they try to cultivate to much and the same with stock they keep to many and do not Lalf nay scarcely nqtice them Now experience teaches us that this is not the way to carry on any business whatever then why follow it Oh Ies pect it is as tho old saying is Father use to and so do I But before closing permit me Fellow Citizens again to urge upon you the necessity of a more correct system of operation acd exper iment is before us not adopt it Let us try and best agricultural Fair here this year in the State Then come up lo the work and my word for it we stall be amply paid for our time and trouble Excuse few thoughts by Who can cura the gout or tho disease of the heart Nobody O you tell me the doctors cure paopfe I grant you peo ple are cured Jiut hosv are they cured Gentlemen nature does a great Doctors do devilish they dont do harm Let me tell you gentlmen what I did when I was the head phyaici cian at the Potelbieu and some 3OOCTor4 000 patients passed th rough my hands every year li divided the patients into two classes with oneI followed the dis pensary and gave the usual medicines crossed whenever they pleased And without having the least idea or wherefore1 wherethe wine froze in the vats the elij to the other I gave bread pills and colored Subj They speak of extreme cold in that now ricbisunll7laud Even the Tiber during the soil and by one writer on hid experiments MOeilt Roman he considared tho first fr i the ice on tto rTer was stronKthat the he considered the first four acres ha double t plowed that is run the plow ihe second i eiaerslde LUO iujna crossed whenever UIKV n pncofT Avrl A Nut lor tbe Doctors One of the mostreuiinent Trench phy sicians arulphysiplogists says thaimedicine is a great humbug This man is Magen treatises are regarded as stnn dard works the world over and yet he saya about medicine anddqnt know thatdoiSS know anything about itIn one of his lectures ho asks accepting them Respectfully D W SHAW Sec AVhcn you see a smali waist think how great a waste of health it represents Transported for man who mate is now one of the most charming known to man Such a thingjas the freez ing of her rivers las not been witnessed for centuries TVhoJcah explain these can uncover the fountains Tof natuWand reveal her bidden laws It tis not Eettle ed yet whether we have an open polarsea and if so what affect its warm waters may have oncohad It is not known how much the internal heat of tho globe may have affected its crust Nobody has tod u if electricity may have come in for its share of influence Some of the learned have suggested that when the earth cool ed off and from the liquid formed into the solid lands it conirueiiced to cool at the poles and wasrifrere first inhabited and gradually as tho crust thickened and it grow colder there was a tendency of population to the equator This opens amost dismal future for ifthe same law continues we shall all freeze up in time It were better tosay that the earth roll water without of course letting them know anything about QccasionaU ly gentlemen I would create a third di vission to whomI gavenothing whalev er These last would feel ueg lected sick people always feel neglected unless they nre well P and they would irritate themselves unti they really got sick but nature invariably came to the rescue and all persons in this third class got well There was litile mor tality among those who received but bread pills and colored water and the morality was greatest among those who were care fully drugged according to the LOOK OUT FOB IIoiiSE week four men registered their names al the Ivioa Ilouse as B Sperry J T Sttn ley Geo T UcKinnoy and Ixjkebergor they hung up a poster at the hotel signed Reynolds i Phillips stating that they could ride drive or work any horse that could be produced in from six to it fall and tall heavily upon them Tlie commercial community have tho right to demand that persons who attempt cr succeed in swindling them shall be brought to justice Dut before a merchant hiis the invoke the eriuiinal lau we hare quoted lie must make mind that the person whoin he is to ac cuse is aswihdlerin lie contemplation of thelaw he must remember also that with paymentfor his goods the law is not sat isfied but the swindler must be otherwise punished In short he must remember that thoIaw was not designed npr intend ed to aid in the collection of bad or cdcs pbrate debts but to punish criminals Wo think the merchants of Chicago owe it lo themselves and to the credit this city to frown all attempts on the part of one to make Cliicago a trap for debtors If every changing the torridto the frigid zones for thongh therewould ba danger of its playing the same antics flood or lightening are preferable to slow consump lion John Cleves Symmes who was as brave as Dr Kane and had something of the same idea that KanoManny and others cherished of an unfrozen sea north of all explorations with warm lands stocked with thrifty regitables and animals if not man declared the world was hollow and inhabitable on the inside and if that true the extreme north might have i relation to the treatment of the books for sale on the new pupils etc etc A few nightssince two of them left ihe hotel and the succeeding evening the others fol lowed in great haste neither of them ta king the public conveyances They had only one or two carpel bags among them all Since they have left some four or five horses are missing Owners of horses and others in adjoin ing towns may be visited by these wor Keokuk Times delinquent creditor wbo comes to Chica go whether his delinquency Chi cago merchants or to men jn other cities is to be caugbtup on his arrival here am1 forced to go to jail or pay all he owes llienCliicngo will soon have an nnenvia bereputation abroad That actual swin dlers are sometimes arrested we have no doubt hiit that in n majority of cases this process is siied oul merely to terrify a man into payingan old debt is proved by the fact that but of the hundreds of arrests made in such cases within the last year not one case has ever como before the court The man who steals a horse if captur ed is sent on to trial convicted and sen tenced though the thief may offer the owner the value of the horse or make ac tuai restitution of tho property yet thai not avail him The man guilty of underthe statute of tins State does not purge himself of the crime by paying the debt any more than tlie horse thief by tesloration of the property And magistrates have no right to dismiss a man charged with swindling because whether innocent or guilty he pays the debt with which he is charged lie should bo sent on for trial The law demandsjustice requires it If A B swindles C D out of a argc quantity of merchandize and C U succeeds in capturing him what has 3D upon receiving back theamount of iis claiin to turn A B loose upon other merchants to defraud andswindle them Justice towards his mercantile brethren requires that he should prosecute the swin dler and make an example of him A case occurred a few days ago strongly Hustrative of thedangcrous extent to whTch his abuse has been pushed A man n one of the country towns of this State vas arrested upon the complaint of O jOok it Co be arrested Chicago linr but criminal prosecution to enable U J Co to recover a donbtfu debt If ho pay the debt bo will satisfi fie peace and dignity of D Cpokc k Co and the restbf tho people wliosc lawhas lieen violitedmust bo oontcnt to lcttLQsvvindler slide The whole thiiigi ajnockery AVo inquired of tho riiMgis Irate tlie name of the man who groksly swindled D B Cooko Co itnd it was refused us this refusal based on the ground tliat the rhaii was respectable citizen V at home and tliopublication mightinjure him W respect tlio motives of the we insist tliat the idea of a rcspoctable citineii being aswiridlerjis 6jiy equullec by the with which tlie swindlers rep illation Uguarded IfDli Cooke 06 iillJionorible men cond fee jutified in accnsinsra respQctiible citizen with lliepiiblic biit par licularlf all other iiierolmnts have tht right that tlie respectable citizen shoiiUtbe uuuitiskcd mid made known bulore ho tin garb of respeclahility sliall swiiidk others And if thisrespectable niaii is not a swindler but a man wlib through spine niishap is unable 16 pay his debts aiid has been arrested upon i an i unjust iaceiishlioii then all respectable citizens in Chicago ant iu all other places have a right how unjustly a icipeutablc nuinhas bee pursued by D IS Cooko Co or aiij other house1 tliat resorts to the ciiinina law lo enforce bad debts The Mission of a room of mil Principal etlilor ffriiitlinff ottii leiulii Commercial editor prtiot rcaihr chrrcctinff and reading ultud description ofapdtcntpntvdcr Ttdrlt iiiarriUf la cutin the the refunded yas man with nine or ten setts of pincers and fortyeight different kindot gas burners The gaap rupts every body to what he wants Itjs a great valuable inveii liontluit will 3iivega3atid putmoney in pockets of the people Goes on to tea the burners one after another swears Comiiiorciai editor raises his voice calls off his figures editor ers with a mixed delight of economy a nil wonder After stopping all editorial operations tor an hour gas niarir obtains the insertion ofan article which costsa dollar or two to put into tvpe tlie of the wlitors and the use of the HL andgoes oil to victim ze some other editor One of the editors before thogas man timidly asks good insertion of the article is going to douhe proprieties of the paper when ho is informed that newspapers owners arelex lectcd to work for the peoplefree and that the greater ihe benefit to some one else tliemOre they should be willing to suffer and pay ibis view of the case and bows the oas man out llero coraesanother individual and the lowing conversation takes place Icalled in to get you to make a notice of a very valuable nont I have beenmaking in adjustinga check strap to the back of harnesses to ireyent horses from running away Yoii seu how simple a thing it is and ily iiianaged that a chiid can drive most spirited horse without any folio the of run away with Irthink it willbathe meins of savingmany valuable lives and f you will only givemen favorable notice n your valuable colnms I can make mon ey out of it Well my friend our timeis vaiunblp and no doubt you think yon have what consider a public benefit still we cannot devote our services and space with out an equivalent we must hive pay for Well thats strange thought newspapers wcro got np for tho and that it the duty of editors tonoticeall the valuable inventions md improvements else how will the world J benefited by genius and science Now thinkyon are in dulybound to five readersthe benefit of all the improve ments that are going on It is of more mporlance than one half of all tho polit cnl stiirt you put in yonr paper Stranger goes off in a hull and editor returns to his Imin of ideas which in nosi cases in conseqiience of misplaced aillerj has run off tbe tract And this occurs twenty times a week under the mistaken idea that paper steamink ran Sep and time arc volumes or fortyfive housand setts of Kanes expedition have aeonsold by Messrs Child Peterson the lublishers Tlvcy average six dollars per et whichWili make the snur little sum f 6270000 to the vast amount ofpublic oniain in tiie jam offiic agents avc frequently to trnVel fro in 0110 lpS tO f Imiiimr rtc Jipck Com nuttcD to Hie Clinmler of Commeree The uiidersigned your Coniiiiittce np poiiited at u iiicotiiig of of St held at the lurvo to repoVt that tlieyiiavoincqTii pany with a skillful engineervisited iho bridge htrfeck to ascertain tho of siiii bridge is to the free navigation of tlio tliorefore iii coiiaidertiouof tho du ties devolving on vtswotflii state that wo cbnsider theqiieatioti of iiigher import than what two or three cities or towns may be benefited or injured by building railroad Bridges across theMisaiixiijJpi sup p o r t ed by pi ers th a tblock up tii o oh aim ef Biit rather we assume the stictionaof the coutitry are entitled to the free navigation of the great natural thro ugh fa res of the country miobstrncted by or avaricobftnan governed by nojselfish printerest ed motives in arriving at thie llihf the bridge at Rock IslajJd with diagoiiaTpiersjihihff its great assert bat experiment otVpitllinn J i i i i t m rcsiil Li Aglnuce at the Mississippi is tlie iiaturnl cliiinnolbetwccn tho far distan I basins of tUetfppJrjMissis sippi and Minnesota valleys rind tho At lantic oceaii fhrf sidilan lakes tlVeroforo of keepin reat coni inerco unobslructedj ihusti bo obvious to the inpst casuatiobservet Itia yaryyfpiv ypiifs the toiiuage of wiff exceed of fjujtod States1 IrniHnjf to poils of tho world andtho of shouldnbt bo allowed to Ihis great 5 land sea shqJEttimo lioaii thfotfgli tfedjaw it occasioned inoVcdislriictioii ofprpporty tlianrliad rtie rapids in ten yoiim It Jsijo1 iindjheir cargoes loteiHionbyijWindi and Infsspf liiiie togetlier rnftshas exceed ed iibhiindred tjioiisniiii dollars and Ihlit iri jof where therd never had experienced ofvcraftVbisfora the erection oHhe bridge Your commit tee Was informed by n gentleinaawhoro siclbs in of tiia bridle that oiglit ont of lerivafts UVnVaV tenvptto between the 1 piers ken tijiaud destroyed he saw elovoij rafts wrepted in one forenoon Your committee wotildreferyQUto o diagram accompanying tliis Mr JWiBisseTitho engineer 6ti will perceivethat the bridge ia sYippbrtod by cightjpeirsj of which aroini thewa ter at the lowest stage jll also see tlie river is very narrow wIierp its hndca is built ami all the f water thatpusesdbwfi tlieMississijpi is compressed into a naf tow space and by observing of tho water you will cpilre 110 built qitkrleiing1 across the angle of The pier on which tho draw revolves is J85 itiVdirtclly iii the clianiiel md quartering across it il fornisa kind of funnel in connection with Ulio iers and the water when through betwcen at tho rate of ten or miles per hqun The opVnicgJQfi or boats to pass through is only vido andincenaequencoof renLs made by tho diagonal piorspa to comedowu partially sideways to being forced on the lieadjqfjthoipiors When the wind blows strong across tho can neither The long pier has increased tho ritich bycompressing thewator narrow chute that aboat that is adapted of allthe restofrthorivT er has not to force herself through iliedraw there being a fail of fourjeetln the lengtli of tlio long pier with i03s current1 dragging theboat all the ime across the heai1 of YourCoramitteegivoitastheiropihfbh that theDridge Company haVe failed to opmply with the terms of tjieir charter them by the State of Illinois vhieb required them to build itin such a nanner as notto materially interfere witK tho free navigation of the river j while1 o fact could be better eatablished than tliat the company have almost blocted np the channel EroraJowa theyhavff o I tai li ed no eh ar ter and li a ye no sh ado w of rightwithonly the plea of expediency placingtlieir piersin the channeljand stretching and upjust barrier the river Yonr committeemight leaitnta before they would report ridvor ely l a bridge if a bridge xvith piers vas the only kind of one that could have ocnbiiilt there but such is not the case or it is known to al I that when tlio is located is one of tlie most prac iblopnce on the Mississippi for asuspen ion bridge And it seems to your corn nitteo that thonridge Company have hown a great disregard to tho rightsrof thers inpersistirgjn building their cheap ridge when they were informed by their Contractor and others that they were blocking np lite channel Tt is the opin ion of your where th case comes to trial that itcan bo clearl established that the bridge issuch an T slnictton as amounts to n niiisance aivi T i i esto prosecuto their business rein Minnesota 01000000 acres of c Innds port ibe Coiirt will order the aanie to bo aba F Oominidco deem ii necessary atUiis time to make a fiil xt port of iJI parliciilars rejating to tho mat Mtootothe 15th niu state s auti hat s getting goods on credit and T f iujiort uini will nait ShirTthiX the onSf S ir eonoontrln survey of she bridge 1 ir notK1T have Lecn laid for tli f tor them He was taken before ato surroun aud intercept thorn f

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