Friday, November 7, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Friday, November 7, 1890

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - November 7, 1890, Lemars, Iowa l.BJ^A'Ra4il^,I^RID ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY. ^ ^db^ dotibl^dttty when i| Ms oh^^p" :busi|&l'^tb give the/most for mmii M'ak^',an Unpmokod St-^ tack Upon Oivilians at Spanda. GOteOADDBLL WILL EESIGN; !X:ntha�lmtl v::Beoeptlon! of; ihe .'Dake-of NiiMkn at IiUxembarK - Chrlitlnns V;^ :V'Hatdereki:ln::Ohlnnr-,pwIndllnK^^ the �iiiia;riiiit�. wS4 your Toonp l^ft^jSa^on b ,os, OuM^hocvFcIt Boots, (Tcrman So'Ck rate war. London, Nov. 6-Another conflict has o which iwasinotintended; to giye' offense, 1^ A'similar encounter with still more bloody results occnrred a few weeks ago. _ yl-TM'.Dafce' of/Naaasn at'XnzembaTfl:.', i; � ^LuXGHBUBCt, Hov. 6.-The Dtake of NwBan, .heir anwent to the 'grand dnkedom of Luzembnrg, who, through the action of < the "Dutch parliament^ mi declaring King William of Holland, the present him, an4^ he was given an en-; ^ttansiBstio (reception^ (<The,new regent i inspected^tbei volunteers,who after-; wardsT mai;ohed^ptothhim in^^review.'; ^The street8).<%wereHcrowded,<and muchj enthusiasm was displayed. < '� Oadd�ll\*lII^BeMKn. ^'.|!iIt; ie^-'reported in| Xipperary, thatJCoksCaddpll.l the W| dentJpjagistrate^'^'who l,hasfachieved? notoriety by his harsh* irea'bment of the^ ilrish.Nauonalists^eBpecially at theitime; ,of the recent, Osddell riot, meditates ^sending in his ^ resignation. Caddell,'. who i8;an ex-army officer, having setv^ ^ in^India and elsewhere, is represented^^ as being disgusted with his experiences) X^eland.f ,J& ^ { ^ CdC^i % f.- (ihrlttWni'](lnrd 'B^ently7'atf the! -dolose of the ^celebration of a" Buddhisi^ festival in<3he,produce" of Sze-Ch'etaail a nnmberlibf7orgkutzed mobs attacked^^ seyeraljQhii8lianlviUage8;;j�baming: holding of a great social demonstration on Suur!} ~daynextin fayor'of the" extension of; '^sutfraice This step'was taken by the? bnrgodaster'^&rtei'' he 'had Keid i|n inter-;; ^lewbi^^theimattei- with-Mih^-lfead6rfl of j the Labor party. Queen victoria. '''' London, Nov. 6.-^The queen will remove the^ibourt from'Balmoral to Windsor in a few days. ' Her majesty^ is in excellent healtd and takes almost', dailyftours^ to various '^points, of dnterk est;''Her^|Sngland wha b; ' "" � 01 jduringj Oonnl)Otlont'e.,Siiiallei* School. Three little Uoys, threei little girls ttdA a teach'fir. wilfiprlsa the sohbol of District No. d in thb.4own Of East Windsor, Conn. Without dbubfi this is the smallest school in � Connectlout;, and'/perhaps-.^few, ,oan.-bO; found'iinyf^hore to beat^ifc. The school-house is a feood and'comfortable one. It has seats rand desks to accommodate twenty-four pupils, and benches for as many mo^^ Twenty-Seven pupils were teglstoied in the school in 1878-9; In 1889^ theshufflbet had droppedio the unlucky tUrt !en,' with an' average attend-'ance'of:4.81n'winter'and 6.7'in'sbmmer, r : On theflrtit-Monday of thepiesent term the sbhoolbe^aniwlth three pupils.! In the course of ii:Week' three more appeared, and the regtstev.'waa thus doubled. The teacher o� this little school is Henry F. ITletcher Heis a-yotthg:'man,"apparently not over 20, lund'thi^ris'ihis .first-experience-as .a' teachor. Hfe school Is equally divided between the s^e� With pardonable pride heibformstltiVf^'Visitor/:that when-all are press'^theliisascbjol of sixteen classes HereoelTbsyftJiejm'ilfiifJcePt salary of 16.50 a week j' *' / : The dlstriorCommitteeman ..considers .It of doubjifulxadvantage to continue the School It wtts understood that the school .\ wouldibe^d^ontinnedunfter. tbishtermif: ithe iiaveraffelattendance 1 turned, out to be' lesa than five Six names are enrolled, but theaverage attendance remains to be seen. District No il, m the town of Enfield, has a Ajhool bnti little lar/?er. On last year's regi8ter>'onljfzeight:names were enrolled, ir. New iTork 8un. j 'lo^ht iee^J^lng�*it^onoti<a^;;|;|y-t^ itheto'endF^fi^Mono lake^was con-, |^8lderaUiy�agtiate^^unday;^and dwellers on'tbat^shakly^ locality weie^much per' tturbed. Steam was Issuing from the lake ;:a8^^fariA<i coulc^ be. seehiin'sudden puffs, and; the^water waf boiling fiercely, bke a bean pot, while huge waives< rolled up on the: ^beach,^and rjec�dlng"leftthe sand smoking.^ bi atO^mentoLhe alrwas'thick with bllnd-j ^tng Jiot^^sulnhnroitt vapor, und.'subter-7i^nebp8..moaiis and'ruAiblinKs' made^the ' iwitnc�s think^that old <Nick was holding r high carmval;u appalUDg fracas lasted about twoj ^dilnutes.'^ irh|h came a blessed qulei for'^a ^moment, followed ^by a sudden twitch of ithe earthf os'e^^jiorse'jorks.his^bide'andidis-^^' :lodge8sabotheteo,me>fly.",uiThe:shock4hTew^ men and animal8,ofC itAeir feet with brulft! >lng;violencei'*ut)ltiwa85the. wlndup ofs the] 'entertainmont^whichKMr;Nay.'(hopes,wlll' �notbesooii.repgated. J It was some hours befora the lake ceased! 'to.emit^tcolumus^of.''steam j^and-.ithetwater; became veiy hot. - Two springs near the when.,they flowed cojd water'again. A stackof SOO tousjpf hay was moyed seventy feet;vritbcnt>'.4is^;TrrHomerIn' dux. J, ^ Among Mr.,Carter'B war relics is a little hastened >y anxiety as'to the health of the Pnnce f vWales^, wh'p contracted^ a'severe^cold' Induced to^Beiurn Home. I s i L6ndon,'^-*NovX6 -^Seventy-five lQ�x-}\ pen and ink sketch, ghastly In r the story] toldiby its;hurried=work; vj'Inthe.trenchesfi clad in .the^^!barTeli:the|rightiforeanger;touch-' Ing the trigger, is seated the skeleton of M , Confederate soldierlll^That is oU. i The field ftlsisfhare. The figure is,solitary. ^ ' ' f 'Armies had fought over that plain, but <:tliey had passed onto''otherbattle^grounds;1 .r^The deadl^isoldler irti the� trench<'ibad been' overlooked after-the^JflghiH ?,and ,Tia<l sal there in *the'awfuUflttitudeV"deadly wSi fllct nntU the fleshvshnveled^'away,^th%] lswornfnnlform|;^fluttered;iabollt':a lute,4ace'.that'^ii'ad fronMl "Si Igrants. �a|tn 'onsl 'ofT^S , lingpea�tftt|_ - ^, ^ants were ;ind9ced|toieU font themi l^it^^-"----- repaid on^the aniy in Amenca__ | rroteet ABBlnit Protection. 1 PAVh N \ rt -Foar hundred dek | gates from the manufacturing uf France met to conipder the govern 1 lOLUts tariff propoMils. BasolntiouHj weru adopted protesting agamst thel protection policy and the taxation u(| raw materuls | Jewish Peneeutlons. Blbiin, No\ 6-Tliegaand duke of Kesse has isnwda resoript censuxingj those who persecute Jews m his dumin^ ,i,-,��,.'.'sliead^had'beehjtaken off byia^shell 1^ ^u^n'OK iadftiiB* &��Sota,ttjgade^ I a Undemeath'tthis" pen andt Ink 'horror la. The-'Way? Cleared-' for- an Open Fieht with the Union Paolflo. Ohioago, Nov. 6.-The Railway Press bureau says: :','The bars are 1 now down and any western line can practically make whatever rates it sees fit. The Bnr-lington and (St. Paul applied to Acting Chairman Osgood, of the 'Western Freight asBociatlon, for permission under the agreement to meet the rate� made via the >!XJtaion Pacific and the Northwestern.: The rNorthwestem had been Informed the request would be made'i< and , the : disastrous ; conse-. qnences which would follow, but would do nothing to avert them.: There was nothing left for Actmg Chairman Osgood, but to grant the request. The resultisthat-there is nothing left of the Western Freijjht er Trans-Missouri, associations but rallying i points which may not be of any use in checking the i demoralization i which;has -just begun. i interesting-figuringwas done.. The total amount of traffic tamed over to the Union Pacific during the last .year all lines were computed under: its old divisions and those it now demands. It would make a yearly difference of |7iJ,000. A Burlington official estimated it at lessfthan |lOO,OM.'; It was also figured that the Union T^: ciflc would lose fully |1,000.000 a (month by the boycott of the other roads. '.'r<':--^'i'..:Dliastron�'Flre;at'^Trnekee^ Tbvckeb, Cal., Nov. 0.-A most dis-astronsfire broke out here shortly after midnight, and as the T^rind was * blowing a hurricane the flames were soon .beyond control. , The fire ^was stwted in the rear of Stall's brewery by a man wfaojwas seen running away after fhe flames broke out. The brewery and; half::a dozen other {buildings^ were soon burning. In a short time East' Main' street yras in ashes, and ^^ali the bnili-; ings op Front street were burning.^ Nearly forty buildiags, including the entu:e busitfess portion of the 'town, were destroyedi by 2 o'clock. The residence portion a&o seemed doomed; An Elevator Burni. Buffalo, N.'Y.\^ Nov. �.=-The {Wells elevator, one of the largest' here,' destroyed by fire.' A great "deal of damage was done to outside property!; by the immense volume of water thatj It was ^necessary to pour over them te^ kee^themffrom hurning. The 'deva-! tor badr^a' storage capacity o e�i committed in thisicitys'-was perpetrated in West Piiladelphia Barbara 8am-brecht, undoubtedly crazy on religion, cut the throat of her daughter Slary, 8-years old and then drew a knife across the throat of,her "^[.O months i ibnn h *-> in la\ ii jrnin h i'^ nniifiualiyi hli rt and as i il uli Liufusini �asl II vm in Mho Hiin|l Ml t pump th^ ort, in h ul in ir nt]\ t, out f )r a hlroll ; Ih ii\jng rntli btnn liirr pr iiniis ix .1 perlpncB, tl it lis hLri 4h ii ud not in| aii\ fMMt 11 r |iiin.�l I f n UVi andl nlien the p it r i^nu urn d tin clislng hymn ahinit eosdjutor huh lay of a feyi n i n Cuti;, Mid thl>iruiiL>''ot the. male mcmbLPi'of-'tlio Vliiiir Has^hiieu to' hurriedlyrdlkipp'wr.rii tliu'dire'ttioD of'tbei pumping^ronin - A^^wj^onds mora itnd'J Stanley and wife and Lieut. Jepeon arrived at New York on the steamer >Teutonio. Heavv rain-storms prevail in St. Petersburg and vicinity, and threaten to cause further floods. , The forest'fires near San Rafael, Cal., destroyed, 8,000 acres ofv^itomber and eight bridges. The mails have,been car-: ned by^'pony express.'' '1^/\!,t^ Dr. F'at|er^n', an apothecars[.pffGoBf cord, Cal.^iB 8uppliedpoiqoniina;iHrescrip^' tioncallmgfor^othpr; drugs.'V . t., .ThreemilU'.helonginjr to O.^B. Will iams & Co.f.�attQlaston^V.Conn.,^nse( for the imannfacture .of > 8oap,^powdei fSnd ivorin^,^,yere,l)urped. LoBi|,(lOO,000; K�!rhe French'^Bu^gefVcommittee' li^ rejeoted'<(theig&vemment;^oposidktp;ad-:| , vSice'a4oan,of;60,(�0,00f francs t6 the �'^Tonquin protectorate for �public;works| ��nd'ri41wayS.*%'"^'^''''^t V-^'f%iM :tA''colli^6nV withiiit dela>, naing ati iUHt the rsBourtbs of the treasury and,^ afterwards raiung an inti,rual loan for| the purpoies The Ft och KO\emment �ill send il scif-ntih exp lituu to Central Asia in' Jeuuar> Ike expedilun will go vial the Caucasui, Turkestan and Kasbgari to Thibet and is expected to be'etMent] tltt^years.^'j,. ,^. k. ^^xS"^!^ Awreik occurred on the New York i Ontario and Western railroad belweeul ^Carbondale and Ma> held. -The engine,! Haas $t HARDWARE, m Tinware, Ovthjery, Ammcni-host/Eto.,;] It will pay yeu to look over our New and OUR MOTTO IS �Be!ST Goods.'Lowks^Pbioes.V -BEMEHBEB THE FIiACE-- ' HAAS & HUEBSOH, N. Main^StrLeMars, MAY BE FOUND AS USUAL, RIQHT AT THB^l^BONl WITH K FL LL J INK"' OP TfiE "WORLD'S BEST Gold Coin, Mse Bnniers. andlEliDlinrst Sarfitciii With other approved lines fdr Fall and Winter tradp, with c\er> thing ^ . COOKJNG STp)yES, Kitchen Furniture and Every Kind of HARDWARE''that > )u c\(>r ! dlro The) have also Plain and'Choic� Of Every description to wbicn^'they invite^the''citizen', uf LiMars and tlioie of I neighboring towns, who .wish'* to bu;jr,>efore^Uaakii i; their purtliabes, assunng .tliem that they wm-n'otr be Jamil TsnH hy an> {'Jr ' one-quality of^ goods'being! on�.i(lc red iii^ Kluckhohn Kerl^erg RBL> FRONT, OPERA HOUSE BLOOK, LEHARS. joS Have now their slock complete of se'asoiiable^ goodH Ladies will find S it to their interest to look over' the>aminoth ttock of v. J White Goods, Embroidefielfllress And the LATBSTItJIIMMINGS. ' ] Cornets and Hp^ij?'^ ''^-^ By your Dresses of Kluckhohn Kerbergandgeta^pattpra free wlth^every suit. Pine Shoes from f 1.00 np4oreveiybod> t Over LeMars- National Bwk. \ Do'^ a Re&KEstate antf S&atftl^ Mortgage bat 1 Negotiable Papers'bought. Fire and Toronado Insurance m Ri li ible Com pan i< i. ^ cj ALSO AGENTS FOR THE . MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 4 LARGEST LIFE INSUR.INCE COMPANY IN THK WORIjp,lV ESTABLISHED REFDTATIOH FOB FAIK Viimw t THRESHING � If A ^1 HARVEST, pememler the place to get Oils is the JieHars Drug Store, 1 door sou |B|t|er;Qua^lty.^ ^^..argest Stock J Call on us and Have Honey,! ^Mpre Kinds. istor^ ()tiiiounced''tfaefSI^lnK^ i � i ii''y'inimitc-i c irliiv .than' an,nituMd; Burke :iHt D^faii

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