Tuesday, October 28, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Tuesday, October 28, 1890

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 28, 1890, Lemars, Iowa XX,.NO. 86. LE MARS, IOWA, TITESDAjI? , OCTOBER 28, 1890. ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY. 12.00 PER YEA] ^SliJtME^LOANS and COLLECTIONS '" ' * Low INTEREBT for money oa real estate.  Mosey PAtD Oveu as soon as papers are made out. , ,: �  , , No lUTBRBBT Dhb until end of year. /BBal Estate bought and sold. -^r.-:,. ' -MbNBT TO LOAW'ON InBTAIXMKNT PlAN on city property. ,, . ^ i- BbBBOWBBB -WILL SAVE MoHBY byoe^i- ing withme, , I * Olflce- over Dlehl's Drug StorevitleM*^ Iowa. 88* \; ' and Sa^le Stable "''ConTejrtaceto'any'partiiof theconntry fnhi-Mhed on short notice. "TermaTeaionable ^ Oar teams srs tood roadsters and oar vehiolee new and 'beat.' ''Boi'sndbamagewagonraninoonneotion wltb: tbei Union'fiotitv'Pasefengers; and baggage � taken to any part of tbe city; Telephone. No. 83.:  HOYT & GOUDIE. A CiFLMAT Mobile Suffers Severely from! a Sunday Fire. THE WIND FANNED THE FLAMES; And Wharves, Craft. of Various 'Degr^et Cotton OIns, Wareliouse^ and Oil Mills' and Tlieir |0ont�nts Are Food for^^he Rngliig Elements. Bain & Ketcham LUMBER WAGONS, MABSEILLESAltD'ADAMS, JtaBd:andPoierS]ii)lletsMM Mills, ' star, Chiimpion and Adiuns ; -J Hand and r Underground Force Pum^j BRASS CYLINDER POMP. All jpbds Warranted. BAILEY & CO. 71*tf OusIlaerling's old stand, t T 'IJTIioro'- is no line 8o..handL. ^Vr onah' Passenger Serrioe as ."The -ti�Une"-C!.. St.P.,M.&O.B'y. All well posted travelers between THE Twin Cities aad Chicneo take this line .ulp I for Vest. latlj; tavoriDg the "Vestibole Umited,^ which sSpatnee thennestBleeping;care and eoaoheseveri w;.bailt,:andalso all'^olasses'of passengers, witboDt ;ettr# fares. :i0u the liake Superior portion of the .rline.^betweenMmnoapolis, St:*^ vvand8t;'PaalandfAshU>nd,>FqIlman'Bleeper8 are .V van on night trains and parlof.cars on day trainsi :;^;Igk>BTH-WESTERN ~ ir.tliionsh:traip8 are also'ranbetween''Min'ne-lUilStiJ^nl and Kansas City, via Sioux Clj*^ Uman sleepers-ihe entire distance; St. ,KDnsasGity,;SaltIiakoi'SanFtaii^ i(��n�!.^5jiJ>lpiog-;QarS?'aroiriin4pfeali; |i;t)ver':thisiUne;beiweeii?Hiiif """" ', a^ tonne a operaiedasUiH hnetothePaoifie co_ ,____ aor, St. Paul & Union I^ULp^dne ars witli mapH ami time table I at an� atatii n or writv din l t to Tl^BlltLI' HenllaiW Agt Hi Panl Hinn IPifflocks,; us'' Movements m mi'- Spring- U Blways^on Mobile, Ala., Octi a?.-The most dls-:, astrous conflagration Mobile has  h!ad since the war started at 11:80 a. m. The fire began in a shingle mill and fkc-tory near the river front, just- outsidoi the northern boundary of the city libi-its. A strong wind from the northeabt, perhaps a twenty-mile breeze,., was blowing,'and the flamessoon'commn^i-; cated to the ^ootton^warehouses which, line the river front from Beauiegalrd street, the northern :;boundary; southward six blocks and from the river front westward to Magnolia streJet, three blocks. .From; the shingle mill{ to �Goodman's warehouse on the blcjck bounded by Front, Beauregard; Water and Lipscomb streetsr the distanc^ js; abont six' hundred yards, and alm6Bt as soon as smoke was seen issuing from the roof, the cotton blazed up. |ln Ooodman's there was stored abont nine, hundred bales of cotton afld the sparks from this cottoa, carried by the wind, next "cominnnicated the flames to Brown's warehouse-on: Lipscomb and' ' Water and running back to Magnolia' street to the southwest > to the .Mobile Oil mills, which was next south on the east side of Front street, and to the: whdrf front to the Mobile and Birminig- � ham Railroad; company; which fronted' on the water from Baauregard to Lips-' comb streets. The inflammable' character of the material wliich fed the flames and the quarter gate of wind that was blowing Caused the Fire to Spread with lightning-like rapidity, and'before 2 o'clock in the'afternoon it looked, as if itheflre.would spread from end to end of the water'front of the city. Before the Mobile oil mills; in that com-v; pany's water slip, were two steamer^, the Jenrel and the Miiry ;EJ^iza^^^ alw.tbe steamer Helen S,' the tug maV-': garet Lienhar.1 and the government snag boat Warren. Half a dozen men gotttte boats ont'o.f the slip into the stream; saving all but the Jewel' at^d'i the Mary Elizabeth; which.baraei.rap-' idly to' the water's edge The flames swept on down the wharf tofithe city. At the next slip; fronting: > near the foot of Adams street; were'tUe river steamer 'ButKy. .vtwo napM^ launches, and foor^r'^flve cotton and limber tugs,'all of which" were gai'into mid-stream with only "slight mjury; ex- ^ ceptthesteaoiar: Rath and the naphtha yacht Qeneral'rFowlsr; which'were de-: �troyed in a.few moments. The water-front wharves-were entirely burned 'from?Beanregard street on the north to' St. Louis street, the Flames Leaping the 'Wharf Slips , s hurdle racers leap the stone wall. A large amount of'Cottoii,% which was olosely packei in the' warehoused and (presses amid.'theinflammal)le character; of the material which fed-the, flames, made the fire ani'intensely hot one,j m>l. the'high wind caused it to spread so rapidlyvthatit^ai impossible for the fire department to do n^ore ttian stand idly by and see it burShThe fire burnad rapidly among th3ooH|i ware? l houses and presses. , When QoodmiQ's warehouse was in^'a'blaze smoke w^" seen issuing frou^Bfown's cotton ware-hon8e;rroot,^v>^"j;^ewiuaTe'"away,'^ oa the northeast corneV of''Water street, and; at the same moment th' Gulf City oil mill;ontheieastsidaofsOomaierae, bsr ,tweea Adams and^ Lipsc3Jib streets; with warehbose.^whioh was' scored full uf cotton oil, oil cake ail m il bl iz )d out, and the firemea ail tlu Ifga;:: crowd jof bpootatoni.whiLh h\l gathi red^^ in the vicinity had 't,i sm Flea from thh MvaAViInf >lamet Tliere wa'i*naw ni iiti'> tu th fl'�mi monai^^^l 1 ex( ept hv'a diapeaa-itna of 'prov idlnsMs ternoon^'j^K Almost iinraediateK'tlie 'flames Bpre^% '^^^^fi^M^M^-from build'ng to bnillii^ untifoEge^Vj L\aa'8.Brtl streets atdClMi Merchants'prnis were destro>el ^^|^^t this writin; the prop rty deitro>6Ji8� Ui|4>JPvmeapt cotton,, threp,^ dno-naphthi lau ich, eleven oan,igrain laden, btlongiuK to tliefM|M' bile and Ohio RMlr->al c nupt i r^fifcfj empt> bi)x^;^piH-o(� the Mobilo|fatl|f .Birmingh unload, two.wood andt^^l - " ' HnitilTiAoelne roil and llooam* in Ihe locality Ho'far there have-l> ^3�^ry.exptodediife MnriiHifliTMinif the yraxi It is estimated the exceed t650>N).i:.\ THE'CHOI^BBA KPIDEMIO. Th'oDreail Disease Making; a Deadly Path' In the Old World.- , W'ashington, Oct. 37.-Advices received by tlie marine hospital bureau from the ;United States consul at Naga-zabi, Japan, riipart 1,095 pew cases of cholera and v^;} deaths from this disease during the period from Aug. 18 to Sept. 11. From tile outbreak of the epidemic until Sept. 14 there :have been :3,lh� cases and 3,081 deaths. Advices received at' the bureau from the United States consul at St; Helena report the vppearance of cholera at Meskene and Aleppo. :.. Advices from Spain state that the cholera epidemic continues, but its .pr^sence'in Barcelona is not offiuinlly confli'uied; ; Reporls from Abyfisinia say that the epiaemic is intense in the localities occupied. by Italian troops, ;ahd at: MnsBowuh about sixty deaths occurdaily fromthedisease. ; 'Reports fi-om Russia state that the actual presence'of. cholera is not re-ported;:l)ut some citiestn the south are suspected . but nothing de;!inite is known. Reports from France state that the sanitary condition is very satisfactory, andno cases of cholera have beea re-; ported. "The report of Italy states that according to information received from private sources' many fatal' cusas ;of � cholera have" occurred ill Veuice. The Italian: government .has 'deferred the return : of troops' from the Eji Se* colony. ; Advices I from Codstantinopla.iii/ thit �ther late choleric reportS'are> vei'y un-. favorable, and show that - the ep ide luic is increasing i in ex ten t ana -ia ceiisi ty. ': :The appearance' of the disease :at ; Aleppo; to which place it waft imp irted from' Meskene;,is,'very serious. On Sept. 11 and J2 'nine deaths were re^ ported'out of fifteen cases. Death In h Wreck. Bradfobd, Pa., Oct.- 37. - At 4 o'clock a. m.y near Baech Tree Junction, Pn., on the Buffalo; Bocheiter and Pittsburg railroad;: enjjiiie Xi.}. i82 was pulling ( alieavy. coal, train up: a steepgrade. The train: broke in two,-tbe torwurd end being carried over .ttie: t summit of the hillaud tbonce downi to Beech Tree, a distance of. two miles:; This BHCtion ot the train was there side;  tracked and Engineer Casey:^ steamed back after I,the? other' section. When half way rup the'hill; the: Oars-he was after came'down :t�begrade'and'crashed into the engine.''sThe tender and cab were' wrecked- and C^eey was caught between the ^tender and boiler. His left leg was ground to a pulp.> Fireman Fitzpatnch and Conductor Crawford escaped-l>y jumping. 'Brake-man- Lacid;wuo WHS'liding' on iihe" eur 'gine-was caught and terribly 'mangled about the' body. -iCasey died of his irijnriesi'^'Lacid lifageiMjuntiT4 o'clock' before death relieved him. Blew~Out the Gas : Gambler, lUOUDLE AT BOCK SPRINGS MINES Depredations Bellevoil to Uuvo lioon .. Committed by DlHSntlxnud Miners-Be-bollloHS Convicts in Micliiguii-A South Diikotii 1Voniun;i|tIeld for niiirder. Oldest M. �. Churolt in America. New Yoiut, Oct. s7.-^The old John Street M. E. chiirch^ the.blrtest M. E.t| church infAlmerlca',,celebrated its l3Uh 5anniver8ary^,VKev, ,:b. > pI-,-^Raymond.' ^-r. .rir -t.' ~i'-'-ia^ht QfjWesleyaii'dni., '''^"wPlbMeatlsfrlf' James'^de'r' Whttef  Hilt OBt W -A'B ifyyOot^'ia^f^pn^to^ - ^ CinoAao, Oct;. 27. - Ex-Alderman William P. Whelan was fatally shot at an early hour Faro Dealer Hathaway. Between 4 and 5. JO a. m. ex-Alderman William P. Whelan sat down to take an; early breakfast with Matt Morgan in ihe latter's reitauraut and saloon at No. 330 State street. They had just|begua to eat when a gambler nanaed;^George H. Hathaway came stalking i through the room and stopped immediately in front of the table at which (Whalon and Morgan were seated. Hathaway, who was intoxicated, made some remarit, apparently offensive; when Whelan sprang to his feet and' idvauced, Hathaway at once pulled a heavy 44-caUbi'e revolver and fired,>'ithe ball going through Whelan's left groin, out at his back, and 'imbedding:: itself in the wall. Whelan was taken to the Michael Bees hospital; where'.:he died at3:3o'in the afternoon. ' ^ Hathaway was arrested .and lodged in thfeCentral station. r - ; ;. . BubelUouj Vuiivluts. Jaokson; Mick, Oct. 27.-William Smith, a 6olorpd convict, Friday, choked ConvicfcrCasey: in the prisoij blacksmith shop: tor some imaginary 'ofteHse; On,being ordered into the liail master's ofBce Smith grabbed an ',irou'Sledge and'Smashed six iron working'machines, 'valued at $3,000. The: .)Vi4gua shopshad to be shut' down in Consequence. Smith was placed in' a cell and Saturday taken out and the warden talked to him; Smith was rebellious; said thoy liad treated him-badly, and fought tour keepers and the iwarden. He wasiplaced in the solitary for six months;; ;Befor6 the Smith affair Convict Burke attempted to put out Foreman Boyle's eyes by; pouring a gallon of green paint over, his head as he came up the} stairs. Boyle had reported'Burke the day before for not doing his'daily;task.' \Mi.AAPxetty GlrUi^Terrlble Experience.- Chicago, 0<jt.S^7.-Pretty Frances Duchak, aged i7, had a terrible experi-: ence. At 9 a. m., while coming home from church; a<;companisd by her younger sister; she was seized by an unknown.man at the corner ot Wright and Seventy-ninth street and thrown violently to the ground. Tne girl suc-cesstully resistea him and with the assistance ot her sister struggled to her feet. The assault -happened near the railroad track, and the scoundrel;.maddened at hemg frustrated.in his design;; seized the girl and threw her on Fhe 'track just as an express'; train ;came thundering, along.' .Her; younger sister ^pulled ,' her almost ifrom under the wheels and'saved her life.: The.police were notified, but the unknown villain made good his escape. fijii-Au Editor's Perfidy. Chicago, Oct. iii.-A. Tribune special from Guthrie says: , "The Daily Capi-, tal-will publish affidavits from promi-^^ent6itizens''6f:'Kingfisher; this territory}-among whom are J. C. Post of; . t h'er^e-.. -terminatidnand accompanyJhim�iin'^^| '<wagoh^<wbeniiher Thornton, drew his .pistol; 'and^shot'i Robinson "I'dead; rand^.in -at-;^ {t6ajp'Eiagf,^gh66t^eV^the>bkll�:s bia 8 weett^eart. > He;has been7arrest6d.<jj^'< iSS'^Tra'uli'ie^'litltihe Itfolc SpEiuBS''.,B[ineV "B StAVEBT IN NEW YOBK. A South ' Sea Island Olrl Escapes from Bondage Near the Metropolis. Detboit, Mich., Oct. S7.-About a week ago there came to Detroit a colored girl, whose appearance indioatea that she was a South Sea Islander. She was scarcely able to speak, knowing as little of the langaage as a 8-year-old child. From what she could tell it was understood that she had been kept in slavery on a large farm a few miles from New York,' and had been subjected to an awful course of treatment, being w'nipped for every trivial offense. She finally managed to escape, and, with a large number of pennies hoarded up during her slavery, came to Detroit. She showed many marks of abuse, even her tongue being striped and swollen. Friday night while out looking for work the girl fell on the street in a fit. She was taken to the house of the people who had cared for her since her arrival here, where .a physician discovered that her body is a mass of sores and bruises, and that the girl may die. She continually cries out, "Me want die, me want die." She calls her former master by the name of "Marse Her hurt." Inspecting the Midland. - Denver, Oct. 27.-President Manvel, of the Santa Fe system, will arrive here Tuesday. The object of his visit is a tour of inspection over the Midland road, recently consolidated -with the Santa Fe. The Santa Fe officials meet in Topeka on Oct. 3 alson|u4 Uer Hiub lutl, 'jlJount^arr^ste'd f/Lr^ �ck onthf-S^ri^m^y^^^ h r iui-<band, i\i .^iH RvrriLk,n)ir- ^%isoa a fsy.�!ayS:agQ:i^^:W^> The wholesale confectionery and baking establishment of Robert J. Miller at Philadelphia was totally destroyed by fire. Loss, $3.5,000. The Nebraska soldiers' reunion will be held at Plattsmouth, Nov. 18, 19 and 30. At New York James Kelliher, a drunken cigarettemaker, quarreled with his wife and then went out in the hall of his home and stabbed himself with a table knife. .The dead body of John Bolton was found Bitting on his horse, near Pay-son, Utah. His gun had been discharged accidentally; blowing off ialf of hiS'head. , ' ' ' ' - George W';Cumming8, the youthful' stagerobber; who stopped- the Willetts and Ukiah (Cal.) stage a few weeks ago, was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. ' : The steamship Peking, from China", brought 561 cases of prepared opium; valued at $133,000; the duty on which amounted to $80,000. Jimmy McLaughlin is to receive $10,-000 salary and $3.'5 for winning and $10 for losingmounts for riding for F. C. McLewee & Co. next year, ' During a quarrel at the engine house at'Reading;Pa.v Richard Engle, the driver of the Friendship Fire company; was struck on ihe head with, a chair by Joseph Frantz, a member of the company, and,his skull was fractured.-, He cannot recover. Lieut. Samuel L. Jaokson; United States marine corps, died at the naval' hospital, Chelsea, at 6:80 a. m., of,. gastric fever, after a sickness of only a few days. The juryin the Bath murder trial at Rochester N.rY.;j returned a verdict finding Crane guilty of murder in the; second degree. hring a race t^ght between Poles and Hungarians at Soranton; Pa.; An-idroPedito had his skull crushed and several others were wounded. Judge William B. SneU, ex-judge ot the Washington police court, died BudS denly at his-^residanoe in; Washington^ A. Kamman, ex-president of the Ger^ man Bank of Dubuque, died in that city, aged 65 years. ' The; division ilieadquai'ters of. -the; -Winona and Southwestern railway has ^finally been located at Osage; la.', and their:roundhouse;etc.; will be erected.; The shoe factory of LeightonBrothr ers.^three. residences, seven storeSi and a.blockjof l^ioarding' houses were bumed" in East'Pepperell.-^iMass.,-causing aloss: of- |800,00<k- ,Beveral"'hundred-p0r8bns! are'throMifouttofi^emplojnmetitS'i? * Wind wrecked'a liuilding at Brooklyn. John Lindsay, a .passer-by, was ihi^e'drinithe debris: and^^atally, hurt; | s ject8.'are;depleti^g^het8eal:'fiaaeriea$| ^^FreatnckTX. Read.'special&iaitepinF chancery, sold^theTex^diviBion^'ar^hli *h4$d^imMme', road wastbough*; tor^the stockholders. ^ ^ C ^-' | ;Gardinal Gibbons expresses,his eym^'^ ^thr'w'ith'the iniMibtfof''the Irrsli li^a^^ ' tionalists in- America. ^,{Omaba,iB to bfe'-made the termmua of' from^BW'i'Moinll;^; Morgan's steam yacht Katrina,v with the'owner and a crew^ of thirty andXansas Cityj El^D. Morgan's men on cocIeF till'on* , st(upfe�'rocKp^aal^^ -tong-Islawir �^^|Mfca escaped; , ^SKgBw^m^ 1^ Quebec ^Telegram Haolare^m �ttenns^hat^e^i^fa^t|- ' ~* ia^i^moBt univejr^l inQneF"> " :( vt^.^ v, - tesidence on Plymouth Street, , 'LEMABStlOW^^.. SucOESSOB To'TOWSEND BROS., -DEALEEIN- ^'"V i -^n, Habd asp Soft Coal, Stoii� ind Bukk '' , >H(^ving^purchaBed thelnmbei^andco^.buBlneas'bl Tonnbend'Urosi^ai I wgnld respectfully ask for further continuanre of youi patronage at thOy old ftaiu and^ivillvstrlve by'faiF'and'Square dealingitoiinerlt^ ^ ''YJ't^ a! W.'PARTRID&F �John Foulk, Iflife-^JojS^ pSiff< bStrt Chicago, and weU^kn:qwQ- counterfeit-^ .erB, wero i � n\ii.ted of counterfeiting in the Uhiti d statoj co^rt at Pittblmr bf jI^SL'MiVlirf*' murdwof Johni-n^N* m ;|i|!ier,.iat[i;'5Mi^�S5ifii(!^ Offices at

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