Friday, October 3, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - October 3, 1890, Lemars, Iowa A ''Massachusetts Candidate Forced to Withdraw. wah'Time shortage the cause. The Democrnts 'Onrry Georgia In the Unnat Happy Manner-An Eight Day ' Deadlock Broken. In Ohio-An! Oath-BounU Antl-Prohlbltlon Party. Boston, Oct. 3.-Maj. J. Henry was nominated � at the . re* cent JEepitblicah convention for state atlditor,' is about to �withdraw.his name from the.^cket.: This'action l8 due to the circniatiori' of ;a' d^ of an article from The Savannah'^ relating an' alleged shortage in his �aecbunts wheiii^ collector Of; intefnai revenue in Savannah, after the war. It Biij;s, in a word tliat ;^ Was in- dicted,, but the case was not'pre68ed; Apftcha cut-throats were on the warpath.v returned from the seat of the present^ itfj^rising, and�tatbB that the people are .terrorized and fear is entertained that ibef ore the renegades are captured a.number of whites will be massacred. Just before the colonel left Silver City a .courier came ..riding into town and reported the savages in the upper Gila and 'rata6hmen and miners fleeing for their lives. Two more men I were murdered; - The' Apaches are be-I ing led by "the Kid," a youUg Indian brave.i Several 'companies of cavalry areintheblaclcirangei looking for In-dians. .,  . " ItalfattVrlsandace. , L'ovvoti, Ocit;;3J.4-The number of outrages by brigands iu Italy r is increasing, .owing- tp.the!apathy,'ofvthe^ take-any dbcisive steps foctte^fpunishmeutjOf ;the bau-detti.^"The explanation of-the inaction I of thg AtlthtAltid'^'is'tiaid'tb be that the I Ibcal'-fefflBiilsFarO-BWiriilly bribed, by theM^otfflawK;??IK "��Bvei-al'^fecent in stanxJeff:;�ii4UWay. 'trtliris ishown to ; criminate him personally. The i:Eepublican,:state,i committee, however.^thinks it best th^t ' Haj. Oould should withdraw. IVon^itnd'^teel.'G'ongr.---- 'l?Jl<YdrtK',*^0cC2.i-Th^;first paper reaCat^tbe ifdn and/steel congress'ses-sioujwt0, JM'heiDievelopment, of s Ameri-.can.piaii Furnaces,'' by James Gayley of ^e8semei;;^':Pa... iSir-� Lowthian Bell then-rei^a;patieE,-treating ouithe effect of more or less' carlranic a<trtOt80 that a Canadian Pa-kftcHtaSifishnidJ'-beett'i wrecked at some ,j 1 Which will be done by offering a high ^rade -of^^oods at vei^ylowprices, suchpric^esas - .J, ,, _. . t - - pnrpo8e8. ' SS^-ST^SL^" t"it JSSWSaS&t �" k;5;-SSSJ:'*? SfS ' ^..M�^---------------o- thafWUltake place UOt . <The�n�pMy.Dli6n Uttoh. vfbu'iH'i^ft^of fl-Rmt�'vou wilLiind it "AliU^ rf�sTSsSsta�imericK--sev�.- iryOaaJriaeaOI a-SUlL,.yUU. ^Wllliliuu i*x gy^J,^^ l^^gl^gnl,eidallTurner been arrangedif^^^ , ___ , . If hall in tbinVltv.'and irreat interest liaa. TnhVvji^lH4i'rRHviimV piIlUtt Ki Max Gronfrtdtj editor oisi:^or08t,iine i^^fte istjflte;; money havmg ^been ^^^^ " : ; i ^ .German paper here; is5one of 1 the lea^ aravmi-Miirphy;is the favw^ , �, -^r �A -1__^^..,1.1 era of the new movement. He says the to t75. when, he sees it. Merit wins tne WOria mpvement was started some, eighteen -- around. "Quality Makes :the>Price Ch^ap. 'iqpvement-was::started."Some;' eighteen inonthsagoi and up date they: have a majority of the 7G,<M)0 Germans in the state as members. This includes every Roman Catholic priest, every ; Protes-, tant German minister, and every mem-; ber of any German secret society. The new bodyirequiresieach member to taker 'Ui Oath''Dinding-him not.toivoto forany-candidato that is nominated by a partT)s favoring prohibition or interfering with?, the personal liberty of the people. This,! will prove a serious blow to the Repub- The Sawyer Wallace Go. Failure. New York, Oct. 2.-Marshall Ayeres, the assignee of Sawyer, Wallace & Co.. commission 'merchants who recently' failed,'filed schedules showing liabilities, $1,440,609, nominal aispts i 18,447,-110 and actual assets $742,8-)a. Of the nominal'assets |2,d53,l71 are personal property,-which is considered to be worth" at present |0S5,'392 and the real estate is placed at'|98,8��. Washinoton, Oct, 2.-The minority of the special house committee appointed to invsBtigate the charges made against Commissioner of Pensions Baum have prepared a stat^ent based on the evidence taken by the committee. The report reviews the organization of the Universal Refrigerating company, for Investigating the charge that the steck had been sold to employes of the pension bureau. From the testimony it appears that, although Gen. Baum testified that a listexaib-ited by him contained the names of all the stockholders but two, there were others whose names the minority deemed it important to obtain. The minority regret that the < bills of the company were not submitted to the committee for^this purpose. Both Oen. Baum and his private secretary, Bradley Tanner; the report says; repeatedly stated before the committee that no employe of the:, pension- office owned, directly or indirectlyj any stock in the refrigerating company; yet it was developed almost at the close of the investigation that a local company, had been organized to do business under^ the patent of the old company and that of this company Tanner was a stockholder and secretary as well. Apart of Tanner's work as secretary of this company was performed in; offlee hours. He has endeavored to enlist persons at the pension office on business in the enterprise, and he has exhibited, the patent press in the rooms of the commissioner during business hours. He received no pay from the corporation, -but was promoted,by Generaljftaum withihcreased salaries without new duties. The' minority express regret that.testimony to prove, the refrigerator; impracticable anaworthlesB-was! excluded, and accuse General Baum.of invoking the fine ;techpicalities of criminal j law to serken^biinself� frqm {nroper investigation. Tfae'reportTevieWB' aclength the action of the commissioners^ indeclining to establish the ^^completed'<filesVv system at the! solicitation^ of - Mri Lemon (an: attorney ha vine. ^ouerse veuth of the entire-ipension; .business -before -the office) and calls attention to the fact that while.the commissioner, based, his. Teftt^:'oir,,a' report and recommenda-'tiomof Deputy, uommissioner Lincoln,: he' aittBtvrtai established the' system without consulting Mn Lincoln, at the uurgent; request of Mr, Lemon, 1 The report also directs: attention toi the fact that on the day. foUowing'the establishment of this order Mr. Ijemon. became Mr. Raum's Sfccurity on a note for |12,00(I. .Quoting Mr. Lemon's testimony that he placed no value upon the security <he had given him, tBe report asks: "Would Mr, Lemon, a good busir ness man.risk |12,000 upon one: who is afraid to have bis solvency inquired after; can it rest in the; fact tbatMr. HARDWARE, hSTOVE^ TiNWAKE, Cutlery, Ammunition, Etc., Etc. "VISIT US;" It will pay y�)u to look over our New and ElegantLiue of. Stoves, and getv';^ our prices'befere purchasing elsewhere, we have tbo largest stock in the city ..'-ifi BouGHTTon Cash, and bought right, and will be sold right. Cash on No Cash*'; System. We will not be undersold by anybody in our line of business; this is.; plain talk and we vfiean it. ' :.r::h OUR MOTTO IS: "Best (^ods, Lowest Pbtces." <� -beiSSmbeu the placb- HAAS & HUEBSCH, N. Main St. LeMars, lo.. SPRING BROS. MAY BE FOUND AS USUAL, RIGHT AT THE FRONT WITH-A PULLLINBi OF THE "WORLD'S liEST" " " i Gold Coin, Base Burners and filiborst Surface B-mming" stoves. With other approved lines for Fall and Winter trade, with everything in COOKING STOVES, Eitchen Furniture and Every Kind of HARDWARE that you ever desire. They; have also Plain and Choice ..;)! Of Every description to whicn they invite the citizens of LeMars; and those neighboring towns, who wish to buy, before makii.g their purchases, BSSunngthemthattheywiUnotbc-underBold byany one-quality of goods being considered.' of Valises, Men's Shoes and Mmishing Gbbds, ^ ^ ^ is very complf-te,' NBVER.hav. we shown' J^.^^i&u'^l'-^'^:^ gress'onal 'district indorsed the Union Labor candidate, Isom P,= Langley. Powell ClaytohVmade a speech in which khe said the state of Arkansas: would ; never be cleared from the stain of John M.'.Clayton's blood so long as Breckin-ridge TOmains ? in congress. In  conclu-siou'hesaid: ' < , . � "Lifetwas.once dear to me,ibut the time'-^ha^ n'bW - come < when I can take. such a line of Au Actress' Unfortaniite .Failing. .Chicaoo, Oct. 2.-Hattie Richmond, the "'actress who was formerly with Fannie Davenport and can not conquer her appetite for strong drink, was be-? fore JusticcMWhite on the charge of drunk and disordeily. She was fined^ $10 and costs, and the fine of |Jt) which was staid during good behavior last week, ordered executed. She went to: the Bridewell. Wet]ues(lity's,.BiMo Bull 4}ame ........ PLATBBS' r.GAOUB.............. At Buffalo-Buffalo. 6 Bostoa. 12. ' At Olevelund^IevelandiTji New York, a . NATION A M.P An UK, ; AtC^nclnnatl-T-anolnnatl;6;.New;Bsoto^,a� :-:.i ^::.^�.;���..:'; AMisitiuAN -Atwiioi A;i't N: .. j At^Go.lui!j;ljuBTTOolumbu8;:14) AWiIatic, 0. At St IjOUia-'St. tiouig, 7; SyiooUbB, 8. Klucklioliii & Kerberg rel' front, opera house Block, lemars. Have now their stock complete of seasonable goods. Ladies,will find it to their interest to look over the mammoth stock of While Goods, Embroideries, Dress^ Goods, And the LATEST TRIMMINGS. Corsets and Hosery. � vi; By your Dresses of Kluckhohn & Kerberg and get a pattern free with every > Fine Shoes from $1,00 up for everybody. suit. si Lemon expects large results, under the system he has. induced Gen. Raum to establish?:, Criticising the "cotupleted files" systein, the report says 'that it is to the advantage of the pension attorney and entirely against the soldier. In conclusion; the'report says that the commissioner ;has not properly esteemed the delicate'duties and serious "respbu-sibilitiea.; of > his . great office, That a place hallowed as is the pension office should have been used for stock jobbing or speculation is a degradation of the public service which cannot be too strongly .condemned. The investigation will;continue probably at the next session ;of congress. The majority; of thecommittee will��ubmit no report until that time, ; BEELY & FISSEL: Have bad a rush and sold alarge amount of goods at their remarkably-low prices The wholesale houses have stocked them up with another ^larRestbctofssssaifj the very Latest and Finest Goods in the Market, They are ' again overstocked and will reduce prices accordingly/: S:;:^ NEW STYLES OF PARLOR AND BEDROOM SUITES IN Antique Oak And Sixteenth Century Finisfe . . f Tlie .FreSldent-IiiTlted to St, Iionlm ' : Washington, Oct, 2,-The president rifc^ived. a teieKraphio invited St. Louis, to visit that city and witness 'the i'cereimoniek .i Profeheti; oelebratibh.^^^'VR^ Neideringaus, of St. Loiiis; called and; :personally reinforced the 'in ' vitatioii.- The preeideht did not givia it him a definite answer, but it Is prob-libleithiit be will accept the? invitation^ fatoie Two c�r iMudk of Cattle. .,. j and i^stop 'at St.-Louis onrhis wajj'^^to abdmore, L Tr, sOct,M a.4GeorgejK�n8a3.and other points where *e has Miller' and Bill iWeems,'after' a fight .'withi the'officers', were ' arrested here �^forrstealing tWo^carJoads.'of .oittle and-' kBhipping.them 'toiiKansas^CSty} where,; the\8heritt,seii�d' them',;on'- aitelegi;amj 'engagementei".  ' Beciprooity Work. .vWabhihoton, Oct. 2.-^In referring to thSapeech'of^Mr.' Carlisle",iir which he 'mvrHoward,>,dne of the owmrsi Tiiju�Kand'Liiltef^ackso9;V5tTho^it,^ -Bre%ill/8ilaigpi;,v 11^' > , i S^titeds'nir- the'^ep-irtmtot^iof estate^ ----- i once. We have the exclusive s^e of thejMoLBAN?8 8W^ invoice of LADIES' Oa'K ROCKERS, in.SixteenthCentury Fldlsh. They also keep the nicest and most complete'stock^^^^^^^^'' - , of picture-frame mouldings inthe City:': ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i--' All Kinds of Repairing Neatly Done. Undewakin^^^^^^^^^ BEEllY & FISSEL, LeMars, & fftir-^iNOTON. 6ct/,iir^^'.The.4ep4rt-, ^''^ ment'6f%t&te%a8'been officially notified jitoity aa^-'iiiterriational' eleciWoiltlxT rjiibitiirni' \rtll?be>eld at - FrVk^ort^on-uvs!j<tM^*ii,'^^^jii^ii 'the.approval of the oy^fMaentr'. It wiU ^.<!l$01';4ai)ii^db8ev<)q:<Oct.i Rulroal uupipuyiinitaa \Anl,. . E re,nqx�V�.'j�S�tbl'"�tf'-'* ll ;- Iowa. MORETON BROS,, Over LeMars National Bank. Do a Real Estate and .Chattel Mortgwe^^bui^ Negotiable Papers bought. Fire and Toronado Insurance in : t L-HaB8TJ.IFB^I^SURA:NcM;:( 330607

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