Friday, September 26, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Friday, September 26, 1890

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - September 26, 1890, Lemars, Iowa LE MARS, IOWA, FRIDAl?, SEPTEMBER 26, 1890. ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY. S2.00PER YEAR,^ Id ."^llat we can say; for our new stock. In fact itis^too larjge for our store-room. So we ar6'^t(btit to eiilarge it,' which will give us a floor'Surface of 2?k160; including the first andisecoiadv stdi^ea of dur building: This jim-mense stock compels us to make .Which will be done by offering a high grade of gopd^; ; 'tempted the life of Mrs./Marte'^ Kurtz,: hifl housekeeper,'and mother 'of two; 'children, by 'putting four "bullets into; -^ber bodj, outtid&^her with a knife, and \ then finuK a bullet^i^to <his own'brain. 'He nbw'lies at -the FitoU^ hospital."and thei.woman atitheEmergency'boBpital;*^' Mrs. Kurtz's ante-mortbn "statement^ has been taken by the corner. Miller ,W88'brutalIy"dmnk.� Killed by HU Wife. - , Prentiob, rW^,j2;'S�5,t-" �'aB.^Charles Johnson, a laborer;*''waa,_.8h'ot "and fa- jWJy wounded ' by his'^Vfe. li^:r' '^'cloclf.j^^John8on packed'^hiB..Batch6I, :ttetM^5'onW iMV^rTturnfi iShortly tpr^ard^^ff^re^uiged/and broke ip e ^^orr^^The woMfl, Jre^. .volTer^anashbt himMn'tne abdometf.. 4. ^nab^jilement?'prefen:ed the dfath oigafett^ ^The*=ltri&l of; in Lansing n, tliL prv'tty itue, ,\\as iM-oourt rooui.. tyasVftCcir THE FEDBBAI. OOITIIT BILI. Tlie Renate F�ssea a Meanure for ncflef of the Snpreme Oon'rt. Washington, Sept. 25.-The federal court bill as it passed the senate provides for the appointment by the president of an additional circuit judge with the same compensation as other circuit judges. It creates in each circuit'a circuit court of appeals to consist of three judges, and which is ti be a court of record, with appellate jurisdiction. The court is to have a clprk at $8,000 a year �nd a marshal at i[i,'{lSOO:a year. A term is to be held anhually by the circuit court of appeals in the several judicial circuits at the following ,placea:. First, Boston; Secpjid, New York; Third, Philadelphia; fourth, Richmond; Fifth, New Orleans; Sixth, Cincinnati; Seventh, Chicago; Eighth, St. Loiiis; Ninth, San Francisco, and in such other places in each oil the above' circuits' as said court may from time to time designate. The first terms of said cpiirts afe to be held on the second Monday in January, J 891, and thereafter at puch times as inay be fixed by said qoiirts. No appeal, whether by writ oiEi|fror or otherwise, is to be hereafter tjateri to or allowed from any district cotirt to the existing circuit courts, and? ho appellate jurisdiction is hereinafter to be exercised or allov^ed by laid existing circuit courts, but all appals by writ of error or otherwise, from said district bourts, shall only be subject to review in the supi'enie court of! the United States or in the circuit potlrt of appeals established by the bill, l; Appeals .or writs of error may be ; taken irom ;the' district courts or from the existing, circuit courts direct to tha supreme court in the following cases: In any case to which the jurlsdiCtion'Ofithe court is in issue; in such cases the question of Sjurisdiction alone ,shall be certified to (the siipreme court from''the court below for. decision; ' frdih, the "flual ;de-Crees in prize causes; in caie of conviction of a capital or otherwise infamous crime; in any case that,'involves the construction of application of the constitution of the United States; in any case in which the coustitutioaality o t any law of the United States or the validity i or construction of any treaty made under its authority, question; in any case in which tlie.constitution or law ot 11 state isclaimed to ibe in cdntrovention of the constitution !of the United States. �' THK TAUIFF DIT,!., ;lt Ma^ Ue Defeated .by Western Senators' ^.Stand.onUliiding Twine, : w-AiniNGTON, Sapfc. ia.-The Repub-jliQan-oonferreesron the tariff, bill held a meeting and discussed at 'some: length^ 'the^differences betweenithe ^twp;houses idijthe sugar schedule and the ^u'ty, on ;binding twine. . No conclusibn was reached, and a conference -in the afternoon had the: same result; � jjaiadjourn-iiient was had. , The action of the; west-^em''. so3jator8:!}n.entering a; protest-against thepropo^ipion 'to piacej^a small' duty? on:-bji^duig twinehas-eomolica^eft' matters seriously.- ,. A well-kn&wferwest-i a reporter of the United Press thatj while the senators who met Tuesday afternoon were not bound to stand. together on this proposition, there. � were enough Republican senators pledged , to stand out for free binding twine to imake it certain th^t the conference report'would be rejected in the senate if the senate conferrees agreed to irny com-proinise on this disputed point. The conferrees and other Repubhoans who are interested in the fate of the bill �have used every possible argument with the.recalcitrant senators, i but thus far apparently without effect: The conferrees now say that it y tha Cherokee ooniinisiion opened jfor settlement. > Thp WJiite'House ipworaecto'iaspect'. ^gme bills that were .a\raitin:;�.,his^ap-proval. while the ladies^-O^, the,part~ were "driven .to i'the le^idence off master" General Wanamaker.'i^ they w^re joined lat&rii;iu*^ the^'eremns^ by the'presidenj;., \ b- - , , ''w: '" Free Delivery at 8malVypwn*.''j; \' I ''Washikoton, Sept,'T.^,3,^^The\li^^' committee on postoffloes-ap^r-post roads}' ^as authorized a 'favoralji)^ fepprt on th^tbiU introduced iu 'the Tiouse, by Mr. Bingham of Pdunsylvaqia^'' a^prqpnilt^ [ Ing fiPiOQi) to allowtl^ie ppstmEtstei^'g^-;' erail to testt the freeldelirery '^syitem at pmairtowas and yitlagesj^f ' ,:,:'Fru|iayment:0|r,'^';|ecwi'k^: � ngton, 8ept^2{�>^^ .%l.-..f^fest'br.>"'^i- fit ' mm An Act for Relief of the Supreme Court. KENNEDY'S SPEECH WIPED OUT. Pensions for tlie Widows of Gens. Fremont, McCIellan and Crook-The Tariff BllI.May Not Become a Xaw After All -Other Capital News. Washington, Sept. 25.-In the house the resolution to expunge the speech of feennedy of Ohio concerning Senator Quay from the record was reported and Kennedy made a long speech in defense of his action.' The resolution, was adopted-yeas, 3 50; nays, 3K. Hitt of Illinois, from the committee on foreign affairs, reported a resolution calling upon the president for informar tion regarding the Mlling of Gen. Bar-run dia. I McCreary of Kentucky vicorously ad-'vocated the adoption of a resolution of  �public sentiment. He demanded:'.that there should be a thorough investigation of the killing' of ;a man on- an American vessel under the , flag of the United States. . . . �. The house then went into co^imittee of the whole on the senate amendments to the deficiency bill, a,nd after' soine' debate.and after refusing '(70 to 92) to concur in the French'spoliation claims amendment rose, The'French spoliation claims aniend-meht was hon-conoUrred in and Messrs.. Henderson of Iowa; Cannon and Breckinridge were appointed conferrees. Senate bills, granting pensions of. ,$^,000 a year each to Jessie Benton Fre-;mont and the widows of Gen. MoClel-lan-and Gen. Crook were passed. House bill granting a pension of |100 a month to the widow of Brigadier Gen. Roger Jones was recommitted. On motion of Mr. Boutelle of Maine the senate bill was passed providing that naval vessels of the first rate shall be named after states of the 'Union, those of the second rate after cities, those of the third rate after important events or names connected with'the-; naval history of the United StateSj, and :those:of the fourth rate after lakes and rivers.- i , . �. , On motion of Mr,^.Townjend of Coir oradothesenatebill -was :passed (with an amendment ^.including the Pagosa I Springs reservation) opening to home-i'.stead settlement the FortvLyon and Old Fprt Lyon reservations InvColorado, Senate, The senate passed a.t resolution-directing the heads of the state, treasury;^ Warv-ajid navy departme^s' to -prepare j bills based on the^recommehdatidns of  the marine conference.. The senate substitute for the federal court biU was passed; The senate then passed the following bills: Senate bill to refer to the court of claims certain claims of the Shawnee and Delaware Indians and the freed-men of the Cherokee nation. Senate bill supplementary to an act entitled, "An act to authorize the con-stmction of the Baltimore and Potomac railroad in the District of Columbia," with a proviso. Senate bill in recognition of the merits and services of Chief Engineer Geo. W. Melville, U. S. N., and of the other officers and men-o'f the Arctic exploring vessel Jeannette. It provides for the advance of Mr. Melville one grade, and.for medals, one of which is to be presented to each of the survivors and to the heirs of the men who are dead. ' House bill providing for the adjustment of accounts of laborers, workmen and mechanics arising under the eight-hour law having been reached on the .calendar, Mr; Harris objected to its consideration under: the five njinute; rule, and it went over without action. ; bill on the calendar was-house bill to prevent the product of convict labor from ^being furnished-to-or; for the use of any department :of the government, and to prevent the product; of convict labor being used upon public buildings or other publioiwoi:ks,but the hour assigned for the calendar having expired while Mr. Cookrell was inquiring whether a report accompanied!^ the billy the bill went over without action; " The senate resumed consideration of the house bill (with senate substitute) to define and regulate the jurisdictioa of the .courts of the United States, the pending question being on .Mr. .Gtor-pman's amendment to substitute B^ti-^: more for Richmond as the place to bgld court in the fourth circuit. The amendment was rejected-yeas, 28; nays, a8. The senate substitute for the hbuB^Bill, passedT-^yeas; 45; nays, 6. A coji|Brence,' wasasked,! and Messrs; Evarts,Hoarfaad Puigh were appointed conferees on the p part of the senate.' ' ' ;': ^''The'senate then resumed' consii tion of the bill to establish a Ui States landvcourt and tO/DroTi^e>fottbe settlemei}tjOf>privateland'OlaiinB';ifi.ieT^fJ eral^ states and. territories. Sf^ator;� Blairlattei^pted:;-t6ihaye considefatiou: of'the bill pbstponea, .order that the;, house bill for. the. adjustment: of wages of laborers, under the eight liour law$ mightbe take'h up; ,but after along dis^i-cussionVthe senate decided -to take up. � the laiid'blaim bill:;rejecting Va motion -'made by.Mr?,Blair,to tablelt-f- Senatpr :Wolc6tt';moved:to'f,amen4 thb.t pax&itraph'Which^limitscon&rmation'tO::: eleven square leagues of, l^md ,for any* one blaim by substituting for itapro^l Yi8ion^;thats:;noTborifihnatien;;shall ,he* madei'nor-^tpnt issuedj* for-jja jgrearer;; quautity of Jand than . \?a8 priginally r^anted"fby the govemufentl^-^^^niider "which the claim had inception,'or for fanxi greatejr.\quantity. thaaj^cojiia,'^ 1 ' " ' * :%^?t;.i,8UChi-------V latebgirfSfa^-^^"^* ^as i&enlffquip Hhe:r^na%a>,,.^ , iresentatiyeslof0a| . 8.980, found di^^>'j depree of the court .'-of ,olauas' ?P|ie-dispuS8ipn "wasir'e^pii^ea'^l kefet ab'fornearlyjtwO'hiourf;''-ly liheTiiU went jiver^withbut Utt: Wolbott's am^di^eBt.^ '1 sP:iThe'Vote''ag report on the" mtraagers^ bjl?~: Soldiers l^as," m Haas $t Huebsch, -dbaijEks in- HARDWARE, h STOVES, Tinware, Cutlery, Ammunition, Etc., Etc. 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Negotiable Papers bought. : FiieandToronado InBurancein.f-Beliable'CbmpanieB. ~ _ , ^ALSO AGENTS FOR THE ' V^^\ MUTUAL LIFE iNSlilRANCE'd^Mf ANY> t LARGEST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY IN THE WORLD ESTiBLHHED REPUtiM^^^^ J "life* -DLULU IN ingles, Pickets,-Sasl Idings. BuiIding.Ra MD AND SOFT-

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