Tuesday, August 26, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Tuesday, August 26, 1890

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - August 26, 1890, Lemars, Iowa LE MARS, IOWA, TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 1890. ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY. $2iG0PEB YEAR BJING YOU .WANT TO; RBAgi^i, KIIJlG'S OPPOSITE P. 0., liE MAUB, IOWA, Which Win gUaiyAimt.and ^, . . B�ve yon $� and Cent! -IN- 49tf WALL PAPER, BOOKS, School Supplies, Writing Material, TOYS, CIGAKS AND SPOUTING GOODS. HlDESl HIDES] HIDES fiUdesi'^^Its, rural Wool and Tallow. W. ^M, CLAGG & CO., . Boildiiiggiiortb nf Flovd Barn on Eagle Street. HOYT & GOUDIE, ,-Proprlotors or- The Richards House LIVERT, - FEED, and Sale, stable OiDTeynnce to any part ottho.conntry famished on ahort notice. , Terms reasonable. iOar> teamaare goodToadhers andonryehielee new and: neat; !Baa and baggage wagon nin in aonneotion with the Union Hotel. I f^aisengers and baggage taWen to anyipart of the. oitr.. Telephone No. 83..  FOYT & GOUDIE. H. WINCH EL : (Successor to WILSON & McIJVIN,)  REAL ESTATE LOANS and COLLECTIONS \m lis AUi'Eyes Turned "tctfae Terre Haute Conferent^. ITS DECISION KOT YET REACHED. All Beads KunnlUK Into Albanr.Ukaly ,to Be Tied Up> To-day-The. Bnpreaaa , : GaunclliBxpcotadltO''na'8�MBthln( for the'Knlghts. Low Inteuest for money on real estate, , Money PaidOvBBassoonas papers are made out. No Interest Due untilend of yean Real Estate Ijoughtand sold. . Money to I^anon Ihstam.mbnt Peas on city property. BoBiiowBRS wn.i- save MoNEY by dealing With me. Office over Diehl's Drug Store, LeMars, Iowa. 38* Bain & Ketcham LUMBER WAGONS, MARSEILLES ANP ADAMS, Hand and Power Shellers and feed Hills, - Stiir, CImnipton und Atluius Hand and Ur/derifrouncl Force Puinp, / aBiSStCyLlRDERPDHf. lligOods.Warranted. ' vpeal of its brother; organization. That lis clearly indicated by thetone of Sargent's dispatch -to PoWderly. If ' the , council finds that, as indicated in preTions dis-patches; it cannot order -out its men without overriding the constitution, it will without question come to the Telief of the Knights in snne other way. iThe special committee appointed Sathrday held a session of about an hour in the morning. Thereafter Morrissey land Downey could not be found at any time about the approaches, to'the hotel, but tl>ebb8,.arined.,with a bigbatohvofi te- gorts and >other-.docnmento, esconced imself in the'private ofBces of the Firemen's 'Br6therho6d and was inaccessible toleverybody, for fully eight, hours. The fact- : that word went out that; the members of the supreme council will'be expected to be in their places at 8:8<) sharp ih the morning indicates that .the reports iWiirbe ready by that � time,and ; this is borne outby the suggestion made by Delegate Wilkinson that the telegraph operators will strike. In a lengthy interview Chief Sargent endorsed.the .position, takeq: in. the.: letrl ters by . Powderly to . Mr. ,Webb,. ibut mode no further statements bearing on the probable' 'outcome of th6' present meeting.   Later-After a ; session of one bonr the supreme' council' adjourned until: 8:8 a. m. ' The report'Of 'the:gulMwm-;mittee has been completed. ^ 'It issemi-'Officially announced; that the result of the meeting of the supreme council will be made pul)lic by noon. TUoSltnatloit Critical 'Albany, Ni Y., Augi !i5.-The situar; tion is morecritical than; at any stage since the strike began. Despite the fact; that.no action has been taken -at Tetre :Haute it is altogether-probable, that by^ <noon every^road'running'^into ithis ciqr fwilli be^tied .up. ;i The" roads are.the . New York Central, West-^ Shore. Delaware and Hudioui Boston and Albany,^ and Fitchburg road^ The Central and Delaware:-and Hudson are pariiall] cripplM. One of thepromineat mento] District Assembly. 4S.said: "The Fitchr burg and Boston and Albany continue to toll. Central, freight, and we shall shut them;down". Pinkerton;lias:dis-patched fifty of his men to Rotterdam, where the Shore and Fitchburg roods connect, Itis? thought there will be trouble at that.iioint.. Mr. Hammond, superintendentiof the DelawareAud.Hudson, was askedsif it was true that men jwerebroughf.from Canada to take the ,Btrikers'< plac'esJ ; He saidthe story was false, but in tfae^light of'future develments his answerlooked queer. ; At 8 o'clock he (wired' Chief of Police Willardi asking for ads,.^f The strike, if general, willcutidffthe supplies of such summer resqr{s.:a8;,^Saratoga, Luzernei Lake Gteorgaandf.Others, all of which depend oiiiJie-JaVgftfcities. There is posted "in^all of .the freight stations uotice^as^fdllDwa: To Employes'WliO'ArerNot Working! All men must;rgtnj^n;byto-morrow to work, Those who;�do. not wjlliijoonsiaer themselves db9oluCrg9d;.�ndt,wiU^v^no: fur ther con. 8 er^ a. '''\Sl�Stet'Bll(AHB HUDSOi^j. l|^Hamm:bnd; when '.^Wemovedno freight pm<.jpiis8enger ^r-; MteraliFreiglit' j;j*fl r^ave always labor ii^their str^jg.^ ifuwifi .fw�\isibiliklthat f the., men; are doing _. in thisrmWtfer.ff, .____, , , dei�rtmiint, ^-hni' our >throa|^/f^httoran^g^t^BWTikbt; .�>! . Ass^qibly m had-, a^meeting' of itsj boaxjdi* Itwas'debidedftH^^lftlier^'-'' w^re''and'> Hnd8dn,.^'Fit6bbaxg. and tdhjt^Omdil^bBtiMFOlK^^ hMfdtePOentna, freight^'thjBywnld tied'uR::iiiffli^tglytf>A5I^uV-' *� The Trainmen Firm in Their Demand and tlie ComMnjr'ln Its Kefiisal. Chioaoo, Aug. as.-To-day will determine whether or'not the strike of the switching! engineers and trainmen at the stock yards will be continued or ended; If the men do not return to work voluntarily before noon oa.the tenns that have been offered them by the railroiad superintendent the latter will declare the Switching association dissolved at noon. The men, through their representatives, said that they would not resume work until the engineers were paid 80 cbnts and. the firemen twenty cents an hour. Secretary O. T. Wjlliamsi of the Stock Yards company, who. is manager of the Switching association, stated that he had no doubt about the association goini; to pieces. When that happens ent^nes manned by competent crews wiU be sent to the yards, the old engines of the J SwitcUng association will be restored, tf) their  respective roads, and business will go on just asif nothing hod happened. � Mr. Williams did not think' that-the strikers would endeavor to carry>the whr beyond their owu ranksi but that > they would resume connection wjth. the roads for which they worked before , the association whs formed. The men say that the fight will go on, and that the dissolution of the association will only make a bigger tang;le ' than - ever., The packers and their representatives take the same view of the matter, andithey do^notlook forward to immediate relief. During Saturday night the strikers were generally successful in preventing packing house employes from;unloading cars. s'an^l ^ are rteaiu �trains'arairalsoi inland'Kansas' ( I aieji �01 �  "eiaep/thoC"-' � sllfXha inneaqto' y ALBANY, N.Y., Atw^aj^A^trip idopg Central, .rood frcauVrAJbony iy^a dis4�mce'of;iizteen milefi,'^ ^ thW'' iPPan;>'^^iBjbii^j|yiei ___, At'iL- l!grt;^^beVaoubli JenVdeitted'Sand ,b�d, .'{�mall West Albjiny.aM a| �^ijawsl " ; hare: Kan - ith' fi^eigbt^i THK iSTOWK YAHIM STRIKE. Kate RE'S Sim. Ford Tells Who Struck the Fatal Blow. A LEADING MONTANA MAN'S FIX. Charged with HoIdinB Up a Stase-A Ghastly Find Near a Bllssouri Villaga- A Cashier's Infatuation with Polcer- The Suwtelle Murder. Case. iTIie Strilie Hanagera. New York, iAug.=-^l>.-rMaster Workman Powderly^, (Secretary Hayes and John Devlin,:of the executive board of the Knights of Labori left for Albany, where Mr. Powderly will address a mass meeting to-night; ' The board will be joined !at Albany 'by J. J. Holland and the future movements of' the board willbei determined;;. It has been decided, however; to establish headquarters here to: conduct the operations of the strike". Messrs. Devlin and Hayes said that nothing definite had been^ heard > from : Terre Houte. It is : the, general impression, .that: the general council .willrissue a declaration endorsing the stri Ice oil the Central, but it is not expected agenerOl.tie up will result: strike Prospects on the Mlssonri Faoiflo. Houston, ;T�,V Aug, 25.-There is every reason, to, believe that a strike will be , inaugurated p on, the Southern Pacific by, ttie!Brot%rh9od of Locomor tive Engineers. Four; engineers were recently discharared'^01^ what: the com-panv consi^eVed j/bbd cause and some of them^wereireinstatM. The engineers then demaadedi!i�y'' ford the time they were laid Foffjvwhioktwas refused. After full discussion oCijthe^jmatter between Qeneral Manager. Sjnttschmitt andthe grievance'comni^tee; the. company offered to arbitrate the: question, but i the engineers would not agree to this and": the matter lookssqually. Wnnts a Personal tetter, Cleveland, O,, Aug. S'i. - When chief Arthur of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers was aisked what reply be wished to make to Mr. Pow-derly's open lotter, he said that he would be pleased^to giye.Mr. Powderly the information he' sought. The letter, however; tntust ibeaddressed to him ofn ficially;.as�^he;never.'paid:any attention: to letters^ such as was published. The position 'of the engineers was well known; but Mr; Arthur would' be gladi to -emphaaize it' if Mr. Powderly ad Bssed him.a letter.in an offioial wa y,  Ottawa, Ills., Aug. 25.-The prosecution in the Moote murder case finished its work. ,The most important testimony for the prosecution was that elicited from^-Kate Ford, one of the, joint defendants in the case and the woman who decoyed Moore to the park. She told the manner in which the murder was committed, and stated that it was O'Brien who struck the fatal blow with the coupling pin. The defense made a hard fight on-her in the crpss-examination, but she did not become confused, and mode a much better witness for the state than was expected^ An attempt to prove an alibi by the defense now appears to be impossible. The defense wiir begin the introduction of testimony - to'day, and the trial! will probably .last tlie remainder. - of the week. . ' ;' ' Mnrilored hy:�'Jeal�us Hunband, , Minneapolis,,:Aug. 315.-E. H; Ziese, Of 96H Teutonia street, ' Milwaukee, was murdered on theEoAt Side flats and l>i8 body thrown iiito the Mississippi., He quarrel'ed'with John Marshall over the ilatter's wife^ and in a figlit which ensued Ziese was killed by Marshall, Mrs! Marshall, or John .O'Brien, ;a friend of the, family. Marshal and O'Brien were, arrested. O'Brien told the officers that Marshall had cut Ziese's throat and stabbed him in the right side, but in-, sisted that he did. not know where the dead man was, Marshall refuses to' talk. Coming to the station in the patrol wagon an officer said to him: What did you want to kill that man forr - "I had a right to," he replied quickly. He insultedmy wife audi am glad I did him up." The Head Was Found. Neosho, Mo., Aug. 25.-The head of Charles Thomas, colored, who has been missing since Monday, was found Sat? urday buried in a.field. His - arms and legs were, found in a thick brush rpatch: near, bis hons^i^nd the body in. a .field; wbere a fire .had been-built.- The murderer oi-.murderers had tried to bum irts ^ere literally: were found two Dentes.bepenrls Oomlngr. Ni!w York, Aug. 'M.-Ur. Webb d&l nied that Mr; Dopew would sail for home to-day. itnd said he would not be home before t tlie "last of September; (Jeneral Superintendent Voorhees made the ioUowing.A announcement:. "We have notified; all; .connecting liuMithafe on and after Monday we will receive and deliver all fright that we may be required to handle.^' Narthwest-Tralnmen'to Meet: St. Paul, Aug. 25.-An official bulletin has been, issued by the Brotherhood of Locomotive. Engineers,: Firemen^ Conductors; Trainmen, awdthefJwitch-i^iaen'B'.Mutual'Aid'^associationi'etnbiac-ing eter^: branch of the train-service on tlW:.Dakota8i Montana' and ^Washington, colling a;meeting.for,.Snnday,iAugi 81; in this city. _ All Qnlet in KawYork. New,York, Aug. 25.-All was quiet at the. Grand -Central depot Sunday, and there.-.yrereiifew -.indications of �" �j(ew.X<wk-Central, Sni: , Hwt<?aMi|M:ii^^^to.vrT?TO I Were^arr^Bted'and' beld'in |8j000^^bondB: tfori thrawin|r"stdndBt'at,utbe^ menjon freight troios in Eteventh ayenae. ' (t,000 doekT labb^ t^V9f, yr^icti John Boriu preside^,' a^ya-VN^lationsIinl nrmpatV with the' striikms.in America,; ^' Xtisonssed the Strike. Boston, Aug, 86.-The Steam Railroad Men's .Protective nnioai!;Ko, imet inCambridKe/and'-disdnssedi^ the'strikel dn'theCentriil.-'?-" ' f S onitheiGen fii<^ipBStMJSan, Aug.' 85,--A <fanuer nrated^Ai.Smith -was Ulled (m\hir.plaoe 'neiuf.knlraney.1qr<�mod bor<e.'Smith ' -^^"iffiZtiKtli^-b^te, when the latter, on hlmrj �^!;^m<by theiyghtinlf nd^fctt�3k0d'.th�Jiiaii; ST. .'OSFFH IN HUNTING. FreparedXnr tlie Iteuniun of the Sons uf Veterans. St, Josei*h, Mo., Aug, 25.-St. Joseph presents a patriotic appearance in every portion of the city. From business houses and; private residences the national colors, are flying, and pictures of Grant, Lincoln, Hancock, Garfield, Harrison^ Washington, Thomas, Sherman and Sheridan are scattered amidst the colors in profusion, A few delegates have arrived. The Indiana delegations are expected with the commander-in-chief to-day,. as is also the Ohio delegation. The Nebraska crowd, with John M. Thurston, will arrive this evening, also those from Kansas. The California and Colorado delegations arrived . yesterday in special coaches. A fewof the notables to be here are the C9mmander-in-chief of the Grand Army, Gen. Veasey of Vermont and his staff; Col. William Dister, Governor Fi-fer and Governor Oglisby of Illinois, Col. JohnM. Thurston, Governor Thay-er,4Benator Douglas, Church Howe and dozens of others, including Gov-emor^umphrey and several of the state officers of Eiansas. Gen. Alger has promised to be in St. Joseph, and to bring his old comrades with him. The hero of Shilob, Gen. E. M. Prentiss, will be here, and D, Patterson Dyer of St. Louis, and Qen. Oden Guitar of Booneville, will come. There are four candidates for commander-in-chief i They are Marvin E. Hall of Michigan, -Moses O'Brien of Omaha, Neb. ^eland 'Webb of Topeka; Kan., and William Bnudy of Cincinnati, O. G�n. Thurston^ will come with a Irig delegation from Omaha and Nebraska for O'Brien; Kansas will come; up; to the scratch for Webb; the great northwest < is solid for Hall and Ohio is alive for Bundy. Indiana stands aloof and hopes in the struggle to capture the plum for her favorite son and secure the re-election-of Charles Griffin. The candidates all have quarters at the Pacific hotel, and Col Bundy has several rooms. There are 125,000 members of the order. - The increase last year was about 25,000. Missouri's increase was quite respectoble; being fourth in the hst in the increase of membership, and alSo the number of camps. There are now ovef 2,000 camps; New York heads the list, Indiana 18 second, and Ohio third, with Missouri fourth. There willbe over 250'regular delegates, and those who claim'to Icnow figure' on at least SOjOOO mebibers of the order and half as' many visitors. < --i---�--- � OUn NOBTHEBN: NEIGBnOBS, m Horse Powers and Traction Engines, At Spring Bros. the corpse, as an investigation was inaugurated, and is: still in progress, Sofar.hia shortage is said to amount to <$�,i)09,''.Stockton! is/i an expert-accountanf,.but.itiBBaid'was: infatuated with.poker. ' A Growing-Sentiment in Favor of Close � CummeroialBelations with the U. S. Ottawa, Ont.; Aug. 25:^Sir John MacDonald has decided to dissolve parliament within a short time and appeal'j (to the country for re-election before .Christmas. The' patural: term of tho present parliament'does) not expire un-til:1892. A'prominent- official; who is in'the.confidence of the government, in referring to the coming election, said .that the government's position would ,not be improved by delayingiam appeal to the country. The Liberals have openly stated that at the next: session they were going to open .the whole question of extending Canadian trade and commercial relations with the United States, which they have made, the main plank of their political plat-fonu; The government is aware of thei rapidly growing; feeling in that direc-: tion throughout the country,' and sees danger ahead if it allows this feeling to. gain' greaterstrength before- the next' election. .'Sir John can not longer ignore the fact thatiCanada wants to have her relations withthe; United States extended te the utmost possible limit,' and to offer, further opposition to the ^Liberal policy in parliament;- as: he would have to do or admit his own policy a failure when parliament meets at its next session, would be political suicide, CONGBESSIONAIi FORECAST. A Defaulter. Concordia, ' Kan',; .'!Apg,' J2IJ.-^t3| Clerk W. K, Harvey has'lef(<'for, unknown,, An examination of his sboWB bim to be a defaulter, v His inlations bave exte'ndedioVer a peri more than a year, r t <Prince,i!a� 'Gen.. Sir ^obn'BoMVand''^'A)lnUral' ^Bon take/�'coris^cnoii8"part.'* i^nigbt-i'Sir'JolintBoB8';gave ^pwtr'nat^-ljlaplewoba;- "Thi�"< ' Mnoe"Geoig& and'somej of bis'-saval officers will give a dance - at' th^ dockyards. On Tuesday, evening Sir: ^ John Boss gives' a ball at, BelUvne Smitb , -and .withtit sMledUs- Sed'fflil^K-  . , ^ . Jewi�|i. ri8hi Alliance^ America^M , , weel^ in\Fhiladelp)iia1S9Et| aevating.recent,! J^^-4i^m%H^tp Israelitesi mqsOyi froto-Eussia"." " tt�ry.'ofthe JewisKIj i-.fl-,! "...puiiBAN, jLng?f.ia5t'-iB|gbt wporiied'frtm'df '  ' ' - \nnxm THe BirdsaJiOc's Celebrated Andtlie Gaar, Scott & Go. Threshers. Automatic Straw Stackers for all Machines CET YOUR PLOWS Of us, because we carry the Best Makes and will give you CLOSE PRICES. - We carry, in stock John Deere, Moline, Norwegian, Sioux City, Thompson, Charles City, Plying Dutchman, and New Deal, and other^makes of Walking and Riding Plows. ' _ �_ Racine^ SpfiiNQ "Wagons, Columbus Buggy Co.'s Buggies, Sukeeys, Fhabtons and Caets. Also the Eice Coil Spring Buggies, Moline, Milburn and Weber Wagons. SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE, STOVES AND TINWARE. COMPLETE STOCK OP * PEW BROS.. LeMars, Iowa. TsrlflF Disonssion to the Exclaslon of Other Senate Business-House, Washington, Aug, 25.-Tariff discussion to: the exclusion of everytliing; else, will again predomitate in the senate this week. In con^rmity withth*: mutual agreement of Republican and Democratic leaders in the senate, it is expected that; Mr. Aldricb will; some day during the week, ask, that a day be set for vote x>n the'bill. The ~diB TlifiMlajr%tid'-WMn�May�av^^ already bMn , Butterworth. bill' to pro^ bibit deolinn .in futures, ete,; ron which a > ..tTotoiwill be.�taken on Wednesday, 'nie^committee on rules.wiHiinake Ian, pf^er^^ttims'apart' Tl^ur^y; and. Sat"; " - foF^m&brougtitrip by the. ittee.on wboiTr ^nd^lbisorder^^-v^ )Mb6 i^^^-^v^MeUty,.^^ be! kte ^)ill day'., ". A Vision of Pemala IrfivelineMtllarpriaes: iJjiKi^K%;i^,^�ail|^'#iCPBwJ>&i �VioroBiA,\r,'CT/^AnirC�5i-TheWk-^tine'^MAl^*MTl\(edJ'hete, fo?ty-flve bad<,bee^ !iuMi^(xwtani6; tb0aiia^ ' iiqdw?Bbe �oonldi<�nottBp^k-,,_., . . eaonld�ot:be��ui^.tainiedmhv |dlfna ber up �jvitb3'a'tco^i iffa||9yj|n�nufaotuiediafnt!$ofu|llip^^ E. MILLER, Contractor and BnMei,. PlaniandVlewBetAimndsttBolM-. , /ngs 8k�wn Tree. PCJBLip BUILDINGS, And Fine^ Residences a Specially. Estimates + Furnished *Fr0�. a�B�ial. Igent tonthe Ofeamplnn Iron Fence and CrosUsff Oe, ObrreepondenoeProaipUy Answered. iesidettce on Plymouth Street LE MARS, IOWA. this coqptnrjmi^ to .oai;�>;dii^lMurly tqcj s|nAe>fl�.. .th M^uIding8i Biiild^^ STONE. HARD AND SG^FTv'CO Offices athiieMars, Eingsley and iSK?^l�h�veconcJi itbeoomlng^fleuon :i udgndM. WbM�. ^tOQk'Of fomirpnid nnusual^l :BrIng:iu your cash and Iwlll Ton wil lfln|uto rour latorert" ^ ' lb 77

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