Friday, February 21, 1890

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Friday, February 21, 1890

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - February 21, 1890, Lemars, Iowa ^\o. 15. LE MARS, IOWA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1890. ISSUED SEMI-WEEKLY. 12.00 PER YKAR. MOHN T. HAMILTON IS SPEAKER, i0' \ HOTEL BREZQQRT. . GHIC!4#P....reb. 80, '90. BEOKi AT LIST. The ^lowa Deadlock Now a Mat-teroif History. Whlla the Mi�]orlt]r of the Other Omcen �nd the Choice Commltteeii Oo to the Bepablloans-Inauguration of UoTornor Bolet Next Week. iAG-SDALE & CHASSELL, JLeMars, Iowa. 1.' It r '�t I ' Gentlemen: I am,.b]aying,a gre^^^^ tip top, No. 1;Stock of SPRING ?OODS which will be received at leMars from March 1st to 10th. Ow^ ig to the general depression in the holesale trade jl am abla 40 ^huy :oods at a very lo,w figme and shall make prices accorjdingly to my customers. Goods now on hand will be offer-rned at less than value to make room for the new. Respectfully, Dk8 Moines, Feb. 20.-Tl^e Democrats in the house wanted time to consider the Republican proposition made Tuesd^iy, so adjournment was taken to 2:90. The Democrats at once went into caucus, lliey decided to accept the Re publican proposition if the Republicans would concede two more committees. The Repubtic-ins at 1:V0 went into caucus to consider the matter. The Dpmocratic caucu * asked the Republicans, in addition to conceding two cdmmiteee, to give up the assistant postmasters, two doorkeepers and eugrosB-ing clerk. The Republicans answered that they rould make the modiiications desired and present them to the Republican caucus as a give or take p ropcsi-lion, and the Republicans would bind themselTes to accept one .side or the other. ; When the house was called to order at 2:30 a rec�6s of an hour was taken to give the. Democrats time to consider the matter. � ; After the announcement that tlie Democrats had accepted the Republican proposition' there was: a scene of great activity in the house. A general feeling of relief prevailed; Up'to date in the five weeks and three days of the session, ninety^one ballots have been taken on temporary clerk, and on speaker, -When the house reassembled at 4 olciock adjournment 'was taken until VrilO. The- R< publicans immedietely went into caucus to nominate itersons to fill vacancies on tne ticket and determine what committees they would h ve. At the evening session Luke introduced a resolution embodying the terms of the agreement. On motion of Beem (dem.), seconded by liyers (rep.), the resolution was unanimously adopted. On the li)7th roll call Uaniilton (dem.) was unanimously elected speaker. Chuttley of Mills and Johnston of Dubuque, members who were in the deadlock of 1^74, were appointed a committee to escort the permanent: speaker to the chair. Ihe oaths of'olflce' were administered, and after a few remarks Hamilton announced the duties., of his office. The election of the remainder ot the officj'rs was proceeded, with, result ng hs follows:''' Speaker pro tein, Silas Wilson; chief clerk,'Henry S. Wilcox; first assistant clerk. J.: A. Sheltou; second assistant, W. H,;Robb; engrossing clerk, Miss Olije Conger; eprolUngjclevJt, Miss Lucy P*iionB;'?6erge8nt-at.arui;6f,-S. P. -Zenor; b.ll clerk. Miss Klitje Jordan; file clerk, E. E. Stover; doorkeeper, B., O. Sheldon. The officers were sworn in and the rules of the Twenty-second general assembly were adopted until the ruiescan be reported upon. A joint resolution calling ior a jointsessi n to canvass the vote for governor and lieutenant governor was adopted. Adjourned. In the senate Horsli introduced a joint resolution asking for the appointment of a commission to invettigate trusts and combinations. Woolson presented the report of the committee on rules.. It was placed on file and will be &cted upon to-day. Petitions on senatorial questions: were introduced.: ^ The subject of inauguration is already being discussed, and it is thought that it will;:take place next Wednesday. Lieutenant Governor .Foyneer is here with his committees ^ ready to : announce at any time, and Governor 'Boien is iwithr bis' inaugural address ready when an opportunity is given./ . Beceptlou tu Governor:Hotuii. - ~'. DuBUQUis, la., Feb. k8o.-The brilliant series of society events which have taken place ; in Dubuque ti;e last few days {ini honor of Governor Elect Boies and his charming daughter. Miss Jessie, who is: to be the future mistress of the'guber-natioual tuansion.'had a fitting climaX' in the: magnificent .'ball and- reception, given by the Governor's Greys, the crack regiment of the Iowa state inilita.^ Commencing-at 4 o'clock: a reception was held. Governor Boies:being assisted byMayor and Mrs. Stewart and Lieutenant C. D. Hall: Air the guests were presented to the GoTernorMid the other honored guests' 'of the ,^yening. The liarlorB of'itlfei^rimer houie^were^beau-: tifuUy decorated. Among- the oma-luentB was" the old battle-scarred fiag which/the first organisation <;of: Govern nor.'s.Grvys carried during the viwar,' and which'iwas presented to the ;preBentor;^: ganicatibn �yl GeiK Frank J. -Herron ^ in^ NewiYork duriiiK;tlieir.itriumpai!tour of: the ea8tinJ887., Dancing.began shortt;^! after the reopption, and vru', continued: until after midnight.'. <Tbe Fourth Regi^;' hientt Orchestra'Ofi eleven pieces . .-^Four' hunf dr8<4de)egMea atten^^ tho m-ohibitiou aaundment convention. C. X, Bentley, .was made tei^porary^hairhian. Dick HaVleyof Lincoln'and J.''P. Heald of C^sceola were elected secretaries, an^ Dick'Hawiey. aud A. Roberts of Lincoln^ J. Alice �pigk{eri';^;SouthfDakota insisted thaf 5ohi>o>liftiU4:i�y(B a hwdJiCthe piari- 5v>ienH^eri"atlV\pu|ilio ^institutions; BA�K H^I, MATTEB8. An KA'ort to Cut the l�acne Olrcolt LettinK IndlanapollH Ont. INDIANAPOUS, Feb. 20.-President Day, of the New York League Ball club, said "I am after the Indianapolis team. We waitt the wlii'lo outfit, it is well recog-niztil that an eightclub circuit would enable the League to make a more successful fight �ig inst the Br therhood. If we vonkl eet the Indianapolis players wo would stand on an equal footing with the Brotlieriiood."- When asked if he was prepared to use conjiderable persuasion on President Brush, Mr. Day said: "I don't care to Huy na to that." A111 o'clock Mr. Day joined President Bru.h at his rooms, where a consultation W..P. liad that lasted until 11:30 o'clock. Mr. Day said after the consul-taliim that nj oiler had been made for the club, but that he only presented to Bru-ih the advisability of a reduction to an eight club league. He said: "I don't know what action will be taken; that lieH with the League and the question will be discussed at the March meeting.'' Mr. Brusli made substanlivUy the same statement. "CliHiic'e" Talk In Dakota. BiSMAUCK, N. D., Feb. 20.-The lottery Kchunie has not been given up but such leaders as McKenisie laugh at rumors that Governor Miller thinks there is Bouietliing in it. Senator Winship considers the scheme dead. It is certain some d< ubtful members have been approached. I he senate investigatingeom-miltee is in session. Detective .Wilson IB camped in Moorehead, Minn. Among the rumors afloat is one to the effect that the proffered gift of the lottery company to the state is increased to |2S0.00'i, and that 91,000,000 will be/placed in banks of the state for the^eneralrelief: of the money market. Conductor Buford Itelettned. CmcAQO, Feb. 20. rrDuring.the proceedings in the Twombly, Lacloche, Bur ford case, the crew of the Rock Island freight train on trial for the killing of seven persons in a railroad colliBion| Assis ant State Attomi^y Elliott aa-nounctd that - he would ' enter a iiolle . prosequi in the cases against Conductor Charles L. Bui ore), as he was'convinced there was not evidence i against him sufficient to convict/ The evidence of the proseriition is all in. With the exception of a witticss who is either in Colorado or on his way h' re. lh� Wins ethiit Chunipionshiii. Lafayeti'e, Ind., Feb. 20.-George T; Beck of Indianapolis won the American field championship wing shot cup of America, defeating Fred Erb, of this city; who won the cup from J. W. Budd of Iowa. The birds were sprung from five ground traps at thirty yards, Londoii Gun club rules, governing. Beck made a total of 49 to Erb 45. Immediately after the contest Erb challenged Beck for another match fur the cup. F d by a terrific wind;>and'in nearly all parts of northern.' Minnesiila a fierce blizisaid is raging. :)The.ithermometer iii this city is tastialling.and: sool^a howling blizzard may be preydiling." Union: Faolflo:>.�rnl^nf;ii, Boston, Feb. lid.-The "Official state- ment of the Union P..cific railway's entire system shows: Gross earnit^gs' foi Deciember, $8;5il4,804; increaseV 1366,296. Expenses. $2,598;^8(5; increase,''|50j,74S., For twelve months ending;Dec: 81, gross,' $30,7)a,�)03;increuse,.$0a0,787. Expenses, $25,015,,')84; increase, |.n'3;i4S7...Net earnings,, $U,6�fii810;'ihcreas^i $103,800. ' ra�fca 6.:A;',R.:''^ GRAJfD IsiiAND, Neb.Feb. 20.^-Seven hundred and fifty delegates are in^ atr tendance at the Grand Army:0f the Re^ public: encampment.:;:.Kearney.'.>has 150 :persons :pi'e8entunithe interest'uf;there^ union location..: "Lincoln' has :nearly ' as niany.: At present: all vindications point toGrand Island a8:tlieplicet\iat will be selected; ' ' " An Kieht-ifour Day. ^ New YoBK,:Feb. 2i.�.-The contractorsj and plasterers of this city have, reached an agreement whereby $4 'perday for* working:day.of< eight cheered, by the.people asjie Ieft;,the :opurt,s ixjom.;-! Npyonefbejlgve; �'%yce!.bj^jy."^^ ij^-^Y I ,''��a 8horta��>.,of(f w^ltoo, '.disappeared ^ four: weeks ago,'aud an iuTeetigation, x>f ^ bis n(3cd]^nfBs,hows'i^8horta|ge of;:$40,p00^ ,' ..Tlitrty-fonrlsadiea X^ovek'ed. � . PAiBp,"a?^b ji total num er of viLtinu is^. not kiionn _ _ l khn M(.|)undld, ^ho munlered Molliei as seiill' MA^^Wmi/mtioL^^^ ;&!l^ponald,whp murdered PiKEViLLE, , Pa., Feb, 80,7-After the execution of Mounts, through the confession of the jail cook the discovery wa* BBade thaf the H^fi^ids, had jp^d the cook |2pO to place a drug in the- food of the jail giiards the night l^fore the exe-Oition, ^The cook -was told tliat' the .drug given her was merely to make tfaei guards sleep. She, became suspicious luid concluded to try the eiffects of the .preparation on. 'the jail cat. The result was ..the death of. the animal m horrible agony. She then became alarmed and refused to put the poison into the. food ' She did not communicate her. intentions, however, to the outlaws, and they gathered nearthe jail to await the signal which would indicate that the guards were sick within. H�d this wholesale attempt at murder liten succensful, not onlythe prisoncrti in ihe prison would have been killed fii m the efl'ecta b? the poison, but also ilip i ht riif's family. The drug was found to lie strychnine. The cook was immediately arrested. All the outlaw gang ha ve fiaii to the mountains of West Virginia, where it is sure death forpffi-cers to follow them. All the lawless persons who are responsible for this out-rageous.aifair are from West Virginia. lhe> heriff is having the necessary pa-' pers arranged to'secure requisitions for the would-be murd^refs; and every effort will be made to bring them to justice; Should they lie brought back here during the present in'ense excitement every one of them would be instantljr mobbed, as the people are crazed with indignation. " � �" " -- The Cironin .furjr Briber*. CHiCAao,Feb. 20.-In the Cronin. jury-bribers' trial Kavanaugh's statement, as taken by. the: witness in Judge Longe-necker's.ofilce, was submitted, in which Kavaaaugh said be had made inquiries about.Hoagland, a possible juror, and that his reason.for doing so wtis that he did not want a'man; whowas opposed, to thelrish people to get on the jury.Kav-anaugh had no. intermit in-'the Cronin suspects, but believed the :Irish.nation was on trial, Kavanaugh',reported to Mr. Forrest, couiuel for. Conghlin and Burke, that Hoagland was . .Vail right," and inquired about another tnan named Clarke, who was summoned as a juror, and reported hint "all right" to Mr. For-: rest. Eddie Hoagland, the last and princi-' Sd witness for the 9tat�,wa8 then called, e testified that O'Dotiiiell told him be should get on tlie jury^and gB.t ..the boys; off as light as possible; that there' would be a lot of money in it for, him-~a thousand dollars. The state then announced their case closed. Motions were made by.the defendants' attomeyv tliat the court instruct the jury to bring in a verdict.of^acquittali on-:the.ground that there "wait, no evidence against the prisoners.: The judge allowed the motion on beluUf of.Kavanaugh,: but overruled it in behalf of q'DoBDell. . Kav-anaugh will be formally acquitted. TheXateat'VronlaArraet. . CuiCAQO, Feb. 20.-^ahn ,B. 'Kelley,; who was arrested in St., Louis for alleged| complicity in th: niurdm of I^.^ Cronin.i waslirought back to '.Chicage and sub-; piitted to the test of idealifieatimi in the' oiSce of Chief of Police Manh. Mrs.' Conklin and f^nk Scasidn declared the; voice and'gestures of the prisoner were' similar to* those of thb-man who oalled! for the doctor and drove him to his' death, but neither could positively iden-tify.him. Both thought the prisoner a much older mac than the om. who drove; the famous, white horse. Chief, Jfareh has secured a score of specimen! ot ,Kelley's handwriting, taken from jaBt. Louis hotel register, which he declares' resembled closely .the handwriting of the mythicNl'Simonde �ii tlie lease, for :theClark�treiit flat,and:t)ie:^jiptbook of A, H' Rev^ll & Cft , Wife Murder and SuteMe. BTATTBViiIi.E,'^d.rKeh.' SO.-Thomas Lee avaulted luid fAtall7,W]ured hu wife at' Biimdensburg, and then oommitted raicide. The oQupIe bad been living apart for ;t^ pUst two months. Lee: went 'to where his wife':: wasr employed and asked ,\i�t to return to him. She refused,' wh^^ponLee picked up a'pot odJoiUBgjsr^.awiecalMlbw tMUj. ThralSinwM-hertfaroatvritlia knife. inflKting whatjwiU poSba^. proye fatal wooads. Afterwards Lee .pttt..-,IMs > ^ijvn throat from ear to ear, A raaala Biey f. �.rrA 79UBg man umad Booth, aboittxlt^ yeani^otd, mm: ^-^UsMi^^C^JCaptmrad. ' -'-'J i;^lMja>mi�,iS%r^�l&S9^.^Tlim fugitive We^burdisrer, ^mSuylj^httia� dtf. .tras'ifi6tiired^'Jiaiea^Jtiom l,�n de til' aiHkrm�K;^0*-{^iliit'^%Braash of the efficen-'he at^^b&d^iASSe bj ahooboc iiimseltiig^Jtlitf timWi:.Pa� wanwt b >; butM'aM^IUai. He SPRING BROS an( Heating stoves, Latest Styles, Bottoin Prices. New Styles of Furniture, Attractive Prices. SPRING BROS. Undertakei'S and Ernbalmers. -DEALERS IN- Shingles, Lath, Posts, Sash, Doors, Moulding, Coal, Lime, Cement, STUCCO, HAIR. STONE BRICK, PAINTS AND BUILDING IIARD-V^ ARE; Will s�ll as low ns the lowest, will treat you fnlrly and mcr;t your future traJe Yards at LeMars, Remsen, Merrill and George FARMERS! Seethe . �i-t,-- And Horse Power Combined. Ideal Independent Mill. 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