Thursday, February 3, 1876

Lemars Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Sentinel on Thursday, February 3, 1876

LeMars Sentinel (Newspaper) - February 3, 1876, Lemars, Iowa of Lyon,' Slows* V V 1 ' - �- cashier. , 33 t *f "iff; III" E(e 0/ MaieTnoftt;Dent^.Co , Oimm JIL ^ Sells Exchange, FfinEION and DdMESTlC. lOAMS MOMEYpN APPBOVEU SECURITY itiuns Fnwptly AttenAed to in the COniitlcsorSiniix, Lyot ;>*i('Ita jsjvl;-'- �Plymontli. �. SOU-TOW YrOM ill mm PORTS. . rAyiJ):&IBBS,'flMhior."fe llfekl^ea]^ce& Everett v:. . IltTA ob.hiinil n Inrgv ABBortinsM^f:-: ^ y. FASHlONAitLG niLTJl\GRr:CfirOI>9, (li'iit 1 Tilt! wrtdtJiiigMfi cmiVKpii New Orteans Dvinocmt fui'n; ibwiBg ))<i<!tiail ctiiucibut ion per, wUicU is'-aliniJsl B�gi BpcvcU; ... raB ORATS OR nSOK AO Wliy.- W��a lieiit, B ly, \imk hyar,' � When di�Vy�u.gU to tiwiit Diig'cn if-'Iiiiii't giiiil,'ulil buy, ; Tiv �i�c ynu; cmuosit down. , Aitrl tru'll Imve Ik tulk of tli(i olc, OlYtiiue, And ot tImliiitth'B luktfougiitiivvi Fur ttku ti(1u biiB turnud, the Yanli% aru . ruliK-d, And ititiOn^s on deck o|^ia; It'smnny a day s{n � . Mgh ..^^v v-. In tim mum, Hftera good niglitHi Rpni Yes, tUuy soioptd uain nt UvBUiidvlkn I'lJi'iigh it went sgtiinst our gritlii; But tlie' tide hits tutnvd, this X' ^' As I wnlkiddown ihe'A��nf'0,' . Hut ohl iiuu bimins-yuu. knaw Hc/'wHrxuptnSnpf gnn number two;. And he srtid tts'bojV' wt were. fixed. You oiigUt6rhecrdJhj^�i8)dfri�jv,fc Bow he i;ot tb^. poiiiAf '^o^'wmni6W! ; � y,mik,::.7:;t? .': '^t"' ^ Fur tlieGrii/i^bti^uck agaib. Y.t'srOongr g�t:back:i�iB niggtrs they Widi tilis army of boys in blue. - -; Tliin-;�:�Hl sU\>ut huirwViI tut the South- ' erti stiir,  And,tttte 1 hiiid of: the cotton and.ih^  . � cane;* � �.  ...�;-,.vi � For our y'lir <if juhilo hns comei ' ;. �And tUc_Griij8 0n deck Mgaiii. , ,^ gOprFTY, IOWA, TiB:iJRSDAY;^btejiS:^^ X876. m 2. hhtf By iiTrtfcunc meq. tome a \ittle while ago, Vtbeso ara hai'd times and work not very f|�Itrnty, I .woodar bofr work ia in Pbil-jad'aphia?" : ?T:iTharo is t a grout deal of publia intor-etrtrsxpressed in thcj reported wtnnino down at SKA "of the bark "Harvest Queen," by tba Steamer " Adriatio." The officers of the �teamshij) seem very desirous of concealing the facta of the aiTair and it has only been with a great dcol of difficulty that reporters have been ablo to corner ihenv into oven an admisgit,n that they even touched ihc bow.sprit of a SiiiHn^ vessel. Tho woijiht of testimony seems however to give weight to the fear thiit the unfortunate bark was sunk with all on board and people would ba likely to give more oredenoe to the freedom of the ''Adriatio'it" officers Irom blame, hud they been mora open and honest in Slueir statements of tho casualty. :- THE QRAPUIG SOQEJIS for getting up a big Centennial-fundi which, was the holding of electio^snn every town and village at whicli the; young, men should, upon the payment -oi^'dollur each, be allowed to vote to xte&de which girl in the plujce was the ^nretticst, and that the dollurs so raised: should [and this is "where the gazelle ;_comes in] be sent to the Qmphic to be pa'id over to the Genteiiniul Commission tt'waS a good idea--^for the Giajpluu, OUB H&W 70BS OOBBSSPOHSES^OS. )foel�'orii'.lny�(en(i. , ^ vC?J;-.'. ......ut �nd fittoii to �adj,th� ^M�'x>/W?i.J^�-" ' Ho'oms I iicon�liiDily^receiving the very best s\y\vK IJyr jiVict iS'HJr>nlion,4o tIib AVHritR of licr-cus " "Jbiiiei'S. flip, tifrpcc In merit.JJ T bniily u.i;�. 0, pL-t Stoafc, New Yon^. j^n. 15th, 1876. ED.'SsNTiNlai.:-The , MT3TUAL COUNCIL wl^jch'was'^exppcted to isettle the points ^^JfferehceAetween Plymouth church tfndi'A^iiS.'M'ouUup, growing out of the ijlfe^cljfiphusiness.^hv.8 a come to naught Ahcrthe'iiettur.missive had been agreed upon and most of the memhers pf the Rouucil ~httcl^ been selectiid, Plymouth up.>�et everything by a protest aganst the' Rev.- Drs. Storis and Buddin::top, two' oi the i�oat ethinent clergymen of the Congregutiunal dunumiruiliuu in Binok-Jyii, who were among thoise selected by iMra;*'Mon).toi). It ytua alleged thiit they suuh could Hiving ��ett�d ihe SmvIosb of � oae � 1  the Best" In" tlia, NoctIi�-e�t, prii|ini'<iil (ii to r�c urkni<sU,: * Siillsliictlou' cuuruu tcrd. a ARRISOIT [ SRO'S, were pry udiced arid hiid shown an iiiui-Beeehur bius fhat. they not Ex-Judge sold by All an ;oeiW�r� fronts aoU leh tp tbjS bi is be trusleJ in thp i)p.u{icilf) VaiiCott, wlio is Mi'Si; Moultoii's attorney, replied that ar? equal objectimi, on exactly .siiiiilai; gtuuHdi--except that the bitt.s .n-;w ojti the other side-might be made to half a dozen of the Bauulier. seleetioiKt, out Plymouth dedined to withdraw its protest; against the gentlemen nampd and 80 at this point the, whole council project was dropped. Unsler these cjrcuin stances, in view .of tho ingenious way in .which this thriiiitcmiig^ danger ha(J been averted and of the raiiniier in which Moulton's suit had been dodged by an entry of dcmuiror instead of joining is sue as to-fuct, it no doubt appeared 1 in peratively neoassary to Bro. Beiohjr that .he should once more play a strou, game of .'hluft," so he ir.ade a long and remarkably vigorous speech to lus oon-gro^ntiov last night in which he averred anew his innocence Of the charges against him, called Grod to witness that he told the truth upon his trial, denounced Mis Moulton as a perjured woman and de clurcd that he was manifestly under the especial protection of Providence or else he could not have stood up. against the storm of persecution which had been directed agaiust him. Had he made such a bold'und emjihatic denial of.the qliarges against him when they first veached the cars of the public and puv Rued-a' more luanl^ course in challeng ing honest investigation instead of avoiding it by Iflgai trickery and a bun dred -maladroit urtiSces; he might have becn.fiaccessfol io winning some credence. .It Jg'.hot probable that the stigma which h^ has thrown upon Mrs MiiWilJincloie her husband to any lenL-eocy indBaling with him ii'ho can be ibivedjuto court. �One of the roost saddening exhibits io ail this protected scandal is the attitude of thie members of; the; T�lton ^j(M*nilys^tow�rd� each - other.' The Juughtors :on New Years dayf-r-by di mtjon'of thbi'r father-called upon their 'mother/ for tho. first 'time ip roan nooothsj bat ,tj^e.< mfeerable, erring lobely fl^oiroati'tsei^se^^^  but the public is too wise to "see it." Possibly �some ofifche Canadian stock-"holders may start the elections, when their Committee of luvostigatiou reports, r . .' .- � .. � Two wealthy aud prominent Wall street'brokers have made ^ ,V a DANOiNO MATCa for 3100-a side. They arc middle-aged men at least, one indeed is over fii'ty years old, but are still agile and confident of their skill in 'tripping tho. light hmtastio toe." They will compete bo-foro.seleoted judj^es, i� uij;ht different diiices. Tlmiiks to the sta^^rution on change they have plenty of time now to pvauticc and get into good tvuiiung. SAD AND, REPENTANT AOIUCULTU- turned up here, yestcrdiiy. lie had ira with a kindred sweetness about it;-that flowers and musics, kind fiiendu- aiiM eurnest words, :dhQuld conSeci'ate the hour when a sentilueht Is passing iii to a sacrament. The three great Stages of our being are the birth, the bridal, and the burial. To the first we biiiig only weaUness-'for the last we have nothing but dust I But hure^iit the altar, where lti<,'jciitis life the pair cnnie throbbini; up to the holy iimn, whispering the deep promise that arms each with the others heart,to lielpoii the lite-struggle of ctire. and duty. The beautll'ul will. be?ithere, hovrowing. new beauty from the scene The <ray'and the iriv- oluus, they and their flounces, will look * � 1 � �j � 11 .______ *wo Soek H�rrl�jei�iTbrt^?ia5B ut. The fun was '^ftst fur a wiule. But parlor g lines are ant^j|atisfy-ing in tbwr oatura. Young Aintirica is is nothiDgtf not audacious. Ue btt.upon ai> idea. "Saay, fellers, let's have aWi' The young laches said tUowlea ~ - din I" perfectly splcQ.lid I Tl�en they ami "O bnt who'll get married r "I will," �A SPSOUtEKfCBBBdSBS LAST. ^ [From (hg ChcrokM Tiaicit Jan. ill.] ' 4 .(uious case of domtstic infidelity nas bticn^anoaveredin one of the raral townships of thi* coiioty.. The young wifb �nd motbw be4�t' 1^. s ttor^� of male admirers yuiliteiirto tb^r hlandishmcnte, and/^iBteps down and .�at!'ya �tU�n tt^mai. vTbe BcandalJs'Bud'tohothe aerdnl p)aoe� that has yet graiwd '^h6 ptij^e itt OherOkea inftJelitiea, embriicidg>ii)e names of several ot our prominent cItiMns, polit-ichlly, BjKMy and' re^lgtousty. The tru-aui wciinii'noivUh: penitential .tears has made a full, free and atnrtting disclosure, embracing a aeries ui amrurs mid detail iqg a category of criminal relations with sevfjr^l gentlemen io- ptaerokuo county tbiit, ifmadtipubliciwauldoretite a w.dcr An tnaiiMwruWiioiikey SaWini has i^i^^,tid!j^l English girK ^ ^J^^ the .Minnesota 'Jtiiiudat Th�-(*Oo^g^{�>nd|-th� ifiUm* tut U^.ehi ' OnsTin everf fof of Darham: ;connlS cotaTioted.of draQli The keel of a no recently laid in ^BnTnal posed of one 8ti9k-;of Ihjung Pernne, son ol tlia^ cflbotiva Oam�.;' Wafts than �*Br yetffhircd over these oft oomtio caiupiiigner, O. Perrlne. Clerlfiibttrncdipmirws.^;. A.,ie|�wtm has taken rBlUve^ dm. oi the Court ot Appeals Ho &toud u^^ like a ChicagiwD,:us-.if be werti used tiiit "Oil, vcs, and Lti2Z]u you must ba' bride." Tills was Miss Lizzie l weiidiligcertmony can be ciMin^lui.u without ki*siii� the bride, boon utler ttie Viliage cliurch-belU liad rung their Cun'teunwl cUime* the youthful pw-ty drove to t,lieir hbiuts. 'rbc ludies gaVd animated descriptions next day of tlie loveliness of the bcides' liiid tlie m>lEi�uitj of the cpruniony. It (�o.ciiin lot-oii adiruing : hcf ruunduii bu-st, tiio , tipuTin arm aiiJ siti'Ui liaiid, rliu Kynimutricu) liniiM tlie small leet, tlie peui'less instep,' and the almost imperceptible ankle-the wli>ile figure palpitating- with anuiv.itiou 'am liglitud up with gleaming, giuiious eye'4<! iriujjed with i(Mig eyulujlius to viiil tlieir brilliancy and give ijiqjani.y to tlicireit^ pression^ , And tile youth standing -the type of a. tjaiu xui every limb and imrA<i\ How symnicsti'ical .aru^ indicative 01 form erect and the tu foriuidal) f Ba.lunt4n the Si�nd agility! View bi'iiiid ani^^uiiro jrtiki htm, #S1 in all <i To war, md u das'^.iiig A Colored Selesate's noarisj Bpeeeh in the Virginia Le^tslature. [IticliiiKfihl Bi'uniii^ Juiii-ujtl] In the debute this morning in the Legislature on the Centennial appro-I)n!itioii, Peter J. Carter, the colored dtitegiitc Irom Northumberland county,, and, urged ou by tho cries of Hear him I hear him !".sounded in the well known voices of e.v-Guvcriiors Siuith and Lcchtcr, hnally siluiiccd an-notiior nicuib'jr who was advocating the bill, and, with a vapidity.ot urticulutiun hetetufiii'o (lu\<iow(i,|n:o rmli!\ightfuliy tlum MV. OVile li;id done it. "I7iiat I not the Iter Mr. Uolu, heruf" asked luiiinmi. "WUy, Mr. Cole, the teiichvii-." "Why wliut do you mean V D jn'i those .silly <^uU know that iilr, Cole i.^ alual ihini.iter 1 Whj'.'wltiitevcr Jliave tlH'V bofu thiiikiiigiibDuiy" Afaiiimii&-ti^yijg<!j^oa each other and cimipiireil )i rs on the lC(iV. C�k'. KiudcrliuDk iii'tthcrs unti'^v.udurbiwik iiinMeim of uvurj con-dili.)n*'ftro- �pilpltiitiii^j � over the sulijeut, lluiiiora 9t all kitidf iiiultip^y d^iiy. One is that the guutlcinan iir:>c named'-isi Bati->-liud to iiuve iiiittti'i'S as ttluy iirc; that he' IS hku the schoollioy sentenced Ijy old JIasier iirown for some oflcuse to sit aniotig 'ht. girls. I^plaec-quietly nod' the legal documents tkava boen- made Ovit, separating now and tth^vVeYtiMvuafortuuatK pair, lllJsliltOVBkaOF THC'8A�e SeilT IK THE a " iS< 2" TOWS ^^ottUU-CherakaaLeadsr Jan. 90. Tb^�ini)iR IIou�� (in night bcfofti last was thc'sctiaa.of  |i^tJpe;epiaoda tlrat was immcpsely fihni^bfit liajk very moralJ It appears^btita Wafried w<yAn��rho had-lately deserteil her lOtd vvA ' master ior reasons that are lintlrely .aiikno9 n|� a crusade was organized with ' thii latfdla'-dy attbo head. They, proceeded to '^he|,,t''f room uccupied by jwid todger'and knocl^^ tor tik- purpose ol gratifying their ouriqsi* ty. Uut the woinau within refused'to grant tliemtbis pnVilugu. This of Cours* (i ly served to Btrciigthuu tbuir suspioious: so they forced the door opua and found the room -occupied by two instead one, aud that one was.a yoi-ng gentleman boar-' dcroftbe houst* When tiie door was uptned the young man threw a shawl ayei, his bead and midu a rush for the ^doorii when he was alighted upon by/the enraged: crusaders and pounded in a merciless luan ner. The wohian paid bcr bill aud to(ik theoue o'doc^ tram for Sioux City. 'Xheu Aiitlionj Ql�lr, with  morttfle:! a(r, >V lOi loM ht'Mil liiiwii ffu Ilia i>i'ea-i(. - ' ' iuuk Uis imiiitaiii Huui i>y tlio mmi^t* ivreat tUul Uc iuv�4 ut all tua liatt, Wiiftllur tile young Udy will be wiHmg, to stay Mrs.,PurnnL-, is uut known as y.-t. Ill til. othcr.caso it is .saui that there must be a divorce,. .Mr Jlix being utigitgiid to a yiiung la^ly living near llmlson. MmnciiDta has tiad a hitter expL-riencc with bi�ux Indians, and eMlcnalns vur; pronounced viuws as to the trcatiU'.'fit of the Indian qiicsllon. In the Logislatuio Week a resolution ivas introcuceJ, mid will doubtli.'Ss pas.s both ' Houses, ap()rnv- iiig ot the proposed transfer ot the Indian Bureau to the War Di'partni'iiit, "which should iiot be traininclcd in its action ny ol thoiie Bi'Ctanan or hmnanitaiion in flounces whi :d l>y-tlie .UovLi-nuu'iit, to the pu'ju dice ulttie trontier settlements and of tlic or even to accept of the bouqueb wW they 'sent ;U� W Suro)y'sbe.i^' pajj '^leayily'for ijeV fin. - , ' J .,^_^.jn /<�7ice ''''4'''y'"p''0iis of ^riiiir,dT6iA'&e;-offthp:uygeutmijes8ity. ot treittijig^-.'rsleapliiSsVim" as it waiiiiii;; By^jp^!U,iUiOi^: In^ , A ''curiuiiij" .pati^MtiyOKIluus hec^ tihouf4"^t;UUce for h|s owu.�a(ie and for Pj!jjr|j^'>;^einfi|is,,^Xraun4iitiiB .d6lifih|^; long. The loafers pf Ne# around a JowelnripeSfll; his street'Wilw^ri^ - Vi Oeorgd iBalE b^t the rompaojf'; Of, oh the witbonVi nnnnally rcid N.Y.,nll " seryttkea' ,jin6rint published t The Bristol; I ono-o^f broker ivpiro' .a JeluAdamioa the Oarreno7 Queitton. We quotR (ib lollows li'oni n letter by Jolio A<liiui:i 10 Colonel Jjseiih ll'Hnl, publiplied, II /s (ivlicveil, forlbo first lime in Scribner for-Pib.riiary, la the boti�s of ��Revolution ftiy Lottera." Your ideas (^fpujjlic faitli' and publi credit are ,i!ery'cor,ieot; but whjiLJdie* h'is this ii'atio'ii'iif ei|Jjfr money Contine nlai [Cui'-ds^jyiiiifiud Ba nits, old Teiip^w^fTheijIiiJct the-histbxy of till fliese, and tjijeii auy'jrhuteoiiceptiona of public fi^ith,,und what theories of public cr<:id^,;have; IJdeii and are'sUU enlcr-taiu|ii^by our bei^yed couiVtrymen. If i was the Witch%f Eiidor. I would wako'the ghost of iiHtcliinsou, and give hiigil ;Ubstilute poworStjbver the currency of the'United dtat08ji'|[^d ..every part of it, provided, aJwaysVfljiat lie should meddle with nothing bui.ouiveiicy. As little as'I.reverence his intjmoiy, I will acknowledge that he uudursloud the subject of Cum and Commerce better than any man I ever knew lu this conn try. �ie was a merchant;-and there eau be ; ject is-uot better understood;i8' III any part of A meriuu. There is not a Uurgouiiistorj Veatioaafy, CoupseUor, ..............m Ac�nafi~Tras Ibm , CalifototK vUh.H right tian%-'whwW^ abelief* ciic hand t^ad'hot hoid nli dpSp tle;.';':-Mf3;- � Loiii8,-HSin, a ViiflM had fid and ii uimiiaS spent ;twent);-fivoi:i|rtl� 'it lost the wager/Sswalloi and died. >F Mrs, ,Gen.#S daughter of i5!i|. in Prieburgj ing children b|;'T|ii||or Wii'icbester, Vu.,',8i Taylor, of L.ooi�|i|^^, W f ederujo offi^fegil A y6iihg: ffpiini fslso teeth in a ^ . and in thi; ihoicnib^^ ded iinvji cl�unt;:o||^^ lato at ^roakfastiiliei out the teeth with a having been slov. <7.f(; Hunk Monk,-the diiver who figurci). initj story of Hoiaco Grocloy:'a;ab ride, is old impucuniouD Cusson miners recently toqk cr, scrubbed him clean, and d^ lit new clothes. There are several women "IteirJ un the register as chemists^!'--! m tiit A Ml^^.special to the New York Herald sufyB,tlSft �paiu has uiado u some what buUig ':itt4Jil' fur did occa.sion. "Old Mother Hub-: bard she went to de cubbord fur Ut git a poor dogu bone," when she como back de dog were eloped. Jess' su-r-it will institution on er cr. I>!o, sah; .r'ni tidiciii' straight American,. language. Bunknui Hill, George AVashingUiPi John Hi'owii, wharifl you?" lliso Irom yourso�itd-r�eiyMnght'--8a;r is Ijes-.tico, nu�h,;3(^j;iiJ6agaiu.'- � .� -.f ExrGorefUdr' lieohter: (rising from his BeattJr^AirfSjieukerir^^ ..alybe^awjirded tb � Virgiiju's son-the i; T-hiTiniitron was rarriedi and. tlie LeS' \v?t6 pbt--4i|i9 has uo tenahie y^vuud for co/iipJaint- or iiucrt'ereuce, the United btuies is a cou slant refugu lor Cuban outlaws, who are permawd to hatch conspiracies fu the jiijurj^ .ot tlie fe| pain�ii ijoto. Jjj beli�Vi'd't(J';-b^^ (it :thut)��tt <''^^aim)re sac-($)j;hf;,AGicntido^f^^iplc8 and iftbn-did^jind if ho ba^; rhd regaTO!(ft,th!f: Btaudard of it/r"C Seer ia tlie tfnltti ----- , , if^�pl<;i�|tf patJoiitrecovere'ifBiidwer-Mr.^tt&jordingly cheated out of buvh," ^ Two men, namedficott and Thomson wive triiid theothar'day in Xiondonfof shoplifting; ;Thoaison oalled a wii 08 tu character, who, on being fls,k prisoner,- rorv pliudi--* Welly 1 don't know- much aboUt ypu; I Jcuow jou are a mnvioled tliiet^ '. This country- is gettiogrti^.T; .J.-,-,i0�lly H Ijeurdrinking oouuj^ry. ^'< ,>.^tpiti^wiug Stje^^l jsa8i(rflo|�w .Yotl^m/Pefiirt^l van..., chi�joriiitf, m "in|i9is(''^fliii lfmA^ii0(ii.a nmkiMpct more'tUi/rtUy|o^g, gists, they liuvingj examination of the eiety but recently fthu major cxaininut jTAtnan who has theV the higher grade us a phurufi; euiist. A^jurision butcher, nainftd''' while sitkiiiK in his shdp th| v^hj was ycry^TlwK^ji irntiitedatree foHDWing j)bt4,^iindcd "My hrst IS Vv^table Cboii ood is a miuernl^^, my M 'animal!" UefiUae ' ' missive, ^ut tlib' fbiton warned, fluc tfcttpe. ; / rs. fliinnah. Me., )iaft,� rigb^ heorifte'6f tlifi-C^ent was born-on^^the Fq at nearly th� sDme-.! boll was-.rinj^i^j^g^JfiUs Declaration ilrom' w^^ dclphia. She is^^^lfL.^ hopes to, celebtfate >tiSC '^^ T^rs^r^ of the natij^o'i^l next ,Tbe only Indians Ads thatiireservetr^ ' ho.ljottawa'tpi^ 'IbamiAion was pumw, �mu wo �>^j,i , A- man" nnmc^ B�>ton idi^-reoent1y< iidoinre, adipurned for donJ?^ , Ip'tioatherldBerk^^irfi, I�aA�', antl wbfip' vet, ..jomebodjr aske'd-^lUm'jw liad

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