Friday, June 16, 1899

Lemars Semi Weekly Post

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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LeMars Semi-Weekly Post (Newspaper) - June 16, 1899, Lemars, Iowa Pviblisliecl Every Tuesday and Friday. eek In EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL AND SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE. VOLUME VI. LEMARS. IOWA, FRIDAY, JUNE 1(5, 1899. NUMBER 52. COUNTY DIRECTORY. Auditor-Chas. T. KIstlo. Clerk-E. C. Pfafllo. Treasurer-A. J. Stang. Suporlntendcntof Schools-I. C. Iltso Kecordor-G. VV. McLain. County Attorney-G. A. .7 offers. Sheriff-O. 1 r (ii'lp the Ili-glnning nl' Filial Illness. JOHN ADAMS. � ttornoj and Cotiiisollor at Law. Notary I'tilc /V He. unlet lu toMnra Nutlunal Hank bullil. tug, I.oMnra. Iowa. Dll. W. II. DWIOllT. Dentist. Otllcc ovur Hans k lliichscli's Hardware Store, Main Street, LcMnrs. ]otva. D l)U. K. D. IlltOWKIt, ENTIS"'. Olllre over Kaiser * Dior's Shop Store. LcMnrs, lowu. Missouri Congressman Demi. lion. It. I*. lihinil died at Lebanon, Mo.. Thursday, after a sleep of thirty-two hours. Denth came peacefully, without apparent suffering, lllntid returned lioiue when Congress nil join tied in March anil soon suffered a relapse I'rtmi an attack nl grip. For over two months In: hail heen routined In his home and his health 11:>> 1 gradually declined, lie thought he would imt survive and from the first and showed ti thorough knowledge nf his condition. The lirst part of this month he suddenly His condition lluctttated and as late as Monday afternoon he was decidedly tie'ter. Tuesday night, however, he fell asleep and continued in that condition until death. nil. I'. L. HItlUK. Physician and Surgeon. (I)ciitsclicr Artz.l Milken -u specialty of surgery. (Jlllce unst *ooin second Moor, Opera House lllock. DR. CHAS. D. RAY, (.iniduiite of the American School of...... OSTEOPATHY. Monday, Wednesday and Kriduy nf each wctik. u'fltco rooms nl residence nf I). \V. Held. Uftli'C hours IMo 4. GKO. W. AUCiO. .T. K. KDKLSTEIN Uue.tscher Advnkut I AGRO & EDELSTEIN. LAWYERS. Vractlco In nil rnuris. All IhinIih'ss prompt ly attended to. HusIik'hs transuded in t'Jer-imin If desired. Chas. L. v. Berg AND furnish up- to -dute harp und violin or mandolin music for select leatherings. Prompter and other musical instrumentation if desired. Mail and telephone orders solicited. Long- distance 'phone No. 7(1, Le Mars. WRAIGHT & CO., Loans and Insurance, LE MARS, IOWA. Agents for............ DISTINGUISHED TRIBUNAL Kli-Ht Formal Meeting nf Veiie/.ur Ian Arliltratni'h in I'nriN. The fust formal meeting of the Vene/.m1 Ian A11 >ili ;itit>n Commission opened i I'aiis Thursday. The arhitTutors, counsel and others began assembling at the Foreign Otlioc shortly liefore II o'clock. They were received by Minister of Foreign Affairs Delcasse. Tlie triliunal sits in the rooms used liy (licSpanish-American peace conference. Former I'ro.ddeiit Ilcnjamiu Harrison, (Jen. Ilcnjamiu F. Tracy and the remainder of the Americans sat at tables lit the left side of (lie loom, facing the court, and the other llritisli representatives were seated at tabloson the right side, l'rnf. de Martens was president, having Chief Justice Melville W. Fuller and Sir ltichard Menu Collins, lord justice of appeals, on his right, and llarrou lliissell of Killowen, lord chief justice of F.nglnnd, and Justice David ,1. Hrewer on his left. The Foreign Minister welcomed the Commission to the hospitality of France. I'rnf. Martens replied, thanking the Foreign Minister for his words of welcome. Ml. Webster announced it had been arranged he should speak fust, followed by two Venezuelan counsel, then by two llritisli counsel, then Venezuelan, then llritisli, closing by Venezuelan. LOSS OF THE LOCHSLOY. Thirty IN rsmis I'crislicil in Wreck nl' n Hellish Shi, Mail advices from Australia give details nf the loss of the llritisli ship Lnchsluy, und thirty lives on Kangaroo Islands, news nf which was brielly covered by cable from Adelaide, Smith Australia, May V. The vessel was driven in Ihedalk on Ihescrubby and almost iiuinli.ihiled shore which blocks the entrance into St. Vincent (iulf. Only Hue passenger and three sailors mil nf Unity souls slice.....led in s;r, iug their live Tic rest were lo~t in the boiling Mill'. The sun i\01 s wandered Tor days seeking vainly for help. They lived upon water and ptn\islous cast ashnto liniii the slii|i When found tliev were in a piiahlc condition. Their clothiie; eon-sisled of a few ra�s and a shut cacti. The ii.iini s ol the sin vivm- are: Win. Mitchell, aide scainan. Win .Ionian Simpson, appieiitice. Diuicali McKillin, able seiiinaii. David Kilpali icli, passein;ci Mitchell said Hint the l.ochsloy drifled so clo'.el) to the locks that she could not inn out aiinni and stl ueli hi'.i\il\. An etioi-inoiis si'n iv:s iiiniiimi. Mitehcll, who i-. an old seaman. >a\s lie never saw ati> linn;: to eipial the siiml. e\cu at Cape Horn. Within lillecli liiinlllcs ol the time she struck all hands were washed inerboanl. Two women pas-cupels. Mis. l.ciclitei and Mis. Chi 11 nine, a w blow . climbed I he masts and showed no fear. The masts were washed dow n in a lew minute-;. Kilpat-rick and Simpson were unable In swim, hut ilo.ilad a-diorc on a barrel. Mi'chcll swam n.shoie wilh McMillan. R Eli EL CHIEF SLAIN. WRECK IN ILLINOIS. THE IIAAV KEYE STATE liUiin iiikI Aide Is ,\sNiiNsin:i((<i| i\t Aft ii i n it III r 11-1 i ;i I ill', hits i re;ic|icil M;m nt l!n' ;i>.s;i>>in;i1 mil nl C*-\i. j I,iiii;i ln> iiii|i>-ili'-r;uii|>. liii'iil. I'siM'ti ! ImUiiuii, .1 unr s. l>\ A;;iiiiimIi1 V ^n;inl, ;it ' ln'ii(!(|ii;n hi Ijiiiii Mini Iliiumn, jt j I'H'ttMMl Pri'huiih In.jimMl Itl tl SiniiHliup on tlit* Itni'U IhIjiiiiI. A* the Cliiciitfn� l!ock ]sl;unl �V 1 'iii-itif west bmuiil rxpn'sN Ixuln pulUM intn (h-m-i'siv, 111., Hilt niile.h simlli uT rhii'iiyn, at 0:."f rsnii* Wi'iv injuri'tl, llinr jiassrimcr i?:irs ih'-niulislird ami tho stock train lurniuotivi1 'lisplaiT'l. After tin* iiiriiliMit the >wili,li was i'xaniim'il ami found In In* ^till safrly ri.i.if.K Tin1 in.liin'd Were at umv taken to lms|iitats ami eared for, ami Hirer ears replae�-i| finite ilenintishi'it and (he train pnu.....ded. The train made n;i or ten ears, two ehair ears and a Mimkei heiim at the rear, and within a lull' mile m the (ienesii' >lation a stoek ti;iiu w standing on a sidin.u. The switch was ei| and loekeil. The passenger train was stowing down for Ihe station ami the engine and seven ears passed the swileli in safet> , hnt (lie smoker lelt the rails at the swileh and, withlhe tun eliairears fullow-im:, crushed into Hie slock Irain, demolishing the llii'ee iiasseti^er cars completely. Had the thiee ears heen well filled. In-, nt \ life would doulitle,-, have jesulted. j NEGROES DEAL OUT JUSTICE [ MnU <if I-'ive lliiiiilt'eil Act f'rnuipt ly ! mi nc ol' Tlirlr Ihn-r. Simon Urooks, colored, was Uuchcd h.\ ! a moli nl ."on neurnes ueal Sardis, Miss., j having been taki'ii from (ail hot ween mid-! iiii;ht and dawn. The crime which was j thus avenged was uio>t atrocious. A ii � -j mess named Annistead, while returning | from a shopping tour In her home, was as-| saulted h\ Hronks and another ne^ro. Tln-woiuau was outraged, her throat was cut ; ami she was se\ere|y heaten ahout the | head. The moli, wlin'li was composed eii-' Mrely of neuroes, did its work <piictly. j Tin* white people knew nothing of the 1 aHair until hours after it occurred. 11 & M., Queen and Imperial INSIHIANOE COMl'ANIFS. MB SIkHi Street. O n. Maulaoan, I'rnH. t. F. Waiid. V-l'reti FllA^K Komi, CuhIi. Capital.................. �100,000.0t THE" LEMARS NATIONAL BANK. A General Banking Business Transacted CLOUDBURST IN TEXAS. fVrcnt Damage to Cattle ami Sheep KiiiioIicn. A cloudburst oecttircd in the iiioiintaius north of .Spolford .lunction, Texas, Thursday. The immense volume of water rushed down Hie nioiinl.'iiiisidc, swecpitK,' everythliiK before it and eonvertiiiK dry arroyus and small creeks and livers into niKinK torrents mid cioinpli'lcly lloodinn the valley aiul level country below. At the sheep ranch of M. I.. Ilntler every liv-irif,' thiiiK was swept away, and the enliri liutler lainlly, consistiiiK of father, mother and two children, are reported to havi perished. Henry Carver, on the cattle ranch lower down, was drowned. The Southern 1'ueilie truck was washed away in a half dozen places, and Iwn Inree bridges were completely destroyed. Then are many rumors of loss of life, below Hi railroad, but it is Impossible to (,ret par ticulars until the water subsides. It is certain, however, that there has been (jrcat daiiiaei: lo cattle mid sheep innchcs aloin,' the streams that are now so swollen. ponr-.. went to tin' Filipino )hmiIi|ii:ii tei ^ to j conlei wilh Aeiiinnldo. and cot mio an 1 llteicallon w ith the captain of the cjiaid.j due illew a |cmi|m'|-. The ^linld lliellj killed I.una and 11 inion with tIn'ii ba\- PINGREE NOT TO RETIRE. Deniei He ilitie Intents 1< The Tiibniie has m 11 41111 (iov. Deport thill iHve l'|i I' cdiloi ol Ihe < liieae �d Ihe (olluw ili^ tele 1'iiiKiee. of M ichiiinn : Vom lelc;:rain asUiic: plate letlrilie fiotu politic-tcntion on uiv at i ivnl liom of eveiN citizen to lake part in politic, lo not intend lo nc^li'cl my duly. II. S. I'im; iii;i.. ( Ion ci nor. llli' il I colltelll-c.lllie to uiv at-. II is the duty 1 DENIES HE IS A SPY. l.'inn nl* KnrtH Fnuuil nil an Itiltlnn (.etiernl Airesteil nt Nice. The Italian yencrnl arrested at Nice is (Jen. Cillette ,ii' M. .Insepll. lie was cx-niiiininK the (orlilications on the frontier, ; and a nuuibcr of plans of loitiliealions I were found on him. The Ljeneral, who | owns a villa on the French Itiviera, has ! been suspected and w'as closely watched of I.lie. lie denied havilll! been eilKaui'il III i espionnee. said Hie plnus were merely ! those of a tourist and lliey had no secret character. NEWS OF THE WEEK CONCISELY CONDENSED. HtllllslieH nil (tie Mineral lkl-nllue-thni of (lie Stale I'm' (lie Veiic SIiimvh a Deelileil l-'jillin^ 1V in ('mil On I pnl other Items'. Mineral Dnnluetimi. S. W, I'.ycisol Ihe Stale licolomcal Sin i-ey has complctcil Ins hemes on Ihe niucral piodiictioii of Iowa for lhe\rai IS'.is. The licuies show dial there has been i decided falline oil in the coaI out put lor IVIH, due, it is said, to Ihe open witileis of IM'7 and IS'.is, which lessened Ihe demand loi coal and lluis pievonii'd the 7; number of producers. 171; clay. hie, .V_'.ll.V,l,:!S.'.; number of prodiuels, II!'; stone. \ able, f'li'l.r.Nl'.; iiuillbcl ol pio-lucers, li'd ; lead ami /.inc. \ alue, .f lil.TM: Iiuillbcl of producers, pi; total \ alue, $7,-iL'il.Tli'J; total uiiiiihei ol producers, t'.'.il. The follow ine shows b-u loading conn � lies in order ol pmiluclioii: Mahaska, *I.:II7,7'."J, Dull;, JI.iii'.li'JII: Appanoose. liTT.'il.'i, I'.ooue. tl',i:.',7'.l."i; Monloe. tlS'.l,-Wapello, ^'.'J'.i,'.!:'.'-'. Keiikuli, J'Ji'ill.HTI: Welisler, $'.'i'i'.',!!'.i.">i Jasper, $'JI'-'. I'.'l: Wood-bull, fl'JN.L'on. The � in 11 hi t of coal lor I Mis ows ii decided falling olf as compared | w ith the production for IS'.'T, bolli in Ion- j iiaKe mid in cash value The open winter j of 1SM7-US is really alleeled the local de- i mauds, ami the opening of new liclds in the Southwest deprived Iowa of a portion 'if her railway clientage in that i|naiter. Whilis tin' averai-e pi ice per ton i � 11� � I shuhll.i hi>;lici. the total sliiinkaec in pro-iliicliou was almost aim.nun tons. AH Ihe threat coal producing counties show a de-crease, save Wapello and llooiic. The hillei ci in ii 1 >' alone cives an increase of more than i'.."i.iion Ions. (If the total output II pei cent, was sold locall) and coiisnnied at the mine, while Wi per cent, was luadcd in the cars and shipped to various parts in and out ol the Stale, chiellv to the West ami South of the ptoducine area. The number of men employed in Ihe mines ol Iowa for IS'.is shows a falling oti of uiorc DR. GODDARD CONVICTED. Sentenceil In Twenty Veiu-s in (he a I issoiiri Den il en t in ry. Dr. JeileiMin 11. (io.ldard, who killed Fred .1 Jackson in Kansas City, April '-', ]S'.i7, was convicted ol iinitdci in Hie second de;rcc ill the (iicuit Coult at Jetlersoii Cil\, Mo., Wednesday and sentenced to twenty ycills 111 Ihe I'eultelil lai'y. The jur\ was out all ne,:ht. The case has been tried tliiic- tinii's. Ocilcls Out (he M itil ill. (Iov. Iliehaids of Wvouiiu^ has nidcicd a detachment of state militia liom Ihill'alo In hike part in the puriniil ol Ihe 1'nioii i'acilic Irani ruhlicts. The o:d"t directs ('aptaiu Tboni lo select ten picked men, have them mounted on the best hotsc, to be found, cqipped with pack Ham and s'upphcs for two weeks and icporl I'm duly near T. K. Mountain lo I'liiled Slates Mcr.-.h'.il lladsell. Di G. A. R. AT WATERLOO. Him. ('. lluiley nl' li-elmi Illeedll Depn el men ( ('mil in anil c i*. Ilelee.ittuns nf Ihe nhl veterans nf the. � J. A. II. began In ai rive at Waterloo .liine >"� for Ihe encampment which commenced thti billowing day. (In the I Ith the lirsl session consisted of all annual address by Commander II. W. Tirrill and respon.-es hy Si'iialor C. W. Mulloii of Walerloo, and S. W. Moore of Fairlield. I,ale in Ihe allei -noon the contest lor deparliiient coin-luandei, in \\hieh there has been a w nun tight, callle to a 1 ole. Much lo I he sill pi i.-e of a uiajoi ily of peo|i|i', Col. M .111 lav i.. ol Sioux Cit\ was defealed b\ lion C I'', linili-y nl li'-liin. The > i de slood. DaMs::i.'i. Iliilcv :'.7:l. outward to a \ icloi v lor 1 lav is � elected were: F. II l.enoll �lllcl. senior \ ice conilnalldel ; of Fariiiiuctoii. 11111iiic vici I >r. Met 'nv of A Iguiia. ined llcv. W. W. (list ol Osage, The ureal feature of the .lav val of Col. D. II. Henderson continuous mntmn his presi'iic The alinoiiuccuieiit Ihal a spc- lad auct ( llllcl iillicel of � . 111111 i � i W. (iiiodiui coiiiiuanih'i; leal direcloi chaplain, w as the an and Hie iie-pireil Dubiu|iic would arriw ill liearillg I 'nl. I leinlel -w a Clowd of IU.IIUI pen-Central dcpol. \ parade cial train liom shot l]\ bcliil e iii son.seiied to di pie lu the lllinoi of vctci ails and nniin-i oils musical otgali l.'aluilis ptoi.....ded lo the living Ilob'l. whele Col. I Iciidi'i son was eulerlaincd In the grand parade were fully '.'.no er.ius, 11 hu liiaielied to Hie slllllllg music of bauds and ilium coi ps. The local v oliin-teei I'ompalil 1;111� Iy letuiiicd floin Cuba inarched wilh Ihe soldiers of 'I'.I-'iii'.. recalling laler conlliois. During Hie evening two great camp lilcs were held. Col. Hell di'isou w as the speaker of the evening. Although linv. Shaw and numerous others were scheduled for addresses, an alter,ition ol Ihe programme was made necessary through Ihe iinitid.tloiy command of (iov. Shaw. Ileing asked il he would speak at the camp lire, the (ioveruor replied: "No. and I have determined to issue an unlet Ihal nobody shall speak except Col. Henderson." Scleral others, however, blielli addressed the meetings, coiiipliniciiline Walerloo and Ihe olliceis of the (i. A. Ii. and )iai iug a tribute to Ihe great speaker. Col. 1 lendeisou's address was piincluated w ith applause throughout, al tine maul minutes befoie the speaki proceed. HERRONISM WINS. !a-tuig could than l.nnu. whih dais worked w vein since IS'.rj the aveiage uunibei is grcalei than tor i .LE MARS. IOWA K11 Eli IlKCllEll. F'rnsldant .1. F. Knoiiii, VIcii-I'ii'n. F. W IIouiiki., Uiibhlur. The... German Stote Bank, LeTVlars, low a. Capita!....................�D0,00O.OC LABOR MAKES A PROTEST. We Want Your Bank Account Capital, $100,000. Surplus, MO.OOO Interest Allowed on Tluiu Deposits. P. V. OF LEMARS. IOWA. - opfioeus - Daltom, Prosldont. 0, D. Hoffman, Vlco-l'res. Q, L, WlltNt.1, Oashlor.'  , E. A. Damon, Ant. Oa�b 'Fi'Ihco UiiIoiih Take .AolInn Degaiil. illtJ Wiirduer TiimiIiIcn. At a mass meeting held in San Francisco under the auspices of the Labor Council, Building Trades Council and Alllliuluil unions, a strong protest was made against the maintenance of military rule at Witidncr, Idaho. Addresses were made by cx-Congressiiian Maguire, Judge Illh'hton, 1'. II. McCarthy and oilier:'. KoNolutious were adopted prntesling UKainst the acts of (iov. Sleunenber',' and (ieu. Merriiun; calling on President Mc-Klnley to "order the cessation of the usurpation of power by the military," and rei]iiesllnj{ California representatives in Congress to aslt for a uou-jrussiouul iiives- UkuIIuii.__ IIuiulieilH Starving In Deulh. Advioes from Kast Africa show thatfain-Ine is morn prevalent In (le.riiian piissess-lons owing to drought, which also prevails ularmiiiKly in the lirltls protectorate. Hundreds of women and children are dying of starvation and resident whites lire unable to cope with Ihe distress. Wife of (Jon. Wnnillniil Dead. Mrs. Julia I'lvelyn Cupen Woodford, wife nf (Jen. Stewart L. Woodford, former United States minister of Spain, is dead in liiooklyu, X. Y. The immediate- cause ot death was Urlglit's disease. Mrs. Woodford was Hii years nf age. Two Killed by DlKbiiilng, Aubrey i'rliij/, son of John 1'rlng of Colorado Springs, and Leonard Lee were killed by lightning while working in a held near the divide. Olliurs in (he lie-Id were shocked by the lightning and a team was killed. ______________________ Actor (jarilner a Uaiikrupt. (.'hurles A. OardiitT, the autor, tiled a petition In bnnliliiploy in Chicago in : which liabilities are placed at fiiOJHM) and assets i'iW. All the claims are in favor of lithogiaphlnH advertising linns and furmer members of his company. rin SI roo .. Schragi Sli-nnk .1 ii jury In the y DiHiigreen. case of "l�ed charged wilh complicity bond robbery in Chicago, w A General Banking Business Transacted, No Trouble !�� Nlunrnniia. The-legatlon of Costt Kico at WuslihiKton received a cablegram from Its Government denying the press reports lliat trouble was Impending In Coatu Itleu and Nicaragua, 'i'uero is uo foundation for tjio nimors- ('III is" ill Unas dts- chiirged Monday, having killed In inn Ii an igreeinent. It has not been decided when i new trial will be called. Strnok was charged wilh being Ihe leader of Ihe gang whn robbed chrislinn Schrtige of Jh'i.unu in bonds and currency In March, Is'.i'l. CnlHlll ( reilitins Slate i'lieii- Side A delegation rcpicsciiliiig the ciedilor class nf Cubans had an hour's enn-fcreuco wilh Aeling Seen t:uy of War Melldejnhn Wednesday, dining which they pieseiiled Ihcii plea for a iniidilicatioii of the dii'iee, grauliiig an exleiisinu nf liniefoi the pavuicnl of certain debt. Mr. Mcikle|ohii look the matter under iiilvi.-iemeiil. I I in ]h�i-t m and I-kupiii'lN. The monthly statement of the impotls and csjinrls of the United .Slates lor May, a.' issued hy the bureau of statistics, shows imports of {7il,'-'ll!,21il, an lucicnsc ot $7,-ii'iO.hlKi; ex purls, it'liiJlllHJilX, a ilecrease ol MS,.'i:W,isi(). F'oi the elcieii nionlh.s ol Ihe picsenl tkseal year Ihe expoits of merchandise exceeded the imports by ,*'j:i,ril7,SI'iM. New "lexlean Tnwn Wipi'.il Out. The business portion of Chimin, \. M., has been swepl clean liy lit . The Denver iV bio (irulelc ilepijl ami riiiiiidliouse and a hall a dozen business blocks were buiiied. The entire populace turned not to light the llaincs, but owing to Ihe lack of wilier their effnrls were useless. Say Iiavv in DnJiiHt. Chicago pawnbrokers have refnseil to comply with the provisions of the now revenue law compelling them lo schedule and pay taxes un all properly held by Ibem as colluleritl for money loaned. They claim Ihe law I'm unjust and il enforced they will have to ijuit business. Will lie a WcNtcin Man. Senator W. il. Allison of Iowa is in Chicago. Unsays (he llopublicaii leaders of the west ate becoming satbdicd Hie vice presidential nomination will come West next lime.__ Oi'dnaiH.-o Works' IJiinicd. Thnshops eonueeled Willi (he Ai nistrong-Whltworth ordiiance works at Newcastle-ou-Tyne were deslroyed by lire Monday niornliig. The damage Is estimated at jt' _ and Ulllilniid I'ltie. Oliver Leo and Junius Uillllund were ao-qiilttoU ut Hlllshoro, N. M., of the nmrdor of ilunry youutHiu, tlie sou of Col. A.J. Fountain. > liccniiin Sliiinls Wild. \\*hile altenipting to attest three men w liom he eaughl ill the act of robbing W A. S/iailgtiliessy ill Cliieago. i'liliceiii.-iu Viclor Stroinlierg shol and fatally injiifed Mrs. Nellie Leeinan, who was on Ihe opposite side of the street. The ollicer sei/eil one of the robbers and when Hie other stniled to run he drew his revolver and ciiinincncdl bring. In his struggle to hold onto one of the robbeis, however, his shob. went wild, one of Ihein striking Mrs. in I he gi oin. Tin- I'.utl'nhi St like. The freight handlers I lioii>euieu i ai ucarlv all the liulfalu docks did mil icporl for duly Monday in nbedieuci' lo an order adopted lo strike in sympathy Willi Ihe men alread.v out. 'i'he oiilside tneu have been forced into idleness by Ihe stnke ol Hie housemen, conseipiently \ery lillle work is being done at (he freight docks. The slnkc is opposed hy Ilic labor Icadi-is. /\ Siii-I nl' Miinii'ipui (>wiicr*tii |i. Maioi .bines' plan lo lease Ihe. Toleh , Ohio,gas plant passed the hoardof council-11ii-ii and heciinie a law Tuesd;i>. liy ltd', plan the eily clerk is In anlhuri/.e He- city gas plant for sale or lease, Il is Maioi Jones' plan In have a company nl patriotic cili/eiis lease the plant, run il without e<- pensc lo Ihe eily, and whalevci piulil.,..... ci lie ilic to be turned in In I he Cltl Ilea- iii \ . I'lihimi in tin- lee ('i-eiiiu. More than thirty persons are sulb'iing I'luiii aggravated clietitlcal poi'-oning at Dallou. Mich., caused by eating ice cream nt a social given by Ilic Ladle.-.' A idSneiely. Seven ol'those ntfccled nie m a .eaioo eondilioti. Clil'iiegie l nil, Tie to Toe; corn. No. 2, Kile to :i5e; ontNo. 1!, 'i'Au to 'J^c; rye, No. 2, pile to I'iNc; butler, clioice ereiiniei-y, 17c to ibc; eggu, fresh, lie In Die; potatoes, choice, !iHc to 'll)c per bushel. lndiaiui|iolis--(!altle, shipping, Sf.'l.OH to .fri7.'i; hogs, choice light, !f'J.7ri lo !f 1.(111; sheep, common to choice, $2.*i() to Sp'l.7.ri; wheat, No. \! red, 7He to 7ric; corn, No. 2 White, :i:ic lo line; oats, No. - while, "He lo ,'10c. St. Louls-CiilHe, If.'l'it) to $ri.7.r); liogM, J.'llll) to $11)1); sheep, �11.IX) to If I.fill; wheat, No 2, 71c lo "lie; corn, No, 'I yellow, .T_'r to Jilc, oats, No. U, li'Ac to "He; ry.', No. 2, n7c to fi!)c. CiiiL'iunuti-Cuttle, J.2.W) to !f.ri.7fi; hogs, f'l.llO to $1.1111; sheep, fJ.ftO to *I.T.d; wheat, No. 2, 7-ie lo 7nc; corn, No. 2 mixed. Hie to lidr; onls, No. 2 mixed, l!7c to !i!�e; rye, No. 2, (He to title. Detroit-Cnllle, y2..ri() to $3.75; hogs, $:i.l)(> Ii) $1.00; sheep, If'JTiU to W.7n; wheal, No. 2, 77c to 7Kc; corn, No. 2 yellow, Ilic to Hllc; mils, No. 2 while, 2Hi: (o 2!lo; rye. (12c to (lie. Toledo-Wheat, No. 2 mixed, 71c to 7(lc; corn, No. 2 mixed, Itlle lo Jlric; oats, No. 2 mixed, 2Ile to 2r>c; rye, No. 2, .*>7e to TiSe; clover seed, new, $:t.7li to $H.H(>. Mllwiiiikei'-Wheat, No. 2 spring, 7le to 7.1c; corn, No. !1, Ik'lc to li-lc; oats, No. 2 while. 27c to Kile; rye, No. 1, f)7c to TiMc; barley, No. 2, 40c lo lie; pork, mess, .flS.IKI lo |H..ri(l. lluffiilo-Callle, (jnod Hlilpplng steers, $11.(111 to $r>7fi; lings, common lo choice, lfil.2,'i to sheep, fair to choice wethers, $.'1 Ml to $.'1.01); lambs, common lu extra, $L.ri0 to $7.1)1). New Vork-Cattlc, $!I.2B lo $r>.7o; lioKs, $:i.U0 to $>; sheen, $U.OO lo $5.01); wheat, No. 2 red, Me to M2e; corn, No. 2, -Jilc to -lUc; onls, No, a whJU\ �lg lo HUc; butler, creamery, 10c lo 20c; c^gs, ,Wc�It el", 1 Id to 10c. '.* ;' ' ' UNIVERSALISTS HUSTLING. Will Sunt n Cliiiri'll nt I'oil Dinlge In (>li( a i ii a I teqiiesf. New devclnplllelits hnve come up ill the innllei ol the beipiesl of llniry Slr.iiigol Mil,nun loi the pnipii-ic of liiinidiiig n I'ni-vei snli>l ('huich in l-'oil Dodge, llniri St long 1\ ns nt one lillle n plollliltelll nml wcallhi ies:.|eiit of Foil Dodge. At bis deaib he lelt i':i.i�Hi iii trust for the purpose ill founding a I'liiveisalisl Church Society in Fort Dudge. This was left wilh Webb Vincoul, who was In caie for the money 1111111 it had reached the s......d tlo.uuo. nther euliliihntiniis were alsu invited. AI I his lime Iheie was un I'liin'isahsl oigaiM/alinn in Fort Dodge, nud during nil the lime Hint Hie iniiney bus been lelt in trust un iirgaiii/ii-tiou has been allenipteil for the purpose of securing the money. A petition has been filed by Henry Strong of Still water, M inn., as trustee I or the heirs, asking for a decree of court to have the money w Inch has now reached the s..... of fli.nio, disliibuled among the heir.-., of whom Vincent is nne. No sooner was the anuouucemeiil of (he filing of the petition made public Ihun a few I'liiversalists of the enmity loi mod a I'liiveisalisl mgniii/.atiou and liled alludes of incoi puinliuii wilh Hie evident object nf conb'slmg Ihe distribution nf ihe inuucy aiming the heirs, and fur the purpo.,e of oblaining Ihe beipicst. IvniglilH of iic(I liy Wnnd AIcnluil. xcar Mingo, in the country, Iwo persons. Trustees til' Inivu ('nllege Defuse ti. Discli.'irgc the Siielnlisl. Iowa College heresy troubles cuilic In a climax al last Tuesdav's ineelings of ihe trustees al tiriiincll. The result wa- a \lclnry fill I he allege 1 In-letlcs, I'te^l'h'llt (Jen. A. (bite, and l'rnf. (leu. 11. 11 .'1 I (ill. 'I'he lleiron element ill Ihe board ol trustees was ill the mnjoi ily. and the nia- c3reat COI.LUGE YEAR. Wfiitcrii InntKutloos nf I. oirnlnc Show Spccinl IVouresH. When cap nud gown have heen laid aside nud the last senior hits- packed Ids sheepskin ami ilisapcared from the cnnipus educators in the universities of the West will look hack over the school year now closing us one of uucipinled endeavor nud marvelous resells. Advices fmin Ihe lending inslitutions wesi of ihe AllcghnuiiM couceniing the work done in 'hS-'ll'.l slnnv Hint there has been in Ihe history nl Western colleges no year more siiccessfu', than this, cither in point of niinilH'rs in-Klnielcd or in the ipialily ol" Ihe instruction given. And this murk is iinide n( a time when wars have taken into other lauds thousands of young uicii hundreds, of w'lioni left studies to enter Ihe armies of the United Stales. A Chicago paper has received l'roin tint bends of must of Hie Western universities , cniiiiiiiiiiieulious telling of the year's material und mental prosperity and containing hopeful and enthusiastic predictions for the labors to he taken up next fall. Without exception these letters tell of a wonderful work dnne In the Inst ten inoiitlis. In ninny Institutions (his year's atlemhiiicc ncvei before was equaled, nml in none has it fallen below other records. New buildings hnve been erected, courses of study have been enlarged and Improved, additions have been made to faculties, nml ninny in.sfbillion* have had their endowments increased by suhsluiitiul duniKimm. Throughout the Western educational world the same story is told. Among the colleges- which have hIiowii particular vigor this year are the 1'ul-rsity of Wisconsin, where the attend-mice ivtis loll lu excess of any previou* record; (lie University of IIIIiioIn, which set a new mark-Kin higher than the lust - nud which graduates (he largest class in Its history, Luke Forest University, whose schools hnve hnd their hirgest nttend-finee; Drake University, with an enroll-Iiient showing a gain of 17 per cent over liny other vein-, and the Armour Institute of Technology, which sends out a greater number of engineers than ever liefore. Tint University of Minnesota sent more Ihar. HID students wilh Ihe volunteer regiments to the I'hillpplnes and still retained 2,lll)li on [lo rolls. l'urdiie University graduates 157 young men and women, eclipsing any former record. HOBART TO RETIRE. joril v made it . \ Jew's so po-dtivcly iilulel-stnod 1 hat the minorjly did not force an ex . pie-��loll on a nullum lodrop I'ioI. Ilcrron from Ihe faculty. Il is probable a ma-joiily would have taken action lo dispense with Mellon, whose soeialisiie teachings liaie been Ihe bone of ci il 11 en I ion , Imt for Ihe conviction Ihal if he were dropped I'resnlent (laic; would resign. The a nl i -1 lei ion iles gain "I three disl iucl victories during the day. They elecled h'ev. K. M. Villain of Cornell, ami Frank 1. Heiriiill of De.-i Moines as trustees. l!oth are strongly opposed lu Jlerruii. 'I'he uppu-ilioii also won in the delei luinatitin lo lelain I'1111. J. Fred Sinilh as principal of Ihe ;......Ictiiy. President dales said Ihal. Smith must go or else he would, but the matlei was adjusted so thai bolli remain. The iindci.d Hiding is,however, thai Smith will accept a | ins i I inn elsewhere and resign hclurc Ihe next school icar open... FOUND TlCor. HOME GONE. Ilniiiiltiin ('nuiily l''umil,v l<'nr( ii und-ly Tnnk Iti I'uge lu n ( nve. Monday nighl n lerrilic sloi in of rain and wind struck Hamilton County. John Martiu.i. a renter, look his family ami bed elolhing lo a cyclone cave a block and a half nwny from his lioiue. II was ventilated and lliey slept, ciunl'oi Inbly. They were surpiised Tuesday niornliig when lliey learned I tin I lightning had slrnck (heir house and il had burned down, liichanl Wagoner's hum barn was sliiicl; by lightning; Ihe I ouse was lu line wilh the wind, which eaughl Hie lower part. Two lillle girls up slairs would have been llsplll xillle.l had Hlej not ll.'cll I c..oi|cil by a laildei I'lOIll Hie oul'-ice. Vice I'rcaldent Will Not He u Cliiull-(lntc In 11)0). On account nf physical Incapacity Vlcc~ l'resldent Unhurt will nut he a candidate for reiionilnatioii next year. It Is stulcd Hint he will soon retire from olllclul life. The positive retirement of Unhurt naturally excites Interest ns to who will succeed him. Three niinies are talked of at present, (iov. Itoosevelt, New York, la mentioned. Senntor Lodge of Massachusetts is also looked upon as a favorite candidate. A Chicago paper Ihe oilier day said: "Western Kcpulilicini Congressmen lire nearly it unit for Hiejden of seleeling the vice-presidentin! eiiiidiilute from the region west of the Mississippi river. It Iciikcd out lliut during Congressman Henderson's slny in Chicago the ipiestion of selecting a running mate for the Dreshletit was discussed ipille us fully as the speakership contest. Senators Duvla of Minnesota, Thurston of Nebraska, Wolcott of Colorado ami cx Scnalor Mniidcrson nf Nebrnskn have been discussed In a tentative way.". PREPARING FOR Director THE CENSUS. a mini named Vosslcr and a woman named .Veal, are dead and four or live others ipille sick as a result of drinking what is called Columbus .sphlls, which is said lo be refined wood alcohol. II seems two men, Vossler and one ilnrinen, bought Mm llipiur from u painter named Lis Illne, whn was painting a church in Ihe neighborhood, and Irualwl (he olhers. A corotiet'simplest was held ami as a result illue. Is In jail. Stabbing All'i-ny. Harney Miller, n teamster, slabbed John Dnluisscy, hostler, at the Farmers' Hotel In I.cMats, in the ribs on Ilic left side below Die heart. 'I'he two men had had trouble and Millci had It in for Ilic, other man. They met and Douiisscy struck Miller in the face alter sumo words. Miller pulled his knife and slashed Domlssey. Sous of Hermann lo (Iclclfrutc 'i'he Hock linpids lodge of the Sous of Hermann has about completed nrrange-ineiits for a Fourth of July celebration. While the celebration and sports will he distinctively (ieriuan, no efforts will he spared In make the day un enjoyable one for all who may iillenil and every one will he welcomu. _ Found (JulKy nf Murder. lu the lionu murder case at Mason City the jury brought In a verdict of murder lu the second degree. Death KiiIIowh AinpuliKimi. Death came In a very peculiar manner lo Mrs. (ieorglnnn Todsford at her home in Kllsworlh. She fell down cellar und broke u limb, and thu ullciiditig physician said It must he amputated to savu her life. This was done and death resulted. Smallpox ol Iioolulro. Lincoln l'ope, who has been working on a furui near Lechiire, Is III with smallpox In tlio pustulur stage, Davenport physicians culled it chlckenpox. A number of people-have been exposed, J lu probably will recover. ' - Inwu ('ciimiih S'.ijicrviMiirs. Census siipervisurs fur ten out of eleven dislricls in lowu solcclcil hy lliiccloi ofthc Census Merriani are as follows: First district, 'L W. Kuwley, Keosailipia; Second, C. D. Ivitoii, Millou .liiiiclioii; Third, J. \V. Doxsel, Monlicello; Sixth, A, II. Fuilune, llloomlielil; Seventh, A. W. i ii a in It, Dcs Moines; Ninth, F. I''. F.vcicll, Council lllulls; Kh'vcnlh, W. K. Ilamilloii, Oileboll. Anndicr < 'yelnne t'icthn Dlen. Thomas Malloy, one of the members of Ihe family eaughl in the lurmiiln al Salix, died at St. Joseph's Hospital in Sioux ('ily, Julie II. This makes the liflh vielllu in Ihe Malloy family. II had not heen ex-peeled that this young man would die, hut slid he had been seriously injured, it is thought his death is more the result ol Hie terrible shock than Ihe injuries. Hiicgliu'lcH u( luwn City. The home of T. Melealf, a dry goods merchant at Iowa ('ily, was entered and robbed nf $Hil. 'I'he lioiue of T. K. Smith, a barber, was entered next night, Ihe rubbers securing $2.!I5, III bolli eases nothing but money was taken, llinugh gold watches were III the same pockets as the money There are no clews. Merriiun Komly to IiiHlruct-HIm SiipcrvlmirH. f'cusini Director Mcrrfnui litis orgunlzed a bureau fur the Instruelloii of Supervisors, and as snon as (hey are appointed the work of teaching (Item their duties will begin. It Is hoped hy Ml-. Merriiun that by the tlnm Congress meets lu December the whole corps of supervisors will have been thoroughly drilled, no Hull all the inmiinnti Men, <it'll, (,'orhiti issued nrdet's Krldtty for the 1 m n 11 o 1 i ii 11 � eiilisliuciit of 2,(!()l) regulars nt the army rccruilluii stations in various partH of the country. This nihil-lion, which Ill-lugs (lie actual lightlun force nil to tlo.OOd men, Ih rendered possi-ble by a decision of ihe Comptroller ot the Treasury that the hospital corps should not be included in the limit fixed by Congress for the aggregate strength of the regular establishment and that men for the hospital corps could he regarded as nurses. This corps numbers 2,000 men, who will be transferred to the civilian employe class. OOVEr^MENT CROP REPORT. Average Condition of SprliiK Wheat, � 1)1. Il Winter, UT.ii. � The (ioveruuient crop report says: "Average condition of Bluing wheat, 01,4; average condition of winter wheat, U7.3', acreage oais, seven-tenths of 1 per cent If** llnin last year.___, Court of liiijulry has been ordered to he vcKtlgutc the accident to the crnlBef Brooklyn. 0�i, Wheeler wus elected a member ot tbo SputilaU wur veteruns, Uustou,

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