Tuesday, May 14, 1895

Lemars Post

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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LeMars Post (Newspaper) - May 14, 1895, Lemars, Iowa ^.+.n*^^!"S5^***55*!^5*{^'^^^*5'^! I BASE BALL! | iLeMars vs. Cherokee:| f TOMORROW! | The LeMars Posx >^|{>^+*++^+s+^ln..^^.*+*^ S . . IF' YOU SEE IT IIS ..; S Xhe IPost, I IT'S EQUAL RIGHTS TO ALL AND SPECIAL PRIVILEGES TO NONE. VOL. Il.--Is-(). 42. LE MARS, \{}WA, F11IT�,VY, MAY 14, 18}>5. SLAIN 1N_|S im. state Senator Morviss^ey Mwrricvcd In a St. Louis Dive. KILLED BY HIS MISTRESS. l)c�i(l III Oommlttoil by Motia LowIb, Who Ja Suppusotl toIIavoDuuii Iiiaiiiio nt tlio Time nnd Is Nonr VIolontly Crnjy. St. Loois, May 10.-State Seimtoi-Potor R. Morrissoy wns sliot aud in-Btantly klUod at 8:80 a. m. by Maud LewiB, his mistress. The tragedy wbh onactod in hor room on the second floor ot 2710 Washington street. Morrissoy went to the honso at a veiy late hour and had retired when the orimo was committed. The woman had been mou-tnlly unbalanced for some time, according to the statements of lior neighbors. She is supposed to have boon insane at the time. The. first information the neighbors had of the tragedy was from tho woman's soroams. Ilioyran in and found lior in a frenzy of grief and terror, bowing over the body, and calling on I'Poto" to "come back." Tiio first witnesses on tho scone could g.iin no information from her as to tho precise manner in which tho murder was accomplished, but everything indicated that Morrissoy was asleep when ho mot his death. Two shots were fired, ono entering tlio mouth and the other pono-trating the brain through tho left eye. Death was instantaneous. As Boou as tho neighbors luscortained � that Maud Lewis was the principal in tho tragedy, they sent word to the Pour � Courts and detectives wore dispatched to the place, Tliey were unable to get n coherent stiitoraent from the woman, whoso ravings Iwcarao mora violent and desperate every minute. They had lior .sent to tho city hospital in a patrol wagon and permitted an undertaker to � take charge of the body. Tho deceased was bor:i in St. Louis, Aug. 14, 1859, and wa.s odiiontod at tho Bt. Louis university. In IZBH ho was elected to the municipal assembly and at tho time of his death lie wns a member of the Missouri state Boviuto. His business was that of .saloon iind lodging house keeper. Two other girls, Lillian Moss and - Emma Lews, who wore inmates of tho house,and the colored porter were placed under arrest. Tho women in the house gaid that immediately on Morrissey's arrival ho and the Lewis woman had quarreled, but they had not considered their differences as serious. Uynnmito Ignlii Ueod. St. Louis, May IB.-The third attempt to destroy life and property in connection with tho strike at the Tudor Iron works was mado at an early liour today at Sixth street and Trendloy avonuo. Bast St. Louis, when miscreants hurled a dynamite bomb at the premises of Henry Viets, a German who couduota a saloon and boarding house, in which are quartered 81 of tho nonunion om-ployos. Nobody was killed or injured, but tho building was badly damaged. Tho strikers deny any knowledge of the affair, _ Arroeted on a Sorioua Oharso. Omaha, May 18,-Abraham W. Lau-do* IB lodged behind tho bars of tho county jail awaiting arraignment upon complaints charging him wth orlmiual assault upon two young girls, Amanda Looko and Maggio Carlson. Two Barnoil to Dentil. Midland, Mioh., May 13.-Mr, and Mrs. E^ank Halo wore burned to death ot a a. m. in their home. There aro mystoriouB oironmstauoea surrounding the tragedy. Neighbors declare that tho flro was incendiary. Blow Ills nendOir, BAVm Btb. Maiiii!, Mich,, May 18,- First Sergeant Prod Schmidt of company D,,Tenth United States infantiy, olewhlB head off with an old army musket at Fort Brady. He had been in tho gervloeior 20 yeara, Dolla Fox In t.uolc, Peoria, May 18.-Miss Delia Fox and company loft this morning for Spring-Held. A few minutes after tho depart- , TOO of the train, T. J. Tioknor, the clerk at the National hotel, found under the pillow lathe room that had been ooou- \ pled hv.Miss.For a aatohel containing o palr,oi.silpP9rB and diamonds, valued at t05,000.: He wired Miss Fox oud she .Boi^tliA^khor. moid from Havana, and . the dlivnionils wore delivered to hor, ,. Intcr^tftto brill Is Oponod, WnMPDiS, May 13.-The Intorstato en-compmont, and drill was formally Openod,,ot Montgomery park today. There are 13 Infantry militia companies e soyatoh;lii a flvo-milo hondioap road.:nvo9:. and. finished iStb. J. Edwards, another sovatQh roan,, rode the ?4wti�co,;in 19:10 8-B. The previous - TCoowl was: 18!l5. . � ^nwolflst BaUn�nbelt to OaUfoi'nia, BAN Franoiboo, Maf 18.-The Chronicle puUlshoB a page Btory from Vallojo tobbeoffocttUat Rudolph Sohuanbolt, (ho anarchist: who threw the bomb at the Baymarket riot In Chicago, May 4, , 188(1, has boon a resident of thai city for MveraVmontbs. ' He dlsappowed a few aayswowlrlt.ls said, Is nowoahis >vi>y.t <. HAKLEM llACE TR.VCIt OPi:ns. Dncortnliity as to Action of tlio Clvl,i rodcrntlon. CuiOAQo, May 13,-Harlom race trade opened Its two weeks' meeting today despite last week's raid on Hawthorne by the civic federation. Tho management aunonnuod that tho prococdiiig.i would not bo affected in the least by tlio crusade against track gambling. Tho bookmakers took their places in tho betting ring at tho usual time and tho crowd in attendance prepared to back tho horses aooordiug to program. There was much uncertainty as to what action the civic foderation would tako. Its officials had annonnccd that they would stop the pool selling and a raid was anticipated. Tho deputy sheriffs who raided Hawthorne, liow-over, had boon paid off and discharged and the sheriff's olTloe gave no indication of trouble for the race track. Tho civic federation officers refused to say what they would do aside from their assertion that thoy would take good care that gambling should cease. President Martin of the Harlem association said that he expected arrests to bo-made and would bo prepared for them. Bondsmen would be furnished, he said, and tho traok patrons would bo protected, the schedule being run off, no matter what might happen. I'BOOKAM ov tub PltESBYTERIANS. Gunornl Assombly Dcglns Its Sessions ut Flttsbnrer on TliuTsdny, PiTTSBUKQ, May 18.-The 107th general assembly of the Presbyterian church will meet Thursday at 11 a. m, Dr. Samuel Mutohmoro, retiring moderator, will preach the opening sermon, Reports of special committees will be pro-aontod on the second of the session. On the evening of Thursday, tho IDth, the Lord's supper will bo celebrated by the assembly. Popular meetings will bo held every evening, Besides the routine affairs, various matters of a special interest will be discussed, among them federation between the Reformed churches, the status of Lane seminary, work of the committee of conference with theological seminaries on seminary relations to the assembly, and tho relations of Christian Endeavor societies in the Presbyterian church to the boards of the church. This will be tho 80th anniversary of tho reunion of tho old and now schools, on which the ohnrohea had been divided from 1837 to 1870. Tho following names have been proposed for the office of moderator: George R. Booth, W. N. Page and Vf. R, Lang-don, _ Salvation Army to SIovo on Olilnn. Ban Franchsoo, May 18,-Tlio Salvation army is about to invade China. Tho leader of tho movement Is Fong Foo Sing, a young Chinese who is a member of the Salvation army in this city. He sold to a reporter: "I expect that the army at the proper time will send mo to China, To go to China was tho object that really led me into tho Salvation array, 1 wanted to do something for my country along army linos. The late war, I believe, has mado China open her eyes. As a result, tho way will be opened for Christianity, otvilizo-tlon and other good things." Idtka Allolilgan Fish Fninliio, Chioago, May 18.-There is dismay among tho 3,000 or more men engaged In the fishing industry In this port over tho remarkable disappearance of the finny tribe from the waters of Lake Michigan. There have boon a dozen or 30 steam tugs and 200 sail boats employed In fishing near Chicago aud most of those have abandoned the work. What has become of the fish is a mystery to tho local fishermen. South Dnhota's Now Industry. St. Paul, May 18.-What promises to bo an important new agricultural industry is about to be inaugurated by a South Dokota farmer, who will this year plant 100 acres of Russian sunflowers. The yield is 80 to 50 bushels per acre, and tho seed produces one gallon of oil per bushel. Tho oil is high priced and is known as the nearest approach to the oil of olives. Found Floating la tho Blvcr, Montreal, May- 18.-r,Tho bodies of three men were foand, floating in the river St. Lawrence near Borol island. None of the bodies have been Idontiflod Nf fOMfflONEHS, I Mcsr^rs. liiirlow mid I'lre Namotl as Succos,-ior.-< to Roosevelt iind livmau. MAY HOLD THE LAW- VALID. It Is liximcloil tlin (ii(;oino Tin Decision Win .Stnnil-.Tu.itlco Jackson CiiIIh nt tlio Wliltii llou.sp-AgrlcHUuriil I)o-pnrtmcnt .Scnl-Cixpltiil Notes, Wasiiinuto.n, Btay 18,-l^osidont Clovolaud uimouncod today tho ap-pointiuents of two civil sorvioo comnii.s-siouors to succeed Jlcssrs. Roosevelt aud Lyman, Uepulilic.vns, The new appointees are Colonel Kico of New York state, who was private !;eovetary to Governor Hill eavly in his ailiuinis-tration of tho affairs of tho I'impiro stiito, and Jlr. John Harlow of St. Loui.^, who was suporintoudout of mails in tlio \)u.^t-office of that city and was sul)se(iueMMy promoted to be postmiister by I'lO.-ildeiit Harrison. Tlio effect of tliuMO appoint-mcnts will bo a rcurtjainzatiou of tho comniis.sioii iis ivjjardri tlio political leaning of it.-i )lleml)er^l. Mr. Proctor, who oontiiiuuii oil tlio coaiiuis.-jiuji, is a Dcinoevat, wliilo Culoiiel Rico is a Doiuo-crat and Mr. Harlow a Republican. The two outgoing eoiuinissloiicrs lu'o Rf^-publicans. Roth tho new couimisainucr.s are anient udvocate.s of tlio civil scrviea reform luovenieut. CHOI' CONDITIONS AIinOAt) EUTupcnn i'nrmcrH Illivo .Sull'fr.Ml I'Ynin Unfuvorahlu Wcutlicr. WAHliistiTON, May K).-Reports tu the agricultural dcpavtnieiit from it.s lOu-ropoan agoiita indicate that tlie area of winter wheat in Franco it; considerably smaller lliau last year's iiiid spriii); sowings aro curtailed. In Great Britain the prosjiocts for (frazers is considered excellent, while in Germany the agrarian interests aro .supposed to bo de-spoiidoiit, ov/iiig to thn injury ot rye and whoac, causod by uiifavoi-able weatlier. Resowiiif; a largo acreage in Bolginm and Holliiiid kept tlio farmers busy during March. "Wtiitor sowings have suffered in nio.it of tho cuutinontal countries aud coiisideralile daiuagi) is admitted in Spain and Ilniigary, Spring field work is in arrears throughout Italy, but good crops aro expected. Excellent harvests aro also promi.sed in Algeria and Smyrna. Xhoy Hold It Vnlld. Wabiungton, Jlay 13.-Judge Jackson called at tho white house today aud paid his respects to tho president. Tho officials of tho government interested in revenues aro much more hopeful of a more favorable decision, being confident that Justice Jackson has voted in favor of the constitutionality of tho law, at least as regards tho points of wJiioh tlio court was divided. ABrltiilturnl Department Seal, WASiiii.-aTON, May 13.-Secretary Morton has approved tho design for tho official seal ot tho agricultural department. It is tho first time a ueal has been used by tho department and tho innovation is approved by an act passed during tho last cougrcis. Tho seal is an heraldic sliield, azure aud ii% inches in dianiotor. _ Oottlne tho ricet Rciwly for Illol, WAsniNOTON, May 13-Assistant Secretary McAdoo of the navy is giving his personal attention to tho duty of getting the United States fleet in roadinoss for the Kiel celebration. Ho says the ships taking part will bo in fine condition and make a creditable showing. INSUKOKNTS WIN A VICTORY. Nows of u lilg Ilattin lltttwoon Omiw/. nnd Salcodo, Tampa, Fla,, May 13,-Private advices received hero from Cuban rovoln-tionary leaders say a big battle was fought at Beryoy, province of Puerto Prinoipo, between Gomez, the Cuban loader, and Saloodo, tho Biiaiiish commander. Gome/, was victorious, annihilating tho H])unish troojis, JciUing and capturing more tlian 1,000 mon and groat quantities of ammunition and ormy stores. Tiio battlo lasted foar hours and was hard fought, (iomeis continued his march througli Camaguoy. Mon from tho iilantations aro joining tho insurgents hourly. Fifty from tho sugar plantations around Conselaion have already taken up arms nnd tho number will join later today. Btorniy Session of Iluiifiirlwn Ulct. BUDA Pi'.S'i'ii, May 13.-There was a stormy ses.sioii of tho lower houso of tho Hungarian diet today, Herr Ugrena, member of tho left, declared that tlio government had attacked tho papal nuncio without cause, thus dragging tho profitlgo of Hungary into tlio niiro. An uproar followed and tho sitting was suspended. ___ Jnhcji IJiilfour Oiicatlonud. London, May 10.-Jaboz Spencer Balfour, the promoter of tho Liberator societies, who was recently ojctraditod from tlio Argentine ropublio, was re-examined at Bow Street police court and was quoatlouod at length in regard to his connection with the Liberator con-corns. _ Tohnooo Tax 11111 lUJoctod, Berlin, May 13,-Tho government mot with another defeat today. Tho reiolistog rejected the wholo of tlio proposed tobacco tax bill. Conductors Asaombling lit Atlnnto. atlanta, May 18.-Several hundred delegates to the biennial convention of the Order of Railway Couduotor8,whlch begins its sosslon hero Wednesday, have already arrived in tho city, and hundred of others ore coming in by every train.____ Stoniuor Asliovo Noar Flattory, ViOTonJA, B. C, May 18.-Tho San Francisco atoamor Pnobla which has arrived hero reports the Mogul ashore noar Flattery and likely to prove a total wreck. KKl) VLAG Win, HE UAUURn, CMciso rr,-,(l #05!>io. COUN-Miiy, Kiiii; July,lSU%fi!)51oi Hoptom-bcr, filW". 0AT9-Miiy, Udu; Jano, 28H"i July, SBl^o; Bcptemlior, I'OliK-Muy, tll'.02; July, �ia,17; Boptombor, �12.U7. LAUU-Muy, m07;July, tO,HOi Huptumljor, t0.03. RinH-May^t'1.10; ,ruly, tfl,lTffl0.80; Soptuin- bur, m.U2.__ Chicago Llvo fituuh, CillOAUO, Mny W.-nOOS-Kuculpta, iiH.OOO boadj left ovur, 1,030bead; miivliutfalvly nolivo nnd stourty to uabuilu lower 1 light, UMi&lW, mixed, 4,U5@l.73; benvy, $4,86r4,8a; rough, CJATTLE-Ileeolprt, 13,030 hand. Including B,0�) Toxims; mavliot ulow and gonoridly 5S10o lower, HUEEP-noeolptu, 7,000 huud; inurkut strong nnd 6@10o hlgbor._ Bonth Omntin Live Stoob. South Onaiia, May 10.-OATTWE-Hooulpta, 1,200 bond; lliOO to 1500 Ills,, H00@6,()5; HOD to 1110011)3., �1.70@5,10; 000 to 1100 m,Ji.mi-6it oholoocows, t2.7(i@l,10; aoinmou cows, (1.7113 �2.B'J; good tuortora, W.8ii(a4,00i oommon food-mu, (2.7.'S@U.251 mai'kot lOu lowur, HOaB-Booelptu, 1,700 hoad; Ught, U.tmi-H; inlxod, ti.WBUi; heavy, �l,4IS<B4.Wi niurlcot Btoiidy, BHICISP-Rooolpta, IJOO bond I routtoiiB, �2,00@ i29; lambs, ^,711^5.851 luarkot.itroogw,- STATE OF SUPEIIIQE. PROPOSED COMMONWEALTH ON THE B0RDER8 OF THE GREAT LAKE, Cltl7.eiis of the Itlrli Mining mill Timber Keglons Wtint iriilforiiilly iif r,iiws iind Interests nnd Clnlin Ibid Trent inenl~ycii-tliiieiit Not Unntiliiion,!. It is about livo years now since tho first talk was he;trd about carving anew stato to bo called Superior out ot the northern portions of Michigan, Wiseon-sin and Minuesota. Lately the talk has been more ilcfhiito and doteriuincd than ever botore, and this has been in great mea.suro duo to recent action by the Ipj,--islatiues ot Wisconsin and Minnesota regarding tho municipal luiion ot tho cities of Dnlnth, Minn., aud Superior, Wis., aud other legislation concerning the location of normal schools in both states. So intenao has tho feeling bo-como that Senator Spencer of Dnlutli aroso iu his place in tho Minnesota log-ialaturo tho other day and declared that St. Louis county, ot which Dnluth is tho county seat, was prepared to secede from tho stato unless it wero treated more fairly in tho future. Tho map here given shows tlin pro-po.sod boundaries ot tho new conunon-wealth, according to tho ideas ot ono set of its advocates. Tlieso Uneii do not exactly meet the views of all, however; but, according to llio plans of everyone, Superior would occupy a territoryrather more than �10,(100 sqnaro miles in ox- �rilH PliOPOSKU NIJW HTXTE. t(!iit, and its total population upon the basis of tho last census would be about 3in,000. Tho reasons advanced for the creation ot the iiiw stato may 1k) briefly stated as follows: The iinrtherii iieiiliiKuhi ot Mieliig.aii, tho northern portion of Wisconsin aud the iiortlieastem ixirtion of Minnesota, embracing all tho shore liiiout Lake Superior in the United St.atcs, is especially rich in timbor and minerals. For this reason tho interests of tho inhabitants are practically identical and not wholly in accord with tho interests of iho tlireo Btatos to which this mineral timber ro-gion now owes allogiaiico. Besides the development of the ten-itory under consideration, though It began later, lian boon much more rajiid than that of the older portions of the three states. So groat has been tho increase of tiixablo woaltli In proiiortion to populotioii, it is claimed by tho advocates ot tho scliome, that its taxing valuo to tho three states is much in excess of tho political power behind it, and it has boon inipossiblo to secnro tho passage of many laws and tho making of many appropriations demanded by tho mineral timber region, "In fact," one of the strongest adv(x;at(!s ot tho now commonwealth says, "wo aro receiving less for tho taxes wo pay tlum any other section ot either ot tho old states, luid wo aro getting tired ot it." Notwithstanding tho fact, however, that a majority of tho citizens in tho northern portions of tho states seem to favor the scheme, very many consider it an irapraotioablo ono, and somo mo decidodly opposed to it, and it goes without saying that no ono in tho licaith-tirn aud older portions of Wiscioiisiii, Michigan or Minnesota favors it. This is not tho first Bcliemo for tho formation of a now stato from portions of old ones, but with tho exception ot West Virginia, which was erected out ot tho northwostorn portion of Virginia as a war measuro %vhilo yet Virginia was a stato in tho Southern Confederacy, none of these fxihomes ha� over been carried through. It was stipulated when Texas came into tho Ciiion that at somo timo its tonitory should bo divided into four several states, but it has never been po.ssiblo to do this, and the sentiment there now is decidedly against it. Many years ago it was proposed to erect a state that should Include tho wholo of tho Delaware peninsula, which would take iu parts of Delaware, Marylimd mid Virginia, but none ot tlio states concerned, excepting Delaware, has over shown any favor to tho Bchcmo. Other "now stato" sohomes look to tho disposal of Nevada, which Is stoivd-ily decreasing iu populatiou. Ono of theso Bchomcs is to join Nevada and Utah, but thia does not please Utah. Another is to annex Ai'izonu to Nevada, but this has nover been regarded with gi'cat favor by tho residents of either political division. At tho present timo Nevada, with a iiopulatlou of only 40,000, has two senators iu the uiipcr houso ut Washington, and thoroforo lias tho same power in senatorial legislation as New Vork or any other of tho older and more populous states. , For u long timo, too, there has been talk of dividing tho stato of Now York, making a now stato out ot its cxtromo Bouthoustem portion, which would include New York city, Westohoster oonn-ty, Long Island and Staton Island. A similar plan, too, has boou proposed for tho division of Illinois. This plan would benefit Chioago, as the last mentiouod ono would bouoflt Now York olty. In each caso it Is claimed by the residenta of the big olty intorestod that anoh a division would relievo a great mnniol-pullty of control by voters who reside iu more or loss rural uoigliborhoods, and so aro not qualiflod to tako part lu mu uioipal goycrumout. There has often boon talk, too, of annexing tbo uorth-woatoru portion of Florida to Alabama, and Mtti-ylaiid haa a auit ponding that may deprive West Virginia of aovoral huuilrod aquuro miloa and leavo tho lat-tw state iu two parts;: with ivllou torrl-tory botwcon them. SJN(iLE COri.ES, riVE CENTS. ARE WE ALL TURNING RED? rrofcsBor Sfnrr's Odd Theory That Americans Will Ki'cntunlly llecomo Indians. Professor Frederick Starr ot tho anthropological department of Chicago university, wlio not long ago discovered that a drnp in the tomporatnro would make u rofornied thief steal, now nd-vanees the novel theory that after a lapse of niuiy years tho peoplo of America will ch.ango their physical characteristics until they resemble tho American Indian. In n recent lecture ho said: "From Vancouver island to Sitka the people aie, to all external appc.iriuice, of ono tyiie-dark skin, high cheek bones, black eyes aud straight, black hair. They have in difforent sections, uotwithfitandiiig their i^Biiilarity of external iippeaviince, dilTeieiit forms and ideas of worship aud not tlic same stories nnd myths. They do not havo tho somo custom;!, and, in fact, are ot many tribes, though Heeming alike from out- dr, i-iii;i)i;r!!ck stauii, ward iippoaraiiee, Kvery class of people on tho earth has claimed that tho American Indian caiiio exclusively from its race. Now, instead of the American Indians having come originally from luiy one race or country, is it not iiioroplausible to boliovo that from influences of climate, barbarity ot customs, etc., thoy liecaiiie ono typo from many llii'ough llio.se iiifliieiiees rather than to bolievo that they eamo originally from any ono race ot peoplo? "My claim is that wo all are growing through tho saiiiu inlluencrs toward tho tjTio (it tho red man. Take tho cartoons, for example. How is. John BuU charac- terized f 'As n found faced, burfy follow of jovial physiognomy. Everybody knows the tall, rawboncd Yankee, who differs the least from tho Indian bocauso ho has been hero longest. Tho southerner is dark skinned, with black hair and high chock bones, and is shorter iu atat-ure, just as wero tho southern Indians. Why should not tho same Influences, which seem to tend toward forming a similar American ludiiui type, brhig about tho same result as In tho past, oven iu tho fnco of the counter infla-ouccs of civilization?" That OmnlprosoDt Problem. Domestic sorvant^i aro so scarco in Montreal that houaokoepors visit the city prisons ou tho lookout for oandi" dat^-.s. _ John l.lndcn Says, John Linden is soiling tho purest (juaUty ot Ico that Is boing sold or has over boon sold in LoMara. Ho can soil ico choapov than any other doalor, because ho soils leu In his own name and not under an alius, and also becaiiso ho has never sold a good will and sold tho follow that bought It too. 30-tf Trilby Hntcrtalnniont. The ladles ot tho St. Goorgo'a guild will give a Trilby entertainment at tho resideneo of Mrs. Simpson (formerly tho Burns residence) on sonth Main slieut Tuesday afternoon and ovonlng May 11. I'lvorybody is invited to soo a genuino 'I'rilby foot and to toot tho bill. I'opiillst Meeting. All iiiombors ot tho County Central Coinmitleo aro urgently requostod to meet in LoMars, May 18, 1805 at Windsor Houso at 2 o'clock p. m. ahar]). Other populists cordially Invited to at-tuml this mooting. C. II SIUI.EV, Sec'v Co. Com. For ovory quarter In a man's pockot tliore is a dozen uses; and to uso oauh one in such a way as to dorlvo tho grealest beiiclit is a question ovury ono must solve for liiinsolf. Wo bololvo, howovor, that no hotter uso can bo mado of ono of these quarters than to oxehange it for a bottio of Chamber Iain's Colic Colora aud Diarrhoea Kom-ody, a iiiodicino that ovory family should bo provided with, for sale by 1'. 11. Diohl. MORDOFF 6c LEWIS Competition. A good merchant is not afraid of competition. Competition has taught us to sell goods at close, reasonable, living profits, to work for the interests of our customers, to remember that we are under obligations to them, to try by energy, truthfulness, honesty and good will towards them to merit a part, at least of their trade. We nave bought a good quality of goods, in the best markets, as close as possible, and will be sold accordingly. We propose to meet any competitor's price in all grades of goods that has been or will be made. Some Leading Specialties: Men's Suits, a bargain, at . . . . Men's Suits, a good wearer, . . . Men's Suits, a specialty..... Men's Suits, a leader...... Men's Suits, best in world at price $ 3.00 4.50 5.00 6.50 10.00 Men's Fine Goods will be kept in stock and will be kept right up to date. Largest Stocli of Hats in LeMars Our patent knee pants, "Our Boys Friend," double seat and knees, will be what will please mothers. Call and try a pair; be convinced, MORDOFF & LEWIS Opera House Block, LEMARS, IOWA.

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