Wednesday, June 18, 1884

Lemars Daily Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Lemars Daily Sentinel on Wednesday, June 18, 1884

LeMars Daily Sentinel (Newspaper) - June 18, 1884, Lemars, Iowa E MARS DAILY SENTI SUBSCRirTION HATE, IN ADVANCE, FIVE DOLLAHS PER YEAR, 50 CENTS PER MONTH^ VOL. 4 No. 92. LE MARS, IOWA, \VEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 18, 1884. THE LOGAN IN MAINE. Xho Illinois "Black Jack" tip Among tho Pines. nc llnii niirt SiirrcIiPs-TJic I-clCor* or A<' tttill-c-Mlnllir'N AI-vraily Written-The lifuil-I'm Conlorrliiu;. ON WHICH WE DO TRADE, A-Square - Dealing - Plan. I"., June IS.-OT. liOKmiund i.irivod from Wiishlngton at nftonioon. Quitj a crowd, 1 wfir votoraiiH wori? proml-nt till) dopot (iiid lieii hi) ullgliled. rxv and Ar od}' inA^ fuU value for tlieiv money. This is all tlic sensible man cxiiecls. This Is all we prondse. If you believe in candid Ireatmentand good goods at lowest iiossiblc prices you will give us a trial, 15y cidling you will find aninmionschtock of low-priced and fine suits, white vests dusters, etc. Also a full line ol" and ties of all kinds, Bows custom wnite and blue llanncl .shirts, I'rench half iiosc, handkerchiefs, etc., etc. iliey want to wear at straw and fur hats, white shirts, lancy gloves shirts and Gents can (ini o<sanu!r underwear anythiii; DOW'S Oi\.E-PElCE UNION BLOCK. Mkm STREET. CHAS.IUKLOW, HOUSE, SlfiAiORMMfflTAL PAINTING, / Glazing, Paper Hanging and Kalsomining. t#"All I'll'''T pniiniilly nllfiiiluil. �lllil Ceo. E, Richardson UF.AO JiIM'l'ATK. Colkttiu, Loan acd Ir^snraac^ lor Nopthwostern Iowa. niisliiea!! pr(iinptlj'at((fti'lf . aot'oronces: I ho � �'-LiiainuBSuioii of f.eiiiiira. JWV Agent PL YMOXTTH mr mmv. .MAIN STIiEBT, SOUTH OK SIXTH. All ICliiilsuf I'Vcsb and Sailed I'oultr)', Fresli Fish niiU (Jiliiio in StMisori. iliM Uin Mi for Hides. MOWN & GKAY, WliPn n m:in Ji.'i.-jr.iifrureil from lilicnmatlRm onlyu mill) while, nmlla rcllcvi il f roni Ills pain, lie t!t liii|ipj- ami <lc'll!,'lite<l. lltil (iupiKwo liu lian Suffered for more than a third of a century. r Alvln Cirlrn, of Vnlc, Iowa, wDloa: A *"ATlll.i)Tuiio,i)i.-.�lji)li.i�l luulniidi. Tlio� 9 I'uliilu iiiyliitihitlHalU'oiio, Lititi^ftiiK^anKk't9 dm;) Id k'lt yet, mill u tU tljuro iiilKlit U; t8 for I liavu b*im troubktl for Ujirtj'-Ilvoc ygorn Willi IlliuumullBiii." 9 Mrs. A, 1). lialuT, of Cliioago, Had rheirmatic pains in her back for fifteen years, .inil Mr. ]5al;pr Iind boon tho vlollm of Ulieu iinlU lil.i hcuil wan drawn down ovor lil.i leu i.iiouldpr. .Mr. linker writes: "Half iiboltlutit ATiiLciriioiios inndo O r.;o M K0<�1 now. Sly *ifo liaH liikcu 9 w Ihoolhor Imlf, utiil liun not cnniplallifiil of 0 9 hur back hIuoc. HIki nuyu lior buck novcrwoh 9 9 80 fruo from jiaiii and aolm oh It lion bcoii O O UlllCU HhU llLW talillll tUO ATKLOI'IlOltOII." O Tlioro arc many jicDplo who tliiiilc that hecaiitiu they Iiav'o siiliL-roil w) long, and :iiivo tried so many nicdieiiiea in vain, tliey must "sulfer on their tliruo Bcoru yearii." lint yon Hco what ATiii.oi-iiouoa hua done. IlowcTcr Old your Case; Ilunorcr Severe jour I'aluji; lluwuvvr <�renl vour UlMuppoIctuicntfl, EWTTry Athiophoros If you cannotKL't Ariii.oruoiioHof your druKKlrt, wo win rend It tllTCM I'aW. riirclpl of rwilur IrlZ-om .liillur i.;rb..lll.,, Vu,.r.^f<;r Itatyoi. buy tfrom your dnwhirl, but If In. liuiin't 11. do not bo "orSd to try loiiitlliliw .L-.^.. but order ot onoo from lu aa dlroctcd. ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 mil ST., NEW YORK. IIHmiujummn'irliflT'i^l'iHlfllll'U'llH t'"'-i. ivns Kreolo-.l him with h'iouU ot: "Vi')|o thomiin for lis;" -'Yi.nMl (;ivo Hi a K >adniinlstratlon." etc. Clieors were tivit,^..,!,, n^) tho party drnvr. away. They wiiil(rectly to Jlr. lilainu's IimHeo. Thero wn io loyal citl xiMi. lit tills Ki-aiid lepnblie, i;ivin, tliom theii snfiiort iind pr.iyeis, with their huirts fnll of hole f.u-llieir biiCLOSB. And, as llnorty llrst foiiid bhlh on llio Atlantic slope, wtfJniay tlii'iv liiivu found true Iieart-i for its prworva-lion nut ouiv of this conntry, but ot IhaUib-crlywhiih (iod inlended forallnien. Letftiat v.hiiii fiillowiid as a result of its preservation it tow he lost. This can only bo dono p;i.i; the control ot tho institutions ot this conuny in thuliniidsof those who Bousht to iiiainlaln them, 'riiin iieniile balieves in tlio fun lancntal princi'plcH of a Uiipublican rov-eii.iiKtit, The haiiie rule also applies in their s.OecK.ii of nuouts for tlii) adniinlslra-li.;ii d! the jjovcniiniiil. The voieii i.t a (jivat mnj..l-ityof the H. pilbllVails of this iii;,^hl,- imti.).i ha'i eliM.sea os the, ref tliit |,'iv:it party in tlio eoniin- for tlie ),irsideiiey of the United Slates, y.Mir lellow-eilizen, .lames (i. lilaine. lApiihiM'.l Ami vol! ii.ed have no f. ar as to the 1-. suit of the coiltrsl. Kwilllwa glnrioiii vicloiy, fuU and eDiiiplete. Illinois ISiliijive this counli-y Its ltcpublie:in IMvi.ideit. lliiine was then as^xdiited with Illiiioi.i. In 1H8I Maine will (;ive as ;all�iil a pn;M.>'nt. to this repiibllo oa ha'i hoL'n el'cted .y llio people. Citl/..Mia of Maine, I t.el ll0^o;^.d and eompliiiienled by being a.-oeiatv4 on the tlcl:et .with a man worthy i.r till, eiiilideiiei, of llio jkm)-ple, mid ii every way capable of lllllnp; tlio lii^:'o olllei ot iiresid.'iit with honor to lilmstdf iiiid lo tin country." l.'\ppl;iusii and clioers for I,o.;aiil �S.mitor Halo nas next called for. Ho made a bdet uddivss, and then tliu crowd demanded a speech from Mr. lilaine. Instead of a BiHdch Mr. Itlaino camo oiiUide tho ;loor and invlled uyeryhody to coiiii. in and sha:;e liaads with (Jeii. i,��iiii. Seyeral hniiilrisl p'oplv crowded in, at lb-.,l mnkiiiKa b)o( laide and overwliehiiliiK Mr. lilaine and his i;ihsH. Fiiiwllv order prevailed, and lliu crowd lilel by lb-, liiaiiio and X^OKun. uach KilliiiK a liand-slnike and a wold or two. Mr. and Mrs. inalne, (len. Logun, and Senator Hale will no by special train to Klls-worth, H hero .Senator Halo �III entcrluia them at liin lionio. There will donbtleiia be a popular doinonatratioii thore. On Wednesday the party will return, and Oen. lyOKnn will at once sturt Uick to Washington, Instead of innkiiiK Ihe longer visit that wa� e.-<peetcd. '1 ho eoiinell ot war between tho two htuthi ot tlie Iteptiblican ticket will < tako place in the ipiiol of Keiialor Hale's home. (K'li, IjoKan caino here at Mr. Ulaino's snu-Restion, so that they may cjafer toxether on the work of the cainpaicn, and principally on the liittois of acceptance, before the com-iiiltee wliicli is Ui convey the olUcial inform-alioii of their iioiniiialion reaches hero. This coiniiiilbH) is expcctorl Friday next. Jlr. Mhilii.Vf letter is all wrltloii, hut plirus'Xiloxy will l�i changed in ono or two places buforo it is ;;lveii out. It Is iinderKtood it will he of enii:.iderable leii'^tli. Ueii. I^Mgan's lolti/r, it Ik lhou;;hl, will be brlof. I)ovi;ii, N. H., Juno IS.-Tliu Eastern Hall-read coniiiany has lenderod tho coniiiiitteo of the CliicuKo oonvoiilion, to notify Air. HIaIno ot his nomination, tho uso ot a opoeial train to convey tho coniinltteo from Doston to AuKUsta. Tho olfer was accepted, and the train will leuvu Ho�t<jn for Augusta at 4 o'ciocli Friday ntteriiooii. TIME ON THE TURF. RccortI of Eventa at the Rneo VlecU i�Ki*~Ba�o Boll Scorff*. PiTTsnuio, Juno IB.-At tho lai.t d*y'� racing of flio Homowood meotlng tlio �t-�ndanco wni very poor. First race, iImIi of mile; TcU* Bona, first; time, 1:0T. Second race. Club jurso, for maiden 8-ycar-oliIs; rotor L., (Irat tituo, 1:51. Tliird race. Club piirso of *0O0,da�h ot 1,"^ miles; Ascender, llrst; timo, 2:11)^ Fourth mco, I'itUburg cup, for all asoi, mlln; Wallttiisoo, first; time, 4:121^. ftlth race. Club pumo of *;!00, mllo; Uarotatlla, flrat: time, 1:18. ] nitlis, handicap hurdle: F.loxor, first; tlm9,2:.'W. Nkw York, Junt 18.-At tho rncinx nt Bri;!hton Ucach thwe were flvo events on the programme. Flut race, H mllo; bliolby Uornea, llrst; tImo, l:lfl>f. Second race. % mllo; AVanderlng, Umt; time, l:lta;<. Third race, % mllo; riungcr, first; timo, :2(t;f. Fourth raco, fir maidens of nil ages, J-.'milo; Aspaslo, nrsl;tlrao, 1:175^. Fifth race. % mUo; UtU�Mlo , 'J:SI>{. Kookt/c won tho mile In 1:25. Tho 1 yi mllos was won by Mona; no tiiim givon. In tho avlllng race, 5i' mllo, Manltou won tho llrst and tlird hoots, Niin-ilefoot won tha second and woa second in tho lliial, thus taking sooond place; Hydcr .\l>ad was second In the two first 'leuts; time, l;20>.f, !:'.�, 1:'J0. DIAHO.VD lirsT. CiiiCAoo, Juno 18.-Tho dayif events on tho iiiamoud were as follows; At C'lovolaiid -Cleveland, 2; Detroit, 0. At Jloston- New Yoik, 1: Boston, 0. At Bmoklyn-Tolclo, 0; Brooklyn, 0. At l'hllBd�lplila-Ciucinnatl, !4; Athletic, �, At Now York-Columbus;'; Jlotropolitan, 2. At I'rovidunco -I'rovldonce, 13; I'hlladelphla, 1. At Bufralo-Huiralo, 20; Chicago, 0. AtBalU-more-Ilaltinioro, 5; St. Louis, 1. At Wii.shliigton-Wnahlnston, l;Indlanaj)o'.iH, 0. At I'ittsburg-Loulavlllo, 7; Allegheny, 3. SCARIFYING BROWN. Incftlla Injocta Some Interest into Senate Proceedings, .Villi CJlvcH ISi'oivii, or Ceoraln, Itnd (Joliiu-Over-Ilrowii ll romlumB as follows un tonus and conditions horespeciaoa: 1st PREpM. $5,000 2d ^ S2,000 3d " $1,000 28 other I'romlunuuluirsBliaim. Tho !�:,riiralam� will be swsrdal Dcoombor 83. WW, 1st Proraluni Itoos to the lorspn from whom wo ro. c�lve the lugostnumbsrof our empty �.U. Zilwlll he (Irra for tho aeit lantMl number uiatlnu, la the ordor ot tho number ot emiity buis looolrod froni each, to tiM twenty.nro suocessfnl con. testaiits. Each but mail bear oar orlKlaal Bull Purtaam label. V. H. Uevomio stamp, and Csntlon Notice. Datri must bo done up seonrcly In a rtoksge, with Dsma and addreas of sender, sad number of btgt contain, ed, plalDlr marked en the enUlde, and must be sent. ctiargMptepeld, lo nincUwelI'� Uiirlittin T��iiceD paokaxe Uaa ploture ot BalL i'SjE'. tiu> our next asaounc�mM)|, ' < ''^ "i&llfornia Waea and Brandies, Kentacky miikies, Tonic Bm, EnsMSoda, HHmaimtm, nu a full Btojk ot Imparled roods kept ooo-1 tandron bond. V. IK ime� Iwttlod boor / r�n� ^^t�K,l^___ �ri ISuiiiid to lluvo u lif/iv. llBl.r.^ST, June 18.-A large moetiug ot Orangemen was hold here. Too leaders iin-. plore.l those present not to Indulgo In violenco during tho groat dcmenstratloD of tho purty and to take no action allowing disrespect for Eatl Bpciicor. Thoso appeals, howfcvoi', were received with joors and hissos, and tho extrcniists presunt carried a resolution denouncing tho town council for inviting Karl Spencer to visit Belfast at this time. Several ot tho speakers advocated tho display of black Hags along tho route of the [ procosslon, and It Is ovidout that great bitterness ot tcoling, at least, will manifest itself.________ Tho Vlot Aiculumt the Kolaer. Bekli.n, Juno 18.-Tho Tagblatt has further information concerning tho plot against the emperor's lifo discovered in May. It learns that thn police, on warnings ro-ceivod from New York, havo very recently arrested several Anieriuans arriving from that city, who aro boliovod to be tho ao-complices whom tho man arrested at Elbor-llehl referred to as sura to accomplish tho death ot the emperor, oven it bo blmself tolled.___ Hlocuin on tho Bltuallou. Waboinqton City, Juno 18.-Qea. Hlooum baa returned from Now York, aifd Is gome-what reticent about the political situation in Now York state.jiH* rc�l<lpiit Itnd <:uiuiiiciit Tlicreiiii, Nk.w Laiieho, Mox., Juno IS.-The elfO-tion ot presidential electors passed olT very iiuietly. No disturbance of any mo-iiii-nt occurred hero or in thu neigh-lK)rhood. But oi'u cnndldatit. Gen. I'oitlrlo Dhu, wiis ii?prcsented by ticket. A few scattering votes wore tor TrDvino, but no electoral ticket tor Truvino was in the Hold. Uen. Trevino has persistently donleil that his hasty return from Uuropo had any politloal Ignlllcanco. Tho friends of (leii. Diaz and President (loii/ales have alto taken occasion to tleny that any estrangement, Ixftween tlioucfflves and Trevino existed, as �us reporte o with rovolutlonoryB InbinlloiH. It wou.'l seem from what is now known that Ti-eviiio returned at tho suggestion of th.i leadeni In a movoniunt whlcti, at ono time, ap; enroll likely to prove a sorious oppusitioii to Diaz and (ionail.s. Jlutters were fust :diaping tor a revolutionary outbrual;. Tiovliio, the "Kahili of the .North," was thought to be tho man to lead tlio new revolution. There is seniculy a doubt any lon; iiicreasu tliu lax on Iwuise Iransactlons iidmitlud that, as drawn, the bill wan liii-practicable and stated I hat tlie ministry would consent to a renioileliiig ot the measure. ________ lIusliiesN XriiiibloN. New YoiiK, Juno 18.-S. Hoinench & Co , wholesale dealers in millinery giHsls, have inadu an assignuiont. Their liabllitleN ar rojKirlod at about t.'iO.OtW. Nkw Youk, Juno If).-Brown Hiothciin, uianufaclurers of sheet-biusH at Hi) Chamljeis mcit, whose factory Isat Waterbiiry, Conn,, have iKicoini), luniporurlly uujbarrasseil, but arraiigeniuiits are boinj; ma<|^ to reorgaiil/.i their iilfairs, which It Is tli<fl;(ht will lie successful. All Inventory of tkelr nirairs mails May 1 is i.ail to show! K100,000 over till debUi________ Iniportniit IliilltrPy Cliaiiuuii. TuiiiiNTO, Juno l8.-^jftnportunt changes are about to bo madu U^ulio management of the Uruud Trunk vaihoM. Uollablo authority says that all lines Iwlouglng to thu Urand Trunk west of the IJotroit and St. Clair livers aril to bo amalgamatod. Those lines aru the Chicago & Urand Trunk, Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee, and Flint & Peru Mar icor, Tlio wliolu system east of thu Detroit and St. Clair riviirs will Ixi mado into ihreu divisions with bubdlviiiions. CllIt'AOi), June 18.-The Times special has tiie followin.; actM)Uiit of senate seems: Tbi' B�niit� was acta illy Inten' event of rather rare oceiureifi-o. When Iii-;;nlls gets mad he always makes things hil.'r-i.ttini.*, and ho was mad. On Friday the sen ate was discus ni; ."Senator Hroivn's bill to 1 ay the .lalo of liLorgin ^".5,!l,!;) in cash, ami Itigalls had opjosisl It. Brown sad that hi,;alls bad not sail that (!eni-|:la owwl the Unitesl .States aiiylliliig. Afti'i-Iho ndjour.imoiit ot tho s'liato it oisMirre.l to >"ennlor Brown that it would l�i a dim her to add the wniils. as a sort ot A'lince, "and he will nnl state it." Of ciiursP; It ho had said that in debate, liigalls have jillll|Hsl U)) and le.a.ln the stat.'inciit that Ihuw.i wild he i/.Kild not. TheadvaiitUKi' of iiiakirg tlii:i iii.'uaciiig and idialleiigin;; pre* liictii) i in Til.'11 �i-ord und not 111 the soiiate was that r.�* r p y to it, no aec ptaiici. of lb.) clia!leil(;e, wou'.l api eavln I'lle llecoid. The addiii. ii of thosi' six little was nutleiMl by the gciith'i:! .:i from Kansas when he nail Ills lleeonl, and It him mini, for it put him in the altitiel.) of having iiislmiat(Hl a thii.g that hi. .lid not dure .-tut-' directly. Iiigiills ro:,e to a |k'i>oiial extlatialioH, and he cxeoriatetl th" r.^'nllcnian from Ihsifi^ia. r.rown lilmelf ci.ii s.iy n pri'tty ngly thing "ithoiii showiiic Miiyltiiii|H>r, but then. Is no man in tJio senate wdio eoiiipar.s w itli Instills in his ability to say cutting and stim:ing things wlthoiit U-liayli;g tho hast heal. Fust Ingalls tri-ntel iiroiui to a im-n-ili-s ir.iBs-ipiesli.iiiiiJi; rs to wliiii he ill.l say and wha. he iiu'aiit by it, and then h.' piodui-e.l tlio evi l.'iioi f the Interpolation (tii' reporter's trniiserip-lioii of his klioit-haii.! :io(i~, Willi the ii^ter-IKjIalcd six wild: .,, .Mr. Brown's liand-writiiig), and iinpiir.'l la his m.rst olVeii dve nMimier, If that did not eoiistituto a falsill-'.ition of tho r.eoi.U iumI a forgery ot a luibllo docnineiit. F-.r this. Senator l'..l lauuds, in the el a'.r, er.Ued liliii t.i nr.ler; liC niedifylng Ills l.iii,iiii,.' a little he gave Mr. Brown acasti;,'al.oo smdi us no other i-eiiator liEW rccelveil this session. In li!s ]ieenlinily Incisive nianner, wlii.-h drives every two. edg'Hl word lemie, Jii;-,all:< ^p(.ke of l'/.r'lii;Mi darts shot at lilm by a Hying foo from 11... safo ambush ol tlie i;overiinieiit pi'iiitin.;-hoii*', and eompaii'd tho art of Brown to that of � thug will, wails till bis victim is iLslen]! and then slabs him. Brow n's i,iir.l, wliitr face, w itii its i-xpr.'-si.iii of i.ioIoiiihI nlf-coniplaeeni-y. llcisl.e.l a lillle aii.l In niovu.l ill his sear. lie\or.'il seiiiitors on hi^ hide thoiiglit or pii'li'inl'd lo tliiid: tlj:it Is' was likely to get up and say n);.;i.'tiiiii|; i-, 'i, and they wdiispi-re.*, to liiiii in.t t.i siy ai . -thing. They mi;;lit liavn saved themselves tho tronWe. '1 liii �� is loo little feeliii;^, and too lunch calciiii-'ioii in the Hon. .b^.'U'ph Brown to do auyiliing rash. He in.-r.'ly wild that ho woulil reply to-morrow. Nolh-lii|5 cuulfl have iK'ea more cliaiacl.-r-Istic of Senator lliowii than, wln-ii ho was accused of falsifying the piil.he ii.ioiiU lor the piiriioM. of gidting a littio a|ipareiil a Iv iiilagti over an op|�ini.iii that he slionl.l t^ike Iwc'Uty.tour hours to pre|iarc a reply In. Ingalls having carefully fortllli'd hlmwdf with the (acts In this ens,., there is iiotliliig ii.itor llioivn ran do that will not miike l!i.ii|;s worse for lilin, iiiul wlial.'Ver hi'says )viil call <uit some fiirtli.'i-remarks from'.r Ingalls, which will U llior.1 scatliili;; Iliitii what lie said. The othir lilt, i.-ling f.'aliire of the .I'.y was Senator llrow..', history of ii.'gro slav.'iy in Anierlca. .S'liiin w.'eks ago, a|ii'.jpos of Senator Hoar's l.'lali bill, .Senator Blown made a sis't'ch on divorce in New I'higliiiiil, and compared the iiioilallty of Utah aii.l (Jiwgliwlth that of Massaelill-idl.'i, giratly to the .llsparageni.'iil of .Ma'�aeliiisetts. S.'ii-ator Hoar iiiadi- a ilve-niimib) r.'ply. In wlil.'li he said Hint the gi.'nier part of tliii llfu of thn senator from (teoi'{;iu had ls)un spent In supporting the Institution of slavery, lu whleli niariiage was pr.iliiblled, and that while lu' gladly c'Hicedi'd Pi the peo|ilii of Georgia the vlrlnes claimed for tlieiii by their suiiator, Ktlll the existJince of ninlalbies had bi be accounted for. Having taken about |lii<)(i wieki fur preparnlloii, Ilrown mado his answer to tlil..', nii'l lilii reply cmislsle' of )}iis8ageK from various liistorlcs, showing that MasraehuBetls wai jUst as bad in re-gar.l to liumiin flaveiy ;.'(KI years ago as eorgia Ma< twriily live years-ago, togutlier nil the fact, e.ilraeiod from tim ceiisui ol ';i''0, that thu iiiglaltoes of Georgia were Illy alsait one-tonlli of the piiro blacks, liil.i the innlatt'ies oi' Jlicsachusetls were early halt as niiiiiei-ous as the puru blaclci. He spoke Iriniieally of thu ell'eet of tho cohl llinatuot M.uisui'hus'tia on hleaehlng the 'oloru'l rai.'o, oiid said that after lliii war a very old wave from the Hay stale hail swept down upon Georgia and other southern slater, anil lia<l the same Itiict of bleaching thu negroes. Nearly all thu Itepnblican suiiators went tail in the losli-rooiii wliiiu tlilsspeocli was Isiing made, and wiieii Senator Brown got through, Sena tor Hoar contentul liiinmilf witli tho remark that lie hml fulled to discover in what hail b(�!n said onupartieloot njlovancy to thu bill before the sunatu, and lie would not lake up thotiiiioot hesonato by saying anylliiug in reply. ______________ A8 BUTLER SEES IT. no Ooon Over Soiiio of tlio Poliitu In tlio OomlMK CanipRlBn. New YonK, Juno 18.-lu nii interview, Gpii. D. V. Ilutlci- pointed out soiiio of tb� dinicultlca in the way of beating Iho Ucpubllcan ticket, nnd said: "Jfr. Blniiio is a protectionLst, nnd New York hoj become the Rrcntest monu fnctiiring state in tlio unloti, and Connecticut and New Jersey are in proportion cqnolly Interests in the tariff question. Now overy botly knows that upon thnt question Gcu. Haiirock was b�ntcn In Now York, and everybody also knowe that the establishment ot free trade in this country would Is-nent Knglond and' lior doiieudcncloa mora than nil otlior countries in the world. It will bo very dilllcult to convince n largo of our rJtizens, especially thoso who aro not In love with Cuglaiid or licr institutions or her trontniout ot Ireland, that it ia U'st to vote for tho candldatu of the Democratic (larty in favor of free trade, and thus to play into tho hands ot John Ball. U it not nu ndinitlod fact that to carry Now York is iieci'SHnry to tho success of tho Democrat lo party I "Can anybody who cannot reconcile all tho diirereiicis in the party In Now York, nnd who will he open to local ontngoiilsni, carry the state, liowuver great or lilgli hlstpialillca-tloiis may Is.' 'Sncc'es,< at the c.uiiliig tdcctlon is not only till) duly of the Democracy, but nn iii-disiH'nsable iicci'sslty, tor falling to carry the election this year gives four more years of power to lli,' Uopnblican party, and, under a iKild and daring loader ot great ability, large resources, nnd iigllo isiiley, who has �liown more political Kiigaclly and who, by his iiiiai<led etrorts, has wielded moiv iMilltlcal isiwor any other man of tho pros.nt g.'ii�ratioii the party will so entreneh itself in po.sessioli of the government that tts hold iitioii the nation can not. he overthnmii in this generation ,at l.a^t, and, if at all, it will be done by some neiv larty of the people, rising Iroiii the .hdiru of the pr.seiu political oi'uamz.ilii.ns, more ra.lieal, more piugres.sive, ami morn ilev.' lo tlie interests of the whole isiople, agaiii'.l the iiggiession of Hie low. This will 1mi the true D.'iiiocraey, wliieli will miiko no eiilaiigliiig nllianc.i with tho '.Mammon of umii;hteoiisiioss.' " --^^iil. NEWS mhlti Two Uen Burled Alive in A'^ sylvania Shaft. Amcrlcnn Specnlntor* Corrnptlns Ca�!| iiadlan Coiinellmon-Su�peil� Kloii of n nillnruiikoe Bouk -Itciiin of luteroat. UNnULY ELEMENTS l*!ay lluvoe iii .lliirylii iid-ljccat I,osn 111 I'roperty. WtsT .MissiKii, Mil., Juni) la-A destriii live wind hii'l rain stoiiii visite l to move out .1 their liouseH. Ntfur Dennliig's rostollli'ii .\ngiisins Zuaelie and bin little boy were swept away with the stream, wliili) iitteiiipt-liig t'l cross a briilge in a earringe. 'riio ear-riiu;e was demolished, 'riiii h'.isis iiianiig.'d lo C't uiit.aiid'by cxtrii'irdiimiy exorlliinc /.i!-clio manMi;rd to mivj hlinself and >on. I''i'.!.i)r.:iirit. .M-I., .Iimo 1 H. --Itei'iirts of the viol'lice "f Iho storin of l''rlilay and Satiir- ihty have 1.....ii ie ^' ngeiif, and Lowell, I'carson'i brotber-lu.'^ law, who lie ullegod, bad promlfed him iiioiipy for bis vote, ond to iufIloIeDtly,y rccoiiiiioiisii lilin for loss of reputation ahould ^ ho bo dufuntcd at tbe polls next eleoUoDi' Aldurmnn Dnvles followed by stating that'/ Liniioaii, Uolly's agent, bad offered togivt'^l liiiii 11 now pump for his brewery, for whiit pn;'|ioi,o had to be iufori-od. Alderman Uniting stated tbut be had also been at>>^ proncbod. On motion tho matter was referred to tbe ; coiiniy Judge, who will toko evidence, tin', v' der ontb and report to the council. It wai--''^ tho most disgraceful meeting over held by a, i public boity here. There were aaveral llgbtli..i ' among the members, who called each other liars and other linrd iiaincH, while tbe crowd; niteriiiilely l'l eye was kept on tho heavy casing lining ul tliii woll. About noon tho anakage of water Htopfa'd and this liiil.cated trouble, Tho men wuro onlcrvd out. They stood around : the edge watching until ,'1:30 p, ni,, when huddeidy tho tlnibem gave way on all aides with n crash, and the well was enlargrd to a  dianiet.T of sixty or luveiity feet Tho men siirang back, but two of their number-John. Smltli, of Wellosville, nnd Pot Bcaliau, of Knsl Livei'iiool-wrrii too lote, and went over the brink, buriixl alive. After tlio first surprise was over, the workmen Moiil to rescue their comrades, and in ten minntus Scnllon was iiunovofed and removed-olive. All efforts to llnd Smltta, however,.; havo been frultli'ss, A stoaiu-diggor ha* brnii set iiii and the work ot rescuing will be ' k.'pt np by a largo force. Smith's wife and' family of four ciiildron nro at Wtllosvlll& ' m Nusptcluii ur I'oul Play, Cmoi.KVii.i.E, Ohio, Juno 18,-W. U. Tim. gionds, u prominent land owner ot Now Holland, was found dead at bis homo Saturday midnight. IIu had been living with Mrs. Bush, BUs()ocU)d of jwisoniug hor husband four years ago. lie went homo siok Satur' day iiioruliig und waa found dying in the evening. l''uur physicians wero called and treated htm for inorphino poisoning without olli'ct. Many ore suspicious, und thero wuro tears ot u inoli, but all bus sinoo quieted down. Uuii. Hutler** niovemoiita, New YoiiK, Juiiu 18. -Gen. Butler, who is on bis way to Virginia to appear in a law suit, has arrived in the city, und Is stopping nc llio FIttli Avenue. Many pronilneiit Antl-Monopolists, Greeubaukora unci labor men culled to Bvo their standard-bearer in the prosideutlal caiupaign. A number of porters also called, but the general doolioed to bo Interviewed. Galne for Jew ||)U(er�. I'HiTH,.Jime 18.-In tU�|)j*fltio(jii of niem- beri ot tbe Hungarion '&] loat fifteen soate, and tu coined thirtoen. ' W *- �wm Have'I-toel^ I'awb, June 18,-A brobououtlu tbe lout" tbe entorcenont b/fiw against bull twltin^' fgovoniiaeiit " Itjp party 'i|(ht�. itlon hu llllliulii I'roiillillloilUt*. Bl. roN, Jili., June 18.-Tlio Pro-hlbltion party ot Illinois will hohl a state convention In tills city on Wednesday am 'I'hurs'lay ot tills wuoU. It Is expected thai lyKl.or CUO delegates will bo pruseiil from diltoront parts of tho state. i'lxGovornor St. John, ot Kansas, will bo present am' address thu convention. It is uxpectud by tho taltlitiii that lio will tukn a stand tor iiidopendout fiarty action, bu having writtun the editor of Thu Chicago Lover that siiim tho Hopubllcaii coiivontlon ignored tlif tempiiruiico (|uo�tioii lie sriould by voice an. voto opjiosi that pally, of which ho had always biiuii u meinl>ur, St, John is talkixl ot uji tliu uoinineu of thu i'rohlbitiou party for presidviit when thulr naliuiial coiivoiitlon incotsal Pittsburg, Pa., July 211. Ileeord iii t'l.iigreHM, WAhMINiri'.I.N ClIV, Jllllo IS. -Ill till. lU'll- ate Ingall. cr.'al.d a bie.'/'.� by char; iii^ that Broun Inol Inserted in tin 'llicial rt't of the l;ittnr's speech on llio (i'.'igla claim words that were not used in III., del.ate. Bills were reported to in-cr.'ioii to i';'"'',bOO llio appropriation for a I nblle hiiililing at Krie, and to forfeit the land grant ot the Allantie.t Piicille load. Van Wyck olbred a 1. .'olulioii directing the coiiiniltluu on Jii-.lii'iiiry lo Inquire whether the Union and Central I'aeillc roads have guaranteed Interest on oilier than tliusii specillciilly an-tliorl/isl by congress, or havo ls.-tuod new sloi'k In violation of i-ald act. liileresling ili'bab't took placo on Butler's resolntioii for an liive�ligatloii of thu banks of New York 1111.1 on the Utah bill. In the liouis) of representatives, bills wore iiili.jiliic...l to give to overy lioiiorably-dis eliargu.l s.ildh'r or sailor IflO mrres ot land, and tor Iho erection ot a home for union and cotifiidemto foldierN at Denver. Thu colli' ii.itlie on elections ruporled In favor ol iidnilttiiig Moray from tho Hoventh Ohio distilet. Deuster pruKonled a iiieasui'o to piiiiluli the prosccuthiii ot fruudnliiiit cluluii against forulgii govurniiioiits by lino and liiiprlboiiiiieiit. An evening session was U>ld to citisMer tho dellcleney appropriation bill. ISgyptlaii Now*. Caiuo, Juno 18.-Tho news ot tho retreat f i'ivlliaii rcsldcntH from Korosko in fear ol I'*.l Malidi'rt approach, bus caused a fueling ol alarm to s|ircad among thu iwoplo of iippoi Fgyjit. It is statod that the go verniiieiit will iirry forward a llntlsh t orcu In ordor to pilot thu peoplu. Stops tor tho purchase ol ;,0ikj camels linvo been taken. Advices from Abyssiniu show tlmt iClng John is ruudy to furiiiali 110,000 men to assist in a luoveinunt fur tliu relief of tho ICjuisaia garrison. 'I'lie latest advices from Khartoum roporl that Gen. Gordon has quitted thu pulucu, and has entruiiohud himself within tlie Itonian Catholiu mission. Tho grounds oi thu mission iiro nbunduntly supplied with wells, nnd contain l,(iOU date pulnii, togotbei with many orange trees. I.oiig-Llvcd (luiaediioae. IIanodu, Mo., Juno 18.-Samuel Kolsom, A pensioner of till) war of 181'J, has died at' Uiwell, aged 110. lie was a hard drinker, an iiiveleruto smoker, aud ono of tho worat luiniK'rcd anl most dlaagreeable of men. When ho llrst received hia pen-sloo tun years ago ho ordered^, a haiil wood collln made, gut Into it, nnd aiU ivns a litllo too small, had a quarrel with carpoiitcr and made blm discount f20 from' tliu bill. The oofllii was stowed away, and F'lUon went to another part of the town to live. A tow weeks buforo h� died ho moved haclc lo where the coHln had been kept (or a decade, was tukon sick and died, lie waa burled In thu collln. ttuiilr. Mnitpciieliiii lu nillwaillcee. Mii.waukke, Juno 18.-TlioManufooturem' . bank, of tills city, has smjiyiidcd pa^msfff'l' A meeting of tho board of dlroctom, held until midnight, decided upon this courif. will at once bo taken to havo a rooelvor appointed. On* of' the olHcers of the bank told a United Freia oer-|-es]iuiidont that thu Huspenaton ia tbe result of u continuml dumnnd tor aome time from di.posltors In cxcoas ot the banks' ability to convert its assets into money, A notice will ls> posted nn tho dour auiiounoing that tbe < bank has bisin placed In tho band* of a rs* ' culver tor tho puriKisn ot liqutdutlbu. Heavy UnmuKe* Hult. Nkw YoiiK, Juno 18.-A case In admlr- I>IuI(or� eroKriiiutliit{ Aiidrowa. New nAVK.v, Conn,, June ija-Capt RobertAV. Andrews, tho �8y((WtoW South Curolliia veteran, has left t^ii 'ai.ty for Herldoii, He was thu guust ol'miy. Mr, Ulltiert of West Jlavcn, ond ' Uuoi'ge street Hunduy-iiobaol � short address. Vlio.Jury Ulflleiilly, ClNiUNNATI, Juno 18.-Tho nttonipt to to. cure a Jury for tho trial ot Joe Palmer, the accoiiipliuo of William liornor in thu murder of WllUain Kirk, was resumed before Judge Avery. Another vunlro ot 200 iiunii'S wiu loturncd, and tho oourt-i'ooiii was duusely crowded. Ot tweuty-tlx men ozuminod be. (ore noon as U> their quuIiUcatlons to sit ai Jurors In tho case, not ono was accepted as n juror, 'i'hu most trciiuunt ground of excuse was that thoy could not give tho prisoner u fair trial. _ lllsutorck Waul* I'eueo. I'AliiB, Juno 18.-Tho Gorniun rosldoiita o( I'uris have presented Prince Ilolionlohe, th� Gorniun ambassador, with an elegant writing-desk. The prince, in respoudlug to tho address of tbe committee of presentation, snld that it bad been, and would be, his on' douvor, while at Paris, to soouro kinder relations between Germany and Franco, thu two most highly civilized people ot the globe. He was oucoumged in this endeavor by bis kiiowledgu thitt Prlaoe Biemaiuk's constant l>oliuy was ono which oontemplutcd peace with I'i'uiico. Tliu "Jfapi* Beaton Again. I'liil,AUisi,PlltA, Jan9 18.-The wrestilua mutch between iTfe, A�ton and Matsuda Soraklchi, the JaMtw^. wrestler, was won by the (oruier in'^.nghort time in threu straight (alls, two ;W, wWoU wero cuiuU-a�. oatoh'�ao, and one The I'uiiunia Canal. LoNPON, Juno 18.-The Paris correspofui'- , eiit of Tho Slundard upon making Inquiry at tile hcud ofllco ot the Panama Canal ootu* pany In that city, has boeu auiured that the statemonbi emanating from New York as to trouble lu tho atfalrs ot tho company are groundless und that thn prospects of tbw ea> terprlso are so promising us to warrant tb� coutiiiuuiico ot tho work of oonstructlnn ^aa ' ut proBciil In progress. Nowapapur UnKuvd ror tllauder. llKJiiifonp, Vt., June 18.-M. J, Maloo*/, . udltor ot the Clu�)tto, has baen arrested and Ills olUco ulosod, through tho instructions ol F^dwnrds & Dickeriuan, of Newport, fair , slandor against Judgu Koyce, ot St. Albans, ' Ball Is placed at (10,000. und has not bteu turhishod yet. More writs will follow trOMi other injured parties, .J, �Jolii|[ to Blow tip tit, Peter**. f BoJiK, June 18.-The Church ofBt, FeterV-la being piitrollod Inside unit out by guards, ' tho aiilhorltii's having recoivsd telegratnS'^V fruiii JiiiKlnnil that dynamiters are boli�riM to have gnno to Rome for tbe purpose of d^^,'. sti'oying tho bulldinit. 'i't' M'ooleii-MIII Clo*�4. Vili JoiiSKToWN, Pu., Juno 18.-Tbe WoodTdhj'!'..'] woolun-nilll has been closed for an lnd�aQ(^ $ period, on account of having no' ordNV.*' Throe hundred jiooplo are left idle. f' Tbo ViU John Porter Bill, (i IVahiiinutok City, June 18.-Tb* oootfilSii' oncu oommittuo on the Fits John Porter-pPl' bus agreed to a report, tbe house oontmM ugi'oolug to tbo senate ainendmeat. , Charged with lilbel. , f 1'uit.ADUU'iiiA, Pa., June 18,-^Wi baa been liauuil on compbtint ot Mayiw for tho arrest of Hugh Muliia, The Hunday World, nn a ebWM'�< growing out ut an artlole in th* |Mt'' the paper charging tha mayor wltb permission to two gamtillDgrboiUNtQ i oPsn. � 4 Killed III* wir�. New London, Oonn,. June l(l.�rA murder was perpetrated here by 9<ftxn uedy, an ex-soldter. He itruok ' three times on the b��d With, an ax, burskuU with each blO'w, Ut ^Mr threatened the mot the offlow wt�a arrest him, buHJwtatta d^rer ondiuo^ftAfdlin 62

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