Monday, March 12, 1900

Le Mars Semi Weekly Sentinel

Location: Lemars, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Le Mars Semi Weekly Sentinel on Monday, March 12, 1900

Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel (Newspaper) - March 12, 1900, Lemars, Iowa Ocutin iiSical S o c i e ty VOL. XXX, NO. 21 LE MAES, IOWA, MONDAY, MAIICII 12 1900. $ 2.00 PKR YKAR . ^:;; ! ji:.-.-, l! U ,: . / / : , . . :' V . - . s p ^ ^ S - - -- ' : • ji,. i . = / : o V : 0 ^ m ^ r S S ^ " \ ''^ li'iil'llMiiJ! L- ^ i // . 4. s> J'. •\\ I> H. KDWIX S A l t ( U K ) l ) FKY, M. I'- V. M. Tho 3&- u .:•• » :>•.! i'.. r:'-:.- nr ; - . m F. wi'.- i. M;- « i" !•- b- M iii trie i i - m . Y.. 1; \ m? - i Mir !. - ill i'-' u-: t"!"' lli' i :• '> r. -,•!. I : i: i •.. ••: e! I ! e- !':,•'. -- TniiT I M - t!„*, « « « ;. ir i lw hole world. It v. U b" t! » t-' l.-' it. sS !'-"•' i » : " f t ;• « • kiu. l 1):. ;,, : a l-. ir„"- o< l Fry. M. ii. C. AL. » . ih r - ! » • *- nt tie- Iviinliiinjli Medical si-, ii- iry Sr::. u r v :: t tlic* (' iiuference. I I IJII 1 1 Kruger Will Have Independ- : ence or Fight to the End. j HALT IN THE REINFORCEMENTS. I: ! I,- M- I r i ; i N i x n i t nwl tint- Ac. ro iturt; li i: ism — i t o l f o f TliHt O c c u p a t i o n Will Not Iff C o n t e s t e d. I . O M ' O N , March 10.— Sir Michael IIi-- 3; s-- B<; i I. i - Tall at il . M I » V; trr; ilil >= An* Out Fur j '.. in til >!:.( » • I ' . i u c r - , Hi" I'lilift— ! • 1 . * .[;> i! cl >. ju; tr « - :) iifi O l h c r a . I s-.: i • •• T. ?!.: M « h 10.—\ V. H. Ceul- ' v,: :: i T! J - « :::•• « • i. f Star.- Auditor : ::- v. v.' i :•:•!•• i and i » ! i:- ed iu '• ii • •: \ vi:: i c. mpiieiiy in The •. a: i ;. t- ( r Wilham \. -- t was maile by Chief ; : v.- jil-. i i-- ned f « ir ":•••.[ « •:" - r.- r. irv Star-.- Caleb :.: id Juha V.*. Duvis, ; h • > T:; te caiii*!-! S i i u a i v. warr. j!^.- . eiiarjr- th:-: u with, r atvi-.- - ry ti; « « (. i « K- bf] ussassinai; i ; warrants ::- ain> r rx - SeL - retary , (; i Mar- 4 Cl\. :"].•> l'i: jl- y and . Tohn T. Pi'\ VL - r> i:: i . vi V. t swnrn our and have \ bucii r r.> , . Viii !:.. y c{ » injty f" r service. ! Davis i iri.-: n--.- a;;:] ir. t TO a late Imur the P "] irt' bad i' it l 'i ! u:;: I him. It i. s n.' t r S- •• r-, i, ivy P., Wr- rs is in til.- e ; ry. te- ti tie d at f: i' ir: al f Hariau V/ hittakur Til- -:. ty • : iK' snots at the t i l : ' " i U- i-- ii- 1 ; i" a-^ inati'tii wero iir. . n:: t IM>* ili « . u t o t h e H i l l. V \'. v- Hiwi x, M: tr.- U 10. — Discussion of M: i-. n'.- c.\; jr. ssiiicr s = rm p a i h r i-. r : h-- - rs v.- as o- mduct- Kl ill y - - ; Ttlay lii!: ti ci..>.-'. i duor.- i. . iruiMt the I'or.- hni rcliuiniis . ( it'.': iaii: iiji^ : ii; it LIIL* doors the D: ivi- Cli'. l.]' be '•:> . 1 . c; l-'- s. ti'. ns S] i ., i: jt- r r.- bcc: i w;: r i'rie % vc > ul. i >!• fi'ic! i. i! y r.-].! T h i / i ::-.. u _ Eaid n:: i: a ^ - Avrnii^ w; t> ii geirie. l r.- L 'ar. shiji, w l i ' i l i' or tin- cz. ir Tile qucsii next xvi- vk. The ieattir gpeecll hy i. i i 'i w.* were TOM ev ry day •.*• i!..-, v." • n. li- 1 tli; it K'i.-'' au. i liad i : i i: ie Spanish v.: ir and • : h i u , ^ to iuurrupt. those to his f.- et. He •.- linu of rijrlit aud and it should be nuesrinns nf friendas fepain, England be debated again i: e o i v n spssipn was a • . K y . ) on the Porto p ' vennneiit measure, iritl provisioLi of the s i. f the proposition an government. He under the treaty of iich pi- uvidvil that the civil g ; i - ir > a\ v'it. „' ivm^ free trade to til;' one an ! ! ; wine : i lariff on the other. He < e..:.< i.~ e< i the doctrine that tile COH- iitH'iol! ' xteiidcd ex j; roprieto virro over the property ac ::• for the Porte Iii, maintained that Pari-, v.! II. M.- e C ; u . 3 ^> IVll^ iou R i l l s. W A S H I * I T . . X , Mtirc- U 10.— The first pension day >- ssi, ju > Goefi t t l i n d. JUNCTION' CITY, Kr. n.. March 1 0 . — E x - Congressman John Davis of the Fifth Kansas district has gone totally blind.. He was o a e of the founders of the Populist party and served two terms iu congress from the Fifth district. Four years a<; o h e retired from the political arena and e \ e r siuce has devoted his time to writing, mostly for Kansiw Popu l i s t papers. St. J « » e I ' i i i t o r Go « « I n lEnme. ST. JOSEPH, i l a r c h 10.— Rev. G. H. Bradford of the Wesleyau I L E. church of this city has accepted an appointment to the iiasromte of a church in Rome, Italy. He will become the head of the denomination in Italy and will have charge of the Methodist Episcopal book concern there. B r a d s t r e c t ' * R e v i e w o f T r a d e. NEW YORK, March 10.— Bradstreet's s a y s : Relieved f r om the hampering eff e c t s of stormy weather general trade distribution h a s shown a tendency to expand t h i s - r^ ck, prices of m a n y staples are firmer or higher and generally there i s a better tone than noted for some i r e e k s p a sL I N S U R G E N T S A R E A C T I V E . n* » nfor « *'*!! W! it* S-' TI! to A1 « rt* ttilin? Apnrrl. M A X I I . A . ?> I: tr.- h U). —( Tiii'T. tIs YOIIIII* and Hood art- a- l; in; r U> v r.' infTceiiientj and a battalion of iii'- Vurly- i i^ lith re^ im e n r has b-:- wi sf- nt to Atiarri. Other troops will i'. i'dow. Th*- n- b'- U recently persistently attark.' d Aj. arr; f< and thy Red Rat'. t. uan e r o - s .- ynib.- Iir of re.- i> tanee, is a^ aiu apjiearini: unions th<) natives. Tin- f a T that General T< airi'. r i^ nn- Eble, owiuif Jo la** k in^ urReiits had debarred tlte . smie day. The Artierteans immediately s>- tit onr thr;-: pursuinR coluinns. ej- r anti- rlnR th'* enemy in three small enuaRem-.- nts and killiiJR a total of J'i tnvii. The Snanisii prisoners reii > rt that the enemy h a - ilivided into small baieW iu the mountains, nnder the - leadership of General Tj-- R. » >] ii. Tlie tiovn of IriR;; has been burned by the em- my. Twelve hundred well armed in< ur- R-- nr:-, fdt'tn. r; y of Cavito nniviuee, w i th a Chines.- R-, neral in ronunand, surround the. to-. viw of All- ay and L/ eRaspi. They have eifeetud tim- e niRht attacks and continually harass the 1' orry- seventh reRimcnt, w h i c h has losteiRht- men killed and 20 wounded in defending those towns. E X P L C S 1 0 N J l: m ilt: i;- t « r. v nt l'olnptntl, X. J., lSIt. xv. I'JI W i t b I'aliil U e i u l t s. P O M I - T I I N , X. J., March 10.— The Smith fuse manufactory at this pla,- e blew up yesterday and four persons were killed attd a number more or less injured. The killed are: J O H N R I I O I I A. V . ' I I . U A M O A H M T S. W I L L I A M H. ' J A I . M A O K . ( iKonoi J 1 I : I : I : I T T . a l< iy. They were at work in the factory with about oO other ui.- n and girls. The bodies of tlie four killed were badiy mangled and some of them blown to pieces. P.- rcy Jacobus was blown into the river and was badly hurt. B R I T I S H S T E A M E R S U N K. AH lint Tu- - l i c e at any point where there was a possibility of trouble. I'I. MMI Is o n t h e l n e r e a . c. FREMONT, O.. March 10.— The flood situation here is m- Te alarming now th: ui at any time during the week. The up- river ice came down with a rush and the water is ten inches higher now than at fl o'clock last night. The ice gorge north of town still refuses to move out. Th-- heavy ice flow Das considerably weakened the State street bridge. S h o o t i n g AITr- iy nt \ ev « . L- i, NEVADA, MO., March 10.— United States Commissioner Douglas Wight and Horace H. Bianton, an attorney-, who was a candidate for the Democratic congressional nomination in 18.10, fought a pistol duel in the street yesterday. Both were hit, Wight sustaining a scalp wound mid Blanton being daugerously wounded in the abdomen. Wight's father, ex- Stato Senator S. A. Wight, is the Democratic candidate for mayor. Blanton had questioned his Democracy, accusing him of being a " gold b u g , " a n d this led to the shooting. C o t a n m n d e r G o u l d r> epoietL BROCKTON, Mass., March 10.— Tho dissension which has existed in tho ranks of t h e U n i o n Veteran union since t h e last national convention held a t Des Moines, In., has resulted in the deposi Hon o f Commander Daniel W. Gould of ', t h e Massachusetts department. John ! A. Mandeville of this c i ty is named as h i s successor. The chief canse of tho dissension was, the changing of tho name from the U n i o n Veterans'. union to the- Union Battlemen's onion.- - • ni^ have taken place that have eta. iiL'e- l the situation a u d probably not La >!:•• money will be re. iuired." Whatever the g o v e r n m e n t m a y know c- r intend, u n o i h e i a l opinion seems e v e r y .. here to think that tho Boer P iv.'.- r is coliap- kie;. iYes; « i-- n:> i- Irueeraud Stoyn have put f.- t- vvai- l their iirst overtures looking to at: e i i i i i i i L : o f the war, but th- ir eiu. rts ere certain t o b e futile, ina- much as t i e - y insist that- the pre-, n a t i o n of tho imiet;. mience o f the two republics be guarantee:] .' ii'.- f of all. Tlie K i ^ h l h division has been under oi'iers t o embark f o r several weeks, but t h o s e o r d e r s , . f v r a s the artillery cont i n g e n t is . o t i c . r u e d , have b e e n recalled, L irii K'. b' rts having reported that no n i o r e a: iiil.- ry I r o m home is necessary. T i i i s i> the liv>: p : i u - c in reinforcements Lance th-,- war began. General Buller, H ee- tid iu eoniinand in the fieM, a nd L . r . l Wul.-. l e y are Uiidcr.- tood to also C M - i . i.- r tiiat n o n i ore. artillery is n e e d e d . I. n : l i o ' t i - . a - a : ! « g v t h i T 4." i3 guns, i i ; e h l ' l i l ! ^ sie_'-' iiic- - s . Ir is i p i i i - • • ! , a r that General Culler v\ iil ii'- r try anyii- inc; laree in future, as h e is t o i o - e Sir Charles Warren and tho letter's ! n, ii- to men, who have h " ' u ordi red t o j . , i n Lord Roberts. It is tho i-.\ t . r t a t i on ol the wt. r oflico that Lord Iiol- irts, ii twithstanding the i. eccssity o: L r ar: i- oni., j_' his depots, will b e abio to ;..-: at.- 1; c " i i s i . , m l y increasing forceunti b y the t i n e the Transvtial frontier is r waseffeeted yesterday bet we ti:: g oilV- r--: i-, vs, and tlie convention Will b-: at ati end, with a aeeaid-.! aRreemt"> nt fur initiinR le- r tlio y « ar I'- t'^) t! i" w a g e of the CxU EASY Knocks O nt Oscar Gardner Third Round. In OMAHA W e s t e r n 1' MIITKI i; i..- n ii - y.'.- K.- i- Xt;'. v " 0..,-- ru • (.:•: .: i '. f l a i ; iir.- t c;.. v, iT> H I T B T A OTOLONE. > t o W i l h . t i i i i . l t i n. l o L l y n 1 I i : i i i i l i i « i .. t'Hts - hurt tie* . m l u i i y Cluti. in.— Terry Mctiocked out O.- c. ir ha Kid." iu th" was to have 1". en til" Jh- oa. l'.-. ay tin. M. < ;-'.< i .1 l- eltitl' a- til. e g.. O i WOl' l i n g iu kn . Matvh ; r l . e i or . in 1-. it n • a r u sh a- lt - v. th, . citing . Me- 111'; o i l til. ,1 ,11.1 His and ttn aov. im ur. u. r.-; of , t i t s i„- r t o n . POPLAI: (; i-. il in 1 ::: p - 11. P — t " - - o: V ill ltot be L'JNII. iX, t o n S t ' i m n e d p. vie. March 9.— General F • e: i'- ji. who is t. ii miles ahead, reports ti at iiis Iron! is clear o. 1 ' the Boerc. All other reports i- atl to confirm the state o i; i--., igani:'. atiou of the Boer forces, is well as Free State. The M - ession is that tlio fnrthor the British to Bloeinl'outeiu opiio- sca. March 10.— All tho special d siiurohcs from Poplar Grove confirm t! e reports of the panic of the Boers. T. ie Morning Post's correspondent says: . resident Kruger sued tears at his in e. .' e'.' ir. al attempts to rally the Boers, \\ iio w e r e completely paralyzed by L ml Roberts' masterly tactics. Tliey v*. re t(, o tiemcraiized to het- d his e s - p . stulations autl declared that, the Britis. a camion v.". re everywhere." The c n \ s n o i L d e u t of * hc Daily Xews Et. yst " The V, f li.- ve they have the right ' man, but tin- prisoner btoutl}' maintains he in inno.- eiit. ! (• r: ili; iiii Kuock- t flilt iJieiiJUui. i Dr> M'I ' I . M : S , Mareh 10.— Jimmi. 3 Graham o:' l) e> Moiii.- s kn'iciied i. ut Iv- dtly llp.- nnan of 6 ivator last uiglit in the Iirst round by a .--.). ar pk xu,-. ; blow. Jo- Choyji- ki was the ruleree. ] Ow> l" y Turner wa.-. given the decision ovt r 1 ill:_ v Ik'osn (. M-. ntami Kid-* and 11- ys M uehs wiiipp. d 1 rank Ciauuy. W R E C K O r A ^ S T O C K T R A I N . • Sti'ieti.-. A « ' ci.| I n i im I* u l . l u e \ < a r llf- Ml ri ad] y injured and several had to be killed, i-' our ears are com pie te wrecks ou either siiie of the track, liails Were broken ami b- nr and ties for yards wen- gronii't into .- pinner.-.. ' I'iie aeeideut wa-* cauM.- d by a b'rok- jii flange on the he;* d stock c: r, t! ic wreck w c u r r i n y in tlie center of the train. None of the train crew were hurt. • l . iC • tori M ' i , ; , » |-; g a t i/ « .• » !•: to tie .-.- Meni ] :; iatt- i'~ fro- r, - a:;. I m : r il attack was v.- ith a \ v ! l din et,-- l left i i " rbe t j o a*. ( Jardner's ! ro be ,) t no against alui's" tiai; Met iovtip- u him. Tiiree times J -•••• y\ u . M'. d e ; e n t i m e h e !:.- " e nuit." In the third • v va n:- hed like a bull .! I'-. iry and threw a left jaw which r^ tag'- rered I he ' A M E N D S T H E C A N A L T R E A T Y 1 SfiKite amended. The amendment is brief. It simply provid. s that the restrictions in the treaty > hall not operate to prevent the United Stati- s from using i t s own force for the protection of the interests of the United States and the maintenance of order. • d t h. the far g i n the that (.). li- elC, the i:. d land Tiien • whieli ip;-. i '.- ite ear was young • da l eu M O R E ' a ; tii- A r e V At.'- TIN. ri- m Orti •. h « - indiai; • I;.* ions eh.-: L- i i ' - no 11: • . roops do •: • \ it a the ' and it '• vili be n., ;• Tin- •: ue-.. f the : acre the • - i en ; i i c t i o i i . aging t l o n - ; - P... 1.1 \ V: ir o . - ID > l . - . i . .-. • v . Mar- h 10.— Advices \ , are to the eii'eer that i v" e . nt inueil t heir depro- .* : ; ie la> t '. veek atjd have .: an: ige to .- mall haiulets ,:; i ,: nd Tori. Tiie Mexiean - • • • em to be ;: h! e to cone • i' >• = fi at the pre- i nt wntni.-. uile.- t that more men d Mijip- v- s the ui'i'i- ing. •. ii ! i" are very . su> jt: ciian.- laving trajt- to masi!• b ice, and dii not show ::: ion to venture into the n s. Several ellorfs e i to get M '. iall deoieli- • ii i imutgh to Potan, bat :\< llie Indians appear : oi t'nat neighborliond, and in unusually bald warfare * iiat come to the scene of Oil" I ' h U t e 1 I I % . T ISrl. l-;'' M; ty <; " eb., . Mar; di 10.— Tho Plat to river oppo- ite this place is very high and full of running ieer- AJtiiough the bridge a c n » s the river is ail right, yet travel is interrupted, people l y i n g afraid to venture on the structure. A htrge force is at work with dynamite trying to save tlu; bridge, but great fears are entertained for its safety. . Miirsinil Shut nt ICOlr.- iel K i l l. G E N E V A . Neb.. March 10.— Marshal Koias of Milligau was shot and .-. lightly woun- led last night in trj'ing to I J U - U a disturbance at tile railroad lull. One of the parties concerned, ii. C Sp.- iggeu of Dayki. n, is here in jail, charged with attempted murder. Orey Teppiu Tobias, the man who did tlie shooting, is still at la: ge. a- M e , more w-.- il: to I' that cad w teiunr to Mexican £• rate the s; i; r \ f r om are securing ail their uiLioii i s p a t c l i F r o m Ixird l t o b e r t t, LONPOX, Mjirch 9.— The war office' has issued the following dispatch from Lord Roberts: " Clements has occupied Norvulsponl and the adja/* eut drift. As soon as the engineers, pontoon and troops arrive he will cross the river, when tho necessary repairs to the railway bridge will be commenced. Gafacre occupied Bnrgaersflorp March 7 aud was greeted w i t h great enthusiasm on the part of the loyal inhabitants. His scouts rep ; rt that large numbers of the rebels iu the neighborhood are anxious? to surrender." T h e O n l y H i g h G r a d e B a k i n s - P o w d e r O f f e r e d a t a ffiod- i e r a t o P r l o a . 1 B a k i n g Powder NONE SO GOOD. $ ' 1 I * r N . i i . t r O u t of MohV K. a . t i . MARHJX. l a d . , March 10.— I'red Danker, tlie tramp, who attaeked and chlorofortiicd Mrs. Henry W i s e , wife of n prominent farmer, six miles south of Marion, and who with great difilrulty was placed iu the Marion jail t o protect h im from t h e indignant neighbors, was secretly removed to the jail at Wabash by the sheriff. The mob made strong deiimii- trations last night and twice very nearly M i c c e e d e d in getting poss- ssiou of the prisoner. Want Curb T r a i l i n g U » ' Storeil, ST. L u n s , Mfarch JO.— Since the barring of puts and calls from tlie local market there has been considerable complaint among traders on exchange. A meeting at which 2.1 of the hading grain dealers of tie; city were pres" u:, , appointed a committee to go before th*: board of directors of tho merchants'ex- : ehange next Tuesday and present a 1 petition asking to have an afierno > n session established or restore tho curb.: T E L E G R A P H I C B R I E F S. SirCharlc- Hall, recorder of ciry of London, died Friday, iu his . ISrh year. , The sewer pipe rru. st was Friday refused a certificate of incorpon; tiou by , Secretary of State Kinney of Ohio. The total number of dead taken out of the Red Ash mine at lfire Creek, W. Va., is 2S and the number thought to be in the mine is 20. Colonel John Magrew of Lafayette, Iud., has Inreu appointed captain of the watch of tiie national capital by 8er- i gcant* at- Arms R; m < flell. The Osage Indians wiio are in Washi n g t o n with tlie professed intention of • feenring allormcuts are said to h; tvc : uiother object in v i ew which is to p r e - '. f.' r charges against the agent of the' tribe. At the bimonthly wago conference a; ! Youngstown between representa. rive-. of the Amalgamated association and the ; iron manufacturers an advance of 2" » ! <' cnr. s a ton in tlie rate for puddling wa ( - , k'greed upon. | Samuel Saudcrval, a young desp* i'r- 1 ;< lo, was kilted and several citizens . " pounded in a k i t t l e at the Jo - . n of Ararique, N. M., which ftdloweti an attempt to arrest Sauderval and . lr. au MeMas, who had been *' shootiug up the t o n t i ." C n b a n C o l o n i s t s A r e Huppy* NKW VOKK, March 10.— E. G. Rideout, geueral manager of the colonizing enterprise at La Gloria, Cuba, writes m s a y i u response to a receut dispaten from Havana, that no colonists are in distress at La Gloria and that none have ever asked government aid, nor received assistance from the quartermaster's department. Mr. Rideout says 300 people are n o w a t I ^ o i i o r i a and that 00 per cent are happy- Mini' contented. I ! a i i u Official N o t G o I I t j. PAOLA, Kan., March 10.— L. O. Gilmore, ex- cashier of t h e P a o l a National bank, charged with embezzling stock of the Independence Gas company, was today, f o u n d not >! i . ifter h 1 ' r. el. I'our e r a i - . y were t ing terrible f : i - k f . Tie train was ta Kv. and S U t ' fe in*' liy Mimke. Ky., Mar<- h Ut. — The train and Crescent route, bearmd menagerie, stalled in '• n tunnel about noon yes- • f .' orf t o engineer of the stalled e>, to ins home at Ludlow, : • tireman to Lexington. I greatly, being entirely ..- the sm- ike, but will re- <- ot i. iii. liin; ' I'uiii.'. o.' b Hi.— ' I'lic board or dip--: iit,' nti; iry, after ii con- ' O. v.' riior Stanley, tl.- cid-' d .' of tin' product of the • '.. liint of the state pi- niitisin^ will be 1 0 e d i t s a i'-: ir that livtnre as the cost i v: il\ permit. W. A. p. ity ward, n of the pris- . e.- titral Am.- ric.' i, ni; tkfor sisal. Uist year the • u t r o l Kansits paid us lor th.' ir twin'-. Some was divided to sell the • dir<' ct to the consumer spi'Sin-.- of the output to t'ct I'l Toriii; ^. r.-.- tors of t! ii- r.- in'-- witit tliiit the pi.. bindiiii.' twit: l'- ntiiiry at 1 pound, or as .- I prndui't: ' j'; loi:.] isoii, - i on, is now ii in!,' cuitni-.- is f.< n: i.- rs of •• thin- at-' o i; lilndinpr twin instead of m biinlin^ tirii, I. « ' liri*-\ « ' fur liumi'^ iil Mall. Hr. l. nxA, M" ii., March 10.— A respite for Ji'St- pll . c c.'].' if-. i', tlie iniini'.' iit mull vni. ii'r scnt.' i'.' M to be haii- ri'd : it Hntte, has b e n tel- i. ini- d to the sh'- ritT there by LiuuteiniMi t nm- rnor S p r i g s . It \ v;; s fearo. V th-- mails would mis( slr^^. Tin- lieutenant governor will si^ n tile temporary i-< siiite when he reaches Biitte iu order that tile supreme court limy have an .. pp- irttinity to jiass U] HIII Schafer's apii.- al. The slierilT will respect the telephonic reprieve. It has seemed that . Sch. ifer must. ha: i^, sine.- the governor and lieutenant governor have been out " f the state. W i l l I t i i v e Iturnl I ) . ' l l v c r r. YERMIUJON, S. D., March 10.— Oonpres. siuau Gullible has notilied Carl Gundersou of this city that he lias at i e t'uiisiilt- r Trust*. March 10.— The honse - jn iiciary yesterday ilufion oll'ered by Reprei'street find.) fur the ap- : i special snlK'ouiinittee on • ; i ei. tl siibcoininittee is to en lie mliers, nniler tho of 11-' preventative Ray, '. iiioiittee, aud is to couii. ro, is bills and resoluii. trusts which have been Iii i listnt; mi . M^ Ht I t i l l. Hr. iiits'. March 10.— The reichstag ad- ipt'd, by varying iniijorities, panici- aphs 1 , ' J and 1 1 of the meat bill. I'aracraph 1 i . l a t i i i " ; to the prohibiti," i .. i' ; ne. it iiupotts, was adopted by PiS I . . : ! . ) . , T E L E G R A M S T E R S E L Y T O L D. Peter Maher was The production of prunes i s Increasi n g rapidly In Oregon, the annual shipment of the dried fruit n ow amounting to 500 cars. L a b o r Sarins;. " Are you the man who answers the questions?" " Yes, sir. What can I do for you?" " I would like to ask how you pronounce the word ' sacriflcable?'" " That is easily settled. May I trouble you to hand me that dictionary? Thank you. I am a trifle rheumatic — will you please open It a t the right place?" ; -: " Certainly. . . . Why, It'll ac-, cented on the ' crif,' Isn't i t ? ' " Yes.". " How curious! I could nave hnnted i t up nt b o r n e , ! suppose.' bnt l f s - s tronbles, d i s e a s e of tli !*• k ie Organs, and those p cuh - ir f o women. I desire to give it my hon est endorsement e . n t e d by i ts superior merits. To use it means a cure without fail and I have never found a n y t h i n g to equal it " MRS. F A N N Y C V \ T I : I: . Inn. liim. Mrs. lannie Cdnter, of 43- f Warren St., Hrjoklvn, \. \., is. i iirudu. ite Royal School of Murses, Viennd, Austria; graduate Woman's tnfirmarv and Maternity Home, New York City, with diploma. T h e A n n u a l S t a t e m e nt of T h e Mutual Life Insurance C o m p a ny o f N e w Y o rk appears on the hist This is the largest bile h i ; - u r a t e . in the Worlil. It is purely mutual and all ! r > a e e . i i v. i a t i ... belong to and are held lor riie h-.- n - s Lr of its policy- holders evclusiw I v . Its assets are over Three Hundred nd OVJ millions of dollars, and it has over One Thousand Millions of Dollars of insurance in force. ElarriMiii** Mimt F a m i i i i . Ciuf. " It is doubtful." said an Indianapolis lawyer the other day. " whether (,' eneral Harrison recalls a certain case which he tried out in Indiana Unit was more remarkable in its way than the session of the Venezuela arbitration. Of the four counsel only one had ever tieen heard of uuisidc of his o w n stale, and the judge had merely a local reputation. Yet within iwelve years one of llie quar ette had been elected vice president of the United States, number tine president, still another Fluted Suite senator, antl the judge had riseu to the circuit bench antl had tilled two posts ill President Cleveland's cabinet. " It was a political case, and each party chose its most fatuous representative to represent it. Mr. Harrison aided the i'nited States district attorney, ant! Senator David Turpie and Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks appeared for the Demociats. The judge was Walter (}. Gresliam, who had been appointed district attorney." X M In B o t h W a y s. " You can't satisfy a woman," he said dolefully. " When I pioposed to . Miss Smith i told her she was the Lks. girl I ever loved and she refused me o; i the grountl that I was unquestionably an unconscionable liar. Then, after my bruised heart had got into pretty fair condition again, I proposed to . Miss White aud told her that, while she was above all the dearest girl iu the world to me. I felt it only proper to confess that I bad loved eight others a t various times. Antl what do you think she did?" " What?" " She refused me on the ground that I was an unconscionable flirt nnd wottld make any ffirl wretched. Ynii bet I'm going tn study the next on" carefully before I decide to tell her anything." t n c r e are o4. uuo, uuu people in ucrmaoy, aatl the population increases at the rate of 700,< XX) or 800,000 every year. Hickory nuts are a n American product, and we export them in large numbers to Europe. Pecans belong to the hickory family. It has been estimated that the jubilee at Rome will draw between 7.000,- fxm and 10. n0O. 00O pilgrims to the Eternal City during the coming year. E x c u r s i o n R a t e s WESTERN and particulars as to how to secure too acres of the best Wheat growing land on the Continent, can be secured on application to the Superintendent of ' Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, or the undersigned. Specially conducted excursions will leave St Paul, Minn., on the first and third Tuesday in' each month, and specially low rates on all lines of railway, are being quoted for excursions leaving. St- Paul on March a8th, and.' April 4th, ' for Manitoba, Assinibpia, Saska^ ewaD, ! & Alberta. N. BARTHOLOMEW, Canadian QmrMMat Amnt, ? t -' V ; ' MM « , nn sbi*,; N U R S E S IN T H E B O E R W A R . W o r k of S o m e W h o Are Xo-. v Serving: I n S o u t h A f r J c n. Nurses who aii.' serving in hospitals In South Africa say it is astonishing how severely w< . in men attend such uisrItutioi » a|^ S' '*- 3R* mm

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