Thursday, September 26, 1963

Floyd Valley News

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Floyd Valley News (Newspaper) - September 26, 1963, Lemars, Iowa VOL. 11/ NO. 77  lOne reason the horseless| car-' fSge took over the country from ^horses was' that'the horses, ne'-rgr linclerstood the vaJde �of bring-in^:''but new, improved' models ^leryyear. That wasn't the only reason, of, �course, and perhaps it .Ivasn't the �liost important reason^ the:,, ; car �took ttie place of the -four-footed �jiitihurners. But the fact remain? Kat the horses just didn'tjjkeep K),ice with modern progress' and Improvements, the way 'automa-' �Iters are doing today. ' , Personally, we didn't have anv-ling against the 1963 models hicH become old hat this week jtii the unveiling of the 1964's. If IJiev're still rurining as well in I, as tiie 1953's are doing in 1963 fnr (he coffee Drinker, we'l? know HlieyVe passed the test of time, and ivilling to try them. As it stands now, the Coffee irinker always enioys the new car Ihowings. It gives him a good idea Ihe cars he might be driving in iBnother eight or 10 years. Speaking of cars, a lot of folks, rer the years have wondei-ed at lack of success of the electrics, is really rib ' reason this didn't go for electric rs, and it could still,'if the elec-car makers had just equipped Ir ears with adequate, noisema- LE MARS, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER, 26, 1963 BULLDOG-EAST GAME TO START AT 7:30 - IN STOUX CITY FRTOAY Time of the Le Mars Community high school and Sioux City East football game Friday night at Sioux City will be 15 minutes earlier than the rogulai time ('or home ffames. According (o school principal Vance Stead, game time will be 7:30 p.m. at the Sioux City public 'ichnn! stadium. Admission prices also are different than those charged in Le .Mars, Mr. Stead reported. Prices are $1 for adults, !50 cents for jun-ioi' and senior high school students with identification cards and 35 cents for elementary students. it's the use/:OfK<hayingj^300; I pass can t hear them? .The clrics were too quiet. You cbuld atup behind a pedestrian with-ithls realizing it until you beeped ' horn. And when you poured the power, the machme lust [nrred a little faster - scarcely a bine.. |We'd:like to see thef'hot rod set �tj interested in electric cars. coiald develop � somethmg.. |ing riiofern electric motors and |iieries;'with perhaps a-bttle mo-for each wheel, which might the Chevys and Fords and pnuths a"d Ramblers a race r, their money. fld instead of "filling it up," ii'd just plug it into the light soc-l overnight. I-YMOUTH CO. BARRACKS " 1507 AND AUXILIARY " MEETING AT AKRON Meeting of Plymouth county Bar-No. 1507 vel;erans of world Ireland Auxiliary will be held fednesday, Oct. 2, at the Ameri-T,Legion hall at Akron, to ac-lodate an increased member-In.that area. < v.. ..n; l.-world war 1 veterans will be 'Iceme at this meeting according I an announcement by'Charles B. iBjmer, commander. DUANE RATH CAR SLIDES IN DITCH NEAR CHEROKEE Mr. and Mrs. Duane Rath and daughter Dana of Rembrandt escaped injury Sunday in a one-car accident near Cherokee. They were en route to Le Mars for a visit in the home of Mrs. Rath's parents Mr. and Mrs. E. C. (Bud) Ross. Acr-ording to the highway patrol, the Ratli car skidded on wot pavement 2 miles west of ChrTokee on highway 3. The vehicle slid into a ditch. It was reported Mr. Rath .swerved in order to avoid a collision with a car that turned off the highway in front of him. Front end damage was done to Mr. Rath's Buick Special. Mr. and Mrs. Ross drove to Cherokee to get their daughter and her family. Mr. Ross tooli them home to Rembrandt Sunday evening. Never before in the history of the car business has there been so many models and styles- as there are in the 1964 series. Showings which started in. Le-Mars last Friday and Saturday with Neisius Motors' .showing of the new Dodge models, .will reach a peak in Le Mars this weekend and continue through next week. At Grotcwokl's Chevytnwn showroom on highway 7.") south tomorrow, Thui'sday, the new Chevrolet, on failroad platform SANK -- This truck load of junked motor blocks from the South Side Auto Salvage was being loaded on the rail car, at left, Tuesday in downtown Le Mars, when an 8-inch plank in the loading platform gave way un- CATTLE LOWER: HOGS. SHEEP STEADY der the right rear dual. This gave AAelvin Pitts and Bert Stellingwerf an uphill job in moving the heavy blocks into the gondola. Admitted Tuesday at Sacred Heart hospital; Mary Ann Dreck-man, Le Ma^; Ernest Siefker, , Denver, Colo.,: John Raveling. Le-'^^"'^ ^''""^^ Monday at Sharply lower di-essed meat prices led to a 25 cent to 50 cent Mars; MaDonna Wells, Le Mars, Dismissed: Dale Noble, Le Mars; Dr. M. F. Joynt, Marcus; Mrs. James Sand and daughter. Pier-son. Expired: Ben Saner, Marcus. IS SGboIar seniifinalist |B\rths at Sacred Heart hospitial: ' n to Mr. ax\d Mrs. Robert Marcus, a son,, Sept,,t24i Prn to Mr. and Mrs. ?ilObert. isen, Remsen,,a daughter.^S^ to Mr. and Mrsiikernon Mars, a: daughter./'Sept. LOCAL MARKETS Eggs........v.-.:.. .33 , . 1 Eggs...............23 Lge................: .23 "^f'Grades and Pullets ... .15 Produce 2..................,1,18 ....................... .63 .........i-i::.....2.51 Judy Winterfeld the Sioux City Stockvards. with steers peaking at $24.50 and heifers at ,?23.25. A run of 6,500 stockers and feeders moved at steady rates, with good and choice yearling steers at $24.50 to $26.50. Butcher hogs were steady to strong, topping at $16.00 and spring slaughter lambs were unchanged, ranging from $19.00 to $19.50 on choiqe. Feeder lambs also, held ste^g with choice western's to $18.75." Area livestock sales at Sioux City this week include: Tony Nacke, Remsen, 63 but., $16. Vernon Renken, Le Mars, 21 sts. wt. 1233, $24.50. Henry Bauer, Kingsley, 24 sts., wt. 1,118, $24.75. Elmer Schmidt, Akron, 34 hogs, $16. Don Parkinson, Merrill, 29 hogs, $10.' Don Neunahar, Akron, 33 but., $16. Cyrus A. Knapp, Westfield, 33 but., .$15.85. Orvil'.e Kunkel, Remsen, 24 sts. wt. 1,216 $24. Clarence Schroedcr, Le Mars, 73 hogs, $15.75. Cecil Kennedy, Le Mars, 20 sts. wt. 1,108, $24. OVER 900 ATTEND -CHURCH SMORGASBORD Hospita member auxiliary drive open (Released by Lauretta Traufler, Sacred Heart hospital Auxiliary information director.) Annual membership drive for Sacred Heart hospital Auxiliary is under way. According to Mrs. June MacKenzie, membership chairman, a .house7to-house .canvas is being conduqted. ; ^ ^ Divisional chairmen have been appointed in Oyens, Brunsville, Remsen, Alton, Granville, Struble, Kingsley and Merrill. Le Mars business district chairman and the Oyens chairman report they virtually have completed their drive. Dues are ,$1 per year. Members may be either active or inactive. Inactive members do not hold office or serve on committees. Membership is open to women of all "faitlis" CLOUDS CLEAR AWAY - TEMPERATURES ZOOM INTO THE SOS Lines of family washing "bloomed" in back yards Wednesday morning when bright sunshine returned aftoi- an alisence of llireo days. From a morning low of 49 degrees, temncralures climbed steadily until the mercury reached the 80 mark by early afternoon. High reading Tuesday was 79 degrees. The sun dried up mud and puddles of water left from three days of intermittent drizzle and rain. Fair and cooler is the forecast for tonight, with continued fair and mild the prediction for Thursday. Youngsters will welcome the lovely weathei^ because there won't be dasses ~ Thui-sday. new cars Chevelle, Chevy II, Corvair and Corvette models go on display along with Chevrolet trucks. Coffee and doughnuts will be served from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the showroom will remain open until 9 p.m. both Thursday and Friday. The new Ford models will go on display Friday at Whelan Motors, located on highway 75 south. Although Ford features no radical changes this yenr, the car has improved features in all areas. New Mercury models will go on displf|y at Whelans the following week, Friday, Oct. 4. Free coffee' arid doughnuts will be served during the Ford showing. At Pew's, Le Mars Cadillac, Buick.and Pontiac dealer the new cars in all three lines will go on display next week Thursday, Oct 3, according to Dick Pew. Le Mars Rambler dealer, Cop-pock Motors, will show the 1964 Rambler models Thursday next week, Oct. 3, Clyde Coppock reports. Oldsmobilc's new models will go on display at Grotewold's next week, Friday, Oct. 4. The Olds-niobile features a new line this I year - the Jetstar 88, slightly bigger than the F-85, but smaller than the 88's. There is also the usual 98 and Starfire in the Oldsmo-bile series. BRIDGE MARATHONS-ARE BEING ORGANIZED FOR THE WINTER MONTHS ��y<,.i^- �..Teachei's.JroniL,Ply,qip.uiib^*vQi^ ' ''l-kee and Wooabiiry counties wWl All work for the hospital auxil- gather in Le Mars for the annual (See Auxiliary Page 3) j Tri-County institute. About 900 persons dined Tuesday evening at the third annual Rev. Paul Alvey. superintendent step closer to winning a four-year smorgasbord served at the First of Gehlen high school, announced merit scholarship to the college of Methodist church. "Featured were today (Wednesday) that a Gehlen his choice. Semifinalists must sub- Swedish meat balls, ham and tur- student has been named a semi- stantiate their qualifying test per- key, with all food home cooked. Sinalhi in the 1.963-64 Merit Schol- lormance on a second examina- Women's Society of Christian Ser- arship competition. tion, be endorsed by their school, vjce of the church sponsor's the He i5aid semifinalists are named and fulfill certain routine require- smorgasbord, through their outstanding perfor- ments to become finalists. All mer- ^ ! �iTiance on the National Merit Schol- scholars are selected from the � Gold Star Mothers club will arship qualifying test. This test finalist group. | meet Thursday, Sept. 26 at the of' educational development was To increase their opportunities Library Oak Room. Mrs. Ann given in more than 16,500 high, schools last March. ' The student cited for her high achievement is Judy Winterfeld, daughter of Mrs. Art Winterfeld 830 Third St. SE. Seventeeti-year-old Judy is a member of the National Honor Society, mixed chorus and pep club,! and plays clarinet with the concert' and pep bands. "I hope to'attend college, but I have no definite plans yet," Judy said. V ' � She is among 13,000 seniors throughout . the country who attained semifinalist status. The semifinalist group is composed of the highest scoring students in each state and in United States territories. Each semifinalist now moves a (See Scholar Page 3) Kettler, hostess. Weekend Fdod Specials Advertised today in the Daily Sentinel and Floyd Valley News for your weekend sjiopping in Le Mars ... check all the ads carefully an?J save! Price's advertised today are good Thursday, Frjday and Saturday. Jello-o Podding, big family size pkg,----------10c Butternut Coffee-----'-----------2\h. can 99e Swift's Premium Picnics--------_____lb. 29c[ Clorox Bleach ------------______^--------gal. 49c Wells Cottage Cheese ------_______^_--------15c U. S. Chbice Rib Steak _:-------------;__^_.____lb. 69c Thompson Seedless Grapes--------------2 lbs. 35c i Campbell's Tomato Soup---,--------^-.---can 9e Sunbeam Angel'Food Cakes ________,_____----r9c;i Swift's Premium Sliced Bacon ___^_-xc^----lb. 49"c Robin Hood Flour-------,----_----50 lb. bag $2.^9; Grade A Whole Fryers------------------each 59jc_ NECKLACE OF FANGS - Mike Trau-rig, 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Traijrig, 4G0 2nd Ave. NW, is a mighty happy and excited boy with a gift he's fjeceived from an uncle. Rev. Patrick Waite'of Le Mars. Mike proudly wears a necklace of boar fangs from Formosa;-/ I Father Waite, a navy chaplain, selected* Sithe gift at MikeiS; request. Explanation-on? �^the tag Mike holds is: "When the Ami,' station in Okinawa. a tribe of Formosan aborigines kills a boar in hunting, it is their custom to take away the two long fangs as a,memento,&' and make a necklace from these, fangs and some black gem-like seeds of a certain tree. They wear this necklace as a symbol' of bravery and dignity." Father Waite; purchased the necklace in .Hong Kong last month while on leaveifrom his : -.i-CoupleJs. - iiiid- � women's, .j bridge marathoi^s are being organizeci'for the winter months again this year. The marathons are a community project of St. George Episcopal church as a means of acquainting newcomers and bringing persons together to play bridge who otherwise might 'lot have the opportunity. Games are played once a month in the home of a host couple or hostess. No invitation is necessary to join the marathons. Bridge players who participated last year are being contacted. New players are especially welcome. Persons not previously signed up may telephone Mrs. James Bowers, 546-6728, or Mi's. M. A. Cass Jr., 546-5325. A party will be held in the spring for all players, at which time champions are named and prizes are awarded. Rules and schedules to play bridge once a month from October through May will be sent out in the mail. Deadline for sign-up is Saturday. This season will mark the third year for the marathons. Thirty-eight couples and 16 women took part last year.  Marie Tentinger of Tots. & Teens Shop and Ethel Neubrand of the Koenig Ins. & Real Estate reHirned Sunday night from a week's vacation in New York City with a stop-over in Chicago to ;see Sister Marie Terese and in Milwaukee where they were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wagoner. Calendar Sent. 26 -- Tri-Courity Teachers' institute, Le Mars Community high school. No school. Sept. 26 Annual Ladies luncheon; 12:30 p.m. Country club, Sept. 27 -vLCHS: football, Sioux City East (T):i; Sept, 27 - "Gehlen football. Riverside (H). Homecoming. Sept. 28 - Plymouth county ASCS convention, 9:30 a.m. Le- . Mars office. Sept. 28 - Fall Harvest of Harmony, 8 p.m. Central auditorium. Sept, 28 - Westmar football, Concordia (H). r ft i