Monday, May 14, 1962

Floyd Valley News

Location: Lemars, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Floyd Valley News on Monday, May 14, 1962

Floyd Valley News (Newspaper) - May 14, 1962, Lemars, Iowa in Paris the next morning! Floyd Valley NEWS MONDAY, MAY 14. 1962 VOL. I. NO. 39 It's also possible to leave L -- _ Mars in the morning and reach! Issued every Monday and Honolulu, Hawaii, that even-Thursday by the Le Mars Daily ing. Thus the problem of whe-feentmel. Chan and Carter Pitts, tner to spend a weekend at Oko publishers, 21 First St. NE, Le- ... D . u , n Mafsi'Iowa Telephone 546-5124 Pans or Honolulu may ------�--soon begin to fret local resi- TEHMS OF SUBSCRIPTION - dents with a yen to get out o! $I.5 M.%JS County Intension DO for legume hay or silage, eift. er one. a new begin ^ week from Saturday. ed about the loss suffered t>yBj�-w"",-"> -> Kurth's bride of less than threelvice president, Wesley Morris weeks, and her family in Rem.|secretary-treasurcr, and Dave sen. iMorris. I The group reported they ex- rnu. ,Q, 0u,,,i.,j i- , ...lPected to have the assistance of I'he man showered his newlr . ,, . , . , , -rf _____ family with gifts and nromis Ione �^ ^ne 'oca^ au^� dealers, fallowing morning at 9:35 a.m. of a future fn � tria^IDuane Grotewold, and of Iligh- |p,:you'll be able to drive to of t cou]d be forgoJway Patrolman Richard Hd- ruv Some Saturday take ten The chik,ren w^ J tofmers, m developing club achv- go to college; bills were paid,! f Three of the youths reported ' they now owned their own cars, and that they hoped for an increase in the club's membership, when school was out and their potential members would have more time available. The matter was further discussed with the councilmen, and the boys reported on the success of similar clubs, some in towns smaller than Le Mars. Mayor Scholer, on behalf of the council' assured the youths that if the club developed along the lines they outlined, it would enjoy the approval and support of the city, and should contribute toward the safe driving objectives hoped for. The time table calls for departure from O'Hare field in Chicago at 7:30 p.m. and arrival at Orly field in Paris the fallowing morning at 9:35 a.m. � Sp..,you'll be able to drive to iSioux.City some Saturday take a plane for Chicago, transfer to,,the Paris plane and arrive WHELAN MOTORS *7 FARM NEIGHBORS and relatives Tuesday morning gathered at the Claus Kruse farm in Washington township to prepare fields for planting. Witli four loaders and 14 spreaders, 170 loads of manure were broadcast in preparation for planting bee by another group of neighbors Friday. Men doing the work, from left: front row - Fred Ludwigs, Sid Locer, , Harry LOVELY NEW Nann n. Louis Kruse, George Popken, Roy DeBoei, Harm Kruse, Bill Anderson, John Huls, Gerd Haage, Dick Westhoff, Claus Kruse, second row - Lowell Hillrich, William Van Buskirk, Harold Jelken, Gene, Ruisch, Charles Kruse, Henry Jelken Jr. and Brian, Arnold Klemme, Henry Meyer, Eldon Kallsen, Duane Popken. Look Who's Here Births at Sacred Heart hospi tal: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph j Ruden, Le Mars, a daughter, May 10. A serious drought is deyelop-ing in the Wyoming', Montana and the DaftoMs. This could bring about a heavy run of pasture cattle by mid-summer if it continues. If this happens they will compete with lower grade cattle and cause a sharp' drop in lower grade beef. If it rains soon, this threat will be erased. It is time to spray your evergreen trees for red spider mite control. The first application should go on about May 20-25. This will usually control .the tiny ornamental pest. until a-bout Aug. 1, when a second application should be applied. Several good mite control materials are effective but Mala-thion or Kelthane are probably most available. 1 If' you have planted tfind^reafc or ornamentals o! 'M$ &TYd, take time to fence the livestock away from them. Even poultry can cause serious damage to small trees. Uv?. slow ruin trees of all sizes, Cut your alfalfa for hay in May for best quality arid for higher profits. Iowa State university says it pays to cut hay in the vegetative state, before buds are present. This is true Rose growers need to be on the alert to prevent damage by insects and diseases. Rose dk seases start early in the season and just because you can't see damage at this time doesn't: mean it isn't present. Keep the plants covered with a protect:*; spray or dust and damage can be prevented. There are numerous multi-purpose rose sprays and dusts on the market which:!: are effective in controlling both insects and diseases. They should be used at least once a week during the spring when: rains are frequent. files suit on note The Sioux City Federal Savings antf Loan Assn. has filed suit in district court here a-gainst Reed and Viola Richardson, claiming judgment for; $173.79 remaining due on a note, 1960 MERCURY Montelair Door. Heater, Radio, Power Steering a'ndl Brakes, Muliidrive Trans-lw mission. Real Clean, Dark Blue and a Beauty. ' I960 RAMBLER 4-Door Station Wagon..6 Cylinder, Standard Transmission.! " Real economy in this one. 1960 GALAXIE 4-Dr. V-8. Heater, Radio,; Fordoma-tic. Air Conditioned, Light Blue and very clean. 1959 MERCURY Montelair 4-) Door. Heater, Radio. Power S t e er ing" .and | Brakes, Muliidrive Mer--; cumatic. Very Clean. | Light Bronze. 1959 GALAXIE , 4-Dr. V-8. Healer, Radio, Fordama-tic. Geranium arid White I and a Beaury. ' 1957 FORD V-8 Station .Wagon 2-Dr.. Hearer, Radio; Fordomalic. Blue , and | White and a Beaury. 1956 OLDSMOBILE 88 >Dr. . Hardtop., Heater, .Radio.| Hydr*Maiii. CIean I ..Sporty uhlx'. 1957 Y<^,$-kjtim<w$^ " ' on. 4-Dr...Heater. Racfi^. Forddihatic. Very 0bbd; Jo choose {fomi Both' - f u 11 y equipped. ; OHi -E.8tdttdard T&riiininiori  �hnd one Automatic. Both pood cars. Reasonable. if A MERCURY V-8 4-Dr. ' Two ; to choose from. � Fully equipped �ndj priced to move. TRUCKS & PICKUPS 1959 FORD C 750 Tractor and 5th Wheel, Saddle Tank's. ,.m-. Custom Sleeper-Cab, 332 HeaVy Dtftt Engine, Air Over Hydraulic Brakes, t Very good Rubber, 9" 10 Ply.  - 1859 FORD V-8 1-Ton Truck. �'-: Ecmipped- with 4 Speed v Transmission. Non-Spin .{ Differentials, Utility Box. . - Heary Duty Tires,- Very, - ' good condition. Will sell 'with or without box. ,J~1�52 FORD V-8 2-Tpn. 4] Speed Transmission, 21 Speed Axle, Tires good. Whelon Paint yourwalls with year-round loveliness! Super Kern-Tone is easy to afford, easy to use, easy to live with! Come in today and see our delightful '; . choice of, colors. IT'S TULIP TIME IN ORANGE CITY Le Mars High School Bands To March At Festival Parades The marching bands of Le Mars Community and Gehlen high school will be featured in Northwest Iowa's finest "parades of beauty" at the Orange City Tulip Festival next week. - Over 30 different marching units, including high school bands, college bands, precision drill teams and baton twirlers are slated to participate in Festival parades - afternoon and evening next Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Mary 17, 18 and 19. The Le Mars Community high school band will parade with other musical units and some 35 colorful floats during the Saturday Tulip time program. The day Gehlen band will parade has riot been announced. - Orange City's 22nd annual Tulip Festival again features street scrubbing, klompen dancing, queen coronation ceremonies, displays of Dutch antiques and hobbies, tulip gardens and picnic areas. All are in readiness now for the tens of thousands "of visitors expected next week end. Highlight of the evening program at Tulip Time will be the . staging of Sigmund Romberg's ever - popular "The Student Prince." Home produced with . local talent, the show features all-new sets and staging. The cast and chorus of over 70 will . present the colorful operation each evening of the Festival at 8:30 p.m., in the City Hall auditorium. SERVING morning lunch and noon dinner at the Kruse farm was this group of women. Mr. Kruse is recuperating at his homj? from painful bruises suffered in a tractor upset April 30. From left are: row one 'Mrs. George Popken, Mrs. Claus Kruse; 2nd, row - Mrs. Henry Jelken Jr., Mrs. Henry Meyer, Mrs. Harm Kruse; 3rd row - Mrs. Gene Ruisch, Mrs. Eldon Kallsen, Mrs. Gratie Westhoff, Mrs. Harold Jelken, Mrs. John Hulls. Not pictured Mrs. Fred Ludwigs and Mrs. Louis Kruse. Plueger, Le Mars;- Randy Baker, Merrill; Vincent McClin-Admitted Wednesday at Sac- tock, Marcus, red Heart hospital: Charles Reinking, Kingsley. At the Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. Doretta immediate pickup m <�  ; ta& *'&r#* Flooriiig Co. 18 1st AW NW - Le Mars CoVHtfete' Decorator  Service Uaelewii; P Painf  These things get comment, of course, but they're consistently outnumbered by expressions of aatisfaction with the dependability of a.CheyroIet track. Its greatest aingw asset seenis to be the fact that it doesits job well day after day without atofc61 fuss or attention-and that'e what impreases people tiiemosb < � The iie^ time ypUvbave to buy  trwar*hcaU your Ohaviblct dealer aadinake your money go puw��. ''�M&wi-lm Ciii'-tliiuit: Itlow:-'^-Tm FlnUd* Pickup. It's Golden Sales Jubilee time at your C,heWol'if0i^0r 200 Centrm Ave. NE. Le Mars, Iowa ' Phone 546-4115 in-; "h- "1.x'i*'

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