Thursday, August 14, 1947

Progress Review

Location: La Porte City, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Progress Review on Thursday, August 14, 1947

Progress Review (Newspaper) - August 14, 1947, La Porte City, Iowa Official City and County Newspaper Providing a Weekly Newspaper Service ___________ THE 33 Brandon. Eau w Published in One of Iowa's Better Cities Mobile X-ray Clinton, Benton iSeed Oats Show Increased Yields low a Unit Will Here Aug. 22 Schedule Will Star! at 8 a. m.; Service h Free To Workers According to present plans, .T.obilc X-ray unit that is ;o 'ike X-iays of industrial of La Porte City, will be on Friday ,Aug. 22, at 8 a m The unit will remain until pictures are taken. During the past two weeks local committecmen have been irsS'ns; a survey to determine many workers will be hav- "g X-rays taken. The list is not quite complete, due to sr. bein? able to contact a few o.' ihe people. lion ever, anyone who may hare been missed and desir- m; lo avail himself or her- self of (his free service, may do so bv contacting Court- nei Kline, chairman of the local program, Dale Snyder or The Progress-Review of- fice. Clinton and Bonton certified oats, which were introduced on six was faims and this s been thresher. past week. The vicld about lo bushels morc D types of oats and the test weight runs around four pounds to the bushel hi-h- er on average noimal ciops" The contract growers year wcie Ralph Moore Pauls, Wendcl Glasncr Sheffler, Frank Wikon Sumner Snell. The highest jielrt per .-arc "as on the Lionel Sheffler fimii, where the oats pro- duced 80 bushels to the acre The local program Is part of ;iate-wiclc plan. The first rtase began last year when the units were used to take i-rajs of school children. Now rey are being used to X-ray in- Ji'rial workers. Sponsored by Lions Club In La Porte City, the program being sponsored by the Lions Inb. Tnosc in charge stress the A that the service is absolute- Jree to every employed per- n m La Porte City, including nse living here and working Deere's or Rath's m Waterloo. Another point that Mr. Kline emphasized was that lie findings of the pictures alien nil] be held absolute- J- confidential with the per- is if the X-rays were made i! a doctor or at a hospital. ill employers and their em- uiio are participating given cards to fill out ore they go to have their ra; taken They are asked to out the front side only. This d is the only record that will kePt, as a. number corres- timg to the film will be plac- w each card Will Lc Notified master schedule, is to be so that the whole pro- ure will run smoothly and in a-nimum amount of time. -J Place of business will be to when they are to Zl 'he unit [or their turn. Both Cliiuon and Benton are new seelctions of oats. Clinton was leleased by Iowa State Col- lege for certification two years ago and Benton was released last spring. Clinton does better on high fertility -.oils and the Benton produces best on hghtei .soil They are both rust resist- ant. Certify Fields The fields have to be certified, as for hybrid corn ,and B. H Starr, inspector for certification has been here the past rev, weeks inspecting fields. The fields will be inspected again in November. The company began booking orders this week for Clinton and Benton seed to be delivered next spring. Last Quarter iCedar Communities Canning Plant La Porte City Opening Date Is Tentatively Set of The in this _ 01 the Ion a Canning .inuouncms (he tentative nv duos of lho loMl can_ !oi iho .sweet corn upon weather in the next ucok the on Momlav. Aim Aug 21. or E Th.vrp ha? apam been en- y local plain to as- Loses 6-2 at Clutier Sunday Ush Hurls 3-Hitter As Mates Make 9 Errors Behind Him La Portc City's Redblrds trav- to Clutier Sunday and came home on the short end of a 6-2 score It was their first loss in league play since the second game of the season. The Rcdbirds literally "Lriitm.Jjl___ in the .sweet corn packing. The acreage of the- local plant .s icd'iccd in six from its nor- (he game away" as amount, due to the heavy "lcy of nine er- i.unx Hood-, that were picv- 'iu'UP: the forepail of The hot, dry of st lew wreks hn.s hurt me crop to .some extent IloHi-vor. Mr. Tharp sljilcs lint di'spilc above difficul- ties dm- Id i iu- uonlliiT. Hie plant lias pruspcfls of a nne er- rors during Ihc course of the afternoon's play. Russell Miszner Enters 17 Durocs At State Fair Russell P, Miszner will make a Zoe Ann Olsen Reveal Marriage To National MeeF jbid for ribbons cash prizes and blue in the National Live- the 1947 Iowa opening Aug. '22, ac- to preliminary entry [lists announced ilus week by ex- position officials. Mr. Miszner will Duroc swine. Former La Porte City Girl Visits Here On Way To Chicajro Event Zoe Ann Olsen, former La Porte Citv Kir] and nationally Of E. Fleisher Here This Week The marriage of Mi-s Fleuno. Fleischer, daughter ol Sam of L.i Poi te City, and Mai tin Appieion, .son of Mi ana Mrs Nelson Apploton of loo, was this week The- couple was man ml ,it 3 30 o'clock Monti aj a fit moon Detasseling of Hybrid Corn Nearly Finished n nKo tunic probable that coin will be buiUKht to the lo- i'.il plant Hum Hie Vinton nic.i II such Llu. cmn will be made into style All pi-uplp Whn arc planning 1 al the laclo.y during u1 ooinini' i mi are asked to rc- >rt to or call the factory to as .soon us possible Former Resident ,'Of Cilbertville Married Monday The La Portc City nine start- ed out as if they were going to lake another game as they took a 1-0 lead in their half of the second. Strohecker opened with -1 single Lcsh sent him to sec- ond with his single to right Pearson forced Lesh at second and Stiohccker took third, from where hc scored easily on a bad Unow by Clutier catcher. Clutier Takes Lead Clutier tallied three times In their half of the fourth, and fiom that point on were never headed With one out, an error thiec straight TfER'S TOTAL FOR THE AF- TERNOON-and another error sent three runners across the plate. In llic fifth, Clulier scor- ed a single run without the aid of a hit, and then la the sixth scored TWO MORE without a safe base knock. Seed Co. Finish Tod.n IVck To Be Don Week i GILBERTVILLE J !.i double ceremony icad at! Tnc Rcdblrds scored their St Mary .s Catholic church, Wa- second last run of the day In known aivnip champion .inci at the brown her father, Art of Oak- I Church at Nashua. Hev E L land, Calif, visited in the L L. I pasloi ut the chuuh exhibit will be in competition with some of the most famous luc- stock herds of 20 states Nearly head of "blucblood" farm at this ir_JFroning home over the week Performed the double- 1T end. jcmony before the altar of On Monday evening Miss Car-icnurcn- Tnc- church organist, 1 Coin dt'aw .'.Inch bc( 11 (I'll III ;i JlU m 'its duiiir; I'H free u or co-i.p.elcd uitlnn IH'.Xl ,'CW cl.'V, 'ine n i u; Seed iM ol Froning entertained 14 E L- Hanscoin, plajcd -ip- peoplc, former friends of Ann, at the Fioning home as people, former friends of Zoe P'opnale music. _. _ Attendants courtesy foi hei yuest. After a Mr and Kenneth Miller, wienei roast on the back brothei-m-law and ol animals are expected _. ___ _____ ___ year's State Fair-one of the j the rest of the evening was bride- fiom Jesup attended the largest in Iowa history and pio- -spent with infoimal games and'couple- as mation ul honoi and n n n.achiiK i s M l! f J T! .1' J 1 I i 2.', md Jm- 'Thin sday.i The u a fiouncl ci cw Dl .ind ,i c'e'asK in. 01 dm ei cuic1 >ui> wi. uiii; utijr in Lhc top hair of the sixth. Lang- ford doubled to left and Stro- hecker singled through the left side of the infield for the second time, Lancford holding up at Ihlrd. Lcsh filed out to right field, Langford scoring after the catch. ------......ta Pearson was hit by a pitched !non> hfloit .in altar moving Strohecker to sec- ond. Rundle shot a single Into left, but the Redbird catcher was out at the plate when he tried lo score on the hit, and with it ended La Porte City's last scoring chance. i loo Monday moi mni; at a "O'x k. MI.SS Maiy Kayo Weber daiii'hler of Louis J. Weber, be-' the biitlo nf Robei't E ScliiiMty. .son nf Mrs. Martha ,-Si'lnniu, Route 2. W.iteiluo for- of here I r Giahl per- the doublf ceiu- -and gaiilcii flow- viiioncl Klein of Truer, cou- n of the- bnek was accompan- "I bv Sister Mary Esther cou- Fannie" At Fair 1 Tuesday to" nationally who is in n Frances Allison. 'n cedar Rapids Tuesday, she appeared on the All iini le Fair Program. who in real Mrs Archie Livingston, as does her Nan Allison, and yrm. At present he Tommy tours the nd radio orchestra. in aably the biggest livestock ex- hibit at any fair in the country this season. Morc than S100.000 in cash prizes are being offered for live- stock alone at the 1947 Fair. Judging will be open to the pub- lic. Judging of 4-H livestock will feature the firit two days, Aug. 22 and 23, and judging of the main livestock classes will start Monday, Aug. 25, dancing Came Here in in.Tfi The Olse-n.s came to La Portc City in 193G and Zoe Ann lived ioiis colo; completed the Sac is now 16 will be a senior '.soncs and 'loses Onlv the with and re- on a national net- School lget Estimate the t forth the board 5" of wi, announced the H rjj ma creighton of "a teachlng SAFETY TIP of the Week PASSWORDS TO DEATH If you've ever played poker, maybe you know chances of drawing a full house are one in 691; a royal straight flush, one in All chances of mak- ing a fortune at gambling arc slim. Chance-lakinff on high- ways is risky business, especially passing on hills and blind curves. Take the driver who's stuck in a long line of cars, behind a 1930 jalopy that's belching ex- haust fumes in his face Does he fume, too, and step on the gas? Not if he's smart, he doesn't. He knows there's a very good pos- sibility that on the othpr side of that hill, another driver is also toying with the idea of pulling out of line. No one has figured out the mathematical odds involved in highway gambling1. But everybody knows that the dealer is never lends the loser a shirt to wear home. And that the stakes are human lives, and broken, crippled bodies. here until she- seventh years old and next yeai. Zoe Ann and hei father aie- on a short exhibition lour this summer. Thursday she gave a diving exhibition at the Cedar Rapids Country Club Mi and Mis. FronniK and daugh- ters attended the cxhioition and Tin- b'id( v.orc a while palm suit with black aect-ssoi- Hei (oi sage was of ie-d Mi Millei a ru.ic dn ,s with black acces- a eo; of pink I'OI (1111, s. d u'ul- i I- r fin (ii- immediate attended the wedding. I Wedding Trip I I'ullowing I he cciemony M: and Mrs Apple-ton went Lo Prairie du Chien on a short wtddmr; trip They aie makini; ir d.c-, the workers s iljr m tfliciently. TJic .icriMffc for Uir Ifauli Seed Co. Ilijs- >e2.- is .-ihoiil (lie .same as lavl > !iu( tlic jirlil is expected Iu li-ss. Perl: Ui-itl.n in ol the groom, organist. I Hricle's Gown 'Ino biidi wore a bioeaded l .Hi i nub a lilted bodice, i lull ,knt and .shoulder (bulha a chiffon yoke. .The IcK-o'-muUon .sltcvu.s were t the wrisl.s and the Lesh continued his fine pitching for the Redblrds, as he allowed the opponents three singles all after- noon. Even though they came in a row in the fourth, vul. entrain, "was edgedTn i thtrc wcrc crrors on each l.'cc and attached lo a ciown! 'C three ol seed ucail which Linilpd IU.TI nf 11... i 'Ihc bndr earned a bouquet of red roses and wore a .single" .stiancl of pearls, a gift of the mourn. tainted runs, two of the The box score: aim .v.Lucuiii; Liij) irioy makini't OUrt hibition with Ihiec Dutch girl swimmers, two of whom are world champions In National Mcel, She is on her way to Chicago Of HoilOI' Hold At to the National Divinj; Meet to Tr i -iir be helm there August 10 and 17. rlUUSOn and is- aiming for her third all- ii', who planted of hjbuel coi n in Ihc ten ut ic of it dm June Tlv y An '.is! 1 ;md n Inc I.; of next week iN.iii j'i'l.ti, aiv wimi', the de- ll.'s '1. ri t-v I'r-ek lie-Ids four ,17111 Ol tO'.VIl Need Jtain lo the ck ejf rainfall the past .Gross, ss She was- attended by Miss Vir- iDe-Ncui, rf Mt-nicr of Dos Monies-, who Badcr. 'cf blue moire- with a If mi; ciown of blue net and cur-1 Strohecker, c ried a bouquet of summer flow-1 Lcsh, p ''rh- Pearson, 3b j Mass- servers for the marriage IRundle, 2b ifcn-inony were Paul ancTNorbert ISidr.s, Ib brothers of the- groom, j li v. i normal not k-, the corn i-, to be more rapidly than this The corn is Irwm and Leo Schmltz bnthcrs ejf the groom, were best man and u.shcrx respectively. For the occasion thr uroom's Totals C. Hack, ss mother wore black crepe with I w accessories and a cor.sage'g' of yellow glory roses. Wedding Urcakfnst Thc wcdcl American TTniirir 'i'i- i Inn 1111 rl _ nationals She won that rating 0 t n rt T-l' at the age of 14 and for the second time last year. ultimate aim is compcti- took R Scholfclt, cf Caslavaka, c bu' ra.n.i ,uc needed v.ith- m the next ,'c.v dais ;uid there the- Hud- .should be a fiosl-fre- September Wednesday to make quality corn. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Burr and children Jlmmie and Mary 3tta and Miss Netha Friedly of place and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Repass and children of Waterloo, are fishing and camp- ng In cottages at Grand Rapids, Mian, this week. To Hawaii After the Chicago meet, Miss Olsen. accompanied by her fath- ion park in evening Th' Coi around a camp.'iu ular camp'irc etrt Merit bad'jci A ere aw irded members of Troop GO of Hud-1 and Troop A of La Portc, After City or ten first, class1 scout badges v.cre- awarded Hud- Ve-rna Clark, who had in the Presbyterian hospi- a brief honeymoon in Chicago the couple will be at home- on Route 2, Waterloo, where the groom Is engaged In farming. Out-of-town guests were pre.s- e-iH from Jesup, Chicago, Mil- waukee, Wis., Dycrsvllle, Traer and DCS Molncs. 7 r'n n e resyeran ospi- cr, will fly to Hawaii to compete son icouts 2 or 3 awarded ta, al Waterloo .since rcccivim: jn the diving exhibition in the 'La Ponc. A <otal of 50 scouts injurics Jn an auto accidcnt wcs? Keo jejune, jn an iiui.o accident west Nakama championships. were present jneludinf? 3D from tjr La Portc City on June 29 was She attended a similar meet in i Hudson and 15 from La Porte. to Mayo hospital at Roch- "------last year and was a win- i Movies were shown as a por- cstcr last'wcek Wednesday Ition of the entertainment J clark iubmjtted to nor. group o anscn -y m ya. s lives arc enjoying a family out-j who attended from La Portc ing at Leech Lake, Minn., included: Guy Mast, AI iTTaalr Thncp whn rirnvp iin Sun- Pinrnn Dalp SnVelcr and Rnv week. Those who drove up Pierce, Dale Snyder day were Mrs. Helena Fritz. sen, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. I uiALutL 'brain operation and is now 1m- A group of Johannscn rela-i by Jim Wyalt. Scout executives i rapidlj', .slate that if she continues to show improvement, she will be released from the hospital the 'latter part of next week. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehman were In Elgin Sunday where they attended the 23rd annual fam- ily reunion of the Lehman rel- atives. About 50 were present. Another reunion will be held In Elgin next year. and Mrs. Harry Johann- Ralph Elliott and sons of Sac- sen and sons Douglas and ramenlo, Calif, who had visited Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jo-j here several weeks returned hannseh and son Bobbie, Mr. home Sunday. They were accom- and Mrs. Harold Foss and Don-'panied by Mrs- Keith Graven- aid Johannsen from here and horst and daughter Marcla, who Mr, and Mrs. Harley Conner of will stay three weeks In the El- trr.. I If n4f Vinmn Waterloo. mott borne. Rev. 0. Hartman Ordained Saturday; To Return Here Saturday, August 9, Rev. O. Hartman was ordained into the ministry of the Wesleyan Meth- church of America. Rev. Hartman has served the Wesleyan Methodist church in La Porte City the past years, nnd afLer the church's annual conference, he will return for another year at the local church. Mrs. Lillian Bensal and daugh- ter Mrs. Boddle, and grand- daughter from Harrisburg, Pa. are visiting In the Sam Fleisher home. They will leave for home on Friday and Mr. Fleisher plans to accompany them for a two week's visit, Mrs. Bensal is a sister of Mr. Fleisher whom he had not seen for years. Knoop, Ib McMurray, p J. Schotfelt, rf AB R H E ,4001 3000 4000 4110 4121 4020 3005 4020 3002 33 2 7 9 AB R H E 4000 4002 4100 4110 3110 0 000 3000 4000 3100 34 8 3 2 421 1 Totals Score by innings: Rcdbirds 010 001 Clutier 000 312 Rcxall Store To Bring Jicauty Expert Here Court's Rexall Store calls at- tention to their ad elsewhere in this issue concerning their Cara Nome Beauty Week. All during the week a beauty expert will be on hand to give demonstrations. These will be by appointment only, so those ladles Interested arc asked to make their ap- pointments now. Mrs Lloyd Holubar and child- ren Kenneth, Russell and Janls of Rock Port, Wash., are visiting her mother, Mrs. Mae Tarvln, and sister, Mrs. Ted Bagenstos here, another sister, Mrs. Har- old Florang at North English and other relatives and friends at Cedar Rapids and Marlon. Mrs, Holubar was a former resi- dent of Cedar Rapids. f' vw-- NEWSPAPER! NEWSPAPER!

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