Saturday, April 4, 1903

Iowa State Press

Location: Iowa City, Iowa

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Iowa State Press (Newspaper) - April 4, 1903, Iowa City, Iowa IOWA STATE PRESS. VOL. v. Ffcifcisf thai Mousy At all stores, M HALL R aro two from Soloa, in this county. There are carriers, length of routes cov- ered, 49 square miles; served, 999. -.liAST' Glasgow, April 'for sou'thern tcVlav. olT Waymoutih, ixave '.rial races'with Shamrock i, Ihe lat- ter a handicap pr tim ominutes in si] -Mriy anile .ravels. Sir Tihomas Lif.on said today that' Vould He liis Ihit effort to lift the adding oo deatly Hist another trial would not necessary. IOWA CITY, IOWA. SATURDAY. APRIL 4, i903. THE OLO SUFFOQITJ3D !DT FI1UE. Kansas "April of un- known origin.'in tlie apart ui tat house kiUed John Ifug-es and AViliisnh -KiMgely, tfourtih, iloor tenants.' Bolt lost "their lives, after ito. other tenants that their lives. "V English Cabinet Discusses Ireagtn War Situation in the Balkans. President Roosevelt Talks to Ctoase People la Praise of Foreigners. Wabasfa Trainmen Conceded All for Which They Were About to Strike. Sir Thorn aa Llptoa Say a He Will Not BTeed Another Trial Jot the Cop. Two Hen Periah by Fire After Having Saved Their Neigh- bors in Flats. WAR IX BALKANS. English Cabinet Considers of taxing- in the Situation. London, April 4. The seriousness of the Balkan situation is fully appreeiat in g-o-vernmeat Today the cabinet held a lengthy- meeting-, dur- ing wihich the Balkain, uprisiiig- -an-d tfcreateried -inteKnatfional complications "were gravely discussed; COXTLST GOES INTO COPRT Chicago, April The police over the ballots cast In sixt'i district, %vhere con.ests Lorimer's election, -Has clnm-n this morning', the for the election board and. for decided to send an agreed to the supreme court for decision In the meantime no effort to recount tht will ibe mado, and oomuiis-' sioners -will not be cited for coaleumt of Judg-e Itanecy's injunction. IX TAWLVEY'S TERRITORY.- Winona, Minn., April Eepresro- tatn-e Tawney board-ad the pre tial train, at JiaiCrosse aad rode Jie president to Winona. The pres- ident talked fire minutes from the rear platform of the car to THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE CL'TS IIIS TIHtOAT: townsfolk at the latter place, citizenship -ivas his theme. Homer DaLley Tries to End I: Earthly Troublo; toy Suicidal Act.; Yet Lives. SAVING FIRE i St. James, Berkl-ay.Imperial. Albajin- to :be' -Fully V-Equipped by C. W. Schmidt. pcnujsfcic Infelicity Causes His i and Rash of Blood v I Oood 'PBESIDJSNTT f fie Jbad a Very-Busy Time Yesterday and "Wants a- Less Strenuous Lire. April The special 8.30 mofsning, cthe j-rtm- .from i having- besn mside without incident. The president ayas in good shape, de- spite -the-terrific srtain of tfe day previous. He. inade .ten, .speeches -.yes- participajted 'dn three' recep- tlons, Tvas made a member of the S.MALL 2JEWAKD FOR BIG Helena Mont., April ex- cavating- for a cellar of a store, for a man named McDonald, a plumber unearthed three cans, containing be- tween and in Tht man's cry of surprise brought Sirs McDonald, who gaitherftd up ths c-old and rewarded the man iviti. one Col- lar. The money was burled years ECO. but by -whoiu is' -ed NOT TO BE A CAEDKvAL. Aprfl -Pope.Leo has start-' nftit. TJhe na nvaulcee Press Chib aaid attended the ibanq-uet ia the evening-. Ue said-thait df local hare no (more mei-cy on him in ihe-wiU become a physical wreck be? J'ore the week is out. A crowd of listened to lloose- velt; in the. square. He .paid the for- born .o he ___.. He win probably be teclc at the manufac- tory next week. A goodly number of 3asi evening, in the firemen's at the city 3ia33 aad May July Pork- May July Lard- May July Ribs- May July 17.72 I7-1O 17.12 9.70 17.50 17 oo 9.65 9.67 955 9.67 9-55 THEY ARE SUPERIOR IN STYLE, FINISH AND EFAL WORKMANSHIP. not by tlie gcstS good, too. The weakest stomach can di Scott's Emulsion. It taste Scott1? Emulsioi leaves the way for other food When wasted and weakenec by long illness ii gives strengf and appetite that ordinary foot cannot give. only Emul sion pure cod-3iver oil. throiva, but the aUack Vas 3t allied. The ivoman, ;arongh attorney, Judge Xey, tion and bound wer io the jury. A bond -was inrovid___ M3ss Esther Kandall the Seniors of the Academy last from S to 32 QVdock. The event iook place at Oae Inane of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. VaJenta, ivhera aJxrat 30 young- people spent, hours in the most de- vrav. jniaginajjia. and refresluncfflts -were on the wijoyablo program. RHEUMATISM CURED W A Care" for DAY remmrkablo radially fa 1 <p 3 Its action upon tie STitea a otirer Jane. of one of the best fflilJSJairy Jeaders 5n the -wjJl not Cnrncit's if tie lo-wa. soidicrs them 5n '-Kit- tle arrjy" jn .Iwr.e. i rOMn at ,jjC rftv 3ia3J ,hat. there j C54y schools." Tfc.-> purpose of tlai- a mcSJiod the- UVK STOCK. Union Stock Yards. April 4, Receipts Hogs. steady. Cattle, 200 steady. Sheep. stesfdy. Hogs left over. 4000. Estimates. Clearance, Mixed and butchers Good to choice heavy, Jtoug-h beavy, Light. Cattle, .steady. steady. CAR RECEIPTS. lots: wheat. M7; oat-s, 33C. Estimates corn, oats. 100. I-IVKRrOOL CRAIN. opened lower. Wheat closed ys lower. Corn opeixxJ unchanged. Corn. a of exceHence in those schoolN Evay ix JJtv. Crtnrgc L. Cady vas calloJ 10 the riaair and H, K. Ciorfon as Aftx-r a of rv. M-d VOT a Jo in- if yoa It at once the aud tti dlMppetnu Tbe freatly 75 ceatfc Sow w. E. Skrafer, city A GREAT SI2XSATIOX. There was a b3jj- sensation in IndL, -svhtn W. H. Brown of that to die, Lni y King's Xesv for He writes: "I endured InsaJTerable agonies Iron; tout yowr Xeiv Diiacorery ga-.t. jnuncdlate relief and soon 'there- after effected a complete wire." SJts- JJar cures of Consumption, j Eia, BronchJjJs and Grip are _____ ous. Ifs tie peerless remedy for all on Jn.-.peclion sijitl ' aj- pointed: Judge .Hayes, Sht-nvoocl. Mr.s. .S. A. Swj.-rt- IV. H. JSiiJey and W. tiroat and 3ang- troniles. and Price Sfw, by TV. Jt. j DUE XOTICK JS SERVED. noiicp. 3s sen-od on jrcnc-ra33y tfiat IVr WUtVi Salve 3s r.jjjy salvo on 4he that fc Tnade from tie pure, Cancer A Ohio flow to Cure the DrtMM Cwcef in Your Own Home Free. them Salvo has thou- sands of of piles thai -would not to any oUier iresi-ment, and fact lias brought ont many wortiik-ss counterfoils-. Those persons who get gennino BeTVjtfs Witch Hazel o are Chmt. o? Ohio. MJ-J; 'Ten 1 't cures. Crescent Pharmacy, Address Bos Xo. ft. These Shoes are sold in all the lead" ing cities of Europe as well as this country, and We Are the Sole Agents A) for Iowa City. CALL ON US FOR A TRIAL PAIR. We are sure you will be I pleased XXX We Guarantee Every Pair THE BOSTON SHOE STORE, 117 Clinton Street Bargains in WORKING i NEWSPAPER

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