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Iowa City Citizen, The (Newspaper) - April 8, 1916, Iowa City, Iowa TIE UNITED PRESS Mem PtodtttftM Keep THE IOWA CITY CITIZEN THE DAILY CTTIZn 26TH EXCEPT SUNDAY IOWA CITY, IOWA, SATURDAY, APRIL PBICE TWO CENTS-NUMBER 63 DEFINITELY LEARNED TODAY THAT HE 18 BETWEEN SATA- VO AND PARELL Rushing Southward in an Effort to Force the Bandits into an Not Give Up Until Mission is Accomplished. San Antonio, April Villa apparently located between Satavo and Parell, the American troops in at least two columns today were re- ported to be rushing southward in vrhat may prove to be a repetition of Colonel Erwin's famous ride to San Geranimo. One of the best detach- ments was believed to have plunged 'into the country south of Satevo 'pushing the chase to the utmost in the hope of forcing the bandits into a fight. Reports to General Funs- ton today clinched his belief that Vila is in hiding in the Parell dis- trict where the Carranza forces as stated in earlier reports, had waited for him. Colonel Letcher at Chihuahua City and Colonel W. C. Brown heading the detachment of the tenth cavalry concurred in reports of the general campaign. They are almost unani- mous in giving their location of Villa. To Fulfill Their Mission. Washington, April United States will regard its mission in Mexico completed as soon as the de- facto government is able to relieve the American forces of the task that they have undertaken Villa band of bandits or when the are broken. This became known today from the original orders given by the war de- partment to General Funston in sending fhe expedition to the border. The war department revealed its orders of March 10 in response to a question as to whether a time limit had been set upon the operations of the expedition. In substance the command to General Funston was: "You will properly organize ade- quate forces under Brigadier Pershing and direct him to across the border in pursuit of the bands which attacked Columbus on March 8. These troops will be withdrawn to American territory as soon as the to re- Their work will be regarded as finished when the Villa band or bands are broken up." On the other hand, the order Is sufficiently broad to include the orig- inal proposal to get Villa. defacto government is able lieve them of this work. SWISHER IN RACE FOR (XUTTORNEY SWISHER ANNOUNCES THAT HE WILL BE CANDI- DATE AT PRIMARIES Atty. Ingalls Swisiher, one of Iowa City's own young 'men who has remained in his home community to practice after completing his univer- sity work, announces that he will be a candidate before the June pri- maries for the democratic nomina- tion for the office of county attorney. Mr. Swisher was born and raised in Iowa City, has a very large per- sonal acquaintance and professional clientele, and is regarded by his friends and by the public in general as an excellent man for the position. He was graduated from the col- lege of liberal arts of the university in the class of 1912 and from the He Is a Candidate for Attorney-General H. M. HAVNER W'ell known Marengo attorney who asks for the Republican Nomina- tion for Head of the State's Legal Department HAVNER WOULD BE ATTORNEKENERAL PROMINENT ATTORNEY OF MAR- ENGO TO ASK FOR REPUB- LICAN NOMINATION After some delay, owing to the ill health of his wife, Attorney H. M. Havner of Marengo has decided to become a candidate for the republic- an nomination for attorney-general. Mr. Havner is one of the successful attorneys of the state and will no CLERK DAVIS AND TREASURER CRA1N SHOW COUNCIL CITY FINANCES Question of Budget for Next Year to be Fixed as Soon as Warrants Outstanding Now Total Annuai reports from City Clerk D. T. Davis and from City Treasurer C. B. Crain made to the council last evening show the present state of the city's finances. There is at the present time a cash balance in all funds on hand to the amount of Included in this is tne proceeds from the sale of ''bonds for the Iowa avenue bridge, which amounts to War- rants outstanding on several of the funds iu which there are overdrafts total H7.069.44. These figures are according to the report of Treasurer Crain, which also shows bonds out- standing in the total sum of (102.65. Comparisons and contrasts be- tween the report submitted last year by Treasurer Thomas Farrell and the Crain report are almost Impos- sible to make, due to the different system of entries which were used by the two men. This year, too, there Ss included in the cash balance on hand the large sum from the sale of "bridge bonds as are the funding bonds of which covered the outstanding obligations of the city's treasury a year ago. Between doubt take a leading position in the lthe two years there -s difference primary race from the start. The in the amount held in Iowa county bar association fundg (Ift paving dacy for the but on account hSA 1UCH strong resolutions endorsing his can- tfund and the intersection improve- didacy and the Marengo newspapers j ment difference being in testify to his ability. In his an- wavor of the present council nouncement Mr. Havner says: "Everything said "I have some time been consid- Treasurer Crain this morning "the ering the proposition of the candi- present council has saved money, al- attorney generalship, though to the layman who does not of the illness of my understand the figures this would wife, was prevented from entering [scarcely appear to be true. Many the campaign at as early a date as'unfavorable conditions were inher- it had intended. My wife has so far ited by the present from the former j regained her health that she is now council and the men have done well on the road to permanent recovery, j with the material which they had to and my friends have prevailed upon work with." me to enter the race at this time. Of particular interest in the report "I am a republican and believe made by Clerk Davis, which was es- in the political principles for which''sentially the same as that submitted republicanism has stood in this state toy Mr. Crain, was the gathering to- and nation. gether under headings of the expen- Intersection improvement. 2090.45 Bridge 140.35 City 8.97 City district sewer 681.65 Sewer number 2........ 1525.19 Grading fund.......... 8.30 Sanitary district....... 13.29 Iowa avenue bond bridge 76713.25 Warrants refused and held by Johnson County Savings Bank on April 1, Electric light 7531.13 City Sewer.............667.71 Cemetery.............2635.91 Bond and interest 6726.26 Grading............2611.02 Bridge fund..........3583.28 Sanitary district 106.88 Bonds outstanding March 31, Funding Park bonds......... 10.000..00 Sewer bonds......... Paving bonds Intersection bonds Bridge bonds........ The reports of both officials were accepted by the council and ordered on file. CROWN KJNCE MAKES DETERM- INED EFFORT TO DR1V7E FRENCH OUT SECRETARY OF WAR BAKER GETS ENCOURAGING NEWS FROM MEXICO Washington, April first official utterances indicating expec- tation to capture Villa soon came from Secretary of War Baker this afternoon. He said, "I think our men are on a warm trail and I hope to have good information soon." Protocal to Carranza Washington, April Lansing it became known this after- noon 'has sent a 'modified protocal to Carranza. This last communica- tion agrees with the Carranza sug- gestion of limiting the field opera- tions of the American expedition. Its tone does not accept the suggestions for a time limit and the number of troops. Bandit Brought to Bay San Antonio, Tex., April ate advises to army headquarters and reports from native sources throughout Mexico today stated Vil- Ja's capture was but a matter of a few hours. A general air of ex- pectancy prevailed in Mexico today. The defacto government while it has not received any details as to the exact situation at the front believes the bandit has been brought to bay. The information from Washington that the administration would be sat- isfied to have the expedition with- draw when the Villa followers have been broken up and scattered are not credited among army men today. London, April crown prince has thrown a large force across the Forges brook in a determ- ined effort to squeezi the French out of Bethincourt, Paris reported today. Streams of shells arf bursting across both sides of the French salient and heavy bombardment is taking place in another attempt to capture Bethin- court and all the positions included in the loop formed by the French lines. The French defense of the Bethin- court positions have been un- ASK THAT ROADS BE OILED HERE COMMITTEE FROM COMMERCIAL CLUB BEFORE COUNCIL LAST EVENING ''I have been engaged in the made last year from the gen- tive practice of law, both in tiial and eral fund. These expenditures are appellate work, for seventeen years, shown to be as follows for the year "In view of the enlargement of from April 1, 1915, to April 1, 1916: the field of work of the attorney, general's office by the legislature in'Poli-ce department......6720.18 the last few years, the business ad- j Engineering department ..3966.63 ministration of the office has, in myiCity hall supplies...... 409.95 judgment, become an important city hall.......... 443.03 ment. (Gas and electricity city hall 347.34 "In connection this of the work, I pledge myself to and approaches 1594.22 h .tiler der heavy 1......lnuMJi nl for a fort- night has aroused the admiration of the English military men. Almost surrounded and under the heavy fire of the German guns, the French have maintained their positions with the oss of only 300 yards of trenches. Oiled roads for Iowa City were "placed before the city council last 'evening by a committee from the Commercial club, which asked tha the roads from the end of the pav ing to the city limits be coated with oil to keep down the dust and pro- vide better traveling surface for the many who come into Iowa City from the country. Frank Carson was the man who directly put the plan before the council for consideration, and the delegation from the club which gave moral support was made up of Hen ry Negus, the president; Secretarj Earl S. Browning, S. E. Carrell, and E. E. Johnston. The matter was referred to the committee on streets and alleys. careful and economical management of the office as a thorough adminis- tration of its affairs will permti. I will take from the present adminis- tration, ami from those which 'have proceeded it, all in the matter of law enforcement that is conducive to a proper and effective administra- tion of the law, and in cases where it is necessary, supplement thereto that which is essential to secure to the people of the state a sane effi- cient enforcement of the laws. "I believe that the prohibitory laws should be rigidly enforced, and while I pledge myself to the enforce- ment of the same, I also pledge my- solf to the enforcement of all the laws of the state. "If I am nominated and elected to this office, I shall enter upon my duties with the idea in mind that a 67.50 Prisoner's meals....... 116.50 Printing.............. 1000.15 and tolls 238.88 Lumber............. 485.92 Sewers.............. 278.33 Blacksmithing........ 286.85 Inspection........... 917.62 Court cost and fees..... 29.60 law college in 1914, since which public office is a public trust, and time he has practiced in his own with the determination of discharg- name in Iowa City with offices in ing this trust with the utmost fldeli- thp Johnson County bank building, ty, and according to my best ability. As practicing attorney he has "From all those who believe In made good, and his rapid rise in the the application of the above princi- logal world in Iowa City and John-j pies to the administration of the af- son county is pointed to by his .fairs in the attorney general's office, friends as evidence rut his qualifica- tion !t for seeks. the position whioh he WILSON RETURNS TO WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY MUST DISCONNECT PIPE In consequence of the fart that the great volume of water draining out of the swimming pool of the wo- men's gymnasium into the Madison street sanitary sewer has caused the from the Mayflower on which he left [water in the sewer to back up to the last night for a Potomac river.inconvenience of property owners us- crulse informed the White House to- ing the sewer, the university was day of his intentions to return im-.rected by the city council last eve- mcdiately. No reason was given for ning to disconnect the drain pipe tho sudden return. from the sewer within thirty days. Washington, April Wilson will return to Washington at this afternoon, a wireless I solicit earnest and hearty support. "H. M. HAVNER." the CALL OUT 1917 CLASS OFJRECRUITS The Hague, April govern- ment introduced a biil in Parliament J the council took this action and that today authorizing the calling out of he was unable at the moment to say 1917 for {how the water would be carried off Council.............. 338.00 Board of Health........ 221.00 1331.79 Election expenses....... 341.70 Freight and drayage 242.63 Board of review....... 176.00 Rent of Rest Room..... r.40.00 Interest............. 711.94 Repairs city hall City scales 74.45 40.20 Hardware............ 672 09 Miscellaneous....... LINEDS CHANTALA, BRAUXTON AND FAVERSHAM SUNK IN PAST 24 HOURS London, April British vessels including the liner Chantala lave been sunk or blown up within he past twenty-four hours. In each ase the crew was saved. The Chan- ;ala, a ton liner owned by the British Indian Steamship Navigation ;ompany, was in service between In- dian and English ports when sunk, the press bureau reported. The Chantala was built in 1913, is 403 feet long and equipped along mod- ern lines. The ton steamer Braunton, 380 feet long and owned at Cardiff, and the Faversham schooner Clyde were blown up. Garbage Repairing paving and curbing Rent of wood market 599.34 1343.63 216.93 720.00 Auditing............ 488.23 "Purchase of land....... 910.00 Purchase of lung motor ]42.30 Iowa League of Munici- palities 144.83 Rent of dump ground 54 00 J. F. Hill, refund....... 110.00 Iowa City railway com- pany, labor......... 62.80 Ralston creek Burlington street bridge........ 315.20 Collection of poll tax 235.00 Settlement of 108.35 City treasurer's bond ___ 212.50 Teaming............. 7578.28 Streets and alleys, Includ- ing salary of street com- missioner ............13567.88 Streets and alleys, miscellaneous 34.34 Treasurer's Report. In further detail, Treasurer Crain submitted his report, the recapitula- No storm sewer is available at Ition from which follow: this point into which the water) CASH ON might be turned, and its disposal General fund is expected to provide a problem for the university authorities. Asked afternoon what university might do, Superintendent iFlsk said he had not known that recruits of the class of Military service. the future. Fire department 20.41 1715.71 Water fund........... 1337.15 "Electric HgHt fund..... 123.56 Public library 2022.98 Cemetery fund......... 9.98 Bond and interest...... 64.25 Park bond and interest 42.87 Park maintenance......1148.24 Paving special.........11493.89 GREAT PROGRAM FOR NEXT WEEK CARDINAL GASQUET. Arranged Audience of Asquith With the Pope.. Will FRY DEAD: Photo by American Press Association. Cardinal Gasquet of England stands almost alone among members of the Sacred college in proclaiming that the pontiff should recognize that the al- lies are fighting for the basic princi- ples of Christianity. ments because of a rumor which stated Gonzales was enroute to the border with soldiers. Neither would Mr. Garcia admit any special significance to the reported move- ment south of the troops under the command of General P. Elias Calles, in Sonora. WELL KNOWN CITIZEN OF IOWA CITY PASSED AWAY AT TODAY William A. Fry, city assessor, died of pneumonia this afternoon at o'clock at his home, 1026 E. College etreet. He had been ill for several days, and since the middle of the week his condition had been gener- ally regarded as serious, especially after he suffered severe exposure Thursday night. Mr. Fry was always a leader la the business life of Johnson county. For thirty years he was connected with the Johnson County Savings bank, entering the bank as book- keeper. From this position he rose to be assistant cashier, then cashier and director, and finally president. About six years ago he sold his stock and severed his connection with tha bank entirely. The deceased was born at what now known as Frytown in the south- western part of the county on August 10, 1842, and has lived all his life in Johnson county. He was never mar- ried, and is survived only by two sis- ters and one brother: Mrs. Mary Jane Moore of Iowa City, Mrs. Ra- chael Patterson of Oroville, Cal., and S. P. Fry of Indianola. The sister and brother living away from Iowa City have both been no- tified, but no word has been re- ceived from either as to whether they will be in the city or not. He was elected city assessor on the4 republican ticket at the last city, election. NOTED SUFFRAGIST HERE TOMORROW MRS. ELLA STEWART AT UNION SERVICES IN S. P. S. HALL AT 4 P. 31. The flag on the city hall wasJ placed at half mast this afternoon in his honor immediately following hia 'death. As yet it is impossible to make! any announcement regarding the ftw neral arrangements. TURKISH CRUISER BADLYJAMAGED THK MIDULLU DAMAGED IN VAL BATTLE OFF THE BOS- pHonrs Rome, April cruiser Midullu, Turkish formerly the Ger- man cruiser Breslau, has been badly damaged in a naval engagement off the Bosphorus. Presumably tins is the engagement referred to in the Russian and Turkish official state- ments. CHASTW. POST'S WIDOW MARRIES WIFE OF BATTLE CREEK CERE- AL MANUFArTlKER IS WED- DED TODAY Battle Creek, Mich.. April Mrs. Telia Y. Post, widow of the late Charles W. Post, originaor of the Battle Creek Cereal food industry, and L. J. Montgomery were married here at noon today. Mr. and Mrs. "Montgomery will make their home here. She is a Battle Creek girl and married Post twelve years ago. Post died in 1914, leaving to be divided between hia wife and daughter. M'KEXZIE PLEASED WITH PA TRONAGE AND PROMISES GOOD SHOWS COMING Pleasure and gratification at the patronage which has been his during his first week in Iowa City were ex- pressed by Manager W. M. McKen- zie of the Englert theatre in an- nouncing his program for the com- ing week. The list for next week includes the following: Theodore Roberts in "Mr. Grex of Monte for Sunday, the 9th. Laura Hope Crews in "The Fight- ing on Monday, the 10th. Mary Pickford in "Rags" Tuesday and Wednesday, the llth and 12th. Nance O'Neil in "Souls in Bond- Thursday and Friday, the 13th and 14th. Lou-Tellegen, Theodore Roberts and Dorothy Davenport in "The on Saturday, the loth. An appropriate stage setting for these ,plays, especially made and painted by the De Bonni Scenic stu- dios, is expected next week at the theatre and a mammoth pipe organ Ijs soon to be installed. Mr. McKen- zie, in his determination to give Iowa City the best that there is in motion pictures, has also purchased ione of the new Edison motion pic- ture machine which projects films on the screen without the flicker which 'is objectionable to so many. Mrs. Ella Stewart of Chicago will make two addresses in Iowa City to- morrow in behalf of the equal suf- frage movement. At 4 o'clock she will speak at the C. S. P. S. hall and fin the evening at the union meeting the churches in the Methodist church. On Monday and Tuesday Mrs. Stewart will undertake organ- ization work among the girls of the university and the city workers. Mrs. Stewart has had much experi- ence in organization work in behalf of the equal suffrage movement. Last year she spent fourteen weeks in the Pennsylvania campaign and 'ten counties in which she worked carried the amendment. She was in the New York 'campaign for five weeks and spoke in the Carnegie lall when was raised for the suffrage cause in one hour. While in Iowa City Mrs. Stewart will be the guest of President and Mrs. Thomas 'H. Macbride and of Dr. Zella Stewart. Marjorie Hurless, Alpha Delta Pi, is spending the week end in Omaha. 1 Martha Gunderson and ;Ione Thompson liavo gone to Cedar Rap- ids to attend the Younger Set dance. Beulah Joelmk of Clinton is vis- iting at the Delta Gamma house. Mrs. W. B. Richards of Council Bluffs is visiting Her daughter Joan at the Delta Gamma house. Mrs. Eugene Gurkas of Chippewa Wis., who has been visiting her mother at Hills, is spending a few days with Miss Plough of this tity before returning to her home. MUST TAKE OUT 20 MORE LIGHTS REPORTS SHOW THAT EXPENS- ES OF LIGHT FUND MUST BE CUT DOWN Expenses of the electric light fund of the city's treasury must be ut still further if the present over- draft is to be kept from increasing, much less before it may be success- fully cut down, according to City Treasurer Charles B. Grain's report made to the council last evening. Walter I. Pratt, ichairman of ths light committee, said this morning that it would be necessary to take out between twenty and twenty-five imore lights before the city lived within its income in this department. It had been thought that the four- teen lights already taken out would solve the problem, but it was found upon further investigation of the money available for this purpose that it would be necessary to limit expenses from about to be- low which will provide for the interest on the overdraft but will not pay off any of the principal. Alderman Pratt now faces the task of selecting the places where the lights are to be taken out with the least detriment to the public in general and without ruffling the feelings of any more directly affect- ed. MRS. HENRY BEARD PASSES AWAY AGED RIVERSIDE WOMAN DIED JbtftJULOWANU PARALYTIC STROKE Riverside, Appril Henry- Beard, aged 74 years died yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Sayles in the west part of town after a brief illness. She suffered a' stroke of paralysis last Wednesday afternoon from which she never recovered. She leaves to mourn her loss three brothers at besides a large circle of friends near River- side. For the past three years she has made her home with the Saylea family. The funeral have not been made as yet but terment will possibly be Sunday. Austrian Transport Sank Paris, April French submar- ine has sunk the Austrian transport in the Adriatic. Citizen Want Ads Are Best. Wants Road Opened Charles Zelner and others tioned the council last evening to open a road east o-f the city proper but inside the city limits -which would extend from the Dubnqus road or No. Dodge street south to the Rochester road, or E. Market! street. CORA PRIZELER HURTJY AUTO ACCIDENT THIS MORNING ATJ CORNER OF CLINTON AND COLLEGE STREETS Miss Cora iprizeler, living west of the city, was injured when struck by an automobile driven by a Cedar Rapids traveling man about 11 clock this morning at the corner of Clinton and College streets. Miss Prizeler had her 'head down as she walked against the wind and the driver of the car, expecting her to see him coming, did not Blow down in time to avoid striking her. She was knocked to the pavement and received a badly bruised leg and elbow, a scratched hand, and ft bleeding nose from the force of blow. The young woman waa taken to ai nearby office of Dr. Augustus Sin- nlng and was able to leave after kef. wounds had been attended to. Marriage licenses have been is- sued to Frank Kenney, 28, and Le- ona iHolderness, 18, both of Iowa City, and to Charles R. Adams, 39. and Etta Campbell, 25, of Cedar Rapids. _ THE WEATHER Unsettled tonight. Cloudy In southeast portion. Sunday partly cloudy. Slowly rUinf temperature,

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