Saturday, June 8, 1901

Dubuque Daily Telegraph

Location: Dubuque, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Dubuque Daily Telegraph on Saturday, June 8, 1901

Dubuque Daily Telegraph (Newspaper) - June 8, 1901, Dubuque, Iowa WEATHER FORECAST. niibmiuc- JUKI vicinity: with protjuly HIM.) Uuimli-i-nloi-iiiK to-nlifht und S'.ni'luy: warmer. J Olroulatiom The lorlty 1m r. t. VOL. LVI.- DU.BUQUE, JUNE 8, 1901, No 294 iitOI'O Cvoninys SrifoM4-3' Encampment Week We calculate to make this a record week in We expect our local friends as well as- our visiting friends to take advantage of the great bargains we offer this week. 3 Great Offers F vari.-ty of i.'ii-vlol und -Woi-Mtcd Stilts, nu'illtim, dark and coloi'H, nil-r.-d. I'l-i-lVi-t lining Suits that wo .formerly sold ut St.GO, ind JW.W. SHERIFF HAS GRIT One Develops in Georgia and vents an Outrage on the Law. M.OB DOilS NOT HEED One Klotor Dies; nm'l Two Others Stop. tlio Mob Uuns t'.'; ttndtlio Governor Acts. K don't llkf IH-UX. but cuiulor compels us to say that the line we n: tills price was n-vi'i- by us and that Is saying u 1 (.'liuvlotM, and Klunnels. lli'.st class tall- ;-ml all wool nuvt-.-i'luls, light, mi.-dluin und dark colors, V.--: svld ut Slv.W and Jl'-'.OO, THIS lit your want. Black, blue and striped Worsteds, Casslmercs and T-.v'M.-d.--. mud'.1 and trlniiiiud In latest all wool materials In med- ium, lljrh'. and dark colors, IH nnsurod, many of these Suits we sold at THIS EATEN A PARTY Or EXPLOREHS TALL INTO HANDS OF CANNI- BALS AND PERISH. SiWAGES SURPRISE THE PARTY Account of the Butchery Told By One of the Pnrty Who Eicmyod. .ilin. Tin- TasS'-'blalt :tvr Jruiii Xuw Ctulnuu containing ti ;i'-.-i.iunt of mussiacrc' of tlio ijf HiMt .r.ei-iiiun South' uti th'.1 cannibal l.tlumlH .MiillhliiH. Thi-y won- -all Icllli-'cl suv" Dr. llvlnroth. which carried thu vxpuill- Island of St. Matthias 'left duys. During abM'.-nce who had hitherto appeared ii'JIy. to kill and rob the j.l.jt was uarrlod out whllo the luut u boUygimrt'i of forty .l w'.-i-..' cl'.-antni; their Sinl-J-tily '.-iBlity iMtuiHl-.-iv. !h-'jit. braiullHiiliiVT spytirs, slabbvd to dt-tilh thu th- party. Or. hH Curo. and a white It. I'll-.. tli emi'tlod Mf Vcvulvur at whllu I ho re- tli- b-Mits with tile ll--liiruth. leiivliiK twolvi.' dead. j.ut oiv tu an Inland not far I. .th" i-xV'.'dMoimry Vi'sui'-l tu. Th'.1 .Hiirvlvii-ii i-'.'lunicd wh-iv tli'-y that hail ti.'di ilovuuriMl and thi> TI n. MI PLENTY OF GCflD DUST Ki-.-'i uinui Ot the Yel- Oi-r Piled For Slilp- luciit At DUWIIOII. via S.-uttlf. .Hill'! -.v (.'uiiilnc Into Duwwn ut thu Ui <lay. After ir-- th.' roads will be v.-lil How lii ul hi.'uvti'i1 rate. i.unkM hiM'i- ur.; buxli'i' than bv.'ii for mouths, buying ore dust for storage. The companies art; rocelvlnff for goods) iidvanced '.luring the winter.. The camp condition and every- prevails. MEN BY A SHARK i Enter Found With tho Auu Of n Negro In Belly. S. Jan-.- the belly shark cupturivl by thu crew ''-..-htshlii off Cliurlositoii bur found tin: luft arm of.u 110- tin? drowning oC Hflccn "-ii i-.var th? lightship on Friday of slmrkH has b'.'un Mklnr- wntr-r, hist nlyhl a blj; li sn-nii ii'.-tir the Iltfhtshlp :i liook attached to a rope, "nod stJong pull ho' waa Tii-ri- u duHporalo Hirug- for Hourly l.-n minutes, but dually overpowered'and Imrku run n-.-ui- Our xhlp bul away from the It to cut opon tlii- bully J" sliarK had bown toasting- on thu to wl ,-r- Bit; Of i- Kr... I. up..; 'Ir.i :u l-v i, I l'. IU- fishermen. The arm of tho negro was found. Thu bum.- hud bi-fii snapped off ubovc- tho clboxv. Thero WUH not li- ng by which It could be Idc-ntlfled. No truce of the Ilflei.-n lost lishermen be found, und It is thought that the sharkH Old 'falls' liiMv "think t'lmV tlu- sharku were the man-vutlriK klntl, and It Is said tlitlt tbi.- condition of the arm shows it IIM torn off In u slniKitle. Sharks ure numerous off the coast, but they tii'u not known to liuvu eaten opli; The discovery of the arm has uxclted the Ilshermcn to such an ext'Mit that are ufrald to ven- tiiri.- from the land. Q INDIAN SUITS BEGUN Ooiiimnitchc and Apache Ti-lhcs Ask Govci'iiiuciit Not To Open Certain Washington, Juno S. Suit was begun to-dny In the supreme court of tho District of Columbia by Lone Wolf and other Indians) representing the Ilown, Coinuncho and Apache tribes, asking the court to onjoln Secretary Hitch- Jlcrmani'i of tlio land olllot- and Commissioner Jones of Iho Iiullun ofllcu from currying Into tH'- fi'ct III'.1 law providing for openlni; parts of tlie land of thosu Indians lo- L'utud In Oklahoma for settlement. Thuy tthio link that the luw uuthorlsclni; tilt- oiienlliK of thi.- hindii be declared void on thv ground Ihat the t-usslon by thi? Indians iirol'cssliif; to represent the trlb'.-s JVUM unuulhorlxod. MAY REDUCE RATES The Wc.ttci-ii Insurance Union An Iiupovtiint Mooting Falls, T., Jinn; The Western IiiHurance union adjourned (his uCt-.Tiiooii to meet ut Kound uinoni; thu TliotiHiuul In 'Se Fliinl iiotlun VVUM tulvun on HfV'.'i'Ul inottonH and The inult'.'l- fit' MOpunitlnt; ajjcnciuH from non-union U'HSI dofcrr'.'d un- til thu September moetltiK. Tlie Isir city committee recommendation that commlMslons In Chlcatco, St. T.otilH, Oln- cintiatl, Clevohitnl. und Mll- wiiukOi.1 bo i-u''.uced 20 and pftr cent.' to union jjrailed comml.sslon.M, according to the churucter of the risk, an .soon I'.H 90. t'f i- cent, of the ,com- jinnlos dulnir Inmlne.iH In iho.-iu (.'Itie; shall uaroe, was udoptud. In till probability the rate.-) "on dwell- ings ln tno of Iowa will bu re- duced. The union decided not to try to circumvent the insurance lawa In the anti-compact states. A new committee of conference5 with local agents was, ap- pointed at the request of the Kentucky local association. -O SEEMS HO OKI HGFOB TROUBLE Carrollton, Oa., June "grit" of u Georgia shcrli'f whose uiiuie is Joseph Merrill, yesterday upheld the luw-of the state and .saved the life of u uuHro from a mob. In protecting the negro, who was saved .from thu gal- lows a few hours before through thc'ullom of his lawyers, one life was lost and two men were wounded. The arrival of the state militia averted threatened trouble last night, and at 0 o'clock a special train bearing the ncKi'o, whose crime was the murder of a little white boy whom ho found llsh- ing-alone, was .speeding, toward At- lanta nridcFgiwrd. The inan killed lu attacking the Jail was George Ben- nett, of Carrollton, and the wounded ini.'ii are Thomas Car- rollton, nrul an unknown man, presum- ably a fimner. Thomas S. Word, fa- ther of tint murdered boy, who was in the front rank of the would-be lynch- was not hit. After Bennett fell Word jumped upon a window sill aud exclaimed dramatically: "Shoot UK-, Mr. Sheriff: I would as soon die now as any time.'' I'ustiionuil UnMKliiK CniiMOt thu Trouble. the newo who caused the trouble, was ti-ioil and found guilty of murdering Otis Word on Jan. 1, 1K91, 'and .sentenced to IK; hanged yesterday. Ho was only yesterday morning re- fused a new trial by Judge Harris, but his attorneys Hied a bill of exceptions and carried the case to the supremo court. A large crowd of people had come to town to witness the banging, and wlic-n It was learned that an ap- peal had been taken to the supreme court, delaying the execution, there was much excited tulk, which crystal- Ixcd soon after in the formation of u mob. At noon the mob made an as- sault on the jail. It battered down the outside doors despite the warning of the sherlfl1, aud entered the building. Hut thu Slioria'Ulil His Duty. It made u demand on the sheriff for tho key to the negro's cell, but was refused. With the refusal It began its advance upon the sherin.' and the few deputies which lie had been able to sumuiou to his aid. The'rioters, were told to stop or they would be' lireci on, Lmt the .orBTw was not obeyed- As they advanced down the corridor to- ward the sheriff the order was given to lire. Bennett fell, dying almost In- stantly. And thu Mob Fouii-l It Out, The'unexpected light of the sheriff and Ills lit.cle posse frightened .the mob, and it retreated outside of the Here the rioters broke and rau, and wen; soon divided into little groups discussing tlio event. Sheriff Merrill at once consulted Judge Il rls. of tho county coma, and It was decided to call upon Governor Camllcr for aid. Tlie governor was communi- cated with by telephone-, and said he would send two companies from At- lanta soon as tlioy could bo assem- bled. During the afternoon the lead et's ol! tho mob tcli.-phonuu the situa- tion to friends In the adjoining towns of Villa Ulca and Temple, and made mi appeal for more men to get posses- sion of the negro. This was communi- cated also to Governor Caiullur, and tlie governor suou wired a proclama- tion to the people of the county. Governor UuiimmlH Clvlllzntlon. It was rend from the steps of tne court house by the mayor. The gov- ernor commanded the people to dis- perse, and said.the entire military and civil forces of tlie state would be used to enforce order, 1C iiocrKsury. The of the proclamation apparent ly had a good effect, as many people were sron to mount their horses ami leave town. Much apprehension was 'felt'for the night, rind the sheriff and city and county odlcluls, after a con- sultation, decided to take out.-of the cc.iinty for safe-keeping. The Atlanta militia, under command ot Major Barker, arrived about o'clock and ono Hour Inter escorted the negro and Sheriff .Merrill to the train, which was soon speeding .southward to At- lanta. _ TERiSMlAPAN RUSSIA PROPOSES TERMS TO THE MIKADO WITH REFER- ENCE TO SETTLEMENT. break in various districts'is. threaten- ed. "i Peklh, news; from the Catholic' niisslo.u- ia-.West -'''Mon- which hass been threatened by rebels under Price Tun n and a Mongol Prince, who Is a relative o fjthe father of the heir apparent to'the'throne, IH expectcr dally. There are eighteen priests this survived tlie boxer attacks a-, year njjo. When the; blsliop and others were killed they gathered' the converts''at Nlngta- ollunir.and-Santao Ho, and three oC tho priests-'are' 'believed to '.-be. ..still, safe ut the laHt'n'amed place. The last letter 'the, .priests, which was said a ma.sacre was' probable later. T IS PROPOSED -TO MAKE IS- LAND OF HAYTI A HOME FOR NEGROES. ROPOSmON MEETS WITH FAVOR CUBANS WILL ACT nd Accept Uncle Sam's Ultima? turn Regarding the Matter of Independence. THAT IS .WHAT WASHINGTON HOPES rood Climate, Fertile Soil Other''' Iiiuiioeiiieuts For Soiithei-a Sluoki. ITololie'r VFho to 1'olnt the -to lur'H Cluiroli. Cloyohvnd. O., June D. Rockefeller, one of the original'pillars of. thu I-'lMt Baptist, church of this city, was on hand to help woleoriie the new pastor, Dr. Charles A. Eaton. Rockefeller told tho pastor what u lino church he 'had come tp, and tho pastor replied as follows: "i want to.ftuy that my friendship Is something which cannot be bought It will bu given alike to the man of many millions and tho plain worker for and It will be'given upon-esf- netly the sntno terms.- .Manhood Is God's only measure of. vn'.tie." The ni-w pastor's remarks aroused ir.emoriM of Itev. Dr. Applogarth's res- ignation. It wits an ojicn secret thai the retiring pnutor nud KocUefeller.dll! .not lichee on certuJu. BANDITS IN SOUTHERN MUKCHURIA Catholic Mission In China Greatly Mennocil and Pricsti Faar a Massacre. Victoria, B. C. June steame F.mpress of-Japan brings copies of th Nagasaki Press, which state that tin Russian military authorities at "Viadl vostock have been advised ofllclixll} from St. Petersburg'that the Russian government has made overtures to Ja pan, offering -the latter the ports o Dalny and Port Arthur In tho event o Japan offering no opposition .to thi acquisition 'by Russia of an "Ice fre< port" In Korea. Masampo and Por La2areff are mentioned In tnls conncc tlon. Building operations 'at .Port Arthu and Dalny have been suspended by art-iu God's scheme of rthe salvation if the world and that It now remains or the Hametic. race to carry out" tlie inal part of the divine design.--' 'The developement, the, perfecting 'and tho evangelization of 'the Black Republic of the North Amoricaiv'cpntinent the bishop believes to be a" part .of that de- sign. Tlie colonization of Hdytl by Amer- can negroes was first suggested by T, Thomas- Fortune, editor of the New York Age and chairman of the execu- "iye committee of the National Afro- Vmerlcau Council. While Bishop H. -xr.'Turner of the A E. Church Is urging African re- nUriatlon, and others talk ipn elsewhere, with warning cr> from the Hawaiian'Islahds'that the at- empted settlement of colon> here Is a failure, Mr. Fortune points o the open door of Hayti, emigration there to be the most logica and feasible outlet for. the congested icgro population the South. His principal arguments are that Hayti Is easily reached; that the neg- would be among civilized and Christianized peonlp of their own race that the president and his. people woult welcome American, 'negroes of thrlf and enterprise, and .finally that there s plenty and to spare In'the country. Minister Powell, to Edlto says, that the'.lslan'd is vas n that thfe western sec tlon "presents in itself great udvan'ta gcs to the race. .It.has a-'fertile soil dellKhttul climate' and Is healthy.' Sugar cane needs ''.to be planted bu once IIT 10 years; cotton, which grows to trees, but once In "20.'.' -.Corn Is ciil tlvatediSO easily, all that 'needs to )y done Is simply to 'make a hole In tin mrth, place the si-ed therein and Icavi. nature to rised two Boer laagers ut different 'Oints in Cape Colony Thursday night ind captured sixty-two prisoners unt ,500 rounds of "ammunition and a quantity of supplies. A railroad wreck ccurred near Pretoria yesterday li vhlch nine soldiers were killed, and nany Injured. THE NEWS IN BRIEF A party of Brazilian naval officers deposited a "wreath on Washington's tomb yesterday. A few weeks ago Hugh Tevls, ol San Francisco, a millionaire, married the daughter of ex-Governor Baxter of Wyoming, and started for Jnpan 01 Ills wedding trip. He Is dead a.t Yoko haina. Bishop Edsall, of North Dakota, has been elected bishop-coadjutor of Min- nesota. Senator Ilanna has boon made a col oncl on Coniiiiuiider-ln-chlef Kassleur't stall'. The Medical- association convention ut St. Paul has indorsed the army can teen. All the volunteers have now left the Philippines and are en route home. Emperor William's brother-in-law Duke Tiniest Guentlier, has been suei for funeral expenses. It is stated In Peking that Yu-Hsieu governor of ShansI, was beheaded May France, angry over tho kaiser's cclc bratlon at Metz. will recall Marquis de XonlUcs, ambassador at Berlin. At Chicago Lev! Z. Letter paid area estate tax of SNH.S-H. C. W. Bishop paid one of 10 cents.' KEENE'S HORSE TAXES THE OAKS WAS THE WIFE OF PATTEN 60 MM. Kennedy Told u ative .Evidence. Kansas City, June the trla: of Mrs. Kennedy for killing her hus band Dr. R. O. Cross'yesterday swore she represented herself to him as the wife of Case Patten, a base ball play- er, two months before her marriage tc Kennedy. She called on him the daj of the murder and told him her fat hex make her light the marriage an nulmcut proceedings and "everythiuj, will come out." Oh that occasion sh told tlie doctor she was not Mrs. Pat ten, but Mrs. Kennedy. William Shaw, at whose house Case fatten had boarded, told of the bal plnyer and Mrs. Kennedy being in eac; other's company n groat deal botweei July and October, and of Mrs calling at the house fre (jucntly to find I'alten. City Detcc tive O'l-T.tre tostilled that .Mrs. Ken nedy hail come to the police station ii October and complained that Tuttc taken her ring to Wostport, X. Y Later she said she had gone to York aud gotten the ring.__ IMPOBTAHT DISCOVERY Found Thnt to tlifl liusy Microbe. :Ann Arbor, Mich., .Tune im- portant .antiseptic' discovery upon, which Drs. Frederick G. Xovy and Paul C. Freer have been working for over a year lu their respective labora- tories has just 'been made public. The new antiseptics are organic ueld'hypcr- .oxldcs. In u water solution live one- thousands of 1 per cent, of active oxygen derlwd from the hyperoxlde is fatal to all bacteria. byperoxide which was used for the experiments Is" benzozlacitzl, and was'shown toy experiments on can be taken Internally In large tincna Tmlcnnrms effect. The Couple of Wins by Our Sporting Men in England That Are the Real Thing. Everything About the Winner 17. 8.; Bout a Carnegie's Great Gift. London, June United two victories In the limits "of reat Britain on and and tbe other on the water. TbV and victory was tbat of the United States bred filly Cap and BelU It, vrbo won the Oaks, one: of the most brated of British horse The winner was by Milton Henry, i citizen of the United owned by Foxhall Keene. hailing from the same country. The'winner-was quoted at 1) to 4 in the betting Just before the race, and the were all long to 1 and 60 to 1 against. The stake .was lEvenn 1'rouil of Ula'Victory." "I am' very "proud'tu'-be th'e flrit to the said Keene. "I bred "tlie lllly luyself lu sbe.Syns.American bred. owned and ridden." .Keeue said .be was not much of :i !u this race he bad put'a good big stike on Cap and Bells II, .and had.told-ull hU friends to do the same. Croker, although he had a horse in backed.Cap and Bells II, and numer- ous -were cabled from Ne-w York. Keene Is believed to have won in wagers.. .Ue'announced that half the purse .would go to London hospitals and the rest to hos- pitals in the United Stntes. m Winner, Too. The victory on the yater was that of Herreshoff's six't'y'-five-footer Xe- vada. ivhlch ,-vvon the .lifty-mlle race for hei class in the .Glasgow exh.lbl- tion races in the Clyde.. The course was square, and twice-round was tbe distance. The Xcvada was ;l new cut- ter and her competitors .were all the work of two seasons Hgo. When tbe Nevada reached the' ffiiish' mark th'e same situation was presented .as at the end of the race fifty years ago for the Queen's was "no .sec- ond, your none of the com- petitors being lu sight. Shamrock I was in the race for big yachts and was handily, being two minutes and thirty-eight seconds ahead of the Meteor, her nearest competitor, vrheu she ran into a calm and stayed there until It was too late to win. Tlie Meteor took the race. Sort of Coujln Johnnie. The victories of United States eic'l- nens on the British turf.are the theme of much newspaper comment. The Daily Telegraph says: "Is England going to the dogs? Has the dawn of- the century given the signal for ex- tinguishing the supremacy of tbe Eng- lish thoroughbred and made those isl- ands an appanage j of the United States? must possess our souls iu natieuce and endeavor to learn lessons from the staggering object lesson provided." The papers, al- though they pay ungrudging tributes to American success, cannot conceal a certain amount of disappointment at such unexpected results of the .Uull'ed States systems of training and riding. CABNEGIK'S IS CO.Hrl.ETE. Deed Signed Olv-i Scotch of Money. London, June Carnegie, signed a deed yesterday transferring in G per cent. United States Steel Corporation bonds to trustees for tbe benefit of the universities of Scotland. The amount becomes im- mediately available. The next Install, meut of Interest can be used for October term. The trustees are Earls of Elgin and Kosebery. Lords Balfour of (chief secretary for Kelvin. Heay and Kin- near; Sir Henry Campbcll-Hanuerman, A. J. Balfour. James Krycc. .lolm Mor- ley, Sir Kobor. Pullar, Sir Henry E. Itoscoe; Thomas Shaw. M. P.: Uicbard B. Ilaldane, M. P.: the lords provoit of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the pro- vost of Ounformline. and one from ca.cli Scottish university. The tleed contains a preamble saying Carnegie, having retired from active business, deems it to be his duty, and one of his highest privileges, to administer the wealth wlilth has conic to him as a trustee In behalf, of others, entertaining the contident lief that one of the best means of charging that trust is providing fund! 1'or improving and extending the op- portunities for scientific research of the universities Scotland, his iiRt'.YS land, and by rendering the attendance easier. A constitution, as it is palled. Is at- tached to the deed, directing that half the income be devoted to Increasing tlio facilities for the study of medicine, modern Iniiguagi's. history and English literature.' Tlio other ualf is to pay fees and assist students Ik other ways, regardless of sex. and aid of preparatory schools, evening classes and other means of education outside tbe universities. The details of Carnegie's project received with universal approval. name of Mr. Carnegie." Morning Post, "should be regarded with profound esteem, which In time doses without pois3uous effect, discovery may. It Is claimed, lead to the further discovery of tho funda- mental causes 4n an important field of medical and surgical science. Vleailed Guilty li'Tlilef." Springfield, Ills., June the United States rt'.strlct court yesterday- Charles Roff pleaded guilty to robbing the postoffice at Marblehead, Adams county, and fined and costs and sentenced to three years In Ches> ter penitentiary. _______ Radical Bend. New York, Juno Orland Bourne, who was known' as the "pio- ;iicer of -iimuedlfite unconditional abo- Is dead at the 'home of- his daughter In Jlontclair, N. J., aged 82 years. May Boycott Tour Uncle. gcneral-boy- cott of American goods will be started in :says the correspond- ent of The Dally Mall, "If the threutf fl removal disti-jct. doubtless will become veneration, by the country he has so nobly and wiMlf. endowed." The Times says: "The of Mr. Carnegie's scheme dis.irm almoct all previous criticisms. The gttt, which Is unquestionably tho' most mat- nlflcent on record, bids fair to be at the same time the most widely Mtd permanentlj' Key to tho Sa< red Cfly. York, June Washington dispatch. ,the National SJuseuni at tbat i-ity will scuu place on' the lock ami to the gate of the sacred city of Peking of tlio Vem'xuelmi Ark.. .luim bed of asphaltum has been foun4 place. _ Hut One OWclnl lleniotat. fevansvlllc, Ind.. June Bru- neV has taken charge of pcstomce. n'-t Dale. The old posrmustor. J. E. -was- reniovcd. being tlie onlj; s

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