Tuesday, June 9, 1874

Des Moines State Daily Journal

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Des Moines State Daily Journal on Tuesday, June 9, 1874

State Daily Journal, The (Newspaper) - June 9, 1874, Des Moines, Iowa VOL. HI.-NO. 14. DBS MOINKS, IOWA. TUESDAY EVENING. JUNE It, 1874. WHOLE NO. 032. jour mil, IOTHK L'VlILIf. 1 ho readers of TIIK JOUUXALato aivarc ILU this paper lias liccii privet! of t for nearly two weeks past. This irsa Gn'al Western Telegraph Company ami other parties who claim Ins riglit officers have promised us from lo fbj tliil .i-ould lie in condition pert of a seUletncnl of coiilro- viruy, <Jn the other hand nru the Voslern Union Li UP, tLe only i.tEiorline lie rv. That company him ud liv roil tract witli I'ortain ILCWIOIUJM to rurni.-li dispatches Pnosrwr PARK fair grounds, Ncw Yorlc, witnessed, soino fine trotting Monday, between Goldsmith Maid and Judgo Fiillcrton. Tlio litter won ltd lint heat ill tLe Maid won other Ihceo in ______________ A Pfcris dispatch says tiio feeling Versailles is Blixniiy. One Im.i- dret] anJ twenty-five deputies have signed a proposal for the of the Assembly. The- motion for dissolution njJl ho presented in lliu Chamber at the earliest The Center determined to have settlement of the of tliL-tcfore -vc lliat fuc ttic time being ciJrd to suspend publication of llie UAILI- JuutiN.u., unliL such tiim TJIK JuL-icxAi, will will i-.intiinic, ns the ml h ur will h u Iho money will refunded ration at Uio pnuiHin-i room to Jo. llul in tinn-sit vs u< paper withouUclrgranttc 11 ami to U- In solid tiul Tllh piiieil by a, voles of 170 to <ij. uf General Mct'ook as A ilispitrh from Council IlLul stnti-s that H. )J. Wfitnn, Urest. loMa M-'icliai.l, and iiiilai.t killcil unt. Tliia nould aid greitly in two turroncita iieirer tu- l a Suit Jay, aay Julj 1370, llie car- CDCIIMUCI] bj Lha United SLiteiihoald ncjsli ili-iuld J-i csncelli-.! rd nt-rer ruiyucil. To t fleet tfjii, it rin- United Sinlfi, cttnincd t.. (lie Trr. Ly liilu if a lovultijicnuiiia. ion Hi an ll.m i n unu JL-JT after L.liua allljilUi ritHllmi f tfict ...ii-r, Liy hi tli'i 'ixliic-tiil toy IpBjfullc. (lolJ, like anjUiiiy cUc, i 1 mtuliflio' In tniiLi vtliit ind hia- fcrrffif upon it' .oiipfh tlio "public I is -i-r_ boroin hoard or know Qbe uNie ]aa wrtainly Mtfal n one tliat ''riiijj1' 110 do not a (Irani unit Die L'lirrrjicj. ith Ic 1 T InJiislry trmi r.t any ftituro tin r'Mjl v. tlnl. Uiiluit, inlj-, A OLI i n K n Beck. J "by It t! i vslliii N IV N LK cut pu i 00 uiu lijaJ aitdluo boiei 11. T. BABBITT'S Pnw Concentrated Potash OR OC DvabltUeBtnn-ih UPOHIFTIKQ SUB5TAKDE. SSjUs JUluaViBtilxl lnf: Lo ibflce tiolui J SIL7ER GLOSS STARCH! for fit, Lmtntlrif. M A7J L'yACTTKKD UY T. KINaSFORD SON, A Household Ncccasitj'- Pulverized Corn Starch, T.KIKQSrORD EC1K. >'or rrfl ffj-Dr-erx. ici aii HOI W. ,i 3 HUCHU Jt in the hcst, largest and lies! qiiHllty. Par siilc by Wea- ver AlnlHh u ml K. H. Hush, niitl hi DCS iMoiiicx by S. M. KHIoIt. KltKSS FKl'KK Tonic c.rrr very of ftver find o oneyrefttiirtett. Kffrytrafficirar For fate fty ll'tai-tr bv S. .M. tyUaH. New Clothing House I HATCH HIVE [I JTOCS. t COKPimUNt Of RoEidy Made Clothing, Otafi Fanlthlas Ooadi, ANE> VALISES, Gloves Rubber Goods. Our fire direct (rcnn the tnaniifnoiurert for NRT iwid intf toiVI tow. tUfmiiL-ii oj elate cattt it rodfiierl, en u-( to offer Uitm iitilittt ISt.OW'lXG t'OK S. F. H ANNA HATS HE BEST IS m CHEAPEST. Wilson Straw Goods, IOWA. SiKn 11KAH. BUSINESS. DIPLOMA OP HONOR At THE MUSOH'T HAMLIN OR CAN COMPANY Orinl.vn Ly J. H.'iirj- M. Kii.iiiL-, T.I Ak-i K Gi-iiiul Silver or iioNonf JlJiBS HJH EST A1VAII11, HIGHEST MEDU AT FHEJiEKHA EXPOSJTIOH XKW EI.KOANT STYLUS .mlrtl't-'i il iiir QWO lh> be SlioillD itrj mij V pieuJTliilM ViiwiliKS WAHK.-riiu toowi fan, VIE Anil H. HRDO3. MEDICISF-S. CHEMICALS, ih< unif, ullli i LEU, mill IV-iSE Luiru imi-niiiii Irapr.iv.u.-clp MtSON i HAMLIN ORGAN CO. York' HoNloD or J. D. SEEBERGER, HAHDWAEE FIFTH XTKKKT, Solders' Shelf Heav HARDWARE, Flno Ontletj, Circular and Mill Saw Rubber Bolting, Wagon Slock, Springs and Aili I run, Xle.fi, l-'r.irc If'ire HEAVY MANII.I.A HOPES, TTIsT FI-.A.'TK, Mi-luls, TiiHu-in' Slock, cl .U 1IOTTUH rillCtS .Vliu East Side Bill Posters. SIMPSON Centenary Colle? IO1VA, IN'li TEini. MAKCH Scjven or c.'olt The hcst im nil lo tuy of Grateful feted the lUnrnI txtfronage ue hure re- bed, ice idicU n J tfiure o{ tame at No- 77 SlirM. OfitTK 8A VERY DR. GRIMES, Des Hoiiies, liwa. UIckdnuKL. Utensil, nt trir-. ,1 Its ini'kQV DISEASES OF THE EYE EAR Concrete Sidewalk, Cellar Bottoms RDOFiM CEMENT ftND FELT. Des Moines, Iowa. The Sen .Mountaolu r I n- 51 at hi 111 IJ'Ul'UKH WORK AMI riKAVY T.VH.OIIIXG. nra'SMi HlXJW RESEEVOm II. SHAlV CO., I.S udSTAMl-S 1'aryosM.. AND FAMOUS roa ESST 10 BSE I CnEATISTTOBOYlt BASEST TOGEI.1III ITU A AT UO11INSON, GAS HTTER Iron l.uixls, TO CHNTltAUTOIlS. PiSIS 5! IVE8T EJl'SSEJU 8ICELSIOH BUUHCIilSIM sr i.uuis, .uo. REYNOLDS tMcHUGH, DES S101NKS. lOffA. White Mecracken. FANCY "GOODS Cigars, IT oil one, 1IF.S MOIXKS. ll MONEY TO Xolira In HlnckhoMera.

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