Thursday, November 4, 1869

Daily Leader

Location: Davenport, Iowa

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Daily Leader (Newspaper) - November 4, 1869, Davenport, Iowa i I.' -iVS I1' 1 r JL i V fc J SIXTEENTH YEAR. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1869. NUMBER 4 7. THE GAZETTE CONNER. Bj months..... 4 5O By montbfl.. 2 25 Ky Mail month..... 75 BrCirr 20 Ccate per week. COPIES S Genie. Mexico is bankrupt. ia is going to Apples are scarce in Massachusetts. Pennsylvania is bcr militia. THE VOTE IN The TOW of arerjr County la the Included In tlio following table COUNTIES. Adftir Adjtmfe AJ ft Audulmu Mack Hawk Buena Vteta JtalUr CiUbotiti Carroll the Heatl is dead broke iu Paris. trains of emigrants arc pasi- ng through daily. shley finds the beef ami mutton of Montana -'too fat for table is it is said that Jeff. DavLs will go first on his bond. only bachelor in the Cabinet is the Secretary of tha.Navy. Kmpc-ror will meet the Em- press at Niet on ber return from Egypt. long impending crisis of pov- erty lias corac upon Helper. is very lavish of expensive presents on her Eastern tri n. i butter boilings are the country sport in Pennsylvania Jcrseywoman tomahawked her hnicband because he come in late at night. Gordo Chcrukue Ciarkt Clay Ciwtoa Cl-ntoo Crawford For Gorernor. 114 1SH US W4 206 WO C87 1UG J5H 4W Uecstnr Kramm Fayctlc Kloyd Franklin 113 a 551 3M 50 987 fl fl MS wis 1 Gruntly Hancock Ilardin Harrison Henry Howard Ilomboldt Ha lovra 131 S2S H75 ass 415 609 1179 9SC 150S y 3367 83 W7 21S Johnson. 'Jonotf Keoknk Lee Littn 'Marion Mitchell KOQOHJL Monroe Wonigomery Itf'J 7U2 1 511 78 G55 55 SM 070 SlriO 197 1TJ3 728 C51 331 Ml 143 716 UOU 311 f 14-17 505 A youug woman iu New IHven has kilted herself for the rake of her taking arsenic. 4 of Smith Carolina worked in Stark as atoilon twenty-five years ago. PJymonth Pocabontaa Polk. Fotiawattamie tJac Scoit p S60 I9RO -ICG 440 I1UU 230 ----------t SCO 215 W4 1-IT5 1407 24'J7 arru 11S5 7U9 1774 GUI 583 10W 7GU 17U 440 FROM All PARTS OF THE REPORTED EXPRESSLY FOR THE DAILY FOTJR A. FROM DBS MOINES. 3647 2774 1551 70S1 291 49C 211 37J 104 MO so 1U9 1C is reported that said Vanderbilt lives two years I'll bust the old derives a fine revenue from semi-weekly descents on the Keno- Ists. fourth wife of a Tennesseean named Wade finds herself the stepmotber i of twcnty-soven children. pnblic property is said to have been damaged worth by the recent outbreaks. is to have a standing of though at peace with nil the i ufficc ckrks in ilic East are getting tfatir fingers burnc-i by in letters. tttory Taylor.. XJpion Vanllitnm 00 33 1D07I 4093 2IsM J12U 1376 139 517 I7S1 G3G 114 I 7 374 70S -I517 Wayno WebflW Woodburr....... Worth............. liM Total .715 615 224 7S7 23 13W 1MO 774 ICT 5HS 313 1ft 190 510 'Official. S8W1 FROM DE WITT. the colored member of the Virginia House of from j eahi to be 10th insU been fixed upon by royal decree as a day of fasting and prayer in Prussia. Peoria Republican ance at Pcnria. a new evenng S nude its appear- discontented citizen of Xo plant the streets there in and with the oFthc crvp pay off the ju-lgcnict against the city. 'roroontory Point has where the promontory points of arp demolished anew every canTU lent. n a celebrated Indian Ked s well-known in the of PetcrT died a few Fort Wads- worth. Ilauto has a in trliidt boys to prize fight ing fortlie 4mn5cmcnt of and arc treated with lujnor for their ie pngri pwi says that Dr. Itolbunl will spend the in wrilcabooV mod come home next e form of J. connoting for n In create a fond fw hereafter killed in ihe raises. __________ _ Mr. Cooper tbenrc n A BUST Day in n BUST Lads ftnd Lasses in Blind Editor-. A Temperance H. the Proprietor of the DE Nov. I SCO. T EDITOR OF GAZETTE Witt was a livelj place thestreets crowded with teams and the with people. It being an accaston. kept fcoly by the members of the Catholic churcbT p many there were who came from the coun- to devote a portion of the to di- vine and the good old formers thinking to lull two birds with one brought a load of wheat and in con- sequence thereof trade was rather brisk At the warehouses and with the The Literary located at Walnut Scott paid us a visit prstorday. in accompanied by a band us loarthtl music- There was do drmht f f their being HI for the cirizens recognised the filers ability to and the -1 rummers skill and strength of nrasclc. It was reported thev were and I guess they Treret they were dressed in green and were sons of the Emerald M. known as the blind editor of Iowa and L- M. editor of the Temperance Standard were in oar city delivered a Tery instructive and inter- Iwturc at Ihe J. U. R Lodge Koomt to an appreciative on last evening Mr Dixon informs he purclio-ted the iStandard of Mr. atid will assume the former editor Mr. cotiiinuinp Mr. Dixon wks borty port the people of loira. by for krrjiinc him above want in present calamity of Jiw Uttiar B DAVENPORT. mother Slurderg Her Three Children and Ball. to the Davenport GIZETTE.J DES Nov. horrible mmv der was committed yesterday at Marshall county. The wife of A. G. Clark murdered her three children an axe and then disappeared. Domestic misery is supposed to have been the cause. The match game of base ball played here to-day between the Pottawattaraie of Council and the of this resulted in faror of tbu for- mer club. WASHINGTON. THE RETURNS. ST. LOUIS. National liaptitft Sabbath School fommercial Convention Interview with the President. INTERESTING ADDRESSES Nov. delegates appointed by the Louisville Commercial Convention called on President Grant this in accordance with previous ar- rangements. Gun. in a brief presented the thanks of the Con- vention to the President for the encour- agement and expression of good will con- taiufrd in his communication to briefly the subjects and results of the ConreutioDt and concluding as fol- lows we desire to congratulate your Excellency on the.success which bas thus fur marked your administration. Enough has transpired to demonstrate that before the expiration of ymi r second the public debt may bo more hnli CHICAGO. f Nov. vote of the city and county nut yet but tbe majority for Citizen's can- didate Tor will exceed and theeutire ticket in the city and county is hy lurpje majnrilies. CliicAUo. Nov. returns from tbe county elections in Illinois come in the following are the latest re- ports Lake JL Ebtinas independ- ent for constitutional un- doubtedly elected. Knox county elects the entire republi- can ticket by a decided majority. Warren A. G. ocrut for constitutional cd olectefK Whitcside independent ctuidi- were elected over regular republican. Morgan for constitutional elected by 230 balance diMimeaiiiic ticket the county elected by a majority ranging from 3Jo 5 hundred Proui returns thus far received parties here figure 49 re- publicans ami 37 elected to tbe constitutional convention. Inflic- tions are that Judge dciucicrat is electcds delegate to tbe con- vention LaSallc and Siiugaiiion county elects entire demo- crat county ticket with exception of county clerk. Hay and republican for constitutional convention in the dis- trict composed of iind Logan counties arc elected Slacon county elects democratic ticket I Chicago for county officers. j Winnebago couuty elects the entire He-1 publican an cscrptfou of County for which T. J. La- beat H. C. Re- 58 votes. Adams county elects the entire Demo- cratic except the candidates for County Judge and County.Cterk. Jackson county elects the entire Demo- cratic including the delegate to the ILLINOIS. Nov. returns from Illinois are very but it ap- pears certain that the Republicans have secured control of the Constitutional Con- vention. Tbe Republicans claim to have elected their candidates'in the Sangamon and La Salle Districts. Pcoria elccta the Republican county but the Demo- carry the ST. Oct. Nattotutl Bap- list Sunday School Convention was well attended the church being crowd- ed with delegates and spectators. A number of interesting addresses were delivered by different gentlemen. Lucy J. filed A petition for divorce from Beuj. C. a very wealthy youog married man of this u nephew of the Inte PierreCliautcau.nnd iiiftrricil to a daughter of one of the Ilius The petition alleges that Miss Hall was married to Sanford in Terns fnd.f in July not knowing at the time that he -was a married man that three children were bora of-the one of whom is living- She ftsiet custody of the child und THE FAR WEST. Mint Deposits Thanksfiirittff Ite- of SAM jfov. deposits of the Branch Mint for ounces of ffnliL and ounces silver. Of the latter 2S.QQQ ounces were received from jApiin rccoinnge. coined tlarioff the same period hist yair. lleiglit dRftignattd November as Thanksgiving flay. J was destroyed by fire yesterday. property was saved. The Acting Comptroller of Currency notifies the of circulating notes of the First National Bank of Nevada that the same be paid oil to the Uutterl States Treasury- Several important sales of White Pine Minos have been effected to New York and NEW YOKE- NEW Nov. 8.- The World says ID this State the Democratic State .ticket appears to liavc been elected by a majority of at least most every county there are reports of radical losses as com- pared with the rote for Gen. Grant. and securities will command a premium in every part of the globe. President jjt siid he was very much gratified to receive such dele- gation representing not only the great com- mercial interests .of the but also the new state of good fellowship which ought to unite a common brother- tlut was inaugurated AT Louisville.' he hoped would extend and permeate thronghout the entire un- til evtsry vestige of bitterness or unkind- ness should be eradicated- He believed that within a year or two the South would be far richer and far more prosperous than ever and the people hare it within their own judicious policy and wise advance their.own interests and those of the entire Witli mar- vellous rapidity. As to the second he coald assure General Wfllbridge that felt now very much as he did at West Point in his cadet he counted every month with eagerness to get out of lib He had uot sought his present pmitiour as erybody knew- Hun. IL W- of said he was glad to have the opportunity of ing to the President that he concurred in the cordial appreciation which all parties must give to the sentiments just expressed bv him. The President Col f of what the people of his State thought of the whether there was nny hope of Kentucky ever turning from her politics. Duncan assured Tlie says the with rate fully mpprcciateU in Kepublican counties the PrcslJcntV Inmot intentions to do retorn badly. The Sutc ticket probably the day entire. The efforts of the Democratic ap- pear to have been chiefly directed re- the cimirol of Ihc SUte ran ahead of liis ticket in this other large and'. his total vote will probably cxcwd tbut of Mn Grecley or any other candidate on the radical ticket At this 3 H. the Democrats appear to hare secured a majority in each branch of the State though full may rcconl a majority in the Senate to the The Herald The returns of our State indicate tbe of the crutic but the Ite pub Hams hare a working majority The Democrats lose heavily in the cityT but the Republicans heavily throughout the SUtc_ The election has gone by default in A short after the fashion of the late October In this city the compared with last shows a Democratic loss of over and a de- ficiency in ttte aggregate vote of nearly 40tOOO. To sum up the general results iu the they will signify practically little or without a cbaDge in tlie JLvgiilature according to our appdr to oe more strongly Re- publican on joint ballot Shameless and cun- ning frauds have again defeated the publicnns in the general vote in the State. The rote polled here yesterday by repeat- ers cannot bare fallen' While we Iiave a handsome majority in the we fcar the Scnalc has been lost by fraudulmt votes and unworthy wrangles among the Kcpubliccns in tain of EK.GOV- Wickliff. Nov. State Distil- Convention met at Lexington to- About fifty manufacturers and per- sons interested in the trade were present. Tlic body of Es-Gov. Clias. A. Wick- lifTis expected here and will be taken to Bcardstown for 8nal inter- ment. MARYLAND. Africflp Colonization Nov. y. The American Colonization Society's ship Gotconda cleared yesterday for Africa with a large cargo. She sails to-day to Savannah to take on board 400 colored emigrants from the Southern States to Africa. CABLE NEWS. I The Anrrican Minitterat the i Speech' to be Pro- ten Asmiost Secret of the Sputfth Cvfcinet OHIO wlnt he the good of tlie and tfcit the telegraphic so kindly sent bj the President to for the Convention and the now kind thcj people of the Slate lately woohl the respect which fur the Received October 1869 05 to Kentucky be would saj that even Uic 15ih Amcndmcnl wonld cre- ate Tcry little colored voters rcrr HUkJlowanls Ujc nsajority the State. After an informal and plnnsjmt wttimtfrr half jm the witbdrrir. and the election of a majority of As- niorc ojxrcially the farmer. with the of bringing the Senate to the Dmke of ST. A- G. the American in address sing the eipressed hitplewore mt being able to repeat the -sentiments of the od and the esteem entertained by the Government of the United States toward the and its hopes and de- Aires for a continuation of those and .for the 1 being of the present Government of which hat been made glorious by its firmness and justice- p i Nov. Archbishop in a pastoral exhorts all nf societies similar to Fenian to abandoni them. He ndverUtotheerils by Spain and through the action oi wcrct and says tbemem- of such organizations will incnrthe pennlly of excomnmnication and cannot participate in the jubilee New- A special dispatch from Paris intimates the popular impress- ion accepted in that city 'that Napoleon will propose a plan of disarmament in his speech opening the session of the French nnd tlut the idea is likely to general. It is that CUreu Jon cvuTcycd the assurance of approval of such a to his and that it will agreeable tn Italia. ItndcnCj of JCapolcons IB the eminent is sud to be ob- in accord The laicst rttnrn5 indicate that the majoniT in the SUitc w be- 7.000 and that the Sctele IT Democrats to 13 the Democrats faaring apparently gained OHIO. of 3lc iforaia The Mhinir Warren it Uwit ibc Central ircnt of -n Bob at he ft ti nf ATI ti njjuiwrt n vr Not. opcnrd for Pcilding for very Ibo i it gain iwo. in tbcci as Dttnocrats bet this liable to imeiuimcsiU In this city Octn- jectively for the embarrwaroentof Ruasta Nov. Prim was the Cartes of rcronpiructed cabinet. He ex- jilAincd tlut the question of candi- dature mis the causo of tbo ministerial azul nddcri that the attitude of tbe fho wlntioa -of Hf thnt tbf trne to ibc of the JIiDisicr of insists on g bot Prim de- br will the cabinet if the Ad- in the for Half frtr hav-c H L X4 J TTTff K IB re-dcctod Dicrict Schrint_r. and Xhr Supreme Coart all in sbrriff S. The oftbe Dcmncrtlic Stitr icith sr of In ofttc _ tbr entire of tbr f frmn n WEST mi rxJ and that it tbrrc is no rhinoc of his elcdicm. In York not know Ms plat in and in Twt while lie in thn friend Tbc FitiMDcc Omnriiloc tbf -docSdcd lnut ail to hrw in 1V figtil in to -tr rn n 3-wtt swwnrw. Tbc V- will JI A Vl T- T J j si co 1 r.frtt -will n clmrtn n irv n n r. lift-. flf r fp PI f' rrf V 'TVi TA WATSOU I Vvm. COMIEKCULIimUGEICL hi tltbl J tt rtflt ff aitr tf-rt- fl iirtf. 1. Jlt 1 hi J TKtr i -will V i t T rurrw t lo pay iM'wr tit mi if IT end to 2 liwatbcir ntrhi n m nf TML OBITUARY. 11 Ten-It Daily Market Review. There WM rtther a dull ict of produce mmr- Bnperlnduced bj a falling ofT in receipts. Valaw remain the ivith the exception of new which U the rmnglDg at from 30 to 3fc to-day. River TreighU are itill and tbc of shlppiDff.and at the if anything. Is iucrcusing. The weather this afternoou HTM tad there is a continuance ot which may aflect M. LlveMoek ST. TTov. 3 Cut ilis- Little better ftoliof butnot man j- weathvr warm for co WMEKCI A per luewj l- Ontfjiew aitdold................ bow wheat Buckwheat flour bri V tou...... 5.00 t-25.00 20C tobies pfapw the receipts and shipments of produce in ChicaffOt forthu twen- ty-four hours ending on Tuesday Intelligence Column. __ 10 CTS. A LINE. Davenport Business Directory. AGRICULTURAL. ftiutertf Cured nndLrimuieU 9 be Kip llim Alcobol He Ifr K price Ufckory Oak Soft do Coul Cleveland. -ff ton............. be do ftfoncr Bj Siw YOEK. Nov. 3. Money mainly 7. Starting Gold fieayjr closing do do do do do Live Wiock The following table shows the daily n-ccipts and shipmenbi of live atock in Ohicfttro dtiriug the week up to Tuesday as re-ported bv the Secretary of the Union Yard Cattle. Sheep. JST ami M ToUl................. Fridiy......... Ho Tuesday....... Total.... fi.1174 27.WI TWO PAIK OF SOUND AND ItBUABLE AUo two good men to work on a Appiy to KBNT fe GOLPSPCflV. BY EVERY VA3TILY1 IN TfiS COUK choice reailnic for the Crft ilde nuira from all pftriaof tre ftiHy in the Wfekly U wuvT r Ji wtibmei7 A mammoUi ncivepjipcr The l newspaper in the Two par to single mbwribera. and flfty. them. GOOD inOW-BOTTND BARBJEUS AT tUc 1.S5 be paid for A PWBIXI3TG HOUSE ON LO- CUST and Brown Streets. Inquire of KENT i GQLD3BUKY- AST UOOW UIltJECTLY OVER the Post Office and fronting on Perry SL A vciy desirable location- given imme- Apply at OAICTTE Counting Room- Utf .TWO FROJ5T BOOMS IN TIIIRD STO- RY of Gurrrit both well lighted and Trontipg on Perry ontt Of Ironf Ferry and Third Apply G'AZfcTA counting _ _ i cr in siajjOard Farm SchmtlerWifi Feed and Front utreet. ARCHITECT. Jfc. Sollcitot or rtrenrss wish Dodee of W B.C. BOOKS STATIONERY. Boojfc5 StfitlonerT WaU CaU Ei their before parchasing BOOTS SHOES. Wbofelale mud r in Boots and Wect Hccond between Brady and Main. A sbars of patronage ie re-ptctfoIJy and 12C Brady snTeUKftatiy-made ol the bestman- Particular attt-ntioq paid to or A FIRE FJEiOOP CAN BE SEEN at the Northern Lioe Jpackct Would exchange for Stock or Agricaltnral Address D. COPIES OF THE WEEKLY GAZKTTE. the best family in the tvro doliirs each per annum to sin- and only one dollar txid filly copy per annum in of fitly Send J. B. dc 1SG5 new 115Ji I5C8 Do Do Do Do Do Hew York Stoelt By Mnr Nor. Btoctol wiib wm-t aoctoaUoaa daring Currtncy Sixes U.S. Express Union Eipress Sew York CentnU Srie Hock Island mad Pacific Northwestern _ preferred. 64 and Western preferred Union Express Ei SI Ceniral_ 118 Mich rcan Son Illincus -.J33 By If TOEK. WOT. 3. and lower. Floor-rHoJca heavy. for extra wettern. steady bat closed a No. 5 So. I do winler red mnd amber at for wand Steady mi Pori-DaU and at Ocdeiat for new plain and By 2fm SOT. 3. at for atcvay. Of Coba No. nzmoiuL at pricvs wlntvr.wbut aeadr or Very dalJ So. and of d dall ud Dress fioonu OLD NEWSPAPERS FOR SALE FOfi wrapping at the Onette fOll SALB-A of old era and at POC2IBB CUTTER AND TAILOR. t. Clothing No. U.I tain met. Special Attention given W cleaning and PAqaei FURNITURE. III TVtfst Second dealer in every variety cl indndins the latert of Farior and Chttiber Settal and neatly executed. GROCERIES. HAVENS on Brady Fourth and in sod delivered free of charge. So. US Brady Oroccr ftfid Proririoa D Ponltrr. and blesin Orflcw promptly FOK at the OF INSURANCE. artitiul Lire .-U. A. Agents Wanted from from H past A r EVERY COtnCTT OF THE STATE OF LAND Tbe Finest AMontnent of all the ties 0 1 cite Lowest MONROE JBBL Gcn'l Uxstilon Machine Shopi. Ion. tor oti TMrt HO S Ondanrear of eicrr description for Misses 4 Children. tUe and Coloring. Tbc line or Plush Astracan Cloth P r B TO BB.FOC5D Df THE CIIT- An exUnaire Stock of F B. B B FLAMEIS BLANKETS Estray Colts. TAKEN UP BT L Jf. FAINTER. OK HICEOET Grore county on of October. TSG9. two 0nt forrvl Itoco rear oli ndtaiL wbito atrip in free. left biod foot rained sod a I'titf ralocd at S. 1985- M Cout. Scoct BOMDfllt MT JCHOOU Por ormst AUGITST 301A. Under the flrtperriaiott.of is dt r i FIWDIIIC8. IOWA ANTHRACITE AND BIOSSBURG AT CHICAGO WITH orders at tbe of between Gco. Bslch SMAJLL eni. gfaop Seventh and fcifld nude on tcanonaMe UME.HAIB CEMENT AND PIASTER I SEWIHCMACHIIIES. C AS SUPPLT THE BUIEDBES -contmctott with lime. Hjdnimlic ittent and Pla-ter Earfa. from tto bertJfcflBt and wwte- at prf for Southern StrtttL Dareft- PAINTING ISFOKMATIOS OF fierraan toant 01BLULU8 AW Piain and GrcimenUl Is n West 3rd A. HootCAnd Sign vtU prompUv ttitfadjo aB ttrffcra ror abop. n -Wert Fonrttt JOB PRINTING. eomerThinJ Fear Parchment Poctcr afid fttot- xecntrf lotto bcfl-ftylfi of _ House and STOVES TIIIWARE. PAFKB AC. b ia Fiftfc Stnd wrik if Bran sells tie Popular and Parlor at redtjced prices itrcet. F KOOFI3STG-. IBURHS OPERA HOUSE. ibc e Wd oik. Sotting dove ID the clj to rood Ho- qooUbly lower tor 3L only l for r fair to to Z. FToor Tio. 73 J 3 1 3ft 10- Ornr 51 m OChnr fitmAf trtttV-r 1 rnit-if CHITI in t'ht OM m n trofl r Hum 1-in lltr Nrtr. y-ntt. X 4 J W YOKfc- 4. vtiu. Tttmlt in mrVtif T ntiTl 00 ITU Iwcte Afluw VTCT L 74 r Great Excitement ON THE FAIR GROUNDS Between a Man and Horse. THX HQESE TV FUK A QFA3TEK OK A 1W ras tilf the Tbrj begin jttlbt cndk of fara pane ol _ _ nctncr It Utt-wtnkutrw PlTCfi GRAVELEOOF1NG DONE beat powfblc wanaaietL 4 Frit for lining Aiatte.1for at jtoe perpoimd. J. J. rtreeu bvnrcui La P-O. Grand GIVES' BT THE DAVEPNORT TURNER Ho. 90 tor to take two otttcr faat NEW BmiABB BOOM. HAVE JT5T fii'A'JLb tTP TfflK SPAC1OU3 Wednesday SOT. 10. mi of PROGKJl Will REWARD paid any fr ihr KTDOLTH omciTHIKD PAHT Sols- LfTEKT SALE ITT TbW prnt. flS C J2 Sffflr e 3 2 5 a T u 7 GrifilCRXtSiyil. ACEfT. Oay OPERA HOUSE. -tnxt COETWl Otr -otflritemtnC 1f re OR- J. THIS h WAffNOCK A Notice in THAT -OTG JV Olfr Tlwi Mm r t.r ttati nfl RtiftMti iri feM fir 3 W 44 stn.flK- A. TU. FOB SALE CHEAP.

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