Adams County Free Press, December 11, 1969 : Front Page

Publication: Adams County Free Press December 11, 1969

Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - December 11, 1969, Corning, Iowa ARCHlVtft Your Weekly Newspaper 218 it ItnrtsliMir CrtMtfjHrs thr WW at fee Ml to Tiiiii crowd ot 200 Al kVwt 300 tV by the praAacers orer comprised by vmtMR Fry paid tout 06 far AmU Thw ol ajaartai at aad to VMTII aiici Hcwr Oi to y programs are wrf KC to ftrmtt o oif were at a at WcCatt Ik he ilt te m Twwter aarf hive thtfar m htm to to tttt do so by term n ttsU VKIR Officials the forms to be malM to el ot M UHr tham is jotarh by the O aarf fee OB 10 10 points tor heMy aad io pottts fcr tbt work bi Mn lit Sitecttl tor ihe Gmss of Boy Seoibt at Ammca haw anuaakd bj IfcCtrd of cJairman at its irkt The appoiJHnwots teir ihts Cor intac tiaUrmaa SHOP IN COWING STORES WILL BE OPEN NIGHTS CERTIFICATE AWAY MOVIES SANTA CLAUS to is aAJrtkm to the aichxje Pwl Jack Cor Gift Sit 12 Hist Tfiiiilii km 88 tasta FT i State a record of at ana tat Curtate 14 from 1 to 3 at S jvsu Is Tlf Tmt COrt SFO to saie that ;

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Publication: Adams County Free Press

Location: Corning, Iowa

Issue Date: December 11, 1969