Thursday, April 17, 1969

Adams County Free Press

Location: Corning, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Adams County Free Press on Thursday, April 17, 1969

Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - April 17, 1969, Corning, Iowa Of HISTORY 4 MO t S I O W Your Weekly Ne wspapor sKrrtosA Govtmor of Adorm County Don voi7 twemt iii rlvk im j re a witiant n thU brill ADAMS on Hi Knrf fl wit hit in vrry Jhirinfl thb forced to tall i JVhiiin rttn thposition Kfi WKOr hj of VsilJry datinft bftdk to ihf i ihfl frtxii Ms aniL his iiis in 1 aoo in WHIwm j lo were He A hsi Maine arxj hK VSrrc fron Stevens 1 hPri j Air sftrr a M and IV His eonWlbWkKH will Mr to leml in Ownikars Nor York City an CHoirrmm Wf Carbon rid jirjrtfj tftr Can crxjnly line hy the Arfarrw fairs thefice n pwni KZ north corner at north lo f Ad Dies at 92 Tlltw To RCD Group Soioct Man at Industrial Hood W Turwr of er Irtverrw of FiHf pits in CK fM FuncYst Jj IS at 2 pm the rVsf IrptbytVrUn church in Corning by Rev W fiiirw wiT5 in Cnwc ift ition to niiiw eif foj Morit will foS sources fcvJopiiunt we t the ttiiiirtf route Additiwul oltrird in a jLfiuar meeting of j ts aviUfcbfe at the of nl CJesriipSd UVdneMlay Mice of trw Adams Ccunty i Chairmen include j interfcsleJ cifbcn may re M public with rt 5ptc 0 She nrojtcl DV InArtfrr E4 a rejijest to Adaras county board Mtrf j by il Dun Jktliord 1 acililiri iJtll In rnuiif Lamifiralfeft snd 1 S fwrf nirn j OfMrrV Erik Kkniiff of etinfrtbutlnrji in i tirnintf j lif ir own wTTs R the just and in Utt if At Third Ouorttr an tpcn fnr Mr Krik uthrr Kierjif nw group prepnrinc a broT irhiirc which vrjii tdi he oisjeclives i int D projtsri nrvj how Uof o IJ1C mtnd D nnfj miKS i wi1 in the uf 1w Ad j Wvcrtcourrty area n ffdd wiii in p AUams i Wvcrtconniy nrefi n rtud i Sharon Ore given A rJf I be hS5 lien ienuie al tiic anmia 411 leaden 1 pcrwins arxi prtKips can use j Nancy Joe 01 jwrfevw in j atxj D i Brute i i W TMtft LijlGJ wilt csrning Htyh SCTKV h inf vnrrr thrw bnrh to Adams count er To towo jatxj D asswtancc is A Work H i D bv i in civur ami al 3tK SersSif rjvm tfic Adartis at tjTf il in s umt iv MtKi i wmiiiuo Ifi ius io and hton rtnWas f JtslM Uwrantrf io WK jlw s SUxJettJ in CornlrtR High Uo i he working the com iVtbert mittees in o seven cow rr Tw Mwd Ijrsm ftf Mr tw in iievebping the f j Veryl Wrifrhl i Next of Ihe stewing South of j commits will be June I made availahic i j Kaffij i the be1 Swain oi Nof ijv birthtiay List mmih li 3Hf mf t lieth Hosin ilM j Stay to be completed the I Mark Grading wort on the project was T Dianrte last district forttwd i Set for May 3rd Randy fiuaj to directed by ami Paul RkJ r 5le Jrstsiiite vt by thv ternpurary chairnian of jl Man XiSsoa W a prcsenjeti by a United J Cliuni Farm Burrau l lhi In Mi Corning Promotion from trainrd in ef fadiities or the i This years HAS Jeff PUat cnitoonfy 4H pave the and tribute to the leaders and banqutt was spoosortd by beinf carried cwt for 1 May t srt ihs Dan vsary tiiyth UIK Sntr h tho cnly o with suth 1 ttjji T is Judy Barbara Jean Thorni DrKir Pattv Karma OnJc are the mkfc a CiTrsJitiofW oonfrontiait iliffptrni from lave the must x nut Lift us e 3aj with caliKftess at Pesse Turn Tu PMT A4 juL 3 cf VUiiara be 3 arc MOK of the thM win io T tttf TfRM Hiif candy to all the to a fhrr taken in cpunty on erf last Jo Jriermine the amount c sub araiWtle or thr i t ridej on pwy rartj arx mechanical Mato b ElxtnHinn Dtorc r R State Sun ATM and S C S