Adams County Free Press, February 6, 1969 : Front Page

Publication: Adams County Free Press February 6, 1969

Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - February 6, 1969, Corning, Iowa or Ntsroftv A ADAMS M fmwrt CAM h hit tow fut aaafl aw rarjwmrj ors Poje I form JMraoiM a drive i county hay taw Tuesday night enrolled fe these k is hoped to ttwnptee the J membership drive by Feb 14 To TV irain Iwd stepped SB stale Mualiatjoei id even year may fill f mm TV marker erf the rf a t In Steffw gfnerar in i J A aCn v wvvi i f iiaviffirt y irif to a visit sudents frwn This v A I 1 tXiak t TlM fl 1 IMlitaii I ni7iltitai nail piartiotW af pirn hecmkuUted 1 ICfiril Das nl Htatanr Tlw iiai auarV ceW tm fe imica Before hind 30 jjvat i Kinds avaBablearid tor J Coiw AC 3v Federal i Scott oowiev ied i for I tbi tocai wwrther bureau a Bwetof in the St Patrick Alt WtewJng jutiytics for I iii be Id Introduce to a srrull coenmtayty N m The pro1 Safes in a in nth ter tell former SUaAurd v Feb f from theefield is 1 be s sif 77 spend titne wit luaier JiJr in Adws i f for their nrW a I iMadJscm 1 be rei quJtrd Persw interested art v Kuth ;

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Publication: Adams County Free Press

Location: Corning, Iowa

Issue Date: February 6, 1969