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Publication: Adams County Free Press October 11, 1900

Adams County Free Press (Newspaper) - October 11, 1900, Corning, Iowa ADAMS COUNTY FREE PRESS VOLX VIII CORNING ADAMS COUNTY IOWA THURSDAY OCTOBER II 1900 NKH1HIIOUS liiHinl Ciilliil Kruni Our Ill HurrullmlllllC TnttJia A niIni umii roiilo will entah liwlied iKirfli Ciinn Uoi Oulc on No ilfd ViiinTii t fif fiT i iij i if i Iifi V i I Jiutktiy clui on if I In ivmulitr litukflr 8280 of inyiin out Alii innl Mrs W Haven of Oakland celebrated ihuir wiil iliiii niiiiivirxitry on Coluber2 Hi in SI vfiitrn nlil mid ttumity frtir itnMicU inn uncli utole to pay UIM uxpurifteH HIII iibom 8 ID Illf HIIIIIOIIl inifliOVttlllrlllH Plus Titylur enmity Inmrii intilly it liiu ni uuii H new jnl in I rflieiiirtf ilucHiii in Cllltll ii Il till Vlltlifli tf tllH IMlHlly III lliy uonniiff uluoiiDM in tho nf n wn mill MIX which it voted ulJI nmko a limit 88000 NO 89 tenuity HI ill luck Dur ing tlluil1 1nii it ruiuuil ttvery day HIM iliuir utusiuliuiei wiia liyllt Tiioy uoiiiiotied ii over Sa Urn I ay wliiiiii proved tlieir hunt liie gtite about Tim was 8500 John W stoiut aeimsml uf maul ing triHii lite Hiaten storeu ni iliu Mt 1lnaaiuit asylum WUB iudiciud hy llio gram jury tuere ilia first ut Veek and wilt ho trim ut tliu term il court now in itoiMicHi li WHH IVutml by tho grand jury Unit worth ot tlie HtHtuV gnuds wnrt mien ing through h n work The niHuagern tin I in hutiiitCM session tliia morning to elect to take tho place of J JhJ resigned w Ii lauidy unanimously elected Mr Phillips retires with jguod will and cuitimumliUim of all fnr ilie xpltimUil work ho lan doins hiring his two yearn HR nucrotary good iiian han been clioHon in Inn place timl the work tulunt for yfAt vail lutgin uvwwliMtBty Prmkuut Orr won from IvHiiung Citr tlmt tlio Oliiriiuht had joined the for another yenr Alre Sridiu Oolenmtt Ima brought Huit ugdiiiNt Dr J E Hutinucra Jr uf Omaltrt for for allowed nialpravticD in April of lust yenr As it wan eunnldeitxl tii try the suit in tor an to serve the upon Uiiu in thin opportunity pruHented when the doctor attendcil tliu meeting of the Medical Society of Valley in Tliunulny lnRt Joneph thin city and WKH cnm polled to have HII arm ninpnlnteil IH was claimed thn rsisuU of 1 hypo injection Uy Ulrtixl poiflnn Onklaud Acorn Unclu Hen Jlnro editor of he Shunandoiih Po9t cainu vury near Uttiug by H rill u ball litHt Monday ovuning Cteo Bogart of the Wlienandoah National bauk wliich is jntt below the poot oftice Hhnwing n friend a now rifle and it WHH uouidunially din uharged The bull gruKud the linud of tho young ctiahier of the hunk Diok Gvvynn and went through the ceiling into tho post room where it nearly hit Editor Clara nn the tipper story It did not stay loiiu in Ihc print shop lint kept on iml went through thn coiling and for nil we know may bo toward the of tlia ntn in the moon as n Winclioiter hnll has a fearfulhabit nf traveling when it once Rets started The News job department has just completed the court docket lor the September term of the Taylor county dktrict court The docket an un usually large one coutaiuiug aud 158 ciuea Of these 30 are probate uaaea S arc 65 are Appearance canes and 55 are caaea continued over from pre vioua terms of court Evidently the matrimonial yoke ban res led heavily on the necks of a good many married people itv this year of grnco Uiiiro be iiig on the docket leu siiiu for di vorce In seven out of ten suits the wife fli plaintiff The trme nvotto God Blew Our Home has been relegated to the parrel with the rag poke and furni in iheae homes The miao maUog of the feeble in mind and heart still goes on and the lawyer and court find it profitable to the severing of marriage vows Blockton News tivMfW Signal that your kWtieye act ewtpoot of the human Ixnly Into wnitth all the of the arc continually for purlricailon Mid wbea tke tail to perform tbotr It a o oontplicalloai tbc ttllcU urttivsUl paUon tbe heart anil PO proper rvtatdy ymir IV soon be be V of humio tkill Kidney Care Will care yon In at lew expttOM than any other In world It par botttajlf oktala umu of circuit court tile 3 will bn fiHjwl with tlitwi outs from ilit inuiu giiio ami two from Kiu runmli These will appear honor uiul rilaieiliPir tnltwof woo mid ut k ilmt iliiv ltd friid froiu iiifSi irjilTiMySTuy a Ruin uiltmil 10 trot in Mlngii liurmioi uiul lavish iiiMir iittVoilorih on KUUIM oilier llrit lifivv Tlllii MrUlluniMy W rt McKihitiiny Tilln uillstiy ibat for ifn fiun ktiu htm lioen u ritaltlnut of i but thy in Coming n nut inv if 1SIIS uiul iliut Uiiy bnvu nut llvod Kiycttnr xliuiu Hint niiMionililti ilutij Hint I bar iliiti wholly dls hi vow nnil wllh I liiti ill J1V ill Miflnl hiT uiul Hiinsi nUiiuiul iiiniHfli wuiioiii imy rcii lilc unit Una ilmrx liiirn tu Uiin oriw child now four s nlii who IHIS retililml with iliiltlill Sim MIXH xlitt lian nlwayii liiin ftntl In in iiiilnivn iiiui Uic jiropvr rinit ihu iluriiuijniii to work anil is a htroitjt IliiH iinii Iunifi n iry Khu iiHkn for ntltnoiiy In tho f SIOOO IILKlniOVH fllH of thin proctiidlng mid ofuhUd next litrlvn ni I H UoHiiUoii who will rage his lonor uiul KIIV llmt hu IIHH rvalOcO In fiirtllr county of Adams for tlinn ono yeur tlmt started ilic iineiTtnln wu of matrimony In liueltyof SiirliiKllulil III July 80 imrtllvod toguthur linptiy M two lilUens iiiiili Jtjne4 I8KSthat on tlmt Onto lbi ilcftTnhint In thin cuee ut iurnilJ from jilalntlll wltbout rinponnblo or Just cnusc that there WUH born to tliuiu ono ilmigbter who me mill now rtsldcH with plnlntlfl Uo llicroforu tlmt tlio law Unit tlod limn do this untieing uiul for pudi oth r uiul iropur risliuf miItitiort of tho court will nvst icur Celln Qeorgu ivlio ell for more thnti llveyvnrs she nisMed In this grcnt uounty tliat Mils iifiritlyplalntin wuru mar THR iVKW PASTOR Kketrh i I H Faiititrot Church M lliica foreiiiPliBKlHKM iy Klilur S H pastor chrltnlan chnrcH VU owa j II PVUKll Tilt suDJoct of tlilKRketclisounf Abraliaiu Ii ami Pnltor hnrn Fuliruary U 1NM In iticKtatt Virginia tlKHisjh tie is really a product of Kejilucky lits parcntx Kivlux iroveil to Diu taitvr Hlate while lie was yet an Infant In tiuitlierN arsasKattJInRon a faflii firailiailKiiiiHvllie Wtivrc hu Kruw Intn a of a lfnvute mail Soon after ilictr removal tlillhur Hit lliLTOnllxteil ill Liu liidliig liis avlMK a tamtly of elKlil for liln win Isiac to mainly KUiiport UHIH ileprlvtiiK llilil ol Die early schoofliiKHut JOUIIK Isaac was iiclcrinlncil to tjitiiciuu nxiinciitH aaU uruhltiKx ii Ireit to Hits end with an urittuary luxllHiok fur a tutor n pine knot for a lamp Abraham Lincoln like hi HDMuciluil lulrly well until at aRC of twenty Acquired cnuunh liroitclency n the art of jxinmaiiKhlii to com mand tlie utiormoUH Ii nalary ilol lar ixr day comliicHnga nuar the town of WMllainribufK in tssu hu was onlalneJ to the ministry After attending a private academy at nncanler for n ind evenings for his lioanl Uu ticciiwe a private tutor In the family of a Uaptlst preacher Prof J U Thorpif Nlcluilasvllle and wax Sn Helhel Academy VUerc for two ycarx then rtturtilnic to Ills former home at wlicrc he mil tho Kriiit stfito of Iowa on October I 18111 and trottPi alocg inO wife until March 13 tbitt dur ngrtll Oils time ihe conduct ft berwlf H it nml loving wife Hut on lit paid March 12 thii wild and woolly cornc wholly itUrcgardw Ult rlngn an wilfully ttflaiid ovur htniiulf wlihont riiifionablc or jiut cmite that lurn wna born to tlmiu a daughter lM ever that tbu honiln of rlniony tat covered Imve caro f am for such other xml proper ruHir Imc in tbc city schools ami was one of uin irtine anunls In Iheextalillxtimcnt of Union ollFKe Hltico liy Uic M K liurch In IBM he LmlKfateil westward JociUMK In Mt Slertlni 111 taught for a year then urcd AblriKiUm whtwc prcniileiu the grtatly nil hluhly eemert vjntr now gone pnrtMJi j ikVo yuariihe near Atlilr un uayn hroke own In liealtti from overwork wunt to Varren county where lie lauglil Tor Hcvcral months at of wlllch on March JA IHM was wltnuKKud his marriage to Miss Amanda K niiclc of Denver III who proven to be a true hullUMcet tnaecil or a lime Kuliseiiuent to their marriage Mr Fuller followed lunching In tlie city District Tim iinniinl itlsirlot of tlie Uonnun llnptiht liruihrtn huUl In vlitit IH known us I lie UunUiirtl cliuroli it Mt Ktim beginning Tuumluy Out 2 Hi la uniting onjojcd anil will long lio ruinuinborfd by Tho riii About nijclv vlxitors were mmnni iwcmy ot whom were minis ors dlllurtiit ooun Tlio inlnisirrs Inking purt In the ivork wurc KlilciJolliv OnUle Olllo tows lUilrv i llrowur South KiiKllxli Iowa KUKfl M FollU PiLilrlcls lowh Ktiler1 1 Mt Hev C K mlisloniry Oltutnwa IJvv A SHIHT ICccntti Imva Ucvs lliihlcr K llatavla KniUliniiKli Iowa Kev IVilRor lulicr ItfV Ii Sink Icnox Inwi Iclcr llrrtwrr lolin Hrowcr II C N Krulinan Hinuli KiiKllsli Mvv Isaac ftaw Market Invra Wcdnosilav ilvotii to Hiiniluy work WcdniRilny tiif communion scrvlcH rinirnitiiy ministerial meeting Tlnirgilny evening mUftlonary meet Frulfiy dlRtriut counail AC tlie inlHnlooury inciting n collec tion of ibouc wuft tukcn to bo uaod for homo mission work In tlie southern dintrlut of Iowa Tbo cbitrcti ut Mt Ktnti In one of tlio ohluat of this nntlon in Ihu etitto biting btiilt nbont thirtynix ycjira HJJO when Rnv Chris HarrliUr VVJIB luinlgiur In uhargn aongrugatlona greeted of tliU meeting unil llio thoughts tol woro anil con tained nuuli for rnflectlon Care CoU la Oat Day Hrorao Quinine All Urattl llle monfy ii Jl cum K W ru U iA each Tortnrttt a Intenso wag enJnreO by wlt T jr of DUta Ky before be this evidence coughed every night ubtil my tbront was raw Uien tried Dr Sew Dis covery which gave tnstant relief I U in my family for foor yean and recommend it M tbc eily for cougbs tkmat and lung It will stop wont and only bar cam Kvery rnar antnort Trial free at T I Pot drugstore Jell0 The pWMrt ail UM family Lcmaa RMpbnrry Md Stnw Atyoar Kroeen M Try la u f ot a The Grand lory Tim grand Jury wtu orgaiiUml Mon day with A B foreman A W bailiff K G Knrnt ule 1hnir uttititlon WUK called to the In UiU prohlbltiun xme juid i liny wi i In f tructci utpeelHlly on They wore tuld tliat cliclr pcraonal should noc MI Into counldoraUoa but Dm Jaw on all uviis AhonJi be III jlvin sketch tf lift Jury for ihu liiformallod of our rcadtrii uiul who may borrow thulr i A U KniuKtV WHK iKirn in llnrrlgon county Ohio 1 untl cniui to Ihln coniiiry twenty later Kittling In township Kor hi a wnrcantllit clerk in MUB HM initrrlml Mlm Anna i I I8T4 They liitve nix Farnier ktock raieur Taylor WBI born In Clulrawont ftjfto 4 1SS artl casua to uouiuy hi 1S74 KCitlintc on his prearnr In Mercer Ho notxoful for man to mlono and 11 Mary Pratt of Murcer county 111 Uarch IS74 Iliey chllil Farmer and stock ralaer Kniit born 5n Noiwtiy Dec 10 1848 and cnnio to ounty In 1851 Married Mill Carrie nut aon May 7 1874 Slat children In Lincoln towntblp im a armor und stock ralBcr Albert Duliitiy started life near W Var lnly 20 ISU and atuc to tbu garden pot of the world n 1874 Bottling In Colony townalilp tarried MlsaClarn A Jcwvtt Dec r 883 Iltcy Imyo ftvo Farmer nil ralter J B waa born In Dauphin ounty Ptjnn September 0 1837 came to Adaoii county In 1871 anil located Norfftwny towniitilp MarrioU yia Helier no relation tt onnty January 2S09 They have our children living Mr U icrvcil urlng tlio Civil war In company C 9th Ohio Farmer anil raiser C r be jury witw born April in 1830 In rawfonl county Ptnn and came to county In 1882 MCtllng In Jaipur wnship Sarab K Dll ey of Warren county III September a 1861 They hawi felne children HT ng During tbc kilT unpleaMutneaa o wrvcd In company C lit regiment f engineem af the MtMouri ntcern Farmer and ralaer W H Barker was born In England November J and landed In tbli crtllu land In 1884 Married liuuia Hart In 18S5 Klgbt children leneral laborer or the church of that city on Lords day ollowlng Mrx KullorK father whn Hid unu u Kanxax on account of 111 hcaltli tic ollowed the mmu profession tiiiclilnt anil aching In that mate until cnltcil to the nf tlie church at llurllnginn tiwa where he scrveit two paMliuMtUn Llie llvst lirec years tlie second nearly two years In mtli of which he was very xucceisful llc ween these iiUHtnratox lie HervciV the liurch at WaHlibnriic anil Htriinghursl III anil Oliarltrm loiva where the writer nf this ketch Mm met him I tuachlngit the Imu nearGharltcm and well do I recall my ifxt fmiiresfifuiiN of uur new paxtor Kumce ttojiaytliat Ihene llrnt Imprexxlons were not of a very Haltering nature not that I IlKllktMl him hut he wan iiecultar I dls ovciei huwevev later that like all of Uic people he was xcalaus of good workN anil my nrsl hnjiresHlnns were Urtatited liy others more ciijitncnlahlo To know Hro Puller anil wife ind family In li ilieui fur llicfr very works aake We had a unlnn Sunday school at the point where I was teacliiUKxome miles from Char ton The tiuestJon of liaiutiini wax sprung y youiiRNclioo teacher anil aVen ui very earnestly liy one of the wise old Reads of thatenmmnnll vm nail tlie auducily r to mu to a imlillc ue ualeon the question llix brazen manner and Ills reputation In that section as a DlWe student scared me out but I met him with the proposition that I would furnish a nub stltute which was readily accepted Kxclte ent was at a MRH pitch In that community When it wan announced that Elder I II Pul er would meet him on llie following Thurs day evening When tlie time arrived the oouae was full and my man watt Puller of scripture than any fellow I ever saw The house was packed so was Fuller pack ed full of truth and he succeeded in pack ng the whole community right away from opjxment An a remote result of that de bate and subsequent efforts of Hro Puller there is a Christian church almost on that very spot of ground He Is a strong preacher and illltlKunt pastor Jfe is a teacher born instructing auditors more perfectly in the way of the Lord1 am proud to be hi xon In the goiipoi because he U a noble friend of tlie younjr preacher He in free from petty as any man I ever Bro Fuller will never cross the dead line if there be for he is one of those wbolenouled loyal men o God who never can grow old Alter a few more bare become history hli balr may may dim hU band may tremble bat DU heart will be an Hmg an the mornlm of bis life a cheer Ingastne sunshine May God bleu blm la new acd promlalng field which bu recently accepted at Corning Iowa Oouixx Iix Food Co Le N Y of GRAUrO pvejMrmUon and toft ai my I It It a trial and I My moeh ptoaawl with It M tor UM bwt and taaiUy kat I mm ITM to I tte OM M to If J J Mr John Bruno Wilson was born In rlnrlon Mxrion nonnty Ohio on the aiith of April 1S40 Ho was married n tbo aaii of November 1870 to Miss iargnrut Johnston of Wooster Obio holr almost thirty years of married fo bus been equally divided between heir borne in Ohio and their later home ore In Corning Mr Wilson sprung1 roni fmnily prominent In public life f county niitl state His father wns or twentytwo consecutive years In bo oBlce of county treasurer a tutu representative anil county auditor Mr Wilson served for six years vary cccptubly in tbe offlco of nonnty mt dltor bcforn coming to town and was poat uinMer In Cornln from 1888 to 802 Ilia biiRlnnflg mutlimlH worn 1 KtiBpicion n dgrei or prosperity crowned IHH odorta lio was n fnlthfiil huaband nod indulgent atliar and nn friend Tliu fiinersiwM beta from bis home n Corning Tuesday afternoon ut a oclock conducted iiy M V T D Kwing Wilsons dinners ntwayn fiRtlnfy hungry KKiHl1 VT IRKHCOTI irauk finiin Hit In Heail with H Hnitd j A x Hpu rgftin Mondny afternoon about oclock onourrtd vvbm cuiuo nrar luting tlus filial Injijry of yrnpU loonij For u long tiiuu tlu8v men imvinot ivnn on goiwl ifiriUM nnil Mboiit ii yinr ngo tlioy limt doutiU vvko H lurgn uitin in 10 IMS und w nuts in tn n giniTHl tol rUinictcr on i lie nthir liNttil is imill In Kliilni i in I M rCguneil ii good Ai iiiar us can li lunrmil Mr Hpnr wim working in tlin lunilirr ard nl H Niiwcontb when loonry nnil In H riililwd uguliiitt him SpniKion who rvMtnlid ihu uci by hU iinlfit on llio ill ihc liiad wllb i IIHIM ix cnishltig ihu outer skull and tigaln on ihu rlick niakiiiK a wiiiiiut Thu WIIH wiinincil liy Jl Newcouib antl Irwin It id i word JMtwuin nrrtaled on cliurKC of with Intent to couimlt mnrdur Kin linuiedlatnly gave bom In the turn of for UU appearance before the grand jury He hadbucn drawn as one of tint putlt and came down to court ihu next morning From what WH can learn sympathy IH generally with Spur gcon We regret unfortunate oc currence At lust reports Ixwney WKB getting along well and were not Home of tbu local papcru of county recently contained a statement that some members or member of company K while out scouting In the Philippines found ono of Col llryttns pictures which wan evidently thu prop erty of Agnnlaldo Ih I H Is a now itory but not us authentic as aotue of tbc old It is laid while in Man Francisco oho of the boys claims TO liave midit the acquaintance of Presi dent McKlnlcys daughter and tlmt tbe young lady was vury much Infatuated did wtf When the boys gnild for Manila tbe same tolUicr when two days out foil nil by Investigation that the gteamcr was Hhort on coul Ha compelled tbe captain to land ut Honolulu and coal ip Whnn tho company became more acquainted with thffftforesntd Ananlat they tcHrneil that Ills father wtts the only survivor of tbe Cimter massacre We know by bearing these things that the picture deitl a truthful one We Have Been Here in Corning For five years You may know may not We may know may not but what we want is to ksow that weknow Tall oee of the following items in the paper and that you wish to see the goods They are goods that you can not find elsewhere in the town and nowhere at a leas price UNDERWEAR ao dmu heaviest cotton ilrnwers Sizei 30 In 40 All fin ished feaniB l full cut am leuglh olil by others at Here same price an iaai year per garment 40 pieces heavy Tennis nels and lights all clean bright bought at a price laat offerwl to you now at per yard CRESCO CORSETS Corset that gunr not to hreak ut ivaint line neither do they sacrifice comfort for strangtk We claim that they arc cisisst en the sarket Try We cmrrj in took sizes 18 to 36 in long medium and short high boat or low black drub or white Md ft i aK 30 WhltM md ta New Idea Patterns toe Nervo If you ivavc nuUiTvii Sculls Emulsion of CAT Liver Oil fowl the nero is cry ing fur foou it is hungry uncl set your hole Vindy going again in r to natiufy nerve uul fioin your usual fuocl That is cure If you are ncvvovr1 rnd irri table you may only need more fat to cushion your nerves you arc probably thin and Scotts Emu 0 of Cod Liver Oil will jive you lv itl lu be gin Cure so Iir i I cure ii jyilin tiu you need from and Scotts limuisiuii help you to that If you Imvc not trioil il for frciM it inslc vn SCOTT it IluWNlC Vtrirl hlvcrl VV joe niul jinu ili WARM UNDERWEAR A hig new stock jnst in GLOVES AND MITTENS The largest assortment in the city HATS AND CAPS A nobbj line of up to date goods WORKMENS CLOTHING Back Coati Paata Overalls and Jumpers SHOES SHOES r SHOES f Of all kinds and enough for all Quality and Prices Guaranteed CARTWWGHTS There May Be Others Our Low Prices Who are selling Groceries as cheap as we are they tire ajt rirr Acfams county nor any other county around here There is no trade mark on our low we have always maintained much to the surprise of our opponents and admiration of our customers Tt is here where the econom ical buyer gets his moneys has has a few pennies left to jingle in his pocket Louis Knowles Grocery Store Coralagfor Scats Ctartafe Flow Good Cooks Are Unanimous in Their Praise of tbe Great White Enamel Line of OUirc FTFI We Have Them at Your Price net necBMBrilr MMBU of and analon la wsUOag ftatikh gum a THE HERRICK SHOE ;

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Publication: Adams County Free Press

Location: Corning, Iowa

Issue Date: October 11, 1900