Saturday, September 1, 1877

Cherokee Iowa Independent

Location: Cherokee, Iowa

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cherokee Iowa Independent on Saturday, September 1, 1877

Iowa Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 1, 1877, Cherokee, Iowa SKlTlCMlJliU of For of For Supreme JOHN ol liitChfliiil of Jdiilic IXivK Himember the reeiibaekeiiivLiitioii meets liwlav at 2 If you liy resumption contract values of the in llu you must pass a law the indebtedness U or you ml the Jc4tor SptKis of Union Pacific IJriiljtc A Oinalia down wind supposed lobe a cyclone Tire spans were 230 feet making a of 500 feet of the The estimated loss is I The DeiuwraUo 1unsiuint call wade jn he sev eral papers last the Democratic Convention was held at the court house at 2 The hour and beiiijs desirous of reporting the proceedings of tin we iepttJral to tliy court withinlhe apartment found who seemed to he noucjeus of the SmiUi was there as a ami Clark to report for the Free Pivss and CliOk volunteered to eon Juctthe Smith aetins as oliairman and Clark as Ilnxionl then to make the nominations to the state Convention to e held MarshaHiwu on the He nominated Smith and Kis who about that time came in to view the lluxford then suggested that it mighl bo well enough to adjourn the convention until sometime in as adjonni iiKnts of such conventions was becom ing quite and the Demo cratic party in a growing so be made a motion to adjourn the con vention until September before he would make nominations for county which wis put to the sense of There will be three State elections in oC Vermont on the that of California on the and the convention by and that of Maine on the Iowa and Ohio will hold their State elections Oc tober On November 0 the States of Pennsylva Xew Virginia anil AYisconsiii hold Since the installation of Governor Hampton not a single negro has been lulled by a white man in South Anil yet there are people who think Hayes ought to have kept Chamborlain in the State house by the United States and so continued the slaughter negroes which flourished so mrintemipt njuler ike old of Fort in Chicago the past week endeavor ling to induce the Illinois Central rail road company to aid in the construction of 11 narrow gauge feeder line from JSort Dodge to Duncombe has great faith in the but the Illinois Central desires to see her present line pay expenses be fore rushing into new OC what earthly use in aay coinuiu is Sbyloek with his strong box packed full of Guvenimtait bonds The jioor with only a cow the assessor may viilue at must payher taxes or lose her goes siott not contributing a farthing towards was carried unanimously by IIux The meeting was the quietest convention we ever It seemed to a unanimous thing in al there was not n dissenting voice on any quest Jloir it Looks to Fwm Ve have received a private letter from Sir Isaac former President of the Toronto Board of ex member of the jailuliun and one of the iblest statesmen and j clcaresthenued financiers of the Proj from which we tjuote the follow ing It is perfectly clear to every man who knows the and has not his interest against that the grand effect oC paper lioney was to extend the industry United States so largely that all specie they can com mand is not nearp sufficient as a basis for the circulating medium required to keep alive and pnnit the natural in crease of the countrys An unfailihg way to know the course a man or i nation ought to take is to ascertain wljat or enemies desire token aiul then to take the con trary course ignorant and incapa ble statesmen an excess of his worthless carca A lnbiii uars ran oft the bridge 0 Des on the flti 20 per and many the pro3jji3SKIT is tuat more Imt i BarmiKis show car with the ajiil Sufcii of occupants among The ciiuse is high water vwashrjj out Uiu of the statesmen at thl close of the war took the course whielj every enemy of the defraying the expenses incurred in pro1 United Slates deared to be taken and strongly This was s practical change tirely of the objeitof a whose life and glory is ko be a synonynie of the prosperity of fhe industries of the eountrv imitation a Govern ment interest was not only apart but contrary the interests of the peoples Kobespierres principle was acted Plntot Jtas Wn the same as if the ser man died 20 at a great it ITeeLjned divine and foiljwcrs with great lie was lookf A upon by the Gentile and as being very bectuse be tried to blot out prostitution neans t f He was eluirgerl T Sch the most heinous with tja world is cursed yet never for one erf associationsivare tp set tip an of their from and contrary to the interests of the am id the praises of interested The Last during the excitement of the big a sad scene occurred at the State Line One of the morn ing trains brought in a family Irani York consisting a woman and three They were literally Three weeks ago they left their home on Pearl street to come to this They bought their tickets ami then had a few dol lars enough as they to rentier them comfortable after their ar rival until the could lind Canhad been for years a cripple and also in poor This was one of the causes that prompted the removal Soon after leaving the the a little over live years of was taken langerously anil the party was obliged to leave the train to give it the care and attention it For three weeks they tarried along the iiul at length found their last penny ex and nothing remaining but tickets to this They entered the cars and on Friday landed at the State Line The husband at once inquired for and was directed by the depot master to the grading force at the new where work had that morning been Kissing his wife and children he hastened The wife and children settled down up on Ihcylnttonn against the depot build amid their small packages ami bun to await the return of thehusband and Soon the little ones began to sway too and and moan and cry most One of the inquired of the little the oldest about 7 years of what she was crying a Oh we are all so and then the moaning began again by all the little sadder and more heart touchingthan The officer took the child and led her away to Twelfth and purchased some which she began to eat most The others almost choked when they began to and the poor sick child took one or two bites of cake and fell over in a It was then that the poor woman told her sad story to those who gathered around and questioned They had not tasted a morsal of food for three and were literally starving in a land of plen In an instant Depot Master Frei dcnburgs hand went down into his pock laying in its broad palm a silver half he a Men out of strikers whose last clime lay in their brought it forth and added it to the contribution travelers and both men and all made their sympathy man and some found its way into the womans could only weep her heart was too full for Then a physician came ami prescribed for the sick brought from the depot lunch stand a most beautiful and the starving ones were given a feast of wel come to the The poor woman was she could not understand it You couldnt get a siie to save you from Then a team was brought and the women and child ren were taken to the old City where they remained until Saturday In ttie meantime the husband worked all that long Friday without Commune v sigus of the times point uuer riugly looju1or other of these as the American solution of the great con tost betvfwai labor and jttrst iu the vvorJli Xsiipi meet a Duality anil nothing can arrest short of the subjugation of tin one by the Capital calls for tin complete and absolute submission ol labor to Uiv inevitable mar ket and labor hurls back the demand for adequate compensa regardless of the labor Capital appeals to history and ami shows that these demonstrate that labor can claim no more than what it will open but labor culls from the same sources the doctrine that our modern civilization is a common and that every man being is to a living Capital prjaehes the sacred right of every human being to accumulate all he and to retain absolute control of what he urges the equally sacred right of every hummf being to participate in the aggregate wealth of the to extent at of a comfortable In the meantime demagogues step forward with paliatives and quacks with iUe demagogue Who are laborers who superintends the transactions of great commercial is as much a laborer as the porter who loads the unwieldy packages on the But the porter is not convinced as he carries to his humble home six for a weeks and knows that his the nets and drives to his elegant mansion when his work is The pretence that all are equally workingmen is laid when the poor laborer tries to bridge the dis tance between him and the capitalist lie finds himself struggling in the swamps and morasses of gaunt ever ready to throttle him and his dear this man cannot be calmed by telling him ever so eloquently that we are all la And there is still the more unfortun ate class who cainot sell theh labor at any They live at of The following is the platform adopted the Uiwnback State Oonveiitlou July 11 Throughout our eiilira thw vrealorof unemployed or deiviedfiU jusl all productive industrial are and These results have been brought about liy class legislation ami the mismanagement of our national 11 nances anil After generation of ex tvts wo forced to believethat nothing further can be hoped for through the old political there Core we make the following declaration of principles demandtho unconditional re peal of the resumptionnet of and the abandonment of the pres ent suicidal and destructive policy of demand the abolition of National and the issue Juf legaltender pa per by the and made receivable for all dues public and We demand theremoneUration of the silver making it i full legal tender for tlie paymentof all coin bonds f the Government and for all other public and We demand tlie equitable taxation of all property without favor or privi lege We commend every honest effort or the furtherance of civil service re Wo demand tlio repeal of all class legislation and the enforcement of such tvise and progressive measures as shall secure all lugiti uate and impartial justice to ill AVe demand the of olli ces and to the end that there nay be less 8 AVo demand that the Independents i jf Iowa sustain and endorse the prineij pies of railroad legislative as j I expressed by tlie highest judicial autlior not as enemies of public but as friends of the whole country and ofthe AVe demand that all legal means be exhausted to eradicate the tratlic in alcoholic and the abatement of the evil of AVu opposed to all further subsidies by either the State or General for all either to individuals AVe invite the considerate judg ment of our fellow citizens of all politi cal upon these our principles and and solicit the coopera tion of all men iu the furtherance of as we do believe upontheir ac DAVID Dealer in and Mufaetuer PREVENTS BOOTS SHOES B O O SHOES Also Sole Agent in Cherokee Comity for tile sale Lyons Patent Metallic To prevent Boots from running See enIs in tliis MAIN ciptance or rejection by the people the Livery Eeed Sale Stable South Side Main TOWA enforced but they Then they become j But there they and each one is a thinking 2fo matter how precarious hw niode of in the eye of tie linv he has the same right to hold talk discuss the issues of the and vote on them is if he had AVhen these starvclinsr units swell to the weal or woeof our beloved country de thousands to and the millions to an organized political it is their doctrines that ciysliilize in the bal No the continent of America presents so much bouy and j I marvelous interest to the Tourist the j famous Kocky Mountain region of Eastern in tlio vicinityof the beautiful City of The magnificence of the Good and best of titrrtontSj Lr at iUomost to any pftise conutry on short iiMico ami at living mountain scenery is equaled only by that of and many Tourists from abroad have pronounced Coloraih scenery lot and the capitalist quack who i superior to even that of The hashitherto monopolized the legislative i popular resorts in the famed will give place to the labor i alike for tlicir snind surrouiuliugs anil He has been there though net in the Lulled After ages ot mi paralleled tyranny and brutality in j VS Irecosnizo A roost precipitate and disistrous feed he his starving reduction of the currency emulation j famlb was inaugurated bv Secretary McCul1 And how his heart must have 1 his famished body gained which by did not Isive one winch half the money the eountoy If he was not divinely favradhow could he have m escaped I themselves had al ways been in insuflkient and A Conipniisou that is In when the amount of curren circulation in this country was at its and when it amounted to two thousand million number of commeicial failures in this country was 530 amount failed for look at this pic tureThe number of failuresdining the first six months of tins year was and the amount for in these six jnonths was What did it Contraction of the AVhat reduced the failures in to the small number of 530 Expansion of the of What would reduce the number of fail ures now The same thing that did it in plenty of Why not resort to this means to pre vent failures V Because dont suit tlie money because the money power prevents it by its influencewith and control of the AVhen Congress is not in session it influences ami controls the Treasury nnd This is why the remedy for tiinps i the failures not ruorted to the folly of the Government in selling gold down the natunil price in Avlien lie found his wife and little onesliad been so kindly cared for and placed beyond reach of hunger and want and his sick child well provid ed Citv 1 wf rs dtilyf d tis the JIOST j for either health or I Hundreds of tiixd of the resorts of tlip the sans ctdlote gut ihc j ln the snind old Kockv Jlpuntains amid the The classes had ils snowclad in the hevdav of their power ground cnuur i i i ti 1 T 10 popular KASSAS PACIFIC him the upper and with mils and muomatie hungry ajr is the favorite Tourist wretches marched to the Tnilcries lo anil tin only lints rimning Fuliman cars from Kansas City to round trip rates from nil Eastern Descrip tive Tourist Maps Guides demand the minister told them with cruel to eat At later the head of that same minisj scut upon ter was carried through Paris on a I with a handful of grass in bis Labor It regulated every AVhen capital the grumbler was led to the just i as capital had led discontented to the There is nomistaking the temper of j the welltodo and the wealthy in theUnited States j They want greater security for their ti GR ITUSTT fiM Sf TtSltORIi ItE PL Celebrated American OR Auiericii 15 to make the buyers of I lre who bonds in Europe believe liat specie esfc of in the Govern The very class of men who howl the i ivcy they want a stronger j udcstfor the maintenance of public The army must be inj loucles payments were at hand the is contraction and specie pay ments are convertible and CAUSED THE PANIC which has continued for inasmuch as by opposing the issue of greenbacks they decry its power to make its own money and evenques tion its traitors tolhe eountrv as tensiiied by the passage of the Resump tion Act These laid the foundation of and gradually fomented the present indus trial had there been the same comriicroiil intelligence in the would have come in the Resumption JSiil was and which alone cured by the Gov ernments immediately agreeing not to resist the repeal of tbat fatal To cure the present unhappy state of all that is necessary is for the people to know that the circulation will never be dependent on a and will never be less than at and with a prudent increase as popula tion and property Here we nave the evidence of high financial the evidence of an clearheaded writer on political and social not biased by parti san or political Ibe American situation from a Something to veSj to have something to sell is the way to make good Mortgage disinterested on your SO for anil interest at 15 the nnd theories of the Green per will make take 750 bushels of oats at ten cents a bushel to pay Hie Yet you have some thing to sell have you not AVheat cents a Yet you have something to But yet yon are not because as long as the pices are depressed by the financial folly of re sumption you can get nothing for your something to Your taxes are Your interest and debt is not diminished liy the hard and to pay taxes and is more than a man ran do back Had we at the close of the war main tained our legallender paper those who at the the rebel depreciated the or refused to accept the paper money issued by the Federal or as those who denied its power to maintain A certain Insurance company has five hundred thousand dollars of the peoplesmoney to loan them at 15 per Insure your make those entire strangers the custodians your money to you at 35 per That is dont trust your neighbor to five but trust the Insurance when you lose your will tell you to take so much or They will keep your money all j for not for for to loan you at 15 per state militia made more local constabulary of the j cities There must te more to meet foreign but to SYMPTOMS OF rpHE countenance is pale and J leadencoloredj with occasional or a Circumscribed spot one or both cheeks the eyes become the policemans It declares strikers mobs and tramps JTo matter how sweet it submis sion to the laws of It permits men tastrikepeacefully and starve It reminds workingnien of the toiling hands rebelling tlio luxiirioiis and showsthat j stomach nausea is harmony between capital and vomiting violent pirns out the abdomen lip occasional m ing or throbbing ofthe ears an unusual secretion of saliva slimy or tongue breath very ticularly in the morning appetite sometimes with a j the at I entirely fleeting FEB and anil 1 let at reasonable on liaml good farm teuis selected by Gregg special reiVreuw tu the Cherokee for sale sit tlie LOWEST CASH PRICES If you want a val uable your or tiers sit once and we will i like France might have been pros The experience of tbe present panic has proven that the currency of the based aa it is upon the credit j of the is the best that has ever j been Message to Con1 The Xational banking system is a j system so utterly villainous and oppres sive that a full and faithful statement as to would not be credited by the out bringing on Capital form such combinations as or j engage in such wild and hazardous enj tcrprises as it chooses withput interfer ing with the di vino but labor dare neither combine nor rebel without iking economic and perilinir If the low wages and the cannot or will not accept in their fullness these doctrines then must their understandings j by the logic of grape and The sword must but the sword is no matter how disguised by i perous Or would we even now adopt her financial policy we might in five years lo have almost wholly recovered from consequences of post unwise Let us repeal tlie liesumption i stop the contraction of the currency and isKite a volume of gretnbacks i 1 gilded And to this it must come unless the American sansculotte orders a halt through the i If once entrenched moneyed air porations will to divide uo matter by how respectable of their various enterprises with iheir and we have the enterj i ing of the Are not equal they will on was asked of the shollla earn a another Chairman of the Committee on aiOtlier anotheroucents AVhat and and answered j by that only the interest ol the j jrom morn to dusk for a paltry j AVhen the bill was iU liiiiil passage j nnd keep liut note the doimui at jiar with gold forlhepayiuont strut ion of the fact The want of of all to redeem the thing to sell is not in reality the absoi outstanding bonds and to sustain tlio j lute cause of hard limes it is conrluj industries and business of the bonds was payable in while B sits in a carpeted office find for merely liiriihip the leaves of the j orieeliiig a be rewarded with or wnnt of moneyed circulation and field twelve hours for proved fhiit people may have With such money we would have no something to seli and yei lind very hard need of which would accumulate and we think that bis senson in our it has in the treasury will settle tba false The of and would have i very poor of Uie ie funds in without I Called f rovlomcroy inisiness together with tlie bur1 while D drives gaily in his car den of supporting Ibe the the j twenty looks and the idle of this pauper The giiment is virtually as being all and that i to meet all demands where coin is absoj the Secretary of the Treasury to impossible o haye oyir production IntcJy anO would soon be able lo popularise such a system of where everything is The j In actually resume specie if invidiousness with a having greater production the greater iwpcri fminij without any distressing j equality of rights This is pateut everythinf Vieing jiroperlv we raise a big ciop get nothr ing for it unless we have in mark of his administration its ing tlie imntedi Oh where js the ters a bran pill to a poor devil and pockets 1 swings a huge hammer in a hot and dirty machine shop days a and secures iftiOO for his while F preaches platitudes during cool and hies to tlio hills or seaside in hot and garners annually Where the equality These questions and a fhon1 since Ihisrs coino up before the Itiiro oflaboring nnd we have Ts nny inningb i ate and embracing cordially those fonli 1 lie Sunday Chruiiiele I at times costive stools slimy not tiiifrcquentiy tinged belly swollen and hard urine tur bid respiration occasionally diffi and hiccough cough sometimes dry and conyulsive uneasy aiid disturbed with grinding of the teeth but generally Whenever the above symptoms are found to VERMIFUGE Will certainly effect a IT DOES HOT CONTAIN MERCURY in it is an innocent prepa not capable of doing ihc slight est injury to the most tender The genuine MLANES VER MIFUGE bears the signatures of MLANE and FLEMING on the LIVER These Pills are not recommended as a remedy for nil the ills that llesh is heir but in aflictions of the ami in ajl Bilious Com Dyspepsia and Sick Head or of that they stand without a AGUE AND No better cathartic can bo used preparatory or after taking Qui As a simple purgative they arc HEW ARE OP The genuine arc never sugar Each box lias a red wax seal on llio with the impression LIVER Kaoh wrapper bears thosignattircs of anil Sold by all respectable druggists nnd country storekeepers g those and good stabling for over one linnitrcd Prices to tae price of Railroad of Iowa E Leading SoutSi Travelsing the central portion of tlie great State of arid iiitcrscctmg the numerous1 East asi d WcstTrankLiKf roil O3IAIIA nnd all and West Cosiaect at 10R KAXSAS I ANN and Ihc and Consiccts at Mnsoai FOll and all jrinnesota points Now niul Finely Uiiliolstored Reclining ChairCars ON STJCKL 110A1 AND Fl USTCLASS COACHES fitted with Millers Plalfmin and and Wcwtinglmiisf Air No bciur ran be ollwcd lo travel in the direction for scnson of FARMERS Implements Ticfcntml tr tlietrcsf end of Ijesule tlie clmrch with i geu criV liaie of Fiist Class IS leal offer foUamug property Acres albotrt rKTOilw trom Uic County Soul iibiut iicrer lirolcen a story ft iirilt 1U liy 24fuiti IVuit treoa ami auiiH fruit in for un jncruasf ia quite jtti to selT ftiiuk this very cheap and desirable oi excuiient lamlflhccn miles frrinv 6lienikee under crfh and PUrt 011 tiuic tosXitt the pur ffirt1 hreTre milessoitth of Cbei LVff prairie Price per part balance bu iiTront ftiaimiles from Cliero kec Caii be boiight J I fwo miTesftohi good house 1 iving on every eighty about 150 itces undfir bal ance long to Acres nfueinitcs fr6ni 40 An piicTiStt per One lialf 1 elcvca Clier Mtf cultiva pnrl balance on tiifle to suit the pur aiid a half miles Aurcliasuidscvcu uul ii from acres under Goixl sinnlbfraj well maple grove three ycats old for bushels small grain per aicre ierius reasonable 80aciXS nbont miles from Clicrotee and about tbe same from all tjrobc small house and barn on Some It is worth per but owing to cucuuHiuiauce caa be bought for Town Lot in in New Cherokee ouefourtli balance HOUSE and one acre o ground ID a desirable loca only si few minutes walK from business portion of 24 Ioel two stories The grounds arc Irnsiinuutcd with Initt one half cash and on linioilA House and a few rods from ho ness portion of the it House has si a cvliar Priui years timol another Jiotisc of four rocuL and cellar Pvicu one yoiirs FOB SALE i i At a Bargain nnil Ticket Agent One rre nnd n bnlf foot IHotir Jlill with Holt s Small anil 6lotb Klc valorsnnd inltinf lo run finest on second It 11 in good and never been run n tinic eonmlete mitt iiu lit n Ijtrgc Knquirc for parliculnra nt Tun MAIL AM mi Scud lor our lurgr nwl rated seal few to uuy HitU TOWNSENOS Q CATARKU Lutiuji istlio ouly lenir pas be reach is i Wo BW e a spccialry of trealius patients iwgiei M wrlft this liciitmciit aud d e s cri b c illfwt pUuswit atul weghnmnlve CUK JB of reason w The Jtlroiichi this iirUiijiyUtsd scml large imd tifully sent freelo iljc art I ttMittgbdirccl to the scat of the our t ASTHMA nm IH other reme of liy in fluuinialiua and irri tation of tlie mucus n i n r Air l direct and AVe have cured of i 20 Wliy I i rc Jui v euied liundretls o of tlionv ticiiiggi wn over to tlteby all DCfotlier schools ok DTSPJEPSIA Liver arid plaints are of cileclively overtwolhmls t pii riv I 51 over iliecHsesire caused by We gicinuitecia euro if in rft T Tinnicd Air ijjjy in JonetUiKl the lime Tttat any her ivowrthTmcily can i Why Y becnuscto m IJlialc direct pass Ics tlirotigii Isavis comes direct contact willi the blood is it forced inlo lungs ot i All tliu blood ilia our veins rattirns Ito tlio teirt UilED ing or it hvery this lieart ami the more Oxy inlsule iii Iroutletl with au nr tumors will please warrant s perfect if wlllitins in the blood it i W of 1 e v o 1 ti I i b n VTqv vou cannot be so sitcccsstKj ttirtHtg m cure cancers and ami all r imimrities oil t tlic blood cure cancers and o pnrilr takes charge omv cdltucti time oB Ev some hislied jmit our filustrutciii pspersforadVeitisingr the by driBsmgas Tlicrc aretinprirtciplert persons in Boston and elsewhere liqmtl priliiiJitjiff as My ov Oxygenulcd imd be like mine None un less the NSENDS OX AIH ttrttSifKsT in bottle aucr iiortritit on labeli CdNOENTMTm AVarmnttid inyPwtash iri the and superior tq onccritrnted for which it It for iiiAkitig liattl1 audsoft purposes DilTctiAhs fdrinaldng etc f For wXtet WnsliuigfSiinks niui friiitirccs ttistiMctjunlcd for cxcollcnBc convenience of For sale by Grocbrd aiid Druggists every AND is irtvidunlile for tlio talo cotton Jitid vermin of nl It is hiinulcss to nien and nnd fiir ciicnpftr tlinn Vims gficn for tlie destrnclion of It is iilso valuable as si disinfeolnnfj pnYifying the air in pilals and sick linrt destrying Iliu foul odors of Put iu fmn pound For sole liy Druggislsiuid Grocers TT achircra