Saturday, February 11, 1871

Centerville Weekly Citizen

Location: Centerville, Iowa

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Weekly Citizen, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1871, Centerville, Iowa Wwkly Citizen TERMS OF BDBBGUFTIOHt One copy year. ra II ld h M notMld h 1CM. WAueat. Prooristof. OMteyanccraaditokProorktorofDnrrees' of Title bought and paM. on equitable ft-- I PER ANNUM. IOWA. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 1871. NUMBER EW AND CHEAP GROCERY. j-.e n compiled with jreat a JWBV nlete Abstract of all the fleal XMate TtlUM fcthla lani prepared toesumlne Titles with great fcdllty and more correctly than any other In the County. .K- alrlM to buy or sell Heal Tl- find It to their advantage to call upon ne at the TnaMnr'a Oflce In Iowa. Attorneys. IIJA West of the FuMIe ever ft Bootaad Attorney at PuMto nnel OollootJna MTAlltMMlMW eotvnsled WWW promptly attended tax to Ue Vest side Public Drake Oo.'s .Store. fttbhc aadlasi EaUts promptly to all btwlnoa entrusted to nun. Will buy and sell real na- draw legal wiltlni ond attend to all manner of business la hi Mae. Ofltee at hia Residence. 7-4-ly. Physicians. M. it D WUt In the future devole entire clostet MtMitton to practice of Groceries west ef UM Ssitanl Be keens a complete stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries of all la part of Canned Plain and Fancy and la fact every thing usually kept In a flrtt class Be alsokeepatkekcat brands of- which he to prepared to'wsrrant to lite custo- mers. In addition to fete keepa a first claw alls promptly attended to both slay and nltht M. tenders hia profeMtonat set- Vices to the ellfcuoa of Cincinnati and vl- and hopes by cartful attention to Wstnete UMrrit and win a liberal abate of pauoaage. ouun. n. w. Dra Glenn Oflce West tide of the Square. AN klnde of Dental work In firat ebuw All of the teetband montli treated. Decayed Uvth property filtvd without and warranted. Drs. Gk-nn A Blachley are with years' of ae tlve practice in eastern and It will be Vi the advantage ot all who will favor them with their patronage. and has on bands at alt times everything In laat and will guanantea Mttofac- tkm to ike public. Re will pay the highest market price for all kinds of country produce. RenMMlwr the North side of the Public Square. BKofl u w ROCE One door east of the North-west eorner of the Public Oflers to tne dtteene of Apnanooas and ad- Choice Groceries IN IOWA. attention given to Dental work laalllu branches. tludicd and worked with one of the dcnlUts of Itaetern twenty years'expert- being rvguhir phyalclan. I am better qualilk-d to umkrstand and treat all cMMasea of the mouth Ihnn tbowr who have ntcknl up tlw profession without a correct knowledge of all Its brnnchcs.' 1 am only authorlMd dentist In Ike county any one nsinir wilheut authority so In win avsMwif be prtMwcutfd. All work warrant- ed equal to any. moderale. northwest of Public Square. Sr. Mlscetlaneout. n C. CAMPBELL Jb fVWlll draw anake and do a geaeral banking ttocKnoLnnnet B9. good pwtly by w doing to up his large and growing Hade. Tf NIC W iEALTl Balsam tot the Lnnjn and cape- and formula of the lute Dr. of Valeria Xedtai. tfnlvenlty of Fouroun- 00 Health circular at M-fca will consist at all tunes of choice I aMortnwats of Waterloo claims the bMt fire de- partment in the atate.. The Fort Dodge 2fbrth-Wett fa- vora Col. Carpenter for Governor. The Victor Sun says one of its subscribers recently paid hia subscrip- tion in gold. It ia estimated there are bushels of wheat in the graineriea of Poweshlek county. Boone county ooal company ia prospecting lor ooal near and baa every proipeot of sneoeM. The lawi of Iowa protect prairie chiokene'and pheaiantt from now until the firat day of August. Nine hnndred and seventeen milea of railroad were built in thia atate in agalnat aix hnndred and forty- three milea in I860. The Mason City Exprett aays that Ahn. living a mile and a north of Maaon killed a very large rattleanako near hie residence on the let of January. The Eldora Ltdgw claims that ten cents a buahel more can be realized for wheat in Milwaukee than at Chi- owing to the tmjiiat inspection lawi in vogue in the latter city. The grading contraeta on iho B. C. R. W. from Cedar Falls to in Floyd have been let to responsible and the work will be vigorously prosecut- ed aa toon aa spring opena. The Regitter aaya the B. M. R. R. Co. are about to put on the hot air brakea on their trains. All the brakea are instantaneously applied by the engineer who can atop a train run- ning 50 milea an hour within 140 feet Pipee running under the oara in imall coavey the hot air from the engine. A oouple of young men atole a wagon load of grain from the barn of a farmer at Steamboat Hardin one night recently. The wagon leaked. The farmer rose in the and followed the grain trail straight to the place where the thieves hauled their plunder. Two houra afterward the were in jail. In the United States Senate Harlan preaented a memorial from over one thousand citizens of the Pea Moinea Valley of aetting forth that by the decision of the Supreme Court of the United Statea.they are threatened with ejectment from landa on which they aettled in good faith for tho pur- pose of obtaining and asking relief. The petition waa re- ferred to the Judiciary Committee. J. J. Jamison two years ago loft a good farm in Louisa county to go to Kansas and he now writea a letter to the Republican warning hia old neigh- bora as now regard the southern part of Kan- sas aa among the last places to which a particularly a poor should emigrate. It Is no corn country and too droughty to depend much on grass. Not a first mte wheat country nor half the fruit that central Missouri to. May to the Louisa county folks that think of try Ing for a homo in that State that a two-thirds crop In Iowa Is more than a full one In a renter In Iowa la' weallhler than a Land-holder In Kansas. Portrait of ft TobMoo Behold the picture of the nan tbat A human squirt-gun on world let A foe to see him In the His surcharged mouth endangering aU he The dark saliva drliillng from his Betrays the nature of the flood within Which the embankments drive with dread- Against all objects in Its. onward course. O shall neatness hope to From this overwhelming of the- blackened tldef Shall she seek pleasure In the house of prayer 1 A thousand squirt-guns await her there. The same foul scene she's witnessed oft A solemn quid to laid at every door I The vile spittoon place in many a As if one part of worship wen to chew. A BaodniMODos of. Abraham Lincoln BY AUCR BOBBINS. 1 like to see the An aged of cue and sorrow Her gray and Her faded as her Was much too shrank for wear. on costly couches sat Statesmen of high conscious. hM As some coarse with coarser Told her that she must'wait awhile. And on tho hours rolkd.onward Kan mighty came and if She stood old Now saw the Whilst those whom fortune favored told Their pompous free and bold. place for the piteous moan Deep In her soul wan I have hearts of stone And my old heart is broken. These sll nsve but none have My my Harry you must And slow the sun came fainter Upon the brilliant Thu trembling woman started at The opening of the And with restless Came one to whom she hard my I've waited Perhaps the President cannot Be seen by tuch ss I'm very sad and old and And my voice grew faint. The stranger a sudden light Kindled his troubled Be spoke with gentle .tone and With shn'uld hnve sent'yon In to me Before they did the rest aald he. The dsmo looked np In quick Was nation's He watched- her start smiling eyes tell me all your The poor and needy never went Unaided by the She her .simple tale. He heard With royal Noting her every faltering And promised mil cozing at the gray old iled to see her comforted. 1 k Rice. Wsh OTRevicw Tonic of 1 al T1VKBY AND FKKD STABLE. A MttAW vVw-r of i In IOW Tnejr are prepared aeaantuilaie the public with and bugglee.on akon notice and at left at the Keyeteve IfouM wUI Oeelve prompt attention. to Drake OflUem'a and get to ooyourapottilngand reoing TKATUfiRt ran BSST ST. LOUIS and everything usually kept In a FIRST CLAM Y. Ael buy lay goads at the teweet cash I am prepared to otter mdneenwnta to my cnatonwrtTand Invite them to CALL AMD SXAMISMJtTBTOCX Before Purchasing. I and win pay THE HIGHEST CASH PRICK for aJI kinds of Green and Dry At Tannery In Centervllle keepa at all ttasts a full supply of all klmb of iMrtner. He the twtrt quality of Leather and as low or lower than the can be bought elsewhere. The highest cask price lor of all Vbutariw Hair Swareonhand. 1-tiC You will Ami a Mg stock of fur and Aprit 18UO Stoneware cheap aadtrt at J. at LaaWa north iMs of the Square. Tne In tke at J. LANaTS. tt HJWJL News Items. A bill has paaaed the Illinois legis- latnro to purchase gold to pay the State debt. The total aatette of the Methodist Book Concern amount to total Late advioea from ex-United States Senator atate that he is yet at and that hia health ia perceptibly whereof we are glad. The committee appointed to inves- tigate the ehargea againat Senator of being implicated in block- ade running during the have de- cided that there are no juat grounds for such a charge. President Grant has been made nn honorary life member of the Youag Men'a Cbriatain Association of Wash- ington. It ia asserted that Senator Morton will take charge of the State Depart- ment at Washington after the 4th gf March. It ia also thought that other important ohangee will be made in the President's cabinet at that time. The London Timet aaya Paris. is suffering for want of food. The Em- peror ordered three million ratioas to be aent to the city from the German army. Great quantities of food have been also ahipped from Belgium. An exchange aaye there la one coun- ty in Pennsylvania totally dealitnte ot Democrata. That la Porter which haa no no whiaky ahopa within ha and all the people attend church. The Demoorata were all carried away some yeara ago by a visitation of cholera. It b believed that the firat act ef the Aaaembty to convene at Bor- the 15th will be the nomination of a Preaident and Coanoil lot Miaiatcre for the government j Thten and. Gambetta are probable candidatee for the oalce. Gambetu hae leaned the following The Preiilsai kelleve the anslstice iwl dissolve onranslatamd secure an ejection of a Ckamhsr ready lo eoneione a God her tears fell land Is she one who honors poverty Stands nobly at Us head. If an old woman's benlson be Of any weight or worth to give It from a grcatfnl And Heaven will surely God bless Abraham bless All that thou boldest And make theo glorious In the Now smitten by the oppressor's hand. when the summons dear And Gad shall take thy And lead thee to a throne of love In His unshadowed May widow's tears fast falling Turn-to rich jewels In thy And more she that he might die Crowned royally with Nor saw the assassin creeping Nor read the hideous page That opened when the seal was set On Slavery's bloody coronet. No how the summons came The poet's lines may And paint the saddest death that e'er The sweetest soul For Lincoln's fame and would not dare to ale t To Make a Vinegar During the winter the vinegar in many of the country atores and families have to do without this necessary culinary article. With the vinegar plant you can make your and better than much that you buy. Put a gill or ao of good vinegar into a wide-mouthed and place where it will keep quite till you find a filmy substance gath- er on top of tho then add a few grains ot brown sugar. It will eonlTune to grow and and as thick as three or four thi-eta of letter is ready for use. Put a gallon of boiling water into a then add a pint of common mo- asses and a little brown mix well and when trans- fer the plaut to the jar. Keep well covered to exclude keep warm. Two months will make good vlnegar.and the plant will have grown so that it can be divided to atart sev- eral jara at the same time. The recent mannfactnre of oxygen gaa on a commercial and the fa- cility with which it-can be compressed Into and transported from one place to suggested lui use for-a purpose little anticipated. The thief in the night can place him- self in front of a safe with hia two cylinders of hydrogen and with an oxy-hydro- gen can in a few hum holes of any sice in the hardest metal that waa ever invented. The only safety ia in keening the burglar for thia fire drill will in a few minutes work nointawly a way into the strongest safe that waa ever con- structed. The interposition of solid atone between the sheets of metal might occasion some yet lock can be easily burnt so aa to expose its mechanism an thna enable the burglar to elide the bolts. next la the perti- nent inquiry of the from which we take the above. lowaSouthtttnB.B. Laat Tuesday the oitjzens of Mem- held an election for the purpose of voting a tax .of 000 in aid of General Drake's railroad. The bonds are to draw eight per cent interest and due in twenty the interest to-be paid annually. We are not yet informed as to the result of the election. In Gharky's Con- tereativt we find the following article under the head of and Horse Handbills are posted up In public and a notice is published in another column of this apprising the of the town of that on next February the they will have an oppor- tunity of deciding through the ballot whether we shalior shall not keep pace with the progressive day and age and sup. plant our wagons and are slowly dragged through mnd up steep- hills Ind across marshy by Jaded horses and lolling pars propelled by running at lightning The company that are projecting the rail- road from Alexandria west to pose to build It by the way. of Memphis and give the'citizens all the advantages to be from said provided sold town- will take thirty thousand dollars stock In said fur which stock they must Issue bonds of the payable In twenty bearing elgjl per cent. to be paid annually. Bonds for one-half of the which la fifteen thousand are to be and delivered to the when the road Is constructed and can 'ore running on it and for the other half of the amount when the road Is built to the west line'-of this county. If the citizens decide In favor of accepting this proposition as a forlorn there Isnoth- ing in the future more certain than that they will speedily havecommunlcatlon with the outer world If they reject they may well at once their harp Upon a willow quit harping about high of returns for whatever they wagon off to and quietly reconcile themselves to a gradual but np or superseding of our town. Bnnd Hill was once the leading town In Scotland Memphis now but If the proposition concerning a railroad Is no prophet lives who can tell the name of the leading town ot this coun- ty In five fleeting years hence. The spot upon which It will stand may now be thick- ly grown up with hoop poles and hazel brush. It Is ho herculean task tor a rail- road to bring Into being rivals -to illberal and pcnnywise eventually wipe them out of existence. Money is' power. We now have an opportunity of enlisting that mighty power In our favor or against ns. The rood is offered to us at that and it Is optional with us to buy it or let our more enterprising do so. V If the road proves as efficient in building up Memphis as other roads have in causing the rapid growth of other by the time that the interest on the whole amount of bonds will have to be there will be at least twice the amount of wealth .here that there Is the burden will not be as heavy as It now net only appears to be but actually There are a few men among ns possessed of liberal minds and enterprising who wonld give one-half of the property they own rather than to have that rood the cold to Memphis. Suppose all wonld willingly do and the foregoing la a correct the town would prefer giving one hundred and twen- ty thousand instead of thirty thonaand.four times as much as Is asked to letting the road give a wide berth to Memphis. That is correctly that if se- tho road will Increase the value of town property to more-than what- it will now command. The question for ua to decide and vote upon shall we purchase the at the price it Is offered or shall we take the chances and let .the company construct the road on whatever line Us interests dictate The two lines have been surveyed and the difference in the cost of tying and bridging from Luray to the state 20 Is two hundred thousand dollarsjnst the amount that the eonnty has In favor of the Johnson township route. That township Is holding out strong in- ducements-to have the road built through and unless we u'p to the aa If not stronger than they do.they will prove the bear off the palm and ascend lit the scale of prosperity and wealth as rapidly as we will decline. There Is no doubt whatever but that the road will be speedily If not by Mem- upon some other and that If we reject the proposition now we shall never have an opportunity to accept any other proposition. That is what Is called a main trunk leading .directly from New York to tho Pacific which road would be worth four times the amount to Memphis that the contemplated Air Line road would be. Febrmurj. .Thefollowing.from the Philadel- phia Public gives an account of the various sainta' days and anni- with the legends and popu- lar superstitions concerning in February is ao named from the aa the evident relation between the Febrnata Juno and the Purificata Yirjr. Maria ia one of the moat strik- ing instances of the connection be- tween Pagan and Christian titca and festivities aa to the periods of their oc- fortttr. The weather ia nsnnlly intenaely cold and frosty at the commencement of the but frequently ...toward the middle or end -there are aome warm treea begin to bud and plants to but the return of frost too frequently nips the promised or al- though not m the Prayer-Book Calen- is too important a personage to be overlooked in the almanac. From her we derive honored name of and cakes are still sacrificed at her shrine..'All of and private must be removed'previous to the mor- thia being the eve of the 2. presentation of Christ in .the. commonly called the Purification of St. Mary the Virgin. The that our Savior should attract more alien tion than reversed the or- der of the festival but the popular voice never recognized the day has always been regarded as the Feast of the Purifies- commemoration of the Blessed Virgin's appearance in the Temple to the accustomed offering ot pair of turtle-doves. The Feast of Candlemas dates from Anglo-Saxon and WM celebrated with many Savior being termed Light to Lighten the though the Virgin was herself regard ed aa a luminary and benynge Candlematitont of the recognized half-yearly terms in Scotland. Many a farmer there regards thia with an anxious regardless of the prediction in former is elevated or depressed the weather be pro- pitiousor Day be Mr Winter will have another But If Candlemas Day be elwtdi itnd ruta. Winter U and will not again.' 3. St. Btahop of in The bugbears of swindle and bankrupting .the people of 'the .are nothing mure than gotten np by nncalculating and short-sighted men who can we only the cost to us of the road without making a balance sheet of Its ad- vantages to the town. No shrewd bust- i nets man refuse any Investment he is able to moke. If he can see profitable re- turns In the future. We look upon the whole mutter as fair business trans- the company fixing the price for the roadtond the electors taklnc or refusing to take.It at that price.. May they be guid- ed by Him who ail things to so act m the future they will see and be convinced that their action was wise and advantageous. Of all painful can there bo anything so excruciatingly painful as a bone lelon We know of none that flesh is heir aa thia maladay is quite frequent and the subject of much earnest we give the la- test recipe for Us which isgiven by high' the London soon as the pulsation which indicates the disease is directly over the apot a fly. about tbA of your thumb and let it remain for six at the ex- piration of which directly under the surface of the may be the felon.whiobtcan be instantly taken out with the point of a needle or a lan- cet. suffered A. p 316. He waa cruelly hia flesh being dragged off by means 01 iron with curved such aa are used by wool-combers. In con sequence of this he baa been regarded aa the the patron saint of wool-work and formerly his day waa ob served in and other centres of the manufactures in Eng land as a processions were and those took part in them were .termed the drunk as or blazes 5. St. this saiut bu little is known. She is said to hav suffered A. D. 253. He flesh waa nipped off with an burning torches were- applied to he body. Her sufferings have affordec much scope for the ingenuity of paint era. 12. In the Old Durham Kalenda there is an thia day th bird's begin to 14. St. A. 270. this day birds begin t waa another adage applied this anniversary. Many young pei sons date their pairing from this fest for festival whether it fall i or out of the Lenten season. In pa gan Rome it was customary for youth to draw names In honor of the goddess Febrnata Juno on the 15th of Februa and when paganism abolished the honor waa conferred upon S Valentine. 21. Shrove Roma Catholio times it waa compulsory on the people to conieaa their be thriven by the priest on thil day. A barbarous custom waa that of thro wing sticks or stones- at cock-fighting was nlso common till prohibited by Act of Parliament. The only custom now remaining is of eating pancakes. The earliest day pn which Shrove Tuesday can fall in any year ia February and latest March 0. 22. Ash first of the forty days of Lent.instituted about the year 130 in reference to tho mi- of Ellas and our Lord. Ashes were placed on the heada of and flesh was for- bidden to be milk and wine were also at times interdicted. After thoLitany the Commination Ser- vice is this day said in church. 24. St of the seventy- two disciples sent oat by our upon apoataey of Jndaa.chu- aeu to be one of the twelve. We have no authentic account of by St. Jerome he is said to have preached the Goapel to a nation of and to have died at by others he said to- have been atoned in Judea. The Hation't Dead. Hon. Wm. L. Stonghton of Miet a member of the House Commit ce on Military at the re-' neat of the carefully in- estigated the titles by which the overnraent holda the numerous Na- onal where the bodies f who died daring the late war are and he baa prepared interesting report on the i general system of military eemeter- ea was organised by the War Depart- ment immediately after the close of rebellion. In the Northern Statea of aoldiera who died in the in most made i eemeteriea belonging to and religious al- lough a careful record haa been kept f these and of the nnm- icr and name of ac-ldien interred in it baa not been Considered nec- essary for the Government to assume ontrol over the patriotism of lit. people being relied upon to main- tain them in proper order. The ex- pense of eupplying ia how- borne by the Government In he Southern where the great lajority of Union Soldiers are he bodiea have' been gathered and Riven orderly burial upon land pnr- based for the purpose by the Gov- and these burial to- lether with a few in the Eastern and Vcstern are termed National and are under the isnme- iiate control of the Each is under the harge of a and the are. all marked with head- painted white with black let- showing the name of the dead hia company and regiment and the date of his wherever hese facts could be of graves marked with the date of battle in which he waa killed. The following Iwt comprises all the the title of which ia vest- ed in the United Green Mount Beverly N. J.. Whitehall Bris- lebaaon Philadel- Finn's Point M. Patch blond. Point Lookout Cem- United Military Asylum. D. Arlington Rural Chester. Odd Fellows' Cemetery.. Cnlpepper Court Hampton. Kteti- City Va. Seven Fred Poplar Petersburg N. Va. N. Rose Marietta Ga. Montgnmery Mobile Cem- Barrancas Cor Inth Natchez Cemetery Vicksborg Little Rock Pine Bluff Cemetery Fayetteville Baton f Phaxu waste ban and water to have the wife place to told nt mee how to. thing go. Hark Twain it iAarsacenahiw' r people than I more dolib-- erate people than I even qui- and more and laner peo- ple than I am. But they were dead. Itouge New Port Hndson Cemetery 8an Antonia Browns- ville Nashville Ceawtery Fort Donelson Tenn Memphis Stone River Chattanooga Knoxvfllc Cemetery Shiioh. PUtsburg Landtag Cave Louisville. Lex Ington Lebanon Hadison WIs. Prairie du Cbten Wfaw Oakwoods Crown Hill Ceme Mew Albany Cem Alton Hound City Jefferson City Cem SprlngfWd Mo Davenport Keokuk Ccm Iowa Fort Scott Batiks Ground D. Hampton Vs. Fort Harrison Cemetery Va. The cemeteries at Gettysburj and nt do nc appear in the'above for the rea ROD that they are governed by Board of and have ypt bee transferred to .the Government. Th National Cemetery at Anderaonville ia also 'omitted. The Wa Department has not yet been able obtain the record title from the former i njaiianthrcpiet whertmf keep no a deadly an entire army.- etore recently buyer be after and hie and i are the question Sometimee there ia a long etroggio bo- ween them before the nsntter ia aeV led. The 'die that a spick of potato the else pin 200 ferocinne lit- le biting and clawing each other savagely. An Indiana postmaster eeeretei 300 and all his postage eUaspainn stove oven. He now geta trusted at the grocery and marks hia Mail mat- er William the laat of dore Perry'e died laat usontk at in the year of hie age. many feet long wae asked a person of a traveler who had junt related a rtory of hia counter with a boa killed by 'One hundred and ninety-two waa the have no cubic inch in gold ia wortk and oneoance 918.69. It ia estimated that there are gold n nee. Thia gold wonld nuke a ad- d block of twenty-six feet ae many and ae ninny high. A New York dispatch aaya K waa stated on apparently good authority that the President had ordered the mmediate discontinuance of the of surplus arnw and of kind. In accordance with the law. Presi- dent Grant directed Secretary Delano toiaane the necessary patent for landa to the Southern Pacific Railroad on account of the of the Brut section of thirty milea of that which baa been favorably reported on. by the Government Contnaiaaionen. A smart colored boy who baa Tor some time clerking in the United States Marshal's office at has got a situation in the Louisiana Legislature aa engrossing at if per day. A mode of propelling etreet can without horses or. with compressed been tried in Chi- witk remarkable aneeeee. Tho air ia forced into reservoire on and underneath the at its starting place which wilt ran it to end of the route and back again. The Adjutant General wanta to buy a set of hia and through tfco Dee Moinea aaka parties who have them to sell to notify hint of tho number of and tho yeara in which the ReporU printed..... Some Cincinnati ladiea tnonght to increase their when wearintf low-necked by painting blno veins on the exposed .but dingusted at the remark of a physi- who looked at them too that they hadn't got those veina paint- An animal of the lliard two been fbnna alive in a petrified tree among the marvelous foreota of California. Be waa embed- ded in the very heart of the whichJt estimated must have been growing tve hondredjreara betore it began to petrify. When i it _ la-___ King so Dr. Russell ia as- is one of the most sensitive men The Chinese have of settlement 10 the tendered French lor the in the world. Though trained to war from his feelings are so acute that hia medical advisers were obliged to forbid his Majesty's visits to tho wounded at the Palace. The sound of a death-march or the eight of a mil- itary thneral prodnoea a deep melan- and the aspect of the battle- on which were won hia Imperial the Immortal glory of Prus- and of his house and has made him aick nigh unto and quite hhn for many honra afterward. massacre of French at Teint- A little four-year old had been in- tently watching the proeeaa of corn- popping a fltormy day in the begiii- orwinter happening to turn to the she observed for the first dine the fallen Amaaed and she ran te kerfkthor and pam 1 fdo look pi tho funny rain Can any older Iwad deoBrtbe anow They are latiafae tory to the Drench who leaves their rejection or acceptance to hia government.' The Chinese offer to pay to be divided between the famiKea ol the suf- ferers and the French church at sin. Twenty Chinese engaged in the massacre have been condemned to sixteen of whom have been he- aix have been baniahed tor ten yeara to the oonffnee of Tartary for aleating and and nine- teen for three for ike same orlntee In a minor degree. At one of hia George FranebTram then anybody can ask nw questions Anil Nancy got np and I wonld to know what pot leg al burn in two te tho middle r The great American trav eler He waa not o wner upon reasonable terms. It em braces 43 and was originally es tablished by the Itebel authorities for the burial of the Union prisoners who died in the prison-pen near Anderaon- ville. The number of aoldiera buried at this place is The Arlington where 685 aoldiera are buried U np- n the Arlington three rom. which waa for many yeara the property of the late 5eo. Washington Park who equoathed it to Cnstia the old- son of the wife of Gen Robert E. Lee. Cuatia Lee wae n ofBoer in the rebel served inder his command. The es- tate waa sold during the war for nn- mid and waa purchased by the Government for a cemetery. Nearly alf a million were expended pon it. Mr. Stooghton in hie that the of oonqneat and minent domain constitute a anfficient itle to this cemetery and to nil lands n the South taken by the Govern- ment for the burial of the natinn'e dead during actual hostilities. He ays conqueror hae a right to take aa muehrof the conquered ter- itory aa may for barialr-appenn too dear for The right ia fully recognised by and and all-other upon nternational Inns. Tho land used tor mob way revert to the orig- nal when no longer required by the bat in oaae of a ct-motery snob a time may never come. The land b taken for cvmeterieit in and of any suck The act of to establish and protect national an- thorntea the Secretary of war to take any land required for enok and provides for an appmieement of the property ao by any dbtriat or circuit on application of the owner. It believed that no fnrtkor legUlation ia neooacary to enable tko Government to forever hold the nation- al but to act at rest all qneMtone n.pon tko tke Com mlttee on MWtary Affclra have agroed to a report declaring that tho Nation- al Cemeteriea are the property of tko United Statea and are forever Inaliena- and that they ahaO not no enb- lect to State or municipal Tho wbota number of aoUiera burled in all tko otaaotertoa ia tained to be tko eypedi- tnrea of tko Iar esnt Jfaylalm ily petrified tho liaard only it waa caught In W8 hatehets. hi sntfssaHsKkntvoiaadfcrks. more g r acph ie airy Kvon at diia d Vienna W keofl H aKve 1n to bird oonlnement __ i. ed within four inches of where they should be naturally. The public debt statement ehowa the principal and to bo coin in the ebt leaa in the Treasury on raary OK do- reane of the debt during the past. deereiao eneo March A man was arrested at Rochester on complaint of hie for not porting her. Hie reply to thie ekarfto that he was willing to anpponha but waa not wiUmg to anpport he whole neighborhood and do hie wn cooking and washing and ironing. A Went Virginia paper reports that- ae people of that State are eenegra- ing to tho weat to fearfnl and that everybody scene to wiak Mr to ont beennao nobody ia coming in. t to tko Legwlataro to take mmediate meaanree to attract inaau- Atkiof a raid nfWtdko prcnw of a noanod Nebraska the other aptnrod a lot of Next usern'nig tho biaodlo waa left at tho whk tko fettow- no twoeav a vinnoioiera hona or a took Hear they fa. Ho The laat aoeowet of tko .wine waa by a latter I atatea that their enniiiiao ia _____ Fkey are ia fnito rapidly. Thow they lost eonte ky are atill in good 000. Thefaaniliee of Iho two gale aoeM aix w The deojwot chy In tW worll in whom no foro mtersnjg___. tro requtroi toroaao

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