Saturday, July 6, 1872

Centerville Citizen

Location: Centerville, Iowa

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Centerville Citizen, The (Newspaper) - July 6, 1872, Centerville, Iowa JPLT 1872. fefabttoftn Hatted NOT. 187t. FOR V1CC PRBODZNT. IfcMi tehk dUato for next lion is made. 1 of every Uepnb- choke of e. earn- until a nomtna. venture to soniert that Gen. Grant will be to better MalMed tor taatssosMntonetmsl tolSTHkanae was In Jhrtm Ondti't Sfttth January 1871. arc led by Mat wao Int UMghl our to In the and subse- quently m the Cast afco. Rkbnwml would come to antll we sent Grant after and then It had to came. Jfr nttrttt He will be great aad sawoMsful ol the field of politics as on. that of Labor are still order of tfco aot oaly largo of tkia bat la of larope. They nearly all aae- making a gnat of and wasting a amount of and more thaa will get by aa increase of if their were complied with. woald oaly do did wko struck in Bcfeiam for Ugker there would be it. They formed a company and Mouatamd buslneas oa their own and sooa aad all could attend and tbe competition with their old and increased de- mand for labor malted ia jost what they strook aa iacreaee of pay. Tho following shows what in and other countries receive oa aa F. editor of bad leg ed other injatfM at BpHacftkl tk olhcr.dayby from MM plat- form of a pamoager ear....An ex- press train on Grand Trunk road ia Canada waa thrown from track OB i2d aad 23 persons killed and 49 .wounded... .The Republican State i State Itonii A man named Alamakee taken off by ehiaelMtWed A short time since a little child named Smith died in DCS Koines from tbe effects of drinking ooncen trated lye tnno months agoi' CiWIWJIfMfl 4f Henry Wilton is a workmgnaa aad Me- who has paised tarcufh thirty years poHllcal conttela without a question of tlevottoa or a upon integrity Y. Tt 18W. In MM. thcCowt BMMhi IMtnrt.y. at July. MN. M om o'clock r. tt lo A fall The XtpuWcan men following the names of all the gentlemen who been an- nounced up to time for romlnation by Republican State Convention to be held on the of Stcntary of Kfp. Ctairal BtpabBoan Jndidai OonTaotion. DWlfkt ol will July ntk. at It A. m. hr of tor at Clnnli hr MM k olker M pfoptriy biwigM btkm nfftttatMlM will be mck coaalji at fer evtry ftMikaal part avtr kKidml CMI tor Oct. C. o.Cafatattral 1aM The of la Dkrttkl MtktM to iMr Conaiy Mttet A fall onler of ConualMw. H. B. Ckalnaaa. Bepnbfiean togratiooal OonTen- lion-Sixth District. The Republican Convention for Sixth Dtotrkt of Slate of will convene at Jttlf at 11 o'clock A. x.. for tbe purpose of nonv Inalinfa eandtdate for aad for the irtlnn of other ss be optrly bmugbt before Con- vention. The ratio of representation will be one delegate for each county at and for every two kuadred or Iraetioa- part thereof over one hundred votes cast fot C. C. Carpenter at the State elec- tion. Thts ratio of will give Appaaowe 9 Kcokuk Monroe Mabttka Mar Ion Tbe cbairmaa of tbe ef the are sottdled to call their County Conventions to atltet JUM 6. Full attend nnro is Jons. K. Chairman Repablican State Contention of JTT. of A. R. of A. H. of Van G. A. of Polk. Auditor of of Jones. Trtantrtr of B. ol Wm. of W.J.Ham- of Samuel of and Capt. of Frank- lin. Attorney E. of Mahaska. Seyteter of the of Fay- ette. Five of the nine districts in Iowa called their Pint at Jaly Fifth at Jaly Sixth at Oska- July Eighth at Council Aagnst and Ninth at Storm August 15th. Below we give the by coun- ties in this together witb Republican by ol election for Gover- in fe Convention of Vermont assembled at Montpelier on June and nomiaatod a with Hon. JnUu for Governor. indorsing the Philadelphia platform aad passed... .There were only three ral la Utah dnring the past three months... .A petrifiedIsh eight feet long and six in girth been dug up in Kansas... value oi gold at preeent la existence in the world estimated at upward of claims that she can furnish enough ore to make tons of iron yearly for 000 and bushels of coal for freight and a passenger train oolided on the Pitts- burg Baltimore near Con- June and 29 were killed and a large number badly injured.... 1500 pounds.of ni- troglycerine exploded in the San Francisco powder on Juno 21st 'Six buildings were completely wreck- ed. A hole twenty feet deep and one hundred and twenty feet in circumfer- ence was in tho ground by the explosion. The whole oity sha- ken. No were the murderer of Fisk is now being tried in New York....The great Boston jubilee is a success in-every particular....The Northern Pacific Railroad at the end of the be operating 517 miles.... Pel a ware haa shipped this year 434 oar loads of last and 87 in 1870....Goldsmith BTaid made the astonishing time of 3-4 other day. on the Mystic Park Now York. This Dexter.... Gen. Lieut Smith and eight men were surprised byslxty In- and killed between Fort Bel- knap and on Jnne 1Mb. Ont of thirteen of McKensie's party only three escaped....Tom Thumb Mid to be worth _____________w or of fafly tt Iowa will M oa ASIitlv CuavvMlon of the day of C'oBiawaelcg M10 o'clock A M.. tar of ylMlitltt two mnicat Kleetw fioai lAao Mlwvlait at nuttt tlva. Trttmrtr efStult. of mekoMaa Md ftMitoa hundred eul tor V C CM Sir M W7I. TIM table aastbor at lo consly will tatllM la of fmnwatailoa will OM abMconaty Md. la tor two ndred All prtronr who ON la fnlt Mcard wtlk tlonid RvyaMlna Ifutr. who will cwdlallr lavltwi riMtlWacw fHl IT tt 1 IT tt tor- warded lo M MM at that Ckilmaa otcoaaiy K IWr ____________________JIJM coafcr wttk C.nnil vmaailitM i ASiMMt The following are the Presidential so far as Ulysses 8. Grant and Henry Wilson. Horace Greeley and B. Gratx Brown. Victoria Wood- hull and Fred Douglass. Revenue W. S. Groes- beck and V. Law Olmsteed. Labor David Davis and Joel Parker. have James Black and John Russell. C. Francis Adama and J. L. Barlow. Mr. of the New York now one of the most virulent tradncers of the wrote not very long personal qualities of Ulysses S. like his historical are such to attract and justify tbe confidence of the loyal people of the whole country. His his bravery and his patriotism may well bo held up as models of emulation. fidelity to and firmness in trial and danger prove that the republic will be in safe Every word of which is aa true to-day it ever was. not Gen. changed. B. T. corres- pondent of Chicago on political In the language of a country the faces of Iowa Greeley men are long enough to eat ont of a churn. At they do not have so much hope of carrying this State as they'do ot carrying Vermont or Massachu- setts. They already are divided among and it evident they cannot carry the full strength of the Democratic even if Greoley at Baltimore. They still hold on to their one English Repub- lican all 1 They thought they had or two Washington bat it thus how much of a Greeley paper It our esti- mation Grant and with res- pect to fitness for the occupy toward each other abont the same relation as man to the strength to harmony to constitutional fitness to constitutional unfitness. The contrast is so broad and palpable that we couldn't seriously think for a moment of supporting Greeley without looking in the glass to if like we were not afflicted with asses' and no merely recent convic- or assumed for the we have never had any J F The Congressional for the First District will bo held at Bur- lington on July 16th. Indications are that Mr. MoCrary will be re-nom- lasted. The Masonsof Keosauqna are build- Ing a new temple. The corner stone laid on the with appropriate ceremonies. The West Union Qozettt a fearful warning by instancing a case-of frightening a child so that reason left it It is now in a state of hopeless idiocy. Work has begun upon the new penitentiary at Anarnosa. The prison enclosure will comprise fifteen and seventy acres adjoining will be devoted to a farm. In Washington Dubnque a few days a young man was handling a gun it was ac- oidentiy tbe charge killing the young brother. The for- mer has become insane'over tbe defid. The Pcaire City Index little son of M. J. about three years of was run over by a wagon containing twenty bushels of the wheel passing directly over his strange to the little fellow was not injured in the An Eldors man went to sleep other day with his little three year old urchin beside him. The boy fish- ed his father's wallet out of his pocket and had lots of fun floating tbe con- bank ont of an open win- dow. He sowed several hundred dol- lars in this way. A young Des Molnes while on an excursion took their in front of the locomotive instead of in the to better enjoy the scenery. A cow jumped on the and was caught up by the whioh threw her against the engine and off into the ditch. The young had a narrow add ex- ceedingly lucky escape from death. who may feel dis- to refinayver present doubt their ability tbe orldf the early .career f BeMtor and tafet ifln a'Jpeech Made at Great Feb. he left my home at ten of and served an apprenticeship of elev- en month's sahaol- 'ing each j aad at the end of en of hard a yoke of oxen and six which ibty-fonr dollars. W. T. RUSSELL la iMr fur rwlcMwl to tfct wit k the dMmai HMC nllmwl ita iMntls whmof will M no curljr Mralfof tho Commlllw On C TwttMoa. And Mill the good work goes on. public debt was reduced abont In Tbe Judicial District of South Carol inn the wont KuKlui ol Fnirtivld and Lancaster. Judge Mack- who over that thai llie show that daring the 408 and 50 colored have beea murdered by the and in every ease for their Republican Last July WM cele- brated throughout the Dominion day. The Dominion ia atill in its childhood. In by aaaetof tbe Britinb it received omelal permission from the mother government to exist as a corporate body. full meaning Is the union of the British lying north of the United _ A apeeial from Geneva that the of proceeding oa indirect hu not yet been aad it deemed probable that the eowrt will the character of the confederate aad acoordlag they determine thai chancter adjudge Eatrlaad Me or MI for the ol OM or nil of tkm ships. character of the bewf the arbitrator will next the award of mt oa thie point win probably oonftr freely wkb the either aide. Should tae a roM Mwnt ketweoa Ika If tkcreaaoaldheae Isaac i of on Jnne 281 waa seixed with a violent At of coughing and and while thno engaged ejected from none a Minnie rite ball which had been in head for nearly While a membei of the 97th Indiana dnring tbe war be waa taken priaoner and placed in one of the terrible prison of the South. One day he accl- dently crowed the and immediately by the four balls entering body and three head. He the ball that came ont of noae waa one that went in under right eye the pain he suffered from that eye entirely ceased. The tanner complete the and shoemaker can job. City Bet your tott on brndder Per- klna RapUU BtpuMiean. We declare unhesitatingly that we go onr owl on Stovx City Journal. And we will help it or The Chicago Ocean We believe generally feared that the astronomer of M. correct in his announce- ment that a new comet has been dis- larger than any one of its in and the report that it making a dne oonrae for onr which it will reach Angnst is creating considerable sensation. The calculations of this astronomer have shown that this comes toward our world with wonderful the approach cannot bo avoided ex- cept by a deflection from its present course. Those by the cannot harm the earth. In fact the earth is continually passing through Kansas is nearly in the geographical center of the United It between latitude 37 deg. and 40 deg. north and longitude 94 deg. 40 mln. and 102 deg. west from Greenwich. main length from east to west is about 400 and its breadth abont 300 miles. The area square or 520 being considerably greater than the combined extent of New Mas- Rhode Island and Con- nectleut and almost equal to that of and Ireland. A peer- commonwealth within itself. C..R. I. P. com- pany has a capital stock of a total credit balance of Its oosts of road and equip- ment amount .to It paid 8 per dividends last and passed a large amount to surplus. Its heaviest tonnage business ward was in dnring which month tons passed the bridge at heaviest west- ward tonnage in 870 tons passing the same point. The former moved in the lat- ter in The greatest-number of of any single month last year was in at a cost of Last year it carried feet of bushels corn 249 agricultural staves and silver 360 gold in 360 pounds. The road has a locomo- tive for every three and nearly seven oars for each mile. The com- pany has 22 miles of oars and a mile and a half of engines. It takes 266.21 for tallow and waste for one year. Its cattle killing or injuring expense last year was Drought me dol- lor eleven yeari of hard I never spent tbe amount of one dollar in counting every from the time I was twenty-one years of 'age. I know what it is to travel wea- ry and ask my fellow-men to give me leave to who desire to be represented in the national coun- can derive hope and satisfaction from these words in the same know the hard lot that toiling men have to endure in this and every pulsation of ray every conviction of my every as- piration of my puts me on the side of the toiling men of my coun- of- all Some idea of the immensity of the work undertaken in spanning the East river by a suspension bridge may be gathered from the financial exhibit of tbe company that has the enterprise in hand. Although the- work is but just the expenditures have reached the enormous sum of The heaviest sums paid out are for material and engi- neering land damages and caissons and and to Mr. C. for superin- tending the The committee report that they have con- tinued wilt the construction of tbe bridge as rapidly as circumstances permitted. The tower on the Brook- lyn side has been carried up to an of one hundred feet above high and is progressing steadily upward. The foundation of the tower on the Now York side has been sunk to its final depth of eighty and if no accidents intervene will be finished to high water mark within a' month. Of all tbe hotels fa tbe world the Very oddest is a lonely one on the road between San Jose and Santa Cruz in the Southern part of Califor- nia. Imagine ten immense trees standing a few feet apart and hollow these are the and romantic. The largest tree ia sixty-five feet and con- tains a sitting-room and that bureau of Bacchus whcrefrom is dispensed the thing that biteih and stingeth. All about this tree is a garden of flowers and evergreens. The draw- ingroom is a bower made of redwood and evergreens. For bed-chambers there are nine great hollow whitewashed-or and having doors out to fit'the shape of the holes. Literature finds a place in a leading dubbed JD-ECU ModioineaVs Paints. H. 8 GUXUM. ROMBT Patent AND School and Blank GILLIAM WHOLESALB AND B8TAIL SHELF AJJD HEAVY Would to the Cauties that tfcey kave BEST ASSOKTMUNT Of H n AND RUSSELL'S DRUG MOUTH-WIST cwimm Centerville Iowa. F URNITUBC In Southern Iowa. CARPENTERS can find to their assortment of anything demanded by taem. FARMERS can find and purchase at tow an FARMERS ana an fcolu. and a thousand other things too to mea- A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF PABIiOB AMD JUTCHBN FURNITURE Will be found at J. W. Houston's FURNITURE West Side of Public Square. UNDERTAKING. Coffins furnished on 30 minutes notice and 80 per cent cheaper than heretofore. New Grocery tlon. BLACKSMITHS can find Iron of all Plow and Cast Steel Md st Boij. KaUeaMes ofall Horae- shoes and In Urge aad at low WAGON AND BUGGY MAKERS can find and and coariallauc of seven Mwed and bent Felaea of all X X X X X Hickory Oak IX to and Keek-yokes. Doable- at as low freight aatbesaaae goods in any town west of the Miesbsippl River. NEWLY MARRIED or those whdtbig to bay a they otter them a large stock of both for wood and from which to among pre-emineBt tbe eetehtaled Charier Oak. This stove for beauty of design and capacity of oven and length of Bre box and is not equaled by any stove'made. Try It. The Iron Age draw span of the new bridge over the Mis- sissippi at whioh was turned for tbe first time a few days longest and heaviest in if not in the so perfect in Us mechanical details that it can be opened and closed by two men. The draw span is a Whipple truss that its top chord is in tension find its bottom chord is in exactly ro erring the style of the fixed spnns. The whole strain of the draw truss is carried right to the center from die while in the fixed the strain is transmitted from the bottom of the posts np to the tie to the throwing the top chord into compres- sion. The draw is 306 ft i inch the posts46 in number. to bo are connected by top and bottom and diagonal lateral bracing. The weight of the iron in the exclusive of the turn- is 426 If there is any one thing more beauti- ful tbsn another in a flowet thing in a beautiful witb a sun bonnet on her head so wide and so capacious that yon have to get right square before her and pretty near to if she Is at all accustomed to garden walks and works. there can be nothing better for daugh- and indeed tor many than to take sole charge of a small flower garden. The benefits of early stirring the snuffing the pure morning are freshness and glow of cheek and brightness of cheer- fulness of vigor of and purity of heart. Consequently she must be more cheerful and lovely as a more dignified and woman- ly as a and more attractive and confiding as a wife. If yon have not the dooryard then get a dozen pots and plant tho seeds of flowers to your taste. Tbe American of New York will open its 41st exhibi- tion in its large hall near Central on Sept. and con- tinue six weeks. The American Institution has given forty annual exhibitions of choice specimens of American labor and ingenuity. Thus it haa been successful in making widely known some of the most im- portant inventions and including ingenious mechanical con- novel chemical combina- new varieties of fruits and and many other valuable pro- ducts. PBOVISION STORE. ROOT Has opened ont a New and Complete stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries on the South side of the Square. He keeps all the best of And in fact everything usually kept In a Re- tail Grocery Store. Also good stock of Flour of all lie by a strict attention ta busmen to merit and receive a of tho trade. ALBERT ROOT. Go in gentlemen and we will have onraay at the tktwt .of great masses ol the people. There nothing leather and the and are going to be pegged ont and sewed up this fall. committee appointed by Society Convntion re- eoatly ia Oborlla met in Iftk. J. L. of Mew waa nominated for Prosi- In plaao of Otn. C. wko deeliaed. aomlaation of Cbarlee for President aalaUbnn of their polltioal It raid that every person and cent to a in tbe United on an av- Add to the sum of such the amount of capital taken from directly productive em- ployment and consumed In building prisons and feeding guarding the and we begin to an idea of tbe real cost of erioMv Every body educated at expense of the State It about MOO. The pre- ventive not only a thousand ifkafa Mlrfa Jbyttair Iowa kaa aow tsaMkr Hotarln Pabile loo of Taasa Tkaolkm B. StakMaa and Mm taara A. Bavry. Oaly aawei i better thaa bat it in a thousand cheaper. the Tfcto k worthy not only of tbe CUeago oi the K Oraat every. Tbe elections during the present year will be held as North Aug. Aug. Montana Aug. Utah Aug. B 5 New Mexico Sept 1 Sept Colorado Territory Dakota Oct. 8 Nov. Oct vet Oot 8 Oct South Oot Oot. 5 ent Vir- Nov. The quantity of spirits in bond May 1st was The num- ber of distilleries running in the tint- led June 20th were 21fi. Daily capacity gallons. Decrease in the number of distilleries during the month of increase in ca- ______ There are so far as a dosen Greeley Republicans in the oity of and this is themeas- a to of the influence of that blessed old newspaper the Chicago in the immediate vicinity of its publication. Bless Chicago Times. BOUSE KEEPERS will find a large aawrtment of Sad- Iron. and plated silver Ac. BUILDERS desiring Sheet-iron will find in their employ experienced to all aB fat work at the lowest examine stock before purchasing and of the f quality of tbelr goods and low prices. West side Iowa. keep a general stock of REPAIRS for Machines aokL by and we hope persona wanting anything in Una line wifl leave their orders with us as soon as possible. J. 8. Hamilton Bro. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Farm Machinery EAST SIDE OF CEIH'ERVILLE. O.H. WATCHES. JIW j ov. 8 B Nov. B Nov Nov. B Nov. B Michigan Nov. 6 Nov. B Mi Nov. Nov. New Nov. Nov. Wisconl Nov. Arixona Nov. District of Nov. ST The Presidential election will occur all on the 0th of The PostofloeDfpartment that new cent postal will not be ready for issue for three months. Tbe to popular. It'is estimated that not lets than fifty millions will be reqmlrsd for and Will tuft. The new of the Post Office under the recent act of provides that where mail matter reaches its destination with Uie postage unpaid double the prepaid rate shall be exacted on de- livery. __ The rebuilding oflheLindell in St. which destroyed by fire commenced. -The people of talk of putting a tunnel under the Mis- sissippi at a oort of ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. it. HI Cigar PERFUMERY ALBUMS BEAD Ac. From to WO.OO eacb. both paper aad wood. ITVlolm Vio- lin and Guitar Strings and from tbe cheapest to the beit qualities. Concer- Pocket Cutlery at reduced prices. Spectacles a Specialty. fJTWatcnwork and Jewelry repairing and warranted. Iron and Wooden Beam Salt White Plaster Cement and lastering Hair Up -to Jan ta Bine AlfD WISCONSIN PINE GLAZED Are. For sate cheap tor OASHat Beaham Steele's Bacaatk Rept alsoi of i I aleeti to-mor sneneti ism an endon DAT will akow bertld 13 CoDgl physi ill. reject friend very m railrc r coma odito Mr. peop oftb of t foro relig grot ElM Sati app Tor Yw Jael O'l Lin W. Eln SU It Au wit ins ke. wi tie Pi rfi or ra Ci M D ai of fttpot PITTS and Threshers. Wean prepand looikranytkutrnoar tali oa awmost liberal koass m lawTl oar Stock whatterther Irish to aathtat but FIB8T OLA8B eOODBatreasoaabls ffftjT7. Plow Fort UMt We are-Aieats Mr WURBAHBT BOAtJUL