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Text Content of Page 1 of Cedar Rapids Tribune on Friday, January 1, 1909

Cedar Rapids Tribune (Newspaper) - January 1, 1909, Cedar Rapids, Iowa y- THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE IOWA STATE FEDERATION OF LABOR-ENDORSED AT THE OTTUMWA CONVENTION MAY 10, 1906 gOLUME VI. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, JANUARY i, 1909. NUMBER 6 IBOR MAKES STEADY GAIN IN IOWA DURING THE PAST YEAR ICPORTS FROM MANY IOWA CITIES BRING JOYFUL TIDINGS TO ORGANIZED TOILERS COLEMAN AT DAVENPORT, CHAMPION 'ss Grocery Clerks With Sixty Charter Garment Workers, Laundry Workers and Bartenders in Keokuk, Sioux City and other and Nesbit in Organizer of Car- penters in the Stale M (Staff Correspondence The Tribune by J. Harry Strief.) [Editor's But In: Strief. carries only JC.OOO insurance. For tbe of tho companies, we will state tbat be is not responsible for the City, Iowa, Dec. 30, filing all a prosperous 1909, 1 am to at ate tbat tins reports I received recently from several the state are tbat the out- ?ik at present is for a good, busy in all lines, and it is hoped tbat our organizations will receive the ieflt of this predicted business ac- [cy and tbat at this time in 1909 J.-will bo receiving a better wage jjjri and tbat the eight-hour day.will gully established in all trades. Itooltgor HO Miles Awuy. ilcretary James Coleman of tbe inport Trades Assembly, reports he effected a temporary organ- on of tb'e Grocery Clerks of tbat Thursday, with he charter list. The organisation he completed right away, Mr. nan having charge of tho work. It Is probable that the Garment cers. Laundry Workers and Har- 11 s .w 111 so on be orga n ize d i n ;iport. Interest at this time in 'jrmatiou of new unions is better for some time past and tbe work in Davenport. 'i Carl Young, general or- ,er of the Carpenters and Joln- America, was in Clinton re- y looking after tbe interests of in that city. He a for some ac- Yi'iii's of Weary Uniting. Setter recently from Artbur K. past president of tho Iowa Federation of Labor, now on F. of L. legislative committee sg'ashington, D. C., says lie drop- the senate lo see Senator yfc'Hns sworn in. Holder, was gratified that he was priv- to witness this ceremony, hav- {Jways been a very staunch si of Mr, Cummins and served in Hurean of Labor during the time that the senator was of Iowa. During the polit- last fall Mr, Holder put time in Ohio, Illinois and New in tho interests of tbe A. F, of program. Sioux City and organized labor is proud of work since ho been me a with the A. F. of L. tfKas made good, no matter what gnment was. um" Correspond- cut. II, Xesbit, also located ing ton at present, but whoso ktg -place is IJes Moines, remem- mo with a copy of the Christ- of the Trades Unionist, 'fficial paper of tbe Washington al Labor Union. I n that issue splendid likeness of Senator nlns. In a column v. ritenp con- ng the work of Hie senator in is the following: all times during bis official as governor, Mr. Cummins hand in with tho state Jsjoinmissioiier and the officers State Federation of La- legislation that would beneficial to the workers of the Through his co-operation along (line many much-needed reforms been brought about, nnd thus has won tbe lasting fealty of the Jon labor people of lown, who re- in the successful outcome of flght for a sent in the senate." They're Rackcapplng Yel. -.ix Cjly Typographical union, at regular mooting today, consoli- The former financial secretary and dated tbe offices of secretary and treasurer and increased tho salary, treasurer, Sam McCullough and Dean Wheelor, having resigned, there was a spirited contest for the new created office. George lowing, Ora llaislet, JI. Micbelstctter and F. II. Lawrence were placed in nomination. It looi. four ballots to decide tbe election Lawrence winning tlie office by two votes. Changes were made in tho system of bookkeeping, and the new- ly chosen officer's bond placed ai A committee was'appointed to revise the by-laws and have now onen printed. Hlccti'Icnl Worker Injured. R. E. Perrin, secretary of tho Electrical Workers district organiza- tion, including Iowa and Nebraska is recovering from a serious accident In dodging a falling telephone polo two weeks ago, he fell down a 14-foot embankment, breaking his collai bone. Slaps Teddy on the Wrist. An exchange says: Presides Roosevelt to think that he and J. Pierpont and William Nel son Cromwell arc the United States. It is a harmless delusion if it stops with the thought. "Upon what meat doth this, our Caesar (Roosevelt) food, that he has grown so WluM'c Tlici-f, is Life There is Hupe. Sioux City T rat! os a n d La bo r A s- sembly is arranging for a union revival, lo take place next March. The dates set arc March S; 9, 10, 11, 12 and U. A committee is now at work on the program, and an effort will be made to secure Samuel Gompcrs as the speaker for tho clos- ing night. The general officers of the Urotberhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America have already agreed to send a speaker, to remain during tho President Ilrick of the State Federation, will also lio in- vited to be prorienf. Tho affair will he conducted along the lines of the revival hold in Omaha last year, which was very successful. Siinio Old The Trades and Labor Assembly elected officers at the last meeting, as follows: C. A. Dubol, carpenter, president; .1. D. ICngstrand, cigar maker, vice president; F, Carr, clec- t i-ica 1 worker, secret ary-t reasu ror; Raymond KvangeJinc Sporry, printer, recording; secretary; Xio Rupert, woodworker, sorgeant-at-arms. Presi- dent D libel! was elected for a third term, and although ho protested vig- orously against taking Hie office for another term, it was the unanimous opinion of all delegates that he should continue as president, and he was c o in pol I od to roeo n si d e r h is o w n d e- sires in the matter. Mr. Dubell haw made a most efficient official. More new buildings were started in Sioux City Jn December, 1908, than In any past December in the city's history. The Dead Ones, It is reported that the Christmas celebration of Sioux Irrigation Com- mittee No. 2, will long be remember- ed, and that It caused a famine in cracked Ice the following day. Toler, the scab, who shot and kill- ed an Iowa Central striker at Mar- shalltown last summer, was acquitted last Wednesday at Toledo, Iowa, of the charge of murder. Such verdicts as this tickle thp.pal.at08 of tbe Posts.. (Continued on page 2) UN ON SUES EM- PLOYERS FOR VIO- LATION OF CONTRACT UMJKllS' LOCAL 8-1, WOULD KICCOVKK FUOM LHIWIIUKK IjUllCitill CO. FIRST TEST CASE QF KIND IN WEST Kmploy Ili'.st, of Legal Talent and Will Curry Case to Court of Last I Jacking of Inter- national of Cjists in Full. The.Tribune believes that this is the first suit of the kind ever Tiled in this country. It is bY'gun to test the legality of a contract made in good faith between Hinders Local No. 84 and the Lo Fob ure Ledger Co., and later violated by tbo latter concern without pretense oC excuse. I'LAlXTHi'F'S I'KTITION In the Superior Court of Cedar Rap- ids, Linn County, Iowa. January Term, A. D. 1D09. Local Union NTo. S4 International Brotherhood of Bookbinders, Plaintiff, vs. Lofo- bitre Ledger Company, Defendant. Tbe plaintiff for cause of action against the defendant states: "That tho plaintiff at all times stat- ed in this petition was, and is u vol- untary association of skilled meL-han- ies :ind bookbinders, with its place of organization and transuding busi- ness in the City of Cedar Hapids, Linn County, Iowa; and tbe defend- ant, Lefebure Ledger is, and at all times stated in this petition was a coriioration. organized nndor tho laws of the State of Iowa for pecun- iary profit, with its principal pi nee ol" business at Cedar llaplds. Linn Coun- ty, Iowa. That heretofore, on or about No- vember 2ii, 190U, the plaintiff and de- fendant entered into a written con- tract, a copy of which is hereto at- tached, marked Exhibit "A" and by reference made a part of this peti- tion. That said contract was signed and executed by the defendant, and signed and executed with the know- ledge, acquiescence, consent and ap- proval of all the members of the plaintiff, which moinbnvship In its personnel was then the same as it ib now. Tbat the plaintiff and all its membership, acting on said contract and recognizing its force and effect have fulfilled it in every way and con- tinue so to do. But tbe defendant, contrary to its obligations, lias violat- ed said written agreement and weat- ed a breach thereof in this: That bv tbe express terms of said written agreement one apprentice, as therein defined, described and provided for, is u Ho wed to every three journey- men or majority fraction thereof; that the said defendant has violated said stipulation in suld agreement in tbat it employs more' apprentices than is provided by said contract and has employed and does cniplov them to the ox tout that there are more apprentices than journeymen at work for the That the plaintiff is soeiatlon of skilled bookbinders am! was at all times stated in this peti tion; and the defendant is, and at all times statod in this petition, was en- gaged in the business of bookbind- ing; and the apprentices referred to herein had reference to said work of bookbinding; and the defendant now employs, and heretofore for some weeks has employed, practically all apprentices, and more apprentices that; journeymen, and moro than one a PIJ roil t ice to every I h roe jou rney- mati employed by tbe defendant. That the defendant has further violated said agreement in tbat It does not employe skilled journeymen bookbinders, nor pay tho wages or prices for tbe hours stipulated in said agreement, font disregards tho same mid has disregarded the sitine in the matter of wages, in hours, and in the character of its employees. Tbat tho said defendant has fur- ther violated the said agreement, in that it employs others, and has em- ployed ot h e rs in its work o f hook- in dors who wore not members' >in good standing of tho I. H. of li. when Local Union Xo, 81 could furnish all the necessary help from its member- ship required by the defendant. That the breach of said contract as heroin set forth and specified has boon tlie subject of discussion and controversy between tho plaintiff and defendant, atid the said defendant, though requested so to do, refused and declines to submit the questions at issue to three disinterested parties for settlement as provided in said agreement. That by reason of the facts and matters heretnabove set forth, tho plain t i has boon damaged in i h o sum of One Thousand Dollars, no part of which has boon pa it! or satis- fied in any way, and to which tho plaintiff Is entitled. Wherefore, the plaintiff asks that It have judgment against the defend- ant for the sum of One Thousand Dollars, and tbat a writ of injunction issue from this court, re- straining tbo said defendant from in any way or manner violating, failing, refusing or neglecting to carry out the terms of said Agreement for the time and term that aaid agreement covers; and that plaintiff have judg- ment for- tbe costs of this action. LOCAL UNION NO. S-l INTERNA- TIONAL BROTHERHOOD OV nOOKTUNDBRS, Plaintiff. By Uedmond Stewart, Us Attorns. WILLIAM GENNINGS LOFTUS SETS EXAMPLE STORIES OF THE STREETS AND TOWN AND NEWS OF LOCAL UNIONS GATHERED HERE AND THERE AND TOLD TOOTHERS AS WE HEAR. IT How a Union Man Lost Forty Dollars a.nd Recieved it Through a Dream in New Hot Edition of Harmoney Loft us Assuming Duties. This gentleman is not sheriff as yet. "Andy" is still on the job. But "Bill" began semi officially to iierform at the conquest given the in-coming and out-going officials bis week at Marion. He was on the program for a little oration under Herb. Ring's jurisdiction as toast- master. 'TSs said that he hurled his hypnotic forces full upon the guests and talked them into a trance thus demonstrating how he intends sub- jecting the offenders of (lie -law dur- ing his term of office Xo use of violence says "Hill" when you can talk i1 man into a submissive mood just iis easily. Those "gams" and others in Marion had better prepare for a hypnotic pinch. "Others' who proceeded and followed the "star" wore Will Dennis, who made a hit just as he will while in office. County Attorney Haas was glad to be with tbe hoys as a "return" and they were glad to have him. Charley's record in (ho criminal cases tliis term has proven the con- tention made during tbe trying (or was it frying) days of tbe campaign that he is THE county attorney, Harry Pratt, good old reliable, but the direct opposite of the subject of this story in vocal enthusiasm, read a neat little tale that listened well Will Jackson told some tales in an earnest in natural se- quence overlooked a little campaign story of the old Sixth ward, this'city, that would have made a bit. That's all Will- -we'I never allude to it again. "Andy" admitted lie had tbe court house habit but would try and live if. .down, while "Jim" Bowman while Ernest is laying the wires while Jim is spieling in Ces Monies. Prank Cleveland was there with tbe glad tint and the real thing in smiles, but indulged not in MLO talkfost feast. If we have overlooked any of tbe prominent unes present lay it ontri tho shoriff-to-bo. He carefully re- vised this art tele and kicked streno- ously because we gave so much spi to tbo other "good follows." Tale of Four lU-Cusc Win. Peterson nun of the promin- ent delegates lo tho Federation and his good wife put in a miserable anil anxious Christmas day, but thoy will enjoy Year's to Hie limit. Ami all because ol1 four ton dollar bills with yellow hacks which dis- appeared out of his pocket Christ- mas ovo, but tbo loss of which ho did not discover until Christ mas day. He made a purchase in thr Fair and was nndor tbe impression that he had lost tlto currency there. .Mr. Pram-hero made every effort to see if his theory was a correct one, hut failoil. A want "ad." in the dailies failed lo bring the Jlrst time of course. His despondency in- creased and hope had Mown when a peculiar incident occurred. Monday night ho d roamed tbat his wife had found the much needed money in tho basement of their homo, mixed in with the clothes in tbe basket. He told her of nor dream or vision in a joking way just as he foft tho bouse TucKda y morning to attend to his duties at tho City Hall. In her anxiety she even followed this clue and .searchod tbe basket, but found no currency. Hor foot came in contact with .something soft on her way to the stairs and stooping she picked up those precious bills, Mr. Peterson's theory is that thoy work od u p In his fob poc k e t and (Iroppcd out when ho stopped over But tho, hand of good fortune in the form of the we will pass, that up to Pink Storey and Dill Ashford for Ubletic treatment in tbe Journal or Endieott for scientific analysis in the Record. Fred A. Canlield fJels But it was a neat one and came from tbe Lather's local in the form of a fine, solid gold, bu tit ing case watch. it was presented to him Christmas at a special meeting held Federation ball. The boys say that Fred blushed like be did when as a kid he was caught one evening doxvn on tbe west side one nuionlight night, holding a sixteen year-old lassie's hand white sitting on u pile of lumber. Remember, Fred. Engraved in the case was the fol- lowing: ooooooo oo o oooooo o o Presented to o FRED A. CANFIELD o by 0 LATHER'S LOCAL XO. 115 o Christmas, 100S. o OOOOOOOOO 0 OOOOOO Fred is to he congratulated. Such presents come to but few in this world of strife and competition. Bugles Light in Xeiv Nest. After many year's occupancy of tbe quarters in the Hover block the local Eagle Aerie moved into their ne- and elegant quarters In the third floor of tho new Turner building on bonth Third street, yesterday. This marks the beginning of a new era in this fraternal organization Tlie Aerie has grown to be one or the most popular of tho many in the city, In the new quarters the club room feature will he enlarged, neu and finer furniture purchased, a neu pool table and reading rooms added. The membership will increase more rapidly than over in tbe opinion of the members, A. ,1. Berman. tbe manager of the Peoples' Credit Clothing Co., in the- Masonic Temple, is more than satis- fied with tho amount of business done by that firm during the holiday season. He is a bustler and it is to his efforts that a large per centiigt of tho increased business is due- Such doings have seldom before occurred and never in Local No. 221 as those occasioned by tho annual election bold Tuesday night. A goodly crowd were in attendance. Tho candidates wore numerous and their appetite for office voracious. Some of them ran. lost out and en- tered with new colors in tbe next thoy do say that big JOBSR Lewis pursued tbe elusive office to tho finish. H was a warm ses- sion and that's what mnkes live locals. Tho losers came up smiling liko all true unionists always ilo. The office nf president was filled after three ballots, with four ontrios, Ceo. Smith being the winner. For vice-chairman, Harry AVhito went for four rounds and won. Financial Secretary Peterson was re-elected on the first ballot in a field of five showing that tho boys appreciate his lionosty and ability, Rolng called upon for a speech he delivered a talk upon the past, pres- ent and future and concisely lold of the wonderful gains by tbo organiza- tion In four years. A. H. Finch was chosen recording secretary after two ballots, four, en- tering for this go-as-you-please af- fair. Treasurer Jas, Aiuniorman won on one ballot with three In the running. 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