Sunday, February 24, 1918

Cedar Rapids Republican

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids Republican (Newspaper) - February 24, 1918, Cedar Rapids, Iowa V RAPIDS REPUBLICAN CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. SUNDAY FEWUMT 24, HO. 2tt WILSON RAISES MAXIMUM WHEAT PRICE -MlAGOAN tfINS FIGHT IN CLOUDS GenuM After Kk Hiffc- tfce Ar. Wu Wiert He JtM Ifo -PARIS. Feb. y.-VerW BoouS; of Chicago, of ihe flying corp; jraught down a German airplane fight several mites imikie the Ceirmaff t Booth wai on patrol duly W '.'JiterJ hit-adversary Jn a two luehbe ticked htm at height jf-a Several" iounds were .changed and 'soon the German began 5 to descend. Booth followed the airplane dow-n until it dropped mto a forett just inside the Gerroan Sine WAS Booth, reported In from Paris to- "ay having brought down i Ger- wmn.atrplar.e refused ailmU L to the -Anicrkan army because be 1 imier ireTirh't is a- son of Vernon. >Boolh, forinetlF head of the Booth Fiiheriea and .promlr.ent In Chicago Home year? ayo, tho jfamfiv moved to naltlmore and then to New York where they non-'ctslde. When Booth was TefuirM nd- rutakm Into the .American army ahout year 150, lie went to France, and en- listed In the Fafayttle cscodrUie. 1XKWYOIUEFR KILLED. Farts. .FeV S. Loujch- ran, of flying on. Ihe French front In a'Vreach weaHriUe, i. lulled'ten days ago in an'aerial combat-'- -iMihran went across the German and Tar is atjacked four enemy He fttw back to ibe French ere' to earth ind.was. Jfdefuf'whta was bmkd.nedr Jj Oi f "of Jh e mem- cc eieadrtlle. rADOOWniHAVE TKEMENWRS POWER TO RUN RAILROADS HUN REPLY )N WAY TO ETROGRAD Aimi ii Wait tl KM- Curier M to Btl- LeuVn. EFENSE PLANNED Wvfue Wil W Pnrticnl Attnpt Kiep IxnAtr trim ii Lfce Mutk CMM not hot- Wl le 1918 Wheat Prices The wheat prices the. president declared, would the producer of a. prof- It. On tha basLs of Nurr.ber 1. Northern, tryrlsr whew and tu equivalents, the- preside r.l fixed tho prices as follows: L't cago On Kan. car St .12.29 Wan'p'ils Orleans .IX.10 DuEuth Bait LaJto New York Great ft.OO ...11.90 Baltimore New. Worth .12.03 Wichita The of Vo. -1 Xorth- trn, lo which lha came prlca ap- are No. 1 hard winter. No, 1 red winter. No. 1 and No. hard white. wheat barrestbd la the guteg dur- Inr I'1' and In the, market I, ISIS. 1918 1 GETS IN CHICAGttl Takes Stop to Fttntal MEETS AN EMERGENCY; Effect Ouft at ViW m It t. SliMlite PndidiM x it.Aj- C Farmer Tli.ii.iH i FA. i Within len Director General Mc- I Adoo be armed .with ihe broadest Lpotuble powtti to Tun tKc country's '.Thli appeared certain today the KbuK continbcd to .Kurry .the ilnay control bit] to its 6na! pattagc, I The senate passed the bill late .y ester-' I day HilKoui a roll call after a long clay I of wrangling, After (He rseasure teft OPINION OF EERTS jcnaic It apepaied. cctlal ii it I HOuU not' late lor.g totcconcile.tKejSf- I ft re nee between and senate f bill in canferece.-The Koine 'it to pass bll] early b the fCrOTTSCHALRTO Apkvfare fiaBaHii Urje, Ciapmlsorr Bffl. SOME DRASTIC RULES WASHINGTON. D. C., Feb. fbe afifes food situation." is becotnirig critically serious. Compulsory ration- America is stifl H-astbtg the only hope of twt [m- >eri1ing the Allied cause. This was the vaVning of the house agriculture com- mittee today and urged passage of the Hoover Conservation bill. It it FORD MOTOR COMPANY Feb. American Consul I A. GotlschaFk. left for Am- fttnca in order lo requeil per to Join. hisTegiaxat. PLENTY SUPPLIES WASHINGTON. Feb. Satis- l factory of the array n now cretary of Biker 'eially Rnnoonceri Rifie andcarlrkKfe pioduclion reach- led the plant pjatanleeing plenty of, nf material for ihe Arncntan army the speedy Computi Dry contained m the report by Chairman Lever and writ- ten after receipt of information from foreign Herbert Hoover acid other expert! "It would be foljy for us to shut our eyes to. iKe ihe'report said. It would be cowardly to fail to allaflv the problem of waiting Food in a rigorous explaining that (he bill (he raoit effective way to save food artd is giving so-eral new Krvation.rncaiUKS being plannei vhrch be made pcuible under the bin. .The features of the. bit) are: ihe manufacture of sofi MTROT, Feb. Foid stof Company began cocsimction to- lay of a two million dollar ship IxiHd ag plant Ed Build "sub killers.1' Ccn are'expecteti to ruiJi tlie'planl ia itvettty-Bve <Jays. The :nlerprise'will employ- bermieen ten hontarrd and fifteen thcunr.dmerj aai be building viill occupy five acres. The craft will be lumei out b large France. Since April 6th (Kis coun- try cklivercd 700.000 nfln. For Blbe rading Feb. 9th, rifles I were 'the daily" output wih 71.192 for I the KULUNFALL IFORT TEX., Feb. irjnVt Frar.k C. FairthiTd, wn of lh e detennmed by the war council ol he war department, it was stated. Un- est some great emergency arnei no pi nation-wide call for men will be made! A until the secood draft. The present E.J WiAi. UK YNT: Wilson tojiay raised the gOTtmnent guaranteed price for the 1918 Whnt-''.: crop as high as bushd io narfcet and in varying Juai ia all otfher 'prrmcry markets except four. price was pat :it under aatfeortrr of fooi'lv law. the present thm met the tlon In cocgreas Tor higher Btepa to ae4 tat aaritation grolna; on, The president's pruefaxcatfoa ernes-ay that the acUoB requlrlnf wheat planting. .rUanalalloti hltt pUos provide for men. nroving from civitian life to the 'it j. army campi and from roe camps to WAUtKR WARNS ORR. t.XHOR Tt) TI1K 1'KACE hicate. ir. fldenv of the. Ve-ltraUon of or, wjimfd orcanliM tabor to Icee'p the llf orper wnrktnc OF AMERICA; LA rt whtch Ii IhrouChout the Mate he n.14: no who would ro f In prevtoUnr those ptAOlt from mltidlng Any lafluenre .iralnit ihf RQvernnien.1 or Incm'whr re they luJ done It, but be done rtitlltd Ihro U thi CHICAGO, Feb. ernor Chxrles H. Brotrgh of Arkansai, spealing before the Confrrts of tionaT Senice this afternoon, brawled the I. V. W. as the BolshtviLi of A-n- erka. He claned United Sena- tor La of as its leader. "YoM and I reatue thete Arc Bol- thcviVi ia ihe United Slates as b BrougJi declared. today, hruout iheUni'.ed Slate He quoted extracts frooi the ofeci iper exprrsnng hatted for aH thing i and contempt for (He Anv ST. LOUIS ASKING FOR WAGE BOOS1 ST. LOUS. Feb. rutely eighteen thousand thoe ts'oike will prewnt fierosnds [or higher to shoe manufacturers of St. Lou a il was anaounc WFICERSSAVE WOUUVBEHUN FROM INCHING ILL. FA. 23: "Under tho lood control__ uffuit 10, 1917. It ta my duty to ;_ mr.ce a prloe- for Trh'tat' the 1918 harvest r am, the principal InUrlar pHmarr-.' the ia continuation of the p'rewnt wheat, with some "arto- lag fruta the dnlgnftUon of terminal ly.arketlag pplnls. "This piaza.nteod': ttV fivrmtr of a profit the .war- ffcocld. end" within the ar.rt the large store's ol la utetlona of the world that are- now off Tram Inuisporiattoa jihouht inlaX come Into auctn. To Incruw price of rman peace" En ox oomlr.rlon. III., Fct. hardl. convlcttii here far llajor In ory, wan InJay icr.tenceJ for Mvrn hcindrtd and flr.ed Ore t-ut ed to remirn commltleil un I lEi o fir.e costs are AKK PIJIV l.l Ft; OP BOV ix> nn Keh- fcr th Ifa of Paul Chapman, the II vra >fa UrooVtyn. .V. V. boy, who Is con ned lo din in the electric ehalr woa to Governor Whit ma New Yotlc today by M commitle thf rvjy'a Hrolherhoo.1 repubtk The rovemor rroailwJ to rereembe whfa the befor him. WASHIN'GTOiX. Feb. Mgh salaried railway officers be created, so loo; u the Kali I Government retains control of the ttways. Direclor General rit step tatviid the curtaiHng of op- rating executives tame today whm ho put a bin on further extravigancei in form of big salaries, tte farc- of a iwetpicg out of salary hecks. U-QCK BIDS TO UHAPr AllMY QVOT. Jbuaue. Ffb. Approxl elr raihcrcd of Ihe IXA! tMi aft wn to fcS.1 r-rcwra (o Itift lit mtn who Iff! f parade wllr.fM e Lined Hi? AtrYCt AH UIRC j'.nrw ive cloar-l ".'.artrir tho T i, were expects] id re por cilwlE? vhrn Ihc train ROLL OF HONOR b luudy lon, Three killed In acllor. nvi txnrt Ml tti o IhA war Th vlllc. Tonn. rlMitr II. C> Cliy. Kcrl-icky. T. Rlncrrr. C The- Co poril F. Munch anJ ThJdArut MtrMc-n. <'or.n.; and Th Morrison, r P. Monti. Cnnn H. Atvw Cotn. oocfetock jail Ky aulrtonties today rrobably uwd him from a pouuSle iching at hands of a nob, ged at his alleged pro-Cennairijm. uapletOQ U reported to hare said hope the U-boats send American transport to tht bottom." man's mother pleaded wnh the ttl while officers took htm to the by .caurinr the. -wheat of cro? market. It moreover dl9- ocate aJI the pre-tttf that -teoa establfeled after much nxfoas dfccuulou ana would. ore, creali an unreel wniea NATIONAL ROADS Lara. "I kiow the spirit of c iad have not Ifasc dowbt u ie loyalty wltli which they ,iu the'present Tte ds uf our wlieat produciloo, tooX and the demoMtrated, by tha fact that t i rnlliTon cioro than the fo? tbS flve before ihe. outbreak of tfar Kuropean "It seems cot to to teatraJtr an-' of imt th- ected tu to require t pecuUar drcuoistances i M-n or the lt (hi GOV. WHITMAN MAKES PLEA FOR BETM HEALTH CHICAGO. Feb. 23 Governor Chailes of New Yorl. ad- Coosmi of National 5er- here todny. pleaded for belle i training of American youlh. ouilined the itepj taVtn by New Yott itate for tht healih of its rej being made puhKc by the boards thruoijl tne country1 if.e f-tcd for more at- teatroa to the Kejjllh eoVutioi eveiy- Gm-emor 'ftliitnun wid. "Before ihe Unilcd Slitcs entered (Ke war (Ke Mnine thai eoiiTilry and the worM ntnJ -wn-jr.r It' In a nay which abtolntelr fuixU- on ax tfle soldier ran. 'The farrjfr b. of 11.012 the pciyii j only 3 16 -we "New YorV a train' ig law. AH childien front- lo 16 are forced to allecd jchool. training ii for all ir military or training foi between the of 16 AnrI K ytan" Missive o.v MKVir.xN nuiiDni raw. Tex.. jo N'. MJICI. of tha [vitro! on the front. on the I i IT build An TiicHjnlrt rfprtMM an.l of cavalry r.m b fftr nlm. The boric and h'cn I: the VT men Men. tn fi In adilHtoa to thrie. theri i volunteens and tho r.umber Jrawn with a rif men, It i Uir- ICK-AI exemntloD iew to Ulc- n my T of itshlenlrtK the upon mer. ir fordilJorn prrmlt It K> lhat an-I l more an.l hile. Ifcftc tnll ly try th-y wiir T jities wriifh xmor.R cf war. "Thf railn-nv Adrnln ro-cprratlnr In ihe af llitT'nt rRiolrr.t w iJRiInE'lENdon to rmin fi[ nicvrmfTit of thr yrompC y upon Vfpt rir rlearly U r-f part of ihp ten-' rtf Into walch tn iht r.ilfpn er.ttn Jn tn ro rtlhcr. The It It t a co -operative of