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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette December 1, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Taking Aim at “Bad Checks’’ A five-point action program was launched last week to serve both the public and area businesses in overcoming the high-cost problem of “bad checks” The program resulted from 14 weeks of meetings of the Bad Check Task Force which was set in motion in August by the Cedar Rapids-Marion Area Chamber of Commerce when it became apparent that an increasing volume of bad checks not only was creating a problem for businesses but also was resulting in higher prices to consumers. The five-point continuing program embraces education of the general public on the scope and seriousness of the problem, procedural steps for effective prosecution, guidelines for uniform check processing and acceptance, training programs for check acceptance and tighter controls of checking accounts. “The merchants have repeatedly emphasized that the immediate problem is not the professional bad check passer but ‘John Q. Public’ whose checks are returned,” John C. Rice, president of the Chamber of Commerce, said. “The seriousness of the situation has been pointed out by the Iowa Retail Grocers Assn. which estimates that insufficient fund checks cost grocery stores and super markets about half of one percent of their gross business.” The Bad Check Task Force, in working out the action program over the last several months, defined a “bad check” as any check returned for “insufficient funds” or “account closed”. In capsule form, the five-point action program includes: I*ublic education:    News paper advertising and other projects will be undertaken to acquaint the public with the seriousness of the problem and with the determination of the retail community to cornet the problem. Purpose of the information-education program will be “to impress u|M>n the public that it is a crime to write a bad check" and that “more effort has to be made to follow through with prosecution through appropriate law enforcement agencies.** Effective    prosecution. Procedure has been established with the county attorney’s office for the handling of "bad check” cases. The procedure includes agreement that “after a check is placed with the county attorney, restitution can only be accepted after the arrest is made. ” Uniform check acceptance and precessing:    Detailed guidelines were established for the acceptance of checks, including the need for “primary” and “secondary” identification. The guidelines spell out specific notations which must be made on a check. They also establish a uniform procedure to be followed if a check is returned for “insufficient funds” or “account closed". Training programs for check acceptance: Retail sales personnel not only are being trained in procedures but are being provided with a two-page, detailed listing of the types of checks which can be accepted and the steps they must take before accepting a check. The situation is summed up in a notice which will be posted at check-out counters and other locations which reads: “Please do not be offended when we ask for several types of identification or other information we may feel it is Not So Safe Down on Farm CHICAGO (AP) - Prairie Farmer magazine reports that rural crime is continuing its sharp upward trend. In 1973, all crime was up 14 6 percent over the previous year in rural areas. Violent crime, including murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault, was up 28 9 percent. Property crime which includes burglary, larceny and auto theft, was up 14.4 percent. Prairie Farmer also has found that more youths are involved in crime than ever before. It says the number of rural youngsters under 18 who were arrested for murder increased 123 5 percent over 1972 and for narcotics offenses there was a 56 9 percent increase. ON THIS DATE f- 1970, Luis Echeverria Alvarez was sworn in as nresident of Me vim necessary to obtain prior to accepting your check. Your personal cooperation in helping us reduce the number of those few who might take undue advantage of checking account privileges is sincerely appreciated.” Tighter control of checking accounts:    Information    has been provided on checks, bank identification cards and travelers checks to retail personnel; and alterations have been initiated in internal procedures at various financial institutions. The Bad Chin k Task Force. which is continuing to meet and which has some other steps "under advisement”, was set up by the Chamber of Commerce originally at the behest of retail stores and supermarkets in the ares. However, over the 14 weeks of its existence, it has been expanded to include also representatives of banks, service stations and other groups. Collect $5,800 For UNICEF A total of $5,800 was collec ted iii the annual Halloween “Tric k or Treat for UNICEF" drive, held this year on Oct. 27, the Sunday preceding Halloween. Over 3,000 of the1 small orange* UNK EF cartons, used in the door to door drive, were distributed through the* partic ipation of 41 churches, six panic hial sc hools and 20 other groups or agencies in the area. In addition to Cedar Rapids and Marion, arca towns involved in the collection were Coggon, Linn Grove, Mt. Vernon, Whittier. Hiawatha, Palo, Ely and Springville. Co-chairpersons were Hazel Stem and (Mine Slem, under the sponsorship of the Cedar Rapids area chapter of the* United Nations Assn Mrs DK. Sippy organized the drive In Marion. All funds will go to meet needs of children throughout the world. FINE HOME FURNISHINGS BOTH OR OPEN TODAY (Sun.) 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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: December 1, 1974