Monday, November 11, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 23

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Text Content of Page 23 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Monday, November 11, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 18 The Cedar Kaplds Gazelle: Mon., Nov. 11, 1974 WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP COULD USE A LITTLE MOW DO YOU LIKE ALBERT'S NEW KITE, BLOOPY? VDU WOULDN'T KNOW, I CAN NEVER 1X3 RIGHT IN 'PR EYES-; IS YOUR MISSUS SORRY, DAPT QUESTION NEVER CORA WANTS TO HAVE A SECOND WEDDIMG CEREMONY TO RECREATE THE HAPPY. ROMANTIC S-T DAYS OF OUR I FIRST ONE ARE YOU SOINS ALONG WITH IT BOSS THIS TIME r GET A CHANCE TO SAY I DON'T" IT! fW CAN ME A FOR REP OUTFIT WITH OF YOU, 511? I FONT I WANT TO LOCK NOU HOW BEAUTIFUL FOR THE TO SEW I5KATINS COMPETITION HCW ARJl'T IT'S SOT WH" PON T <iOU MINE SIR.. MAKE ,UE A ITf 'W JKATIN6 MOTHER'S A MAKCIE Cwe is TH' TRUEs 3UR ccwe HERB BECUZ THEY WWTEP TO LIVE IN A FREE UNPEBSTOUNP.'.'- yO MERELY LIVES ON TH'-SNEER SURFACB we Lives IN peer BEETLE BAILEY t TAXES.'.' ONES WHO IS Ltc.c.nmit WILL ThteV UNDERSTAND, I PON'T WANT TO KEEP MV UP V ERNIE BUSHMILLER PLAY WITH MY LITTLE WALKING CLOWN MARK TRAIL NANCX TRY TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE TODAY QUIT TEYING TO TELL WE WHAT TOPO, PUCKMAU... WE'LL MOVE IW THE TIME IS THE IVOBX POACHERS, FROM THEIE HIDEOUT IN THE LAEVA MOUNTAINS KEEP CONSTANT WATCH OW COLTPAWE'S CAMP STEVE CANYON HOW CAN A SINBLf FEMALE CHAN6E THINK 50 MUCH? LLf HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY SHN) RIN66 DROVE 11 STALKY DOWN IN THAT HEBE IN SCIOTO? RELIC HEAP of ONION'S THEY HAVENT LEFT MOM IS DRIVING DAD POWN TO THE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY WHEN HE sets BACK TELL HIM TO LET ME KMOW HOW HE MADE OUT BUZ SAWYER ALL HAP OUR POUBT? WE'VE ESCAPED FROM Answer to Previous Puzzle They'll Do It Every Time ABOUT FOOFY. WERH AFRAID WE'RE CHINeMWDU. WE'RE" SHE'D PANIC AMP MAKE US BOTH FALL FROM THE WIR6 LANDING, k SAFE.' HOW TO MAKE- RING-- TAKE A BRAVE AND THOUGHTFUL OF OTHERS. ACROSS 1 Electric lighl dcfccl 39 Elaborate riwellings Quench thirst 42 Close by (poet) <H Kind of measuring sy.stem 48 Taper 53 Handle 54 Adherent isulTix) 86 Hisloric periodn 57 Remain 58 Southern general 59 Houston and namesakes 60 Territories lab.) 61 I'nhappy 62 Used in' printing 5 Resull of being in sun 8 Source of night lighl 12 Slate positively 13 Australian bird 14 Taj Maha city 15 Feminine name 16 Atmosphere ab.) 17 Paper measure Ifl Name tags 20 Jewish ascetic 22 Wary 24 Helming to place 28 Portable light 33 High cards 34 Sun 35 Operatic solo 36 Residents of (suffix) 37 Common contraction 38 Speech 7 Numhers 8 Heavenly Imity flCurvei molding 10 Algerian city 11 Title 19 Building addition 21 Along wnh (prefix) 24 Secular 25 Eight (comb, form) 26 tellers 27 Helper lah.) 29 High in stature 34 Patterns for tracing 40 Vietnam town 41 Spanish lady (ari.l 43 Took part in a drama 44 Tall spar 45 Grafted (her. I 46 Former Russian ruler 47 Given off bv DICK TRACY "WHAT ELSE WOULD BREAK IT ASKS SAM. DON'T KNOW WHY THE PAVTTV ENDED SO SUDDENLY. THEY MUST HAVE HAD A TIP-OFF OF YOUR RAID. 1 Sharp poin 2 Iris layer 3 Give permission to 30 Assam use silkworm 4 Boast 3] Take a a Pesler chance 6 Amount (ah.) 32 Hack of neck 49 Bird s name 50 Heavy wagon 51 Lighting device 52 Hcing (l.alm) 55 Body of walei- GRIN AND BEAR IT MARY WORTH By SAUNOERS AND ERNS1 BUT RMJSES ANP AT LAST THOUGHTFyuy LOCKS IT IN A PRAWER HIS PESK HE PROPS THE FLOWER IN THE WASTEBASKET FRANK HAS REACHEP HIS OFFICE STILL SMOULPERINS OVERANNES OUTBURST- ID FINP A IN HIS MAIL- AUP STARTS TO TEAR UP THE CARP IW JftMES CHILDHE5S PAIR aF SLACKS Read the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section "The rumor of surplus oil is spreading panic throughout our gas stations, gentlemen they're now wiping the customers' windshields."