Wednesday, October 30, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Text Content of Page 1 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Wednesday, October 30, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Occasional rnin "ighl, Thursday, l. tonight, mid fills. Hi) Thursday, low (ills. CITY FINAL 15 CENTS PlilvSS. UP1, NKVt YORK TIMICS Magrnder told cover-up trial Wednesday he volunteered to lake blame for Ihe b Watergate ISy Frank Nye Slide Sen. .Jim Schabcn would j reeoniineiid repeal of (lie law I requiring statewide voler-regis Iralion if cleclcd governor. In lold a news conference at (iagc .Memorial Union on (lie Coe col- lege campus Wednesday morn ing. the Sfhaben, ihe Democratic can didale for governor, said, "Re ans pushed through UK quarters but lhal the idea was slalewide regis rejected by White House aides. Magrudcr. former deputy j direclor of Richard Nixon's re-! election committee, said thatj one week after the June 17, 11172. breakin be met with former At- torney General Mitchell and of- fered to go to the U. S. attor- ney's office and say he bad au- I h o r i z e d Ihe political in- telligence plan that led lo Ihe burglary. Asked about Mitchell's reac- tion. Magruder said, "He didn't accept il or reject il. He said he would discuss it at the House." He said Mitchell told later "they had discussed il Ihe While House and had rcject- Sohaben said people in Iowa's counties are irritated having lo register and said. -I personally feel w( could do away wilh registra lion." "Waste of Time" Schaben declared. "Most peo pie can furnish the identifier lion" needed to establish their right to vole. He called registration waslo of lime and a wasle of of and said there hadn't boon any evidence of votei him: fraud in Iowa before it went into! e registration was j HKACII. Calif, i Nixon Cox and Julie i'losidciu Nixon is Eisenhower, who flew in 'on Ihe cri'ical list, although he 'from Iho East Coast shows improvemenl and, Nixon bis mi-rna' bleeding has with Ihe iparomly stopped, Ins ,atc Wednesday. !Tuesday night and then wcnl lo j His vita signs arc stable, lhc San said Dr. John Lungren, adding demonic, 50 miles south of that some ed sleep during the night. J President could have "undis- The lormor President is Nj jd penencing restlessness and oc-1 oasional nausea Lungren said, i A Wl" e "Ollsc h word that President Ford lie said anli coagulation was praying for Nixon but had made no plans lo visit the former President. Slight Fever Lungron said Nixon's pulse slight fever. He said Nixon was medication intra- NIXON SURGEONS Doctors Eldon Hickman, left, performed on former President Nixon. nd John Lungren discuss the opo they blood elot resulting (Continued: Page Col. 7.) od il because I was too close lo passed by the legislature Mr. Mitchell and Mr. II. R. effect in 11175 in DO of the! deman." counlics of the stale. "Nixon Pleased" j Over .Magruder also testified that; he was told that Nixon P r v ions legislature a law requiring regislra- nine in L lly Larry Tanner he group developing Ihe builds a stronger economy' Verhille also cited Ihe at Cedar Rapids variety of agrieul-lion of belter professional ser-ihad been receiving to" combal 'orp. announced ils intentions Tuesday night of moving is Cedar Rapids firm will be and manufactured prod- vices such as medical and den- Ihr ed on a 20-acre site on the north uels so we can weather Ihe ups care; lax revenue from Ihe blood clols. U'flgc of Ihe dcvoJopmcnl. downs of an uncertain ceo-; manufacturing properly and I required only 'said the area will be annexed lo nomic future. jobs and career orporiunilies' 'cities of 10.1100 or more and was! Thomas A. Parks, president of Ihe city and he asked the conn-: "There is a benefit lhal can- for people of potentially fatal Intensive Care Lungren said Nixon is receiv- particularly pleased" by his in counties of over forts to keep the truth fi'onijwhich include the other coming out. I Iowa. Magruder said he was lold! Prior lo Ihallcgislali thai by then While House was sol John Dean. Describing how he in chios under 10.000. iKwik-Way. parent company of cil to extend water and sewer nol be expressed in money. II a lalsc story to tell a grand jury-' Schaben said lhal when Pres-'codar Rapids lokr'hies into il. 'consists of people. Constructive f (i nn Aug. ]fi. nearly two Ford came lo Iowa iasijibv Marion council liie firm has Kinpluv who lake an inlcicsl in in'riosh-i'il' hnmk L'inv- months lo the day after the week, he recommended that Re- sold ils present facility al 802! Parks termed'Cedar community's growlh as well I I fn 5 "Specially breakin. Magrudor said Dean publicans gel out and vole. Iron- Seventeenth street and is Engineering as "Ihe largest lo-'as their own. so I lold him, "Our other defendanls eonlinuod. Republican Hooking for a place to relocate, TofNov "l lto were holding 1 would not legislators "jammed, passed! --Marion is our first choice (See Drawing on Page 2B) i Lcadu ship dale ol Nov. J. The council directed pnblica- Iherapy which triggered the bleeding that sent Nixon into shock for three hours Tuesday alter phlebitis .surgery had i been discontinued ami will not ralc had and llc had a be begun again "until we feel j safe that bleeding from surgery j I is not a danger." j Nixon received] d llnoc pints of blood during _ n- transfusions to counteract shock; T Cm bleeding, lie moie blood was bong held reserve. "There were no significant' bleeding problems encountered at the lime of surgery." be said. Lungren's remarks came in three-page written statement I Way to Peace He atlribnled Ibe internal K I r- n Mid-East DACCA, Bangladesh (AP) Secretary of Slate. Kissinger said Wednesday that the door to negotiations between Israel and Arabs still appears to be open and he will probably visit the Middle East laic next week ing intravenous antibiotics and of intention assess Ihe prospecls. "That decision will be r a i n e d critical have to worry false slorv." about lolling Lungren and pushed consistently to niake'hc said it more diflicull for people loj The promised buildinu would 'Ihe other defendanls by requiring statewide I i I <h r A--, to by Magruder were the seven'jstration and now 'obvioush-duslrhl dowlormoni men who would be indicted a it's backfirin" on them month laler for their roles in the: i !vhld! HrcomniiMH to Ihe pnvali? nirnnrt on Kill. V million. Magruder said Dean told him: Pressed whether ho would ,hP, C nually to bi how pleased everyone at Ihoirecommcml repeal of statewide- and 'SOuUl of said. White House and the Nixonjrcgi.slration, Schaben said he 1 Cedar Rapids Engineering: p. i campaign committee wercifavorod that and he Hapids Engineering of- mannfaclures Kwik-Wav about his efforts to suppress thciwould trv 10 eliminate il in l'ianl tools which are involved! 11 I.... .....i j...........11 n...... I No Tax Aluney "All emergency resuscitation "People who will serve on cally-owned manufacturing boards, councils and The council also referred Iho equipment for any contingency cilily in Ihe Cedar Rapids- clubs: who coach baseball Industrial Eslalos lo are at his bedside. Marion area. teach Sunday school. We get planning and zoning conn "Ho is being monitored as any truth about Watergate. "He mentioned the President smallest counties of Ihe stale lo" llH- automotive service mar- Schaben slarled his is also Parks gave the council nds was particularly pleased." Ma- In gruck'r said. "Fire in I-'ireplaer" Magruder. Ihe third prosecu- tion witness, described how Mit- chell and other high-level ol- licials first learned of the abort- ed breakin and said steps were taken quickly to destroy polcn- tially incriminating files and in devise a credible explanation fired for the money used for political intelligence. Magruder quoted Mitchell telling him at a meeting on June 19. that "I should have a fire in my fireplace" lo take can.' of wiretap informa- tion on the Dcmocrals. "Did you. in fact, have a lire in ynur fireplace lhal I'vening." 'd'ir at Ihe 1'MC (Continued: Pane Col. 4.1 Iowa Manufacturing Co. has'bricf slide in Ibe next, 72 Kissinger lold newsmen as be Hew from India to Bangladesh. "Slep-by-Step" Kissinger's spokesman, erl Anderson, issued a .saying that ihe Arab sum- mil conference which ended in Rabat Tuesday has not changed Joe Painter, citv manager.: wring of heart activity and American position that lold The Caxcltc issuance of tests as constant monitoring jn- rovonue bonds will nol blood volume dolorminalion. helwecn J.M'dan" and tax money. "Premature" Israel on Ihe West. Bank, offered Tlln lii-m u'ill t-nll hpnrk- me statement aimed, "At tins: Kii'ait.M oopo o, succeeding lime il would be prcmalnro loi'al Ihe present lime." "Ihe tardily will employ use of their leadership and leg- mission for review and recom-: patient in critical condition, anil made and iissume the liability for, .payment. The city.will have no in he I no iS The creatiun of an ind.'pendenl simply means the firm will be j (l[ (nf Ihe dilate, 'using abili lo contract nor- guerilla leaders of Ihe Palestine Liberation Organisation bead- ing Ibe government. S API Wednesday. Ihe government an-; ..._....... prosonlation concern-! ITS I jpui-chascd the present plant. ing Kwik-Way products. ItTlSOH Roberl Verhille. president of -Wc expect to draw our labor! "jforce from the Cedar Rapids-j THE HACUK (fl'll Marion area and Ihe smaller Dulch government .sol up a las.k communities nearhv, such as force Wotlnesdav lo oonsidor Ihe Anamosa ami ho demands of four rebel corn-ids freshened blood "I tbo country in a'' Ahnnm Yariv said In announcing plans for for Mi hostages held in (lf An lh< b induslrial area and Ihe location a small prison chapel. would bo Iw-ilcd in front with of Cedar Rapids Engineering on The four armed ,-onvicls. led behind excessive the site, Verhille said: I'V An.b ad not gone far enough. Some. ..Tllm, is Ahmad Nnri. demanded a gela- wore discussed. roups have demanded his res- in the form of men and women way plane Tuesday nighl to lake, President Opposition factions said hei! ignation. saying he has changed work at jobs that would nol bul nol policies. The corps commanders Thicu! nouncod. was apparently Irving lo quiet critics ill the I'.S. and blunt Iho effect of a series of! fired are all lieutenants general, e he (I ill ed anti-government ;They were given lesser jobs as 'demonstrations in Saigon. ,c o m m a n d e rs of Shortly alter Iho announce-1 schools. mom. opposition religions and The onlv corps commander asked assistant special prosecu- onstralinn near Tan Son Nhut I.I. Coll. Ngo Quang TriiongJrosi airb.-iso outside Saigon. Il was'who commands Ilie northern.The be here without manufacturing. training 1 Wine Volner "Yes. I did." Magrudor n plied. "The next nvi'iiing I lold Mr Milohell 1 had deslroyoi file." Magnidei Stocks Fly High Again NEW YORK I AIM Slocks s.harnly aeain Wednesday. p.m. Dow Jones up at (lainers outnumbered Inters :i-l on Iho Xow York Stock Kxcbango. (bo destination of our at Ihe time of our choice." They asked Wednesday for news ropurls on their prison takeover and on Ihe Middle East and the government consented. 'Dutch officials have nol ro- .-.ponded lo Iho prisoners' de- mands for a getaway plane. The prisoners also asked fur a jailed Dutch lellisl In in- sped Iheir oseape route lo 32 Killed in Plane Crash lul and police made no of- Firsl foil lo break il up. in a pn' The birds, mnslly Mai are flocking to the piu of Km! Campbell. K Iho Milan anm planl in Tonni'ss MOOS autumns army I" the linis A 1 million blackbird Totfff Tin Ille uon] 0', 01 i that s or operations on Ihe vascular syslem. The veinous. or vein system, is particularly sensitive I o manipulalion surgically. N i x o n had a major vein oliimpi'd mostly shut. Nixon's wife. Pal, was EDMONTON, Alia. (API after Iho surgery. A Canadian oil company aide described her crasiiod through Arctic and trying to Wednesday and .'12 of the .'M1 herself up during these p abaard killed. limes." Mr--., laler joinei iv MN'HI'S longliino persona .ocrolary. liose Mary Woods. ,nd tin1 Iw tbo town clerk, Terrv Uiigei.- aid UK- bink must "We quite a in o i n and dou hundreds of Ihoiisands in dol lars' he sanl. ox plaining Ilia' Iheir rips lake ihem square mile area. K-iituol.y (-SIMM. Iiia' i posl Millcrcd a in p, 'JO peii-oni M'oii bints. said Iie sain Ihr i III] oil! the Iho bints In'm by lirillj, loud boon iinsiio-'e-' lie Minister goveni- jmeiil would nol hand over Ihe lerrilory In Ihe guerillas. A senior American official said Kissinger .still has hopes of salvaging Ihe step-hy-stcp ap- proach, but he described Ihe sit- uation as "a minefield." No Plans The ollicial also said Kis- singer has no plans to meet wilh Arafat, the head of Iho f Kissinger goes lo the Kasl, ho will visit Israel. Jordan, Syria ibabl.v Saudi Arabia, the olticial added Kissinger came lo hungry a f I e r promising India upward oi a million Ions trom the phlciiih.. in loll I lie like clip blood lo bul impedes the mom ul lifo-lhroalouing ol ill-- beari and In Memphis, Teal!