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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette October 18, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Oct. 18. 1874 UPI Wirephoto Vice-Presidential-Designate Nelson Rockefeller and his wife, Happy, are shown attending a GOP dinner last month. Happy underwent a modified radical mastectomy Thursday after she discovered three lumps in her left breast which proved to be cancerous. The surgery differed from Betty Ford s in that Mrs. Rockefeller's chest muscles were left intact. Doctors said no evidence of cancer was found in her lymph nodes. Society for Women Features Bishops’ Vote Mony Couples Fear Counselor Says Women Must Wait By Alfonso ( hardy OAXTEBET, Mexico <AP) — Bishops of the Episcopal Church say they support the principle of ordaining female priests. A vote on the issue stipulated, however, that such ordinations must wait until Church law is chanced. At their annual conference, the bishops rejected a bid to hold a special meeting next year on ordaining women but approved the subject for the agenda of the next general convention The Church’s policy-making body. comprising laymen and clergy, next meets at Minneapolis in 1978 It would have to approve a change in Church law. It narrowly rejected a pro|M»sal last year for accepting women priests Thursday's vote in the house of bishops was 97 to .15 with six abstentions. It reaffirmed a position the bishops took at their last conference in 1972 to recommend ordaining women to the general convention About 1541 of the Church s 2241 bishops attended this year's conference at this resort 441 miles south of Mexico City. Controversy on the issue was fueled in July when four Episcopal bishops defied Church canon and ordained a*, priests ll women deacon* in Philadelphia The ordinations were overruled in August Former    Pennsylvania Bishop Robert Dewitt, who took part in the Philadelphia ordinations, expressed “terrible disappointment’' at the outcome of Thursday’s vote He said in an interview the Church was still “ton preoe-cupied with its own rules rather than with issues However. Bishop Jose Antonio Kamos of Costa Rica. another of the Philadelphia ordination bishops, said the Church is “beginning to recognize the question ” He said he is pleased that the bishops ‘affirmed their Mief that women can bt* priests During the debate. Bishop Stanley Atkins, of Eau Claire. Win., urged the bishops “not to make this great breat h in tradition only because the ladies can’t wait.” He said that since God presented Himself in the image of a male and Christ's apostles were men “thus priests must Im* male But Bishop Kilmer Meyers ut San Francisco, countered, • I have concluded that the ordination of women will enrich our Church with the liberation of humanity SOOTHING SOAK A baking soda foot-soak softens as it cleans Use one at the end of the day to ease* away tensions and prespir** EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is the last in a series of three articles written in con/unction with this week s Family Project week activities The project, including a series of programs to focus the community^ attention on the family, is sponsored by a coordinated group of church people and people from various local service agencies. By Ken Terne family Service Aqency Many couples fear going to a marriage counselor They believe that it s a sign that their marriage is failing and about to break up Though this is a false stigma, it keeps many couples from seeking help Marriage counseling is a preventive educational process that provides enrichment and growth for a couple. A marriage is to the family the same as a foundation is to a building As a marriage becomes shaky the vibration can bt* felt through the entire family When silent periods become longer, when contradictions over child care become sharp and more frequent, or when one mate spends an unusual amount of time with work or hobbies, it may Im* time to prevent a dissolution of marriage Prevention is given a high priority in the areas of physical health, juvenile* delinquency, and even in the care of the family automobile and other property Marital Maturity Couples who give the marital relationship comparable recognition by seeking help at the earliest signs of discord discover new awareness of marital maturity. Reconciliation is still possible, but more difficult, when such problems as verbal abuse, an extra marital affair, or separations have occurred What happens in counseling0 Every counselor has a style of working Problem Is Communication Communication is often identified as a major family problem But what d<K*s this mead? Some say. “lf I have to tell my spouse what I desire, forget it. If real love exists, he (or she) would know what I want.” This is a muth that causes many marital conflicts It s very “all-knowing" for one mate to believe it is possible to know all the other mate’s desires or displeasures It is true, however, that if one listens and looks for the clues tM*ing given, many opportunities for giving consideration can bi* discovered Maybe this is why we have two eyes and two ears and only one mouth It is as important to communicate “what, how and when" you want as a receiver, as it is to be a giver. Helping couples learn to have fair fights rather than dirty fights is part of the educational process This means that each mate is asked to identify a “low blow ” This is a statement or phrase* that really hurts At least then, each mate would know one way how to avoid hurting the other. As a couple develops more effective ways of communicating their feelings, values and attitudes between themselves, they will also become better teachers of family life education to their children What does counseling cost0 Most social agencies in Linn county charge a fee based on a sliding scale according to gross income, number iii the family and special circumstances Militant Housewife Starts Group BOI LDKR. ( nill. (UMI -Hilma Skinner, mother of three, would rather bake apple crisps than burn her bra She s a militant housewife and proud of it. She is working to organize an anti women's lib grout) in (’olorado (ailed Happiness of Womanhood (HOW) “They want to undermine the family by teaching housewives that there is something wrong with you if you don't get out into the working world, she said of women's libbers The former part-time door-to-door cosmetic* saleswoman says housewives are becoming disturbed wifh the message “They are like lionesses." she said “You disturb a lioness iii her den and she will fight back Housewives are being forced out of the home and they are going to fight to stay home where they fs*-long." Advertisement The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. Mrs Skinner said she isn t opposed to women working. She did object, however, to attempts to erase the image of the feminine girl and the motherly housewife “They don t want to show the mother at home cleaning and baking, but we do,” said Mrs Skinner “We don’t want girls to grow up with the idea that there is something wrong with staying home and doing those things " Mrs Skinner said a working mother cannot do justice to both her job and the task of being a mother Mrs Skinner said one of her major efforts is opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment • serin tnt LOSE FAT OR MONET RACK I -**»■ , id j ) or mort pound* nj *•*(*•*■, ,l.i* *iihuut noshing a meal vt ah (hi- I'i iti th.it (un help \<m *lmi down The X ll Hulut mn i*tan coni anis ,t tins table! Oilily swallowed Oi»jI i mil tune* inKredu-ni- to tonihut huriKer appeal* appetite supplement vita min* No *tTenuous even i*e Ou i rn million ut X II tablet* used ult o\ei Vioerwa Cotnpanv founded ut wn X ll Media HIK Ran <u*ts Vt i,irj<« economy *i/e IS (ie! X Ii now Youi money refunded by maiiul.e tutti ii you don I lose tho*** pound* no que* milt* asked    mu#t    s(ortfg Bridge W est Side dub Howell movement winners in the game played Thursday at WeltvWay were Mrs R VV \ ater and Mrs Nate Frink, first, and (ins Schrader and Nick Ll 11 ids. second The next game will Im* played Sunday at a Kl at Welty-Way < ollins ( tub Howell movement winners of the duplicate game played Thursday at ( ollins were Tom Pearson and Jack Murphy. first, and Ray Reason and Cliff Billington, second I rooking for a house painter0 I < heck today’s classified ads • HAND • PACKED Fresh Fruit Buckets For Any Occasion. Gift cella wrapped A a Cheery lev Always Free Delivery ti Either Hospital DAU S FRUIT MARKET 3331 CMtw FL RI NE •    SWIM    A Pp*" 9 tm 6 . J Do,, W Mrs. Rockefeller Prefers Quiet Family Life to Public Spotlight By Ann Blackman W ASHINGTON (AP) - The secrecy that surrounded Happy Rockefeller's breast cancer operation is typical of the woman. She likes her privacy . While appearing perfectly at home on a reception line or sipping champagne, Mrs. Rockefeller is known to prefer the intimacy of a quiet family life to the public spotlight. “The operation was a very close-kept secret in keeping with Mrs. Rockefeller’s desire for privacy." said the Rockefeller family spokesman. George Tay lor Tempered Reaction When President Ford asked Nelson A Rockefeller last August to accept the vicepresidential nomination. Mrs Rockefeller said at the time. “As a concerned citizen. I’m thrilled." But observers suspected she might have felt differently. Margaret ta Fitler Murphy Rockefeller, known by her childhood nickname of “Happy", is a hoalthy-looking. athletic woman of 48 who likes to ride. sail and play golf. When reporters tried to stay close to the* Rockefellers this summer at their picturesque Seal Harbor. Maine, vacation spot, the couple often escaped for hours at a time on one of the family’s two sailboats. Mrs. Rockefeller was concerned how her husband’s new job would affect their two young sons. Nelson, jr.. ll), and Mark. 7. One afternoon last summer when Nelson, jr.. was playing in a tennis tournament, hts mother turned down an invitation to dinner at the White House to watch him play. "It’s important for her to keep the family together." said Washington hostess and close friend, loan Braden “During all this excitement. she wants to provide security for the kids, letting them know this won t change their whole life.” Reportedly fearing kidnaping, she also has forbidden news photographers to take pictures of the children. Mrs. Rockefeller was horn June 9, 1928. in Bryn Mawr. Pa., to a prominent and wealthy Philadelphia family. She is descended from families whose members have played significant roles in founding many institutions in the country, including Princeton university She graduated from the fashionable Shipley school for girls near the end of World war ii and served as a volunteer hospital worker and driver for the American Women’s Volunteer Service in Philadelphia Four years later she married Dr. James Slater Murphy, who has a research job at the Rockefeller Institute They had four children but were divorced after 14 years of marriage Marries Rockefeller In May, 1981. she signed away custody of her four children and married Rockefeller. who had divorced his wife of 31 years Later. Mrs. Rockefeller lost a bitter custody battle, but won visitation rights to her son and three daughters. Today — with a First Lady in the White House who was divorced and a President whose parents were divorced — the issue may seem remote. But at the time, it was a tremendous scandal, and Mrs Rockefeller was subject to much public abuse “She s a warm, sensitive and unpretentious woman,” said a close family friend. “But there’s no doubt about it. She doesn't want to live in a fishbowl And if she has to. my bet is she ll retain some privacy " Bream Proves Virtuosity that is unique; therefore, a generalization is difficult. During the first interview, most counselors will help the clients become comfortable by a questioning and listening process that finds out what problems caused them to come to the agency and what they hope to get from counseling. Counselors rarely give advice, but instead suggest and help to find new ways of solving old problems. By Ires Zachies The music of another age was heard for a solid hour Thursday evening in Handier auditorium in Iowa City, as Julian Bream, the world’s leading performer on the lute, brought out this virtually extinct instrument and exploited its possibilities. Bream has almost two dozen records to his credit on this interesting and intimate instrument Renaissance For the first concert. Bream self to the lute the Renaissance, the instrument popularity, The very soft and hushed to catch lion of the music half of the confined him-and music of a time when knew great sound was the audience every inflee- melodies to haunting and lyrical love songs The high point of the evening was Bream’s tender stroking out of Lindoro’s great aria. “Languir per una bellu" from Italiana in Algieri. The work was enthusiastically applauded by the Buncher audience. The closing number. “Homenage pour Ie Tombeau de Debussy" (Homage for the tomb of Debussy) by DeFalla. was a dark and moody number Bream played it with effective use of contrasting tones and occasional angry chord bursts. The man is a gifted and sensitive artist, equally at home on both the lute and guitar High Point After intermission. Bream played the classical guitar He quickly demonstrated his virtuosity on this    instrument with a stunning    display of finger and fret work on the J S. Bach “Chaconne” from the Partita No. 2 in D minor. But the greatest    applause was reserved for    the following number, a remarkable |M»t-jHiurri of aria and themes entitled “Ire Rossimane" This was scored for    guitar by Mauro Giuliani,    un Italian guitar virtuoso and contemporary of Rossini The completely captivating work boasted variety from    brisk martial London Post Office Appeals for Mail Halt LONDON (UPI) - The post office appealed Friday for a halt to letters and parcels mailed in two of central London's busiest postal districts It said a backlog of two million pieces of mail had piled up in the two west central districts because of an overtime ban by sorters and other post office worker* CALENDAR OF Kl N CLI B ( ELEBRAIES DI YEARS Calendar of Fun club members celebrated the club’s KKh anniversary Tuesday evening with a dinner at the Sirloin ‘n’ Brew restaurant Mrs Melvin Cooley is president of the Marion club ORAL DISEASES Oral discases are as old as man Evidence of decay of the teeth and periodontal disease has been found in the most ancient of human skulls ON THIS DATE in 1540. the Spanish explorer. Hernando de Soto, was fighting Indians in southern Alabama Af* Al lr PDhotf) Evening Ensemble A model shows on Emilio Pucci evening ensemble including a black silk jersey skirt and print silk twill blouse in pink and brown. Spring and summer fashions were shown in Florence, Italy, this week. Tour of Homes Set in Wellman The first annual tour of homes in Wellman, sponsored by the Business Woman's club, will be Sunday from I to 5. Proceeds from the tour will be used for a community project. Homes included in the tour are those of: Gunther Christiansen, 415 Sixth avenue; Stanley Eash. SOO Circle drive; Harry Wenger. 14411 Hilltop court, and Mrs. Delmar Y«kI-er, Fairview drive in the Maplewood Park addition. Also open for tour will be the recent addition to the Shenk nursing home Tickets are ll and may be purchased at the Town and Country (lift shop. the Sewing Center and Lewis’ department store or at any of the homes the day of the tour By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I am being married soon My fiance’s favorite brother, who was asked to Im* our hest man. has just undergone hts third operation He will be out of the hospital in time for our wedding, hut hell Im* in a wheelchair for several months My fiance insists that his brother he in the wedding party, wheelchair or no wheelchair Abby, there will bi* over 51)41 people at the wedding and reception. I’m having a professional photographer take pictures of the whole thing, even movies, and I just know that wheelchair will ruin everything. Imagine, the hest man going down the aisle in a wheelchair! I’m afraid people will laugh Please don’t get me wrong. Abby. I    love    my future brother-in-law and am sorry for    what    he’s    had to    go through, hut I think someone else    should take    hts place    a* best    man    Ani    I wrong    for wanting everything to be perfect? PHOENIX BRIDE DEAR BRIDE: lf by "per feet’’ you mean appearances over the feelings of your flan ce and his favorite brother, you are indeed wrong. A best man in a wheelchair (or not. for that matter, any member of the wedding in a wheelchair) is not unique in the annals of wedding ceremonies. And ifs not apt to be laughed at. WWW DEAR ABBY: I’m a 13-year-old girl. I’m writing this for my brother (he’s 12) and myself because we both have the same problem. It s our father. He refuses to take a vacation. Dad says he can’t spare the time. He’s in the insurance business and he makes a good living, hut what go<Ki is the money if he works himself to death? Mom is a housewife We live in a nice home in the suburbs, have two ears, nice clothes and my brother and I go to a g(M»d camp in the summers Mom and Dad haven't had a vacation together since they’ve been married. Other families take a vacation every year. All our Dad knows is work Is there some way we can get him to take a vacation0 MILWAUKEE KIDS DEAR KIDS: You might tell Dad that because yon love him von want him to live a long time. so he’d better take care of his health. Being in the insurance business he knows that all work and no play may make a lot of jack, hut it also makes Jack a poor insurance risk. WWW Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069 love is • . . not hitting to her backhand too often. *** U ■» **» Q*<    » •*tt bf I,, b**,1#, I r*#« KREBS Flower Shop 2424 I SHI Stract EW 363.20*1 ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

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Issue Date: October 18, 1974