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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette September 26, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 26, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Dog Tired Mackinac islanders and other interested parties are raising funds to preserve and restore the Hound island lighthouse near Mackinac island The* lighthouse was recently declared an official historical site by the federal government. The groups nt*ed S70.IHHI to repair damage by waves and ice over the* years. The structure was built in 1895 and closed in 1947. One of the more humorous scenes in the national campers and hikers parade in Marseilles, 111., recently was when two youths were forced to carry their bassett hound after his short legs got tired during the one and a half-mile walk Needs To Be Repaired UPI Telephoto UPI Telephoto Today's High Food Costs Have Pulled Shoppers Together By Erma Hornbeck I bought $52.34 worth of groceries the other day and the carryout boy asked. “Did you want help with this or are you going to eat it here?" “Things aren’t that bad yet." I snapped and as he shifted impatiently from one foot to the other while I fumbled for my car keys he said. “Where do you wan»'em?"“I have some other errands," I said, “Just put them in food i> getting pre!tv absurd VS h\ I < an rememtier when my station wagon runneth over with $52 34 worth of groceries iii it To- | day. I can’t afford help for my hamburger *Better Shoppers How have the high prices affected consumers? For one thing it has made them bombeck better shoppers Face it, a lot of mothers I know used to shove a banana and a box of cereal through the bars of the baby b<*d at night and sleep in the next morning But at 85 cent* a box, we want to know what the cereal can do I spent the better part of an hour in the cereal aisle the other day trying to find the all-purpose cereal. The manager came by and said, “i/ook. here s a great all-around cereal It s crunchy, sounds like World war III when you (lour milk over it, fills you up, not out, gives you energy, provides a midday snack, makes you grow strong, solves your irregularity problems, offers you natural vitamins, tastes like hickory nuts, and has a Yo-Yo that glows in the dark ” “Yes." I said suspiciously. “But will it patch the driveway and take puppy stains off the carpet?"Consumer Crunch Another thing the consumer crunch has dom* is to pull shoppers together Every week, the same people gather at the supermarket where we share a common crisis Sorta like the Poseidon Adventure I ve made friends like Luis, who does her shopping for the week and can still get in the express line And Mrs. Brettock, who was chec king out her food one day when the store was nibbed and she didn t know the difference And Marty, a young mother who is going to use* her Christmas savings and buy five pounds of sugar And proud Stephanie who puts plastic fruit in her refrigerator and pretends she s rich But mostly, the inflated prices have brought about an appreciation by the family for the simple things of life The other day as I drove in from the* supermarket, the family ail danced around the car fighting to see who opened the glove compartment first Everyone but the dog lb s been eating out since* last May (CoovrivM 19/4 F i*t«J f    |m    > Unhappy Genetic photo bv L W Word Washington high school students Wednesday began circulating petitions protesting the construction of a softball diamond in the school's front lawn. After school, students gathered near the* area where the backstop was going up. School officials say the additional diamond is needl'd for girls’ softball team use in the spring and summer, while students say they want to preserve the beauty of the front lawn AP WirephotoPrehistoric Monster? It looks like something from prehistoric times, but it’s only Nickerby, a friendly Jackson's chameleon from Kenya. Nickerby is the pet of David Lee, IO, of Santa Barbara. Calif Nickerby. a foot long, got loose recently and wandered about Santa Barbara streets, frightening a few people before he was returned home UPI TelephotoModified David Brown, fl, Indianapolis, doesn't let missing nt teeth stop him from brushing He bridged the ) by modifying his toothbrush to fit the situation. 1975 Omega The Oldsmobile Omega coupe is one of six models available for 1975 All Omegas have recieved extensive body and chassis changes for improved appearance, passenger comfort and ride characteristics. The Cedar Rapids area Oldsmobile dealer is Allen Motor Co., 1015-25 First avenue SF, ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: September 26, 1974