Tuesday, September 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 5

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Text Content of Page 5 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Tuesday, September 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Chanco of rain Tuesday night from eastern New Mexico, and the western parts of Texas across Oklahoma and Missouri into iho Tcnncsscn Valley and -parts of the south At- lantic states. Mostly -fair elsewhere. The Weather IcmiJCr.ilurc-i Monday, le ion: Dvei i till I pern Anchorage -1? .53 L Angeles 90 44 Atlanta ...74 52 Miami ....31 78 Bismarck ..7042 Min'apolis 6249 Chicago ...56 51 N. Orleans 70 63 Denver ...MM New York 61 43 Dululh ....5539 Phoenix .9472 Honolulu 92 76 ,03 Seattle- .-61 57 Houston ..72 <0 Washington 63 45 Extended Forecast Chance o[ rain Thursday through Satur- day. Lows hi the upper 40s and low 50s. Highs, 70s north to 80s in south. C. R. Weather High Monday Low overnight Noon Tuesday 65 2 p.m Precipitation Northbi'ook lane NE; "William Pierrot, 7200 Council street NE; If p'e-1 Fait, 121] Wiley boulev.'ird NW; Ronald Bingh- am, South sixth street, Marion; Ronald 805 South Fifth street, Marion; cacti fined S30 and costs. Ar- Icno Miner, Monticcllo; Larry LoveJctl, M36 Bevcr avenue SE; David Frederick, 815 Sev- enth .street South, Marion; Clif- ford Williams, Iowa City; each fined S20 and costs. Failure lo stop Duanc fin'vl eo.sts. Faulty uciuipmcnt L i n d c m a n Swishcr; Carles Long, Swishcr, two charges; Pmila TajttRart, Ellis .52 G7 None Total for September 1.02 Normal for September 3.97 Normal through September 27.12 Total for 1974 38.115 Barometer, Tailing 30.13 Humidity at noon 52% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. at 16 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, sun sets, Year Ago Today High, 81; low, 50; rainfall, 0.98. Traveler's Forecast Wednesday Weulhcr III-Lci Bismarck Fair rit'vc-land Tics Moinos Di'tniil Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha St. Louis Sioux Falls .Cloudy fili-iiO Fair 71-17 .rtCidy Fair 77-51 .PtCldy (in-Ill Clear 7'1-iiO .PtClriy 7M8 .rtCldy Fair 83-45 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) I.aCrossp (12) 4.7, no change Lansinc (18) 7.7. rise .1 Dam i) (18) 12.2, no chanfip McGi-ORor C.O. rise .1 Oiillnnbci-K (IS) 3.7, fall .1 Pll'Mlqu'- (17) nn Davenport (15) 3.5, fall .3 Kcokuk (18) 2.11, fall boulevard 'NW; Frank Smith, route one, Marion; each fined and Overtime parking David Hank, 318 Center Point road NE; fined and costs. Driviiifi; without lights George David, ir., 2440 Tenth :d and Ovi-nvrifflit Oscar Anthes. Springville; fined S1S4.90 and an officer Carl- Carlson, Gordon ave- nue NW; William Kress, 710 Ninth street SW; each fined and costs. Traffic signal violation Hugh Strong, Lament; Michael Unerll. 3425 Third avenue SE; Linda McDanicI, 1G20 B avenue NW; each fined 915 and costs. -148 Tv.'cnty- Kuvenlh street, Marion; fined and costs, Vehicle: control violation Kristin Hi.uby. 2102 Eighteenth street SW; Jo Ann Hamilton. 2214 J .street SW; cnch fined Health Unit ay Bills Are Paid Linn county has changed the manner of processing expenses of Ihe county health center after receiving an attorney general's opinion that indicated there was no authority for the procedure previously in effect. Officials say that for most, if] church "'of Nazarcne Shirley A. Sturgill Clayton Craig A. (Shorty) Kamsdell, Shirley A. Stui'ijill, wife of I'Yanbrook terrace Deihert and -n died Monday. Born Aug. resident of Cedar Rapids, al Tama, he was mar- ier infant son, Craig A., to Kditii Vajnar Aug. 25 Sept. 18 in West Germany alKort Atkinson. owing childbirth was a member of SI Her father, the Rev. Catholic church, the C. Whillatch of DCS Moines Catholic Order of P'oresl- and 1BEW local 1362. lie district superintendent of a retired employe of Collint Church of the Nazarene in Co. A native of Waterloo in addition to his Sturgill lived in Cedar arc two sons, Eugene and Council Bluffs before City; and Robert, Cedar iny to West Germany with seven grandchildren and a sister, Wanita Palmer lusband who is stationed with the U.S. St. Jude's church She was a graduate of Jefferson high school in Cedar at 10 a.m. by the Rev Richard Ainenl. Burial: Ml and attended Olivet college in Kankakee, 111. cemetery. Vigil Prayei service Wednesday at p.m was a member of the the Tcahen chapel where Church of the Nazarenc in may call from 2 to S cil Wednesday. Surviving in addition to lusband are a son, Darin R. Haney ier parents, the Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Whillatch of West Des Moines; a brother, Craig Whit-latch of Des Moines; her R. Haney, 83, a lormei 3edar Rapids resident, died ir Florida Monday following i nal grandparents, Mr. and illness. J.A. Whillatch of West Sept. 7, 1891, at Dows, he Moines; and her married to Ethel K. Mall a grandparents, Mr. and Plains. He was a sale R. II. Trosen of for C r e s c e n Services will be al 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Weslover funeral home in DCS Moines, with burial at Resthavcn Co. prior to retirement Mr. Haney was a member o the Mizpah Masonic lodge am El Kahir Shrine. The family suggests are his wife, Elhc" friends may, if they wish, Foil Myers, Fla.; a son, Jac tribute io a memorial Cedar Rapids, and tw established with the Iowa nut ail, of the nearly seven years of (he center's existence, claims were approved by the center board and paid by the county auditor. An attorney general's opinion received Friday said no authori- ty could be found giving a board Enrollment At U. of I. Up 743 Students stantial increase in enrollment lor Saturday and evening classes and with slight increases in most other enrollments, the University of Iowa Monday re- ported a fall enrollment of IOWA CITY a sub- Cellar Kuplds Gagctlr: Tiirs., Sept. 24, 1971 Jury Selection Finished In Nowlin Murder Trial By Tom I'Vuchling MASON CITY A two- woman, leu-man jury was se- lected late Tuesday morning to try the case of George Nowlin, who is charged with the murder of Maureen Connolly of Cedar Hapids. innocence of their client, a ver- dict of innocence musl be rc- lurncd. Questioned Individually As was the case in the Servey murder trial, each prospective juror was questioned individu- Thc body of Miss Connolly. 17, Sally "Y defense in a sepa- 271 students in residence, up 743 was rounj ivvo miles east of'ra'c court room out of hear- from last fall, according loJAnamosa March 16, six days inK olncr prospective jury Dean of Admissions and Kec-1 after her shooting death. members as lo knowledge of grandchildren. Services: Harvey funeral memory of Mrs. Sturgill alf Forl_ Myers, with crc- her soli. The memorials may be sent to the district treasurer, D. A. Diehl, 1542 Eighteenth street, DCS Moines. Carpenter Infant Michael David Carpenter, in- fant son of Mr. and Mrs. John of supervisors power to delegatejL. Carpenter, died at birth authority for approval of health (Tuesday in a Cedar Rapids hos- center claims. The opinion was in response to a question from Ihe heallh center posed by Rep. James Wells (D-C.R.) concerning the auditor's authority with respect to budget matters and to claims approved by the health center board. As a result of the opinion the heallh ccnlcr board Mcndaj began a procedure in which Ilia board screens the claims for ap- proval by the board of super- visors before they are forward- ed lo the auditor. pital. Surviving in addition to his parents are Ihe grandparents Mrs. William Freeman, Califor nia, Ray Dove of Mississipp and Mr. and Mrs. John R. Car pcnlcr of Cedar Rapids. Private services were held in Turner chapel cast wilh a ere mation committal. The opinion declares that the and costs. improper turn Hope West, ;ialc code provides that the "nd mstiVCnUC NW; auditor "shall (not may) issue monies pursuant to the di- Iteektc.ss drivhiR' Raymond Fritz. MI7 Ellis boulevard NW; fined and costs. Iiisht-of-way violation .Terry Lmvrcncc, Seven- teenth street SE; fined nnd cost's. Mary Forsylh. First avenue NW: fined and eosis. Iowa Deaths reclion of Ihe county board of supervisors.' m Law Cedar nl C.It. (13) li.O, rise .09 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday Births St. ijii-o' A. A. Welt, 87. 2 a! Henree fiiwii Oily Tuesdav at (Gay's, Visitation at 0 Wcdncs- [dav. Burial: Oakland cemetery. Memorial fund established. Sept. 22 Mr. nnd Clarence CopporU. Sxvisl son. Tama Mrs. Leonard Jant- zen. 37. Wednesday at at Mrs. Harrison's. Burial: Sheridan CT, a! eemelery. Decoi'ah Odin G. Nelson. of Robert Central n son: Itnudall .lacobson, 503" Kcsler road NW, a daughter; Kick Miller. Thirty-fifth street, Marion, a son; John Terry. 112-1 Sixth street NW. n son: Koherl Armstrong, (ilfi Fourth avenue SE. a son; .lei'ald Short. Hiawatha, a son; Lylr Jensen, 32! Nineteenth street SE. a daughter; Waller Sackett. Todrh-ille txpianaTion c L n Set in O.K. An explanation of lhc stale's new public employe collective bargaining law has been sche- duled Thursday night. Mayor Don Canncy said Tuesday. A meeting, open to the public, will be held from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Thursday at Ihe Joint County school system office. The meeting will be conducted by representatives of the Iowa Slale university extension ser- vice, who have recently re- searched lhc new law. City employes have council to explain the Idinirh. White's, Independence. lnew '''11. Canncy said lhc 1SU Sept. To Ihe families! SS. Wednesday at 1 at First Lu- Ihenin church. Ktcine's. Deeorah _ Myrtle Christen, Lcdnian, 7-i. Thursday al HI :il Ho I y Trini'y Calhnlic r-hiiri'h. Ricll- Buri re'nelcry. T retevsoim's. (Continued from Page 1.) Ihcrc was even disagreement a; lo whether it was a man or a woman. The suspect reporledlj was about 30 years old, will: bleached blond hair and wear ing oval-framed sun glasses The getaway car, old and white ivas abandoned several from lhc Mechem's home. Jacket in Car Mcchem was informed of the car's location by an anonymous plpphnnp. call. Inside Ihe car ,vere Allison's blue jacket and a rate, but ils contents were not Mcchem, 41, also has two other children. Taft Broadcasting, owned by of Sen. Robert Taft (R- Ohio) operates six television stations and several radio Eta- ions. The company also owns two amusement parks. rev Si-pi. To the families of Michael Cnnvlcy, 723 Eighth avenue. Marinn. a daiiRhter; Donald SUalsky. Norway, n son. MarriflT.'! Lir.ensss Noi-a Ilailev and Donald .Ian-' Kidnaper Says Boy Didn't Have "Good Mother" RUTHERFORD, N. J. (AP) A 7-year-old boy was taken from a school playground here, ap- iviaencr, en, .loiici. in.. f parenlly by a neighbor who Independence resident. "K Pinion, nol ,l.s a a ____t......i <t ..i I rocnnnco tn it _ ____ Independence Laura meeting was planned in Warder, B8, Jolict, III., a former ;id- nesday ,-H 2 al White's. response to it. Independence Albert] lie added thai the informalion navis. 23. Sbadradi Thursday meet- ing will be more complele and RO me said An FBI spokesman identified cllilfl "S Gcorgc jr.. both of Cedar Kapids.j viller. Hi. Wednesday al JO at could provide. !Wh" MUKicA Patricia I'.rasel and William, s both of Marinn.j -------------------._ Sak Cedar Rapids F-arbara Austin and Orlando liiitli MI' Ml. Vermin. Sherry Cedar Hapiris, and 'Mark Haynes. Center Point. Fires Begbs Friday.ai Emergency Numbers Ambulance..........366-7654 from Hie Union school play- ground Monday evening. He said Thomas Burns, 23, of iRulhcrl'ord. was being sought in The Friends of Ihe Cedar Kan-' :id': Public l.ibrarv ti.sed book sale is Fridav, Saltirriay and ;ms Thirty-third The day was linnirrcollv listed in a head- In Inish a ennr SW. Tin. day. Malrmio M linn uf alarm sysli-m al 'I lurrti street and Sixteenth avenue SK. I1-111- Court J- j I Kric ill! Hummer NK; each lined .fits and Velma Sunk Hiipids: Dal Miir, MariM Cheryl Klli Davi.-i M.'iiii'-ll, .Mm; avelillii SW; 'rlldlllp- Out ol Town Birfhs Al O.llt Illiltte. N. .1. Mi', am! Sieve (ililiad.a Si'pl. Mr. Cillialt K the Ml' Mr. and Itnli- rrl Cilliall. Mmitrlair rnll. VKi aX'elHH', Malliia F.B.I Fire .................398-53-13 Highway Patrol.....364-5171 Aflcr Hours ......363-5629 Police ...............390-5353 Sheriff 398-3521 Medical Society 1 (If you tiavc no phyiicinn) Foundation II .......362-2174 (Cnjii l.olp, I p.m.-miilninM) Information, Referral 398-3955 (fo Irarn wlio can liolp) (Clip end eairy in your billfold) "We have no reason to believe he has crossed a stale line, so we have not officially entered the Ihe spokesman said. Natalie Kalnyerakis, mation following. Further ser- vices will be held at Chanel of Memories in Cedar Rapids at a later date, with inurnment in the Chapel of Memories mauso- leum. Arrangements by Cedar Memorial funeral home. Mrs. Donald M. Kelley Mildred C. Kelley, 89, of 1200 Thirty-third street NE, widow of Donald M. Kelley and a resident of Cedar Rapids the lasl 45 years, died Monday. She was born Oct. 1, 1904, at Spurgeon, Ind. On June 28, 1925, she was married to Donald M. Kelley at Waterloo. Mrs. Kelley had been a saleswoman lor the Avon Cosmetics Co. for many years. She was a member of the Church of Christ. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Jerry Kilter, Longmont Colo.; a son, Richard E., Cedar Rapids; nine grandchildren; brother, Viclor Shcpard, On lario, Calif., and two sisters Mrs. Wesley Johnslone, Seattle and Mrs. Grace Monscur, Holly wood. Services: a.m. Thursday at Beally-Bcurlc chapel by the Rev. Penney F. Nichols. Burial: Linwood cemetery. Friends may call at the Thomas J. Nutt Thomas J. Nutt, U7, a resident of Cedar Rapids before moving .0 Leon last month, died there Monday. Mr. Null was employed by paramount Pharmacy in Cedai Rapids as a pharmacist. He is survived by his wife, Ellen. Services will be Thursday at Slewart-Ducrr funeral home in Leon. Memorial Services ItcvMb, Gillette Graveside services nt Slriloh cemetery at :30 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Sylvan Langc. Friends may call at Turner west until noon Wednesday. Arthur Willis Kenwood Park Presbyterian church at 3 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Lawrence Cham- berlain. Burial: Cedar Memori- al. Friends may call at Turner east, until 9 p.m. Tuesday and it the ebureh from 10 a.m. to p.m. Wednesday. The cas- ket will not be opened after the ords W. A. Cox. Cox said lhc Saturday and evening classes have 217 more students this year than last in-a program that to a large extent enrolls women and older per- sons who are unable lo altend classes during week days. The graduate college this fall shows an increase of 371, Cox said, many of whom are en- rolled in Saturday and evening classes. In the health science areas where special efforts have been made to increase the number of graduates, enrollment this fall rose in every college wilh 339 in dentistry, in medicine, 584 in nursing and 401 in pharmacy, for gains of 29, 33, 19 and 21 respectively, over 1973. Totals in the other colleges, with last fall's figures in parentheses, are: Liberal arts, business admini- stration, 917 engineering, 472 graduate, and law, 584 The graduate school .enroll- ment is made up of major- ing in departments of liberal arts, 285 in business administra- tion, 48 in dentistry. 878 in education, 231 in engineering, 281 in medicine, 125 in nursing, 56 in pharmacy, and 334 unclas- sified. This fall there are men and women enrolled, Cox reported, adding that the rate of enrollment by women showed a greater increase than that of men, 8.G percent compared with 0.3 percent. There are veterans enrolled. Correspondence study and off- campus extension classes are nol included in lhc headcount report of enrollment, Cox said. Nearly 40 Cerro Gordo county citizens were interviewed in the day and a half jury selection process. Six prospective jurors were dismissed, two for having knowledge of the case. The makeup of the jury con- trasts with the one that tried Nowlin in Story county. That jury consisted of the ten women and two men. They found him guilty in the murder of Michael Servey. Juror Excused Another prospective juror was excused by Judge John Hyland Tuesday morning for attempting ,o obtain information about the case from a courthouse cm ploye. is was in violation of the judge's admonition that pro jpective jurors not discuss the case. Judge Hyland, obviously upset at the transgression, openec court Tuesday by again remind- ing the panel members of his gag rule. 'This case." he said, "is nol going to be Iricd in the halls, on television or radio, in the news- papers or across the backyard fences of Cerro Gordo county. "Not a Game" (Continued from Page 1.) ;aid lhc nation would have been accd wilh "lolal disaster" lasl "if lhc U. S. had nol had a lozon major oil companies pro- lucing around Ihe world. "If we had been dependent on he OPEC (Organization of Pe- rolcum Exporting Countries) as (Continued from Page 1.) lion off the coast of southern California is "absolutely essen- tial to the success of. Project In- said Edfred Shan- non, vice-president of Western Oil and Gas Assn. Oppose Controls The executives also advocalcc lifting government price trols on natural gas as a stimu- lus to development of new crvcs. "The law of supply and de- mand must be allowed lo operate and work ils will in terms of profits and Bonncr said, "This will stimu- late development of all our do- meslio energy rosotirres." Environmental groups objccl- "This is not a he tok those in the courtroom. "It. is not a television drama. This is a serious matter." Opening arguments were ex peeled to begin Tuesday after After a full day of questioning of more than 20 prospective jur- ors, court was recessed al p.m. Monday by Judge Hyland of Tama county. The jury selection process in this. Nowlin's second murder trial, followed closely 'the pro- ceedings in August, in Story county when Nowlin faced charges for the death in Linn county of Michael Servey, 18, of Cedar Rapids. The jury then found Nowlin guilly of first-degree murder. (A Jones county jury earlier rc- Bolh trials were transferred out of the counties in which the alleged crimes took place be- cause of defense objections to pre-trial media coverage which was believed to rule out impar- juries in both Linn and Jones counties. Monday, one individual was excused for having read of the circumstances of Miss Connol- y's death. (Another prospective land member was dismissed Because he had been convicted of drunk driving (second of- a felony which automati- cally disqualified him for jury duty. His dismissal was, howev- er, challenged by the defense.) Common Thread Another common thread run- ning through questioning by de- :ense attorneys was the view that the "testimony is not going to be very nice." Each juror with children was asked whether the "violent nature of the alleged crime" would sway feelings against the defendant. None said it would. One of Nowlin's attorneys also asked several prospeclive jurors if they had any particular feel- ings concerning alcohol or guns which might prejudice them in the case. Again, no one answered in the affirmative. Nowlin's lawyers hinted that their client again may not take the stand in his own defense. No defense witnesses were present- ed in the Servey trial. Due to the seriousness of the charges against Nowlin, 50 extra Cerro Gordo county citi- zens (for a total of 77) were called as prospective jurors for the trial. turned first-degree murdci ed to the suggestions. "I find obscene the concept of i1' giving economic incentives to cumslanlinl evidence.- verdict against Atwcll Conner of Bertram for the death of Miss Connolly.) Lines of Questioning T h e prosecution lawyers. Jones Counly Attorney David Henilcy and Iowa Assl. Ally. General Joe Beck, asked- pro- spective jurors if they would find it impossible lo find Nowlin guilty of a .crime which de- mands a life imprisonment scn- ;ncc. Nowlin's two court-appointed ilawyers from Iowa City, who also defended him in the first trial, once again stressed that the slate's case may rest on cir- thc oil industry, whose profits iiave been ridiculously high the last two said David Schlisscl of the Georgia Power Project. Barbara Heller of the Environ- mental Policy Center in Wash- ington opposed any "energy and nincral developments which are planned for Ihe oceans without :irsl assuring the survival of our fisheries." Reduced Use Kenneth Dupuy, regional ad- ninistrator for the Federal En- ergy Administration 'which is coordinating Ihe hearings, said Americans must reduce their ise of energy resources. At Ihe current rates of de- nand and expected production, Dupuy said the U.S. might have o import, as much as 50 percent of ils oil by 1985. He said im- lorls made up 15 percent of the )il supply in IDtiO and ,'iO percent n 1072. They also cautioned the panel members that if at the con- clusion of the presentation of ev- idence there remains "rea- sonable doubt" as to the guilt or Stolen Car Crashes, Three Youths Hurt Brian Sheen, 15, of 3844 Vine avenue SE, was in good condi- tion al St. Luke's hospital Tues- day with injuries suffered in a Monday night crash of a car he is accused of stealing. Also injured were passengers in the car driven by Sheen, John Miller, 1C, of 2240 Grande ave- nue SE. and Douglas L. Van Metre. IB, of 2207 Grande ave- nue SR. Miller also was in good condition al the hospital. Van Metre was treated at the hospi- tal, but was not admitted. Linn deputies reported Sheen lost control of Ihe car while ciistboimd on Collage Grove av- Council Airs Lease Cedar Rapids city councilmen suggested Tuesday a lease be drawn regarding the Buchanan school and recreation center buildings, so the proper- ties can be used by (he city and school district pending a final sale or exchange of land. The city wants the Buchanan school for use as a headquarters for recreation activities now con- ducted at the Ambroz and Riv- erside centers. The school dis- trict has expressed' a desire to use the Ambroz center. Because of some difficulties that have arisen regarding transfer of the property from one governmental unit to the other, ihe lease was suggested so the properly could be used this fall and winter even if a 'ormal, permanent agreement is not reached. While discussing the transfer, he councilmen heard protests 'rom recreation commission spokesmen who oppose moving he commission offices to Bu- chanan school.from their pres- :iit location in city hall. (Continued from Page 1.) service entrance through which Nixon entered 'the hospital. Nixon's entrance was marred by one incident. NBC camera- man Dick Smith said that as he ,vas taking pictures of the 'ormer President a man guard- ng Nixon smashed his camera lo Ihe ground. Smith said the man, possibly a secret service agent or plain- clothes police officer, pointed to lie broken camera and said, 'Pick that up and got out of Duke Ligon, assi. n i n i s t r a I o r for energy rc- iources development, snid oil mports are now estimated al o Uti percent of U.S. consump- ion. He said one aim of Project 'independence was to reduce cnuc SE. east of Cedar Rapids.! ilslant FEA ad- the car smashed inlo ,.hc a barricade al Indian Hill road inlo a tree al the southeast corner of Ihe inlcrsec- ion. Sheen was charged with lar- ceny of a molor vehicle, driving Iliilil them Burns telephoned land said he "didn'l Ihink she' tilers were, our prices lo 20 to 25 percent in the told newsmen later incident was "unfor- tunate." Ho said he had apolo- gized lo Smith. (f-filin' TBBTbvTlic Co. find published clallv and Sunday nl 500 Third ove. SE, Cedar Roplds, Iowa 51406. Second closi poslaac paid al Cedar Rapids Iowa. gone1 have his vehicle under control. nercenl -is'np-ir fnhire nave1 ins vemcie miner CUIIH in. Hill lUllim IHJI IlllUlL. Inrl linnn! week. Uv moll: Nlghl Edlllon onb Sundov .Ihcirs liad. When first announced by! lho c'" icpoitcdlj had been was a nood mollier" and that he "ijui M......, stolen Irom lyrone K'K, .ift.jtt! was never going lo bring her son iiscd lo babysit, with the child. do believe there President Nixon, from Vk'k' "-..........--JIT- 1 indU.S. territories 160.00 a vcor. KoMall be nil excess profits lax on Ihe nil companies, unless they use lhc funds lo put inlo production lo meel our neeci-s for Ihe fu- ilurc." goal of Project Vmlml rniul SR' was complele self-sufficiency in; energy by 1980. Ligon said I lie! goal was revised because il was I Subscriptions Gniclle carrier se epted In areas having he Associated Press Is entitled luslvnly lo the use for republlcotlon of lhc local niswi printed In thh news- rt en. well as oil AP news dispatches. FLORIST nnd Country Shopping Confer 364-2146 For 61 years flowers for all occasions! John E. Lapes 308 3rd Avo. SE 365-0511 Convomenf downfotvn focnfioit tali someone you care with flowcis Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 24 hours vvety day