Saturday, September 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 10

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Text Content of Page 10 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Saturday, September 21, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP Bv WALT DISNEY now DOE.3 IT FEEL TO FLY 'UP THEREV GREAT 1 BLONDIE DON'T TOU JUST STAPT READING \ THAT BOOR ^ Bv CHICK YOUNG THEN HOW COME YOURS already in the MOOLE OF IT » r Y OH I ALWAYS START IN THE MOOLE OF f A NOVEL ^ THEN I READ I TO WHICHEVER ENO I LIKE SETTER V a BEETLE BAILEY DONT >ou thUn* YOUR    ARE A LITTLE £UARF* ZARSE ? PEANUTS cr I <?-2f MARK TRAIL Bv ED DODO MOOSE Bv BOB WEBER YES, FRIENDS, I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE WEDDING PARTY CAME .HERE FOC A DELICIOUS* BARBECUE^ Monetary Answer to Previous Puzzle They'll Do It Every Time Af ROSS I Ant ient Greek coin 5 (inertial coin 8 Persian coin 12 Incarnation of Vishnu 13 Before 14 Irish river 15 G reek g<*d of war 16 Cow sound 17 Pedal digits 18 Eurasian plant (pl) 20 I ndersi/ed cattle 21 Possessive pronoun 22 Auto 23 I ’reaccompanied 26 English gold colas 30 Circlet 31 Stratum 32 Malt brew 33 ScImhiI subject .34 Tiay.* part 35 Short jacket 36 Venetian coin :t8 (inagers 39 Aged 40 Asian holiday 41 Linger 44 Spanish coins 48 Syria (Heb > 49 Pacific turmeric 50 Great Luke 51 Cosmic order 52 Doctrine 53 Lions ‘pride’ 54 Chinese money of account 55 Genus of cattle 56 Stimulus DOHN 1 Verbal 2 Unclothed 3 Presage 4 Enduring 5 Shouts 6 I/n e god 7 Unused 8 Come burk A tm FRITTERS'HOUGE ••• GOZST PANTO TEER OFF ON hippies in general-•* IF A SON OF MINE WAS ONE OF THEM LONGHAIRED FREAKS TO THROW HIM OTTA THE HOUSE// 9 Press 10 Tile dill 11 Fo\mt 19 Follower 20 S ir a 22 Restrain 23 Si iv let sea 24 Italian colas 25 Preposition 26 Golf, for instance 27 Takes loud 28 Tropical plant 2*i Japanese cs ii us 31 Mentality .34 Flower 35 Regards highly 37 Rc*gular :(8 Roman bronze 40 Groups of players 41 Small pastry 42 (iperafic solo 43 Amra is** 44 Mexican coin 45 Snare 46 Japanese indigene 47 Soothsayer 49 Ctiest bone I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 16 11 12 13 14 :5 id 17 id 19 I 20 21 rn T 2i 24 25 ti 26 27 28 29 30 j rn 3, 83 t 33 ti 34 ii 35 36 37 rn 38 39 I _ ■ 40 41 42 4^ 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 $3 ■4 5f> f>6....." 21 GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty 'NLWSl’APt.H KM I KI’KISK \ssS FUNNY BUSINESS HAVE UOO SEEN NVG UKULELE f / . . canned sugar up 6 . . corn up 15 . tomatoes up IO cents . . . . squash down 2 . . . canned . bread up 4 . . . beans up 12..." IF HOO TOUCH THAT BLANKET, THE ODDS APE A THOUSANDTH ONE THAT YOU WILL END UP LUI TH A BROKEN ARM! UL ABNER IV' AK/y I r IT SAWS RUSH W airline y TO LOT J PON ATT' . rn tiCKers J L'ARN HOW TO S* " > wiF it M.f. MILORO 2 i &e a ^ARISTOCRAT -J f IT SAYS \ I YO' FILICE ALL V ARISTQCRATS AMERICANS IS RICH THAT'O s SO ' tackful 7 WIP EACH V OTHER- Bv Al. CAPP AH V M IC5HT HS 'NUFF FO 1 COULD \ A WILDCAT AIRLINE:, sen- I yo‘ rays half when MAH b> YO' TAKES OFF HOUSE / - T'OTHGR HALF J FO' \ IF YO'LANOS. / a< ’- <7-2.1 NANCY Bv ERNIE BUCHMILLER THIS HAY FEVER IS AWFUL STEVE CANYON Bv MILTON CANIFF BUZ SAWYER f^AMA WAS WATCHING. ^ SHE SAW IT A LL... SAW THE FAMILY FALL SEVENTY FEET FROM THC HIGH WIRE... HEARD THE THREE KILLED... MY NEPHEW PAUL, PARALYZED., I SPENT A VEAR IN THE HOSPITAL... ANOTHER YEAR ON CRUTCHES. Bv ROY CRANE SO YOU SEE WHY WE HEVER DISCUSS THE ACCIDENT AROUND MAMA... THE Kip* ARE RESTLESS —WANT TO PUT TOGETHER A NEW Balancing act. rut MAMA WONT hear of IT. DICK TRACY WAIT TILL HE FINISHES TWC ARIA. ‘ HE HATES INTERRUPTIONS. A.T7 v BV CHCSTER GOULD AFTER BEING CARRIED AWAY IN A TORNADO, THEN DROPPED FROM THE BIG BRIDGE, THIS POOCH NEEDS A REAL HOME. MARY WORTH Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST BUS : IU a : N>j TO HE PRf ’Ty T/kY \    '    "/ BR- x V. )NfSOME HERE, fl5A»- • J I * TK** GORDON WITH YOU TAKING TMK    JT    i EVENING PIANE FOS STATE U \ AND MPS. WORTH CONC/ HOME 'J I know a urriE apartment THAT'S GOING TD LOOK MIGHTY GOOD? IT WILL BE A PLEASURE TD TURN ON MY ONN LIGHTS INSTEAD OF HAVINS A L SECURl TY DE VI CE £ TTT? THE MAGICIAN? OM 7 NO, I DIDN'T J SEE HIM LEAVE < JUST NOW... WHX? A- s* WHERE POES HE KEEP HIS GEAR? YOU KNOW... THE TRICK CABINETS, THE MIRRORS.. ...THE COLLAPSIBLE ) you KNOW ‘ Meanwhile... TRUNKS ANP SOMETHIN© FUNN/? SO FORTH... J... HE DIDN'T MAHE - YOU'LL BE ABLE TO SEE FOR ..WHAT IS SHE YOURSELF. SHE UKE, ZELDA?J AND THE MA&CtAN THIS <sm... J SHE WORKS FOR JUST ARRIVED INI A , MAR/... By Roger Bollen WHO ARE OOO SMILING UKC THAT f AMANDA PANDA Bv MARCIA COURSE There's a HORM LIKE A RhinoceRous has ON ITS HEAD And theres a HORN like the one THATS f?LOwN TO GET TOU AT THIS MOMENT NEAR ONE OF THOSE AUTOMATIC LIGHT CONTROLS•••