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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette September 13, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Sept. 13, 1974When Yvette Wants Good Role, She Writes a Screenplay By Vernon Scott HOLLYW(X)D (UPI) -Yvette Mimieux is petite, blonde and bright enough to create acting jobs for herself She sat down at her typewriter and wrote a story about three men in love with the same woman Naturally, that woman was Yvette Then she sold the package to ABC television which will beam the two-hour movie Oct 8. The title was “Counterpoint”. Yvette is livid that the network retitled her project “Hit Girl”. Now she’s completing a second script. “Sisters”, another television movie which she hopes will spin off into a weekly situation comedy. “I’ll star as one of the sisters in the movie version.” she said, “but if it becomes a .series I will just bt' the producer. Acting in a series is too time consuming Independent And I’m thinking about Theater Time Schedule for Friday PARAMOUNT - -Pink Floyd” — 2:15. 4:15. 6 05, 8. 9:50 IOWA — “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” — 1:30. 3:30. 5 35. 7:35, 9:40 WORLD — “That’s Enter tainment!” — 2. 4 30. 7, 9:30 TIMES — “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" — 1:30, 3:25 , 5:20 . 7:20 , 9:20 PLAZA - “UFO Target Earth” — 2. 3:40, 5 IO. 6 45. 8:15, 9 50 STAGE I — “California Split” - 7:45. 9:50 Saturday matinee — “California Split" — 2:30. 4:35 STAGE 2 — “The Born Losers" — 7 30. 9 40 Saturday matinee — “The Born Ironers” — 2 30, 4:40 STAGE 3 — “Death Wish” - 7 40. 9 30 Saturday matinee — “Death Wish” - 2:40. 4 30 STAGE 4 - “Mr. Majes-tyk" - 7:35, 9 35 Saturday matinee — “Mr Majestyk” - 2:30. 4:30 EASTOWN I - “The Lords | of Flatbush” — 7:30, 9 05. Saturday matinee — “The Lords of Flatbush" — 2 45. 4:20. 5:55. EASTOWN 2    -    “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravit/” — 7. 9:10 Saturday matinee — “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” — 2:40 . 4:50. MARION — Features at ll. I. 3. 5. 7, 9. ll COLLINS — “Magnum Force” — 8:15; “Cahill: U.S. Marshal' — IO 40; “Marlowe” - 12:25. TWIXT TOWN - “The Hot Summer in Barefoot County” - 8:15; “The Preacherman” - 9 55; “The Racing Scene” - ll 35. TERRACE ROOM sam AMumA Md IJJptjd dt*AApLvAJ( 4S Noon Buffet (Soup Sandwich Salod Sweets) 11:30-2 p.m. Monday thru Friday Evening Dining 5-9 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. 5-10 p.m. Fri. A Sat. TWIN WEST - “The Hay Country Swingers” — 8:20; “The Terminal Island” — IO; “The Sins of Adam and Eve” - ll 35 TWIN EAST - “The Girls and the Love Games” — 8:20, “The Erotic Adventures of Zorro” — 10:05; “The Superbeast” — 11:55. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS for Nom Sporty Bookkeeping General tatar motion and Office* Not listed Below (OH (mutation Subscription Dept Mon thru Sot 8 a m to 7 p m Sunday* Until 17 Noon Holiday* ll a rn to 7 p m Won' Ad* Mon thru fri. 8 a m to S p m Saturday until 17 Noon Display Advertising 8 o rn lo S p m Monon Off ire 388 8211 398 8333 198 4234 !98 8772 198 84 JO the financial bonanza just producing a series would bo.” Yvette has no economic problems. She is married to director Stanley Donen who manages to keep the wolf from his Bel Air mansion But Yvette is an independent woman She jets around the world to archeological digs, selling stories and picture layouts to magazines She recently sold her (tun textile business in Haiti. It is, in fact, a wonder that Donen knows what Yvette looks like unless he sees her movies. She recently returned from Canada where she starred in “.Journey into Fear” Prior to that she visited Java, Bali. Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Nepal and Thailand. “Archeological trips are a jumping off place for my w riting and photography,” Yvette said “And I enjoy the freedom I couldn’t go to all those places if I were in a series "I’m writing screenplays because it’s the only way I can insure myself of getting the sort of roles I want. Recite Own Words “The thing I enjoy most is writing a story and then performing rn it Reciting my own words It’s very comfortable because you are expressing your own ideas. It’s a much greater feeling of accomplishment than reading someone else’s words.” Yvette has learned that aet- OPfN 7:30 TWIN EAST 6300 6TH STREET S.W. NOW thru TUES. Qlrls And The Love Games” . . PIUS . . ¥ OUTRAGEOUS' AUDACIOUS! SALACIOUS THE EROTIC ADVENTURES of ’OXX® ADULT ENTERTAINMENT. COLOR EVI^^H BONUS LATE SHOW FRI.-SAT. IN COLOR TWIN WEST DRIVf-IN THEATRE 6300 6TH STREET S.W. NOW thru TUES. they h«re more room hr it. more time hr it... tutti they 're in hay #1 shape! PARK FREE While dining at the Terrace Room park your cor for two hours in short term parking FREE direct ly across from the main entrance We ll gladly validate your parking ticket TERRACE ROOM Municipal Airport 365-7739 I AS MAW I* I'm A XtlAtV'WK* OU. MHE*. MtliAtt ll * • CQ-HIT • • ll fir K MAD DOD KILLERS! GI ISLAM) % TLUMINAL *r I - ■*    »    tv/    -    m    ___ “SINS OF ADAM and EVP in tfllgr — I mg is a simple discipline compared with writing. ‘Writing is agony.” she said “Torture “It was difficult enough writing a Urania the first time Now I’m i.i the middle of writing comedy, which is the hardest of all “The series idea is about two sisters, one is a Bohemian artist who tells it like it is. The other is a swinging chick on the make for a rich husband ” As if Yvette were not busy enough, she is preparing a romantic comedy movie script in which she would star ( an't Halt ,!We actresses can’t afford to sit around and wait for male writers to provide us with good roles,” she said. “In the pictures I’ve seen lately the script would have been improved if a woman played the man s roles — robbing banks, breaking out of prisons, putting out fires “Instead of writing good parts for women, male writers simply ask actresses to take off their clothes. The heck with that.” JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF TOMORROW... I I Bit Parts: Allen Ludden will host the screen smart set show Sept. 18. Dan Dailey will star in “The Daughters of Joshua ( abe Return” for AB< -TV Jay Robinson signed to play a gorilla in “Planet of the Apes” HELD OVER • 2nd WEEKI FIRST EXPLICIT MOVIE FROM HONOLULU! “Better than anything I ve seen on the mainland.! Those Hawaiian school girls are very foxy! They’ll teach you a thing or two!” — Underground Mows i■ tm* ...vs** ** - Just a link girl...but big for her age. —PLUS 2ND BIG HIT— “THE EROTIC POINT OF VIEW” MARION ADULT THEATRE UFO’s...    ’rnsnr THE TRUTH ABOUT THEM MIGHT JUST BLOW YOUR MIND FOR THE LAST TIME UFOtm PHONE 377-1482 SHOWS TODAY-SAT. & SUN. AT 2:00 - 4:00 - 5:55 - 7:45 - 9:40 393-8439 PLAZA LINDALE PLAZA Your New Home Is In The Want Ads pl « I* MC [WV OPEN 7:45 SHOW 8:15 Bs? THE COUNfRY GIRLS THU KU? THE HOME FUKS BURNUT/ I WAS ONLY A WARM UP FOR RICHARD DREYFUSS HILARIOUS ANTICS IN THIS TERRIFIC NEW MOVIE! I J I I •"■VXvXvXv; ;•/ rn nOKOTCMEFF TNC ATPHCNTieCSHIP OF Ml DOY KRAVITZ RICHARD DREYFUSS    .ah    •    kAr.^v >,AiD JACK WAH OCN "MAX” TIO KOTCHCFF    JOHN KEMENY MORDECAI KICHLER LIONEL CHETWYND „    .    GERALD SCHNEIDER rmu'n uuioami Musm -t' OPIN-6:30 SHOWS-7:00- 9:10 SAT. A SUN. OPEN-3: IS SHOWS-2:4Q-4:50 7:00-9: Starring DON JONES SHERRY RONK* CHARLES El LEDO HMA HOTA* JEFF MAO. Ar ALEW PUTNEY LARRY LAMBE TH HED AUSTIN W nam semi MV ■ IHT jf(« WMKiiia antae Sana MUZIK imam or R -UBERT T Via AS 377-8877 EASTOWN 2 K -MART KAST CKNTKR SHOW 9:55 He ll steal your hearts, your women, your booze, and anything else you ain t got locked upj ornaled down. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SOMEONE GAVE YOU A HICKEY? rn HELD OVER 3RD BIG WEEK SHOW-7i30-9iOS SAT.-SUN.-2:45-4.35 5:53-7:30 -»iOS 377-8877 .STO WI MART EAST CENT TARRING OF THI TV, SERIES “HAPPY DA Y S’Ir * ;

  • Alfredo Garcia
  • Allen Ludden
  • Butch Cassidy
  • Dan Dailey
  • Don Jones Sherry Ronk
  • Jay Robinson
  • Larry Lambe
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • Yvette Mimieux

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: September 13, 1974