Monday, September 2, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 3

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Text Content of Page 3 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Monday, September 2, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazelle: Mon.. Sept. 2, 1974 LT 1 IV BRIDGE Oswald James .lacohy 1" "One of the prin- of play at all card games to give the cards a chance to V x for you. Sometimes jusl do." "Here is a hand played <K Carl llullmaii of Dallas in a tournament that illus- this. He might have x, four spades, but it __ C In him as if that would J f 10 :i x N K .1 T li '2 A 7 4 v KAST s SI U 5 K Q ,1 T J V- Sv KQ (ill 2 Feeding A B 2 A Q 10 H 8 Seven-year-old Heather Swallow of Redwood ti 7 5 Calif., bottle feeds a 2 1 lion cub named Roark at Marine U.S.A. Heather's father is Ron Swallow, veterinarian vulnerable West North East South Pass Pass IV Marine 3V 4V Pass 5V Pass Pass Opening leac -K i he Investor's (it be a good score, so he took the push In five hearts." H B "West opened the (if diamonds. A iiuick look dummy showed three ap- Bv Sam Shulskv "ln's "r -m'- losers two in clubs Klectric IlluminSling first Continuing the attempt to mortgage of X. ,Y. shed some light on the utility Telephone percent bonds u' picture following the shock of Texas Power and one in spades. Could he d i anything about it? He could g ve the cards a chance and the Con Kdisnn dividend omis- ut nf mi: "He rulied a diamond The Utility Scope study of [-V1, llladl, 17 payments of Argus Research Corp. says: fund. "We continue lo view in- -pile first Hi monthly buying vestment hi the electric utility Hiargcs were SH a nionlli. industry as unattractive. S2.S5 thereafter. So far Along with the fundamental ]-u. mv problems of inflation, steady snarTS Wlirtn erusion of investor confidence should I continue? I'm a is making it extremely difli- gn-vcar-old woman, cult for individual companies _ Your fund is a highlv lo raise permanent capital. speculative mutual and the "Against this background. ]ilst 18 months have not been we consider it entirely possi- kimi speculative slocks, hie lhal another Cnn Kd type Sll. VIIU mus, in shock could iiccur in the in- unrair dustry within the next 12-1S SH5II vou've paid months. For the longer term. in witn ,lu, rick two; drew trumps and led a low spade loward dummy's leu. East won the trick and id the best he could by leading the deuce of clubs. Hultman rose with the ace. played the ace of spades; ruffed his last spade, ruffe s. o ytui do mm-? Ansuer Tnniiirrow duality issues remaining in ax rrcdil from interest, realty taxes, etc.? Mv Italian It would be presumptuous of Wilnts l" lhe in me to impose any personal and continue renting, opinions on the professional let s put Dies views expressed here in lhe any, (k'balL' Spain Prince last few davs wlshcs nwnlnK vs- in Valeria liorghese. the A few gcneralixatious That's not for me to gel Prince" who sank Bri- emerge: The consumer must A warships in World war 11 cxpecl to pay much higher became a eader of the prices for power; manv utili- wl" at leasl revival alter the war. is ties that have increased div- whether cad al liT. ideuds frediienllv in the past "r pllt dnwn are not likely to do so in the mMtl Wllal lhe lax fugitive from an Italian irrest warrant since the future; tougher laffe rcsullinK died recently of acute rules mav deplete current and in a Cadiz hospi- earnings available for divi- wl" tn musl officials said. He had been (lends; stale regulatory bodies "n tax in will have lo "gel on the ball rt'tlrcmtinl- (Don't forget, in Conil de la Fronlera. a coastal village 25 Perhaps it is an over- exemplions double lo the south. simplification, but it seems tn fled from Italy in me that if a utility company Thirdly: I, you are 1971, when he was ac- gels into financial (rouble ttr''S -'1? Wi'h (if heading a Fascist plol through mismanagement, low "f a rates, poor accounting prat- say yes (hut al-lices or a combination of these "'ays ln overthrow the government hat never came off. Born lo an ancient Tuscan and anv other additional lac- that included the 17lh lors. slate regulators are cer- Pope v. tamlv in no position to absolve "f lhl' mont'-v became one of Italy's themselves of all blame. into the heroes hi when he led A public utility is a closely Q_M husband 54 regulated business, and .f Ihe stale is to effect j, K ralm and other upside ,-on- jnlo savi iaval commando force that toward inain.aniing down- want (hat ch.fenses. losvard main- aw fo J VMrs the Italian government ell. lie went lo the Republic of o and fought the anti-Fas- launng utility viabdity, as retirement in a 6 percent, partisans. A postwar deferred investment, convicted Perhaps not only the con- wh h with the N'axis, Minu-r. bul the regulatory f he was freed n a am- liodies are going to to y. change their thinking about A ,iri.ri.rrw, ulihly profits. And it sllK.k whicll joined the Italian oc al Movement MSI the seems o me. he the Xeo-Fasc si parly, and hopes of large mid-section as dajm ,jns( a lime served as its i.l u .lily companies. m] The utility common stock a noncumulatue are, was rarely a glamor gnmlh as a rull, j eh, He I trust it will continue dent. In he decided he MSI was not Fascist nough.and the National Front. to be a good income source. right to buy or sell papers dubbed lhe specific seciiiilies or proper- the Black Prince, an Bond ratings: Here are i' "rKT wilhin some AAA-rated bonds on the Fitch Investors on lo Ihe black shirts urn by Miissolin 's Fascists, he parly dissohcd after lie Italy. July lisling: A T and T S.s is sun ived by four percenl debentures of joiio: t ilis wife. a former Chesapeake and Potomac Tel- cuuntess. died some cphone H percenl dehen- v'., ago. i VS U w'.U.W V v IIIIBI i I y ._; Relish Set Salad Set Blankets Corning Ware Radios To order by mail, just fill out the coupon and add S1 to cover postage and handling.- Those line gifts available while current supplies last. 'AMERICAN FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 200 First Street Southwest, Cedar Rapids (52404) 1930 Lower Muscatino Road, Iowa Cily Sixth and Grand, Downtown Dos Moines (50307) First and North Trilein, Ankeny (50021) 36th and Ingorsoll, DCS Moinos (50312) 22nd and Wuslown Parkway. West Des Moinos (50265) ____. _ mtm_______ bo First Federal Savings and Loan Association ol Codar Rapids and Homo Federal Wo used to Dor, Moinon