Saturday, August 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 9

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Text Content of Page 9 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Saturday, August 24, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cfdar Aup 24. WALT DISNEY'S By WAI r DISNEY AMANDA PANDA 6y MflRCIA COURSE gs-zf THIS IS THE ONLY WAV TO GO' I ABOUT ME V HITCHING A RIDE, I (DAISY BROUGHT WELL, WHY CANT SHE MEET DOSS Th'AT TAXE HER OUT -_ TO DINNER? ME KETCHUM ALL INFORMATION ON J THIS LETTS A FEATHER COULDJlT BE QUIVERlM'IN FRONT OF A.TRUCKGCWK MILES AM HOUR 'f ANOTHER WHATS A CHEAP FEATHER DOING IN THI EXPENSIV NEIGHBORHOOD? BEETLE BAILEY I THINK I'LL 6ET IN (5AME-. (JET AW 6LCVE FOE ME, >'OiJ, ZERO 2 WHEfZE IT, I ALWAYS 5UC DUMP I WETNT FOR A CHECKUP YESTERDAY WHAT DIP THE DOCTOR SAY LOAFING AGAIN WORRIED ABOUT YOU I WISH YOU'D GO TO A DOCTOR FOR A CHECKUP SLOW DOWN MARK TRAIL STEVE CANYON WIFE USED TOWEETME UNTIL THE HOMECOMING PRESENTS TRANSFORMED HER INTO A 5CI100L BUS DRIVER MA'AM... THAT PLANE ITS NOT EXACTLY DUTCH TREAT I'M LOAWIKIG BUNKY TWO DOLLARS SO WE CAN EACH PAY OUR OWN WAY PLEASE GIVE ME FOUR DOLLARS, WE'RE SOING TO THE MOVIES DUTCH BUZ SAWYER ANOTHER LIE. i KNOW YOU DIDN'T HIDE IT IN THE CISTERN 1 SEARCHED THERE. I fVOU'RE LEAVING TOWN.' AREN'T VOU TAKIHG THAT'S WHY X HID IT THERE. I DIDN'T THINK YOU'D 1 SEARCH THERE AGAIN. MAYBE YOU'RE TELLING THE TRUTH FOR ONCE, BABY They'll Do It Every Time Personalities ACROSS 1 One of the Kennedys 4 Irish wi 8 Diminutive of Vernon 12 Lincoln's nickname 13 Skin opening 14 Assam silkworm 15 Months (ab.) 16 Stupidity 18 Repeal performances 20 Mysteries 21 Exist 22 Female sheep WOMPK we FOUMP IT OUR 36 Abstract being 37 Nautical term 39 Connery 40 Plant par 41 Writin implement 42 Stickum 45 Augury 49 Allot 51 Drone bee 52 Former Russian potentate 53 Operatic solo 54 Samuel's 55 Withered 56 William 57 Eisenhower's initials OUTA- MY WAY, WITH THE YOU'D BETTER BE' YOU AIN'T NEEDED 5 Gardener s gadget 6 Ascended 7 Small tumor 8 Goddess of beauty 9 Ireland 10 Ceremony 11 Negative votes 17 Peaceful 19 Command 23 Less agreeable 24 Nathan patriot 25 Solar disk 26 Muddle 27Sangtoatnighl 28 Range 29 Mountain pool 31 Tidier 33 Flower holders 38 Domain 40 Shon I KNOW A GIRL THE REAL ESTATE OFFICE YOU RENTEP DICK TRACY SOUNDS GREAT LET5 GO HAVE A DRINK. E RENTED AN INCONSPICUOUS .NOLIMOUSINE, THAT WOULD ATTRACT ATTENTION. TMEW THE COMM6NC65- FINAL RITES FENCER'S WIFE ARE TOMORROW! THAT'S WHEN WE'LL GE 24 Difficult 26 Presently 27 Was sea ted 30 Be present a 32 Mexican painter 34 Looked askance 35 F 41 Of punishment 42 Light strokes 43 Church part 44 Box 46 Vex 47 Precious metal 48 Great Lake 50 Make lace DOWN 1 Domesticated 2 Black 3 French philosopher 4 Use mercv __. MAE MALOO 10025 50. CHICAGO, GRIN AND BEAR IT MARY WORTH I'M A JUNIOR YOU S4Y YOU IN THE SCHOOL IAST HMM' SO YOU'RE EN6A6EP? SOMEWHERE THERE'S A VERY LUCKY YOU DON'T LOOK LIBRARIAN TYPE, YOU COULP EVEN MOVIE ACTOR.' IT'S >W WHO ...IN OUR BUSINESS, ZELPA THE ZELPA VAN SICKLES ARE JUST SOMETHING WE HAVE WITH. MARY... ...IT'S YOU ANP THE 0THEK CHICKENS THAT MAPE HER POWER SO ABSOLUTE.' ANP... ANP ABSOLUTE POWER 'M IMI HI'lllsl: FUNNY BUSINESS Roger Bollen VAN SICKLE IS NOTHING IF NOT SRACIOUS... SHE WILL ACCEPT YOUR WKITIH6! CANT VOO FOReer V.CACUB UMPIRE il FOR ON8 NISHT f let s not panic, dear! They'll probably clean up after they're finished. They know the park regulations 01 well as anybodyl"