Wednesday, August 7, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Page: 83

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Text Content of Page 83 of Cedar Rapids Gazette on Wednesday, August 7, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 60 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed.. Aug. 7. IS7I WALT DISNEY'S SCAMP By WALT DISNEY HEY, RACKY, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT IN THE WOODS? I Wtf BLONDIE By CHICK YOUNG r YOU KNOW WHAT IV 3- j THE CA3IOCA JHAVE THAT EVENT .4VITH SETTS'JAN'EJ L.ISTEDNTHE L. V- bfM 1 V BEETLE BAtLEY ALL A6AINST THE PROPOSAL. RAISE YOUR HAND e PROPOSAL Bv MORT WALKER Bv ED DODD YOU <5ET THAT DO6 OFF MV PLACE OR I'LL HIM.' MOOSE ANP you KEEP THAT BLASTED DEER OUTA MV 6ARPEN OR I'LL SHOOT Z x AS THEY APP6AR IN THEIR NATURAL 1 SUfZRDUN DINGS? THAT'S THE FIRST ROCK AND ROLL RECORD EVER MADE f, R IT'S A COLLECTOR'S ITEM BY ERNIE BUSHMILLER AND I KNOW JUST THE I COLLECTOR FOR IT Stock Market Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Vend 5 Favorable market direction 8 Legal money agreement 12 Mwlley BLick H Pimnentfd eye layer 15 Animal eye- tooth 16 Sintiiny syllable 17 Smalt arrow 18 Masculine name 20 Eskimo home 21 Seminary lab) 22 Common verb 7311 i.s this when market goes down 26 Fighter 31 Unbleached 33 .It-wish ascetics .14 Middle-east native 37 Opera si ;i r MDi'bl voucher 41 Gibbon 42 Way traveled tab.) 43 Anger 45 Sacred prohibition 48 Legal assurance paper 52 Word nf sorrov; 53 Yugoslavian leader 54 Meadow 55 Soulli American counli'V Having wings 57 Hearing organ 58 Hvemngs 59 Feminine name Theater sign DOWN 1 Living room item 2 Enthusiasm Fine raveling.s 4 iieason BUSINESS SO, ARE %0 6T1UL WORKlW iw THE 5 Las! month 6 To prepare 7 Hc-allli resurl 8 I'lunncd lor 10 Roman enlpc'rur 11 Moslem Morn tribe 19 Nfilher lLalini 20 Masculine (in me (pi.) 22 Abstract <ao.) 23 I'm I of an abacus 24 Land measure 25 Uninteresting 27 Cafe food list 28 Kind of dye 29 Girl's name 30 Former iUissian ruler 32 1'lemiful (Latin) .if) ['reposition 36 Dined 39 Ixiriat.s 40 Mistakes 44 Hesitation sound 45Tickcr----- 46 Nautical term Farm building 48 Sly trick 49 Pub drinks 50 Close In 51 1'oi source 53 Record (coll i fiy Roger Bollen iaBWKBBa------- I NOME OF GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty 'NKKSFAF'KH KNTKHI'HISK A.S.SN And hints by my opponent thai I confine myself to subjects I understand I consider an intolerable violation of my freedom of AMANDA PANDA By COURSE PUCKS HAVE FECT; THE SKIN JOINS THEIR TOES 1ME FE6T i THAT MBLP TUEM SWIM. HOW FAST PEANUTS AT Trie ine- 50 TOJcr WELL. I'.'.l NOT OJT TO SIAfTT TSOU3LE 3JT AL50 NOT ArlfA.'P OF ThcAt! f.U TnE AWiCc Or COCSEVELT. I SPEAk. 50FTLY. ANP CARRV A 8EA6LE: Cf LIL ABNER jaX LAWSff gy fO MILLION TO i SAVE an MILLION IN AND YOU SIGN THE CHECK FINE QUILL V PEN A. RAVEN NUTLEV IS ATITAGAIN.f.r SURGEONS HAVE GIVEN UP HOPE OF EXTRACTING A LARGE QUILL PEN FROM THE SKULL OF HUMBLEgy PYE, COMMISSIONER OF CHARITIES WHO WAS SAVAGELY ATTACKED LAST NIGHT... Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section STEVE CANYON MO-AH-BEAUTIFUL QUEEN, AS PROMISED, SIR1 WOUNDED ABOARD TOE MOTORCRAFT SIR .'CREWMAN STATES HURT AWN 15 COL, CANVOH.' By MtLTON CANIFF SIR, THE SOATMAN WAS A PROFESSOR OF EN6USHATWAHNAY HE ASKS ASVLUM IN TH[ UNITED STATES. I HEARD THESE THINK THE US. IS THE ASYLUM' 0 WHAT V HE SAYS IT ABOUT BELOH6S TO THE THE PRESIPENT POWER- OFTHEUNIVEK- BOAT WHO x' CHEATED AT SCUTTLE IT! BUZ SAWYER SO HERE'S THE HWM..JHE DOOB5 ARE LOCKEP...BUT WHERE DID BUBBA GO? THERE MU6T BE ANOTHEI? SECRET PASSAGE, LUPPENLX KLUMPINS SOUNDS A TRAP POOR OPEMS. HEY, SOMEPODYS COAMNG.' By ROY CRANE ..AND DOWN COME WHAT APPEAR TO BE OLD SADDLEBASS, HEV, ITS SPILLING TRACY IDONTKNOW-l-l- W DONY KNOW-1 WISH JS ARE YOU REALLY MRS. FENCER BV CHESTER GOULD VOL) AND OROOVy TAKE HER IN FOR STATEMENT, WE CANT HOLD HER. ITS HER HUSBAND WE WANT SOMEHOW SHE GOT MY HAND' CUFFS AND FASTENED HER- SELF TO THE WATER PIPE. MARY WORTH By SAUNDERS AND ERNST LAST WEEK i FOUNT; THIS SNAPSHOT CF A SMO EISA'S PURSE.' HE USE? TO WORK FCR ME-AMP WHEtJ I GOT OUT OF SAMSUNG, HE TOOK OVER' IE IN "I WARNEP HER NEVER TO SEE HIM ASAItJ, BUT I THINK SHE'S STIU IT-BEHINP MV SO 1DUR MOST IMPORTANT JOB, MRS. WORTH, WILL BE TO REPORT TO ME IF YOU EVER SUSPECT THAT ARE STILL SOWS I BEING A MR. 6ORPON- BUT I UNPER- STANP VOUR CONCERN-AMP I WILL CO-OPERATE ON STAGE By LEONARD STARR ...MEL HERE IS TAKING OVER FOR 8ARNEX TILL THE ENPOF THE SEASON. OH, RIGHT! yOU'U LINE, SAY... 'IT'S A CHANGE JOR A VARIATION TO VOH ALKfAPY ,--------TIN THIS SCRIPT ...AS J SURE IT B.'. ANP you AS IN ME TO PO A SHOW PRACTICALLY THAT LINE? EVERY ,MOV1E WO 5IR! IT6NOTA EVER1 AWPE.7 CHANCE I WANT TO