Wednesday, August 7, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- I'arlly cloudy lows in law 60s. Clear to partly cloudy Thurs- day, highs, low 80s. CITY FINAL CFDAK KAPIltt. IOWA. Al (U ST V. !'i7! 15 CENTS ASSOCIATKU PKKS.S I'PI. VODK TiviT Irrevocable Decision" To Resign Is Reporte< B T w IP newspapers, citing sources close to thc Prcsidenl, r e port c d Wednesday that Kichard Nixon has made up his mind to resign. 'llu- Providence .liiurnul- Iliillftin reported that he had made an "irrevocable" dcci- presicii-miai nominee and a me President's vow nut to re- strong Nixon supporter in the delivered at an earlier cab- '.'.a.-, understood lo ban- inet meeting, told the in strong terms- Ford conducied himself "verv thai he feels the President musi circumspectly." according to at once. .Tower, and then lelt as the Other conservatives reported- senators began to discuss their ly took a similar position. "I don't think he's i; body left except one Air Views L-ES MOINES-lowa Republi- ,can and Democratic leaders Towc-r'said, "It is pretty for the mfel P'Tt. d I U II 0 S d a V th'it PrPcirlnnt ibnd-V "-'fl CC resi n or ons the he to resign. .his own views on the mailer but A notable exception was Dem- ".Jnsl 21) Voles" .planned to keep them private. jocratic Stale Chairman Tom Senator Dole Ui-Kaii.i.; "Cooling Off" Whitney of DCS Moincs. G.O.P. chair-i JlL, senators tha' "1 cannot confirm .former national man, said Wirepholo President Nixon chats with Secretary of State Kissinger prior to a cabinet meeting at which Nixon said bluntly that he "intends to stay on." Three Witnesses Testify That Nowlin Admitted Two Killings <j By Tom Frnehling .tided, had blood on them. He NEVADA A sobbing, ner- asked to soak the trousers, votis woman friend of George !whlch she But she said she Nowlin Mabel Beltz of Cedar irefused to 'he shotgun, Rapids, said Wednesday also llad Wood on it. ing Nowlin told her he had! Said He Confessed Atwell Conner's wife, Tresa, of Bertram, testified that on various occassions she saw Nowlin with sawed-off shotguns. Gun in River Cypriots Flee "killed two teenagers." Her testimony came in the iified, Nowlin told her that theiwith Nowlin March 17 when third day of Nowlin's trial in the t e e n a g e r s reported missing! rcnorledv threw Story county courthouse for the, (Servey and Miss Connolly I! jnto th murder of Michael Servey. ere" the "teenagers hesitation department Resignation Plea Mulled By Senators WASHINGTON (AP) Top senate Republicans are con- sidering whether lo send a dele- gation to President Nixon with 'word th'at a majority of G.O.P. senators wants him to resign By United Press International and that chances of lin an impeachment trial are Turkish forces Wasted a gion of northern Cyprus with a Several Republican scnators- fierce artillery barrage Wednes- acting on their own initialive- And, she said, she and her I day, driving Greek Cypriot dc-jhave.already sent Nixon a mes- Turks hierce Bombardment ing only, that." The managing editor of the Phoenix Gazette, Alan Moycr, said ''unimpeachable sources" had informed the j but a handful of Republicans newspaper that .Nixon would resign Wednesday. Mover said the source called the newspa- per publisher, Eugene Pul- liam, to inform him of the decision. Arizona Sen. Barry Gold- water is considered one of Ihe most influential G.O.P. fig- ures in the eventual outcome of the impeachment issue. split between whether Whitney said Nixon should not :sign; that he should stand ial in the L'.S. senate. the senate would like lo sec res- lnc j m p c c h m e n "I think it's an incredibly sad ignation.'' He had been quoted Tuesday as saying that no more than 20 pro-Nixon votes could be counted on. Thirty-four arc needed to avoid conviction. should proceed. They discussed added. whether the G.O.P. leadership should present their views to the President or whether they Whitney's Republican coun- terpart, John McDonald of Dallas Center, said resignation should all seek a session impeachment is inevitable, In an interview on the CBS i Nixon. I as a result of Nixon's revelation "Morning Dole said thatj "I think there will be a little i "lat llc withheld evidence on the if an impeachment vote were i cooling off period before breakin. in the senate "as of collective Tower said. I find it persoi Later in the afternoon, G.O.P. neral in Philadelphia. q-< I -3IIC icuu, silt; iUJU IlLTI- Ullmtg VII UCIY UC- i OC1H 1MAU11 d I11CS- next Mrs. Beltztes-j husband and six children were'fenders into'hasty retreat in urging him to resign, Sen. violation of the derides would reshuffle man was transferred here from tn not Cedar Rapids after Nowlin claimed he could not get a fair trial in Linn county. Their Host werelvo men w 7 Ws "for optical Unnorc in r v'lth thc gun> Mrs- Conner said. rpasnns hmafl nnnlllnr morning were prisoners in Linn county jail at the time Nowlin was in-j carcerated there. Both Craig Sudduth and Rich- Donald Coman of Cedar Rapids, who said he was friend of Nowlin's. testified that! SI- Undei' been charged with the murder and robberv of Scrvev seeking broad popular support for his two-week-old re- gime. Military representatives of evidence in the the'sixth tone Wednesday in I a bid lo end fighting on the is- and the had initiall-v dGIlicd on Page 10'V Col. U.N.-patrclled buffer zones: CC' Thc-v also toldof miirder and rape, of Connolly, allegedly stayed the' night after the'killings." .among the prisoners. Nowlm first mentioned Ihe killings that night, according to! Now- Mrs. Beliz. She said the two men left was on "1L' residence shortly after 10 nat. ,.sonle on March 9 and returned in of when A spokesman for the Cana- FoUnd d'an U'N' con''nScnt said sn'P- ers in Nicosia shot and mor- In U.N. Bui Id IDG wounded a Canadian U.N. soldier in Nicosia Tiies- L'NITED NATIONS day night, the second member across early morning hours. Nowlin's pants cuffs, she IPS-, around midnight March 9. Times Backs lin's, also testified the defendant bundle of dynamite was found! of "the U.N. force to die since headquarters Wed-1 the Turkish invasion July i Correspondents said fighting Hie 1.N security chief. the island's northern coast predicted thc President would j step down. Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott told reporters late Tuesday afternoon the G.O.P. leadership would meet again Wednesday "to discuss the de- sirability and means of convey- On Bribe to Connolly WASHINGTON (AP) Texas lawyer Jake Jacobsen Wednes- day pled guilty of bribing his gate prosecutor's star witness at Ihe anticipated trial of Con- nally, former secretary of the ing to the President" views friend John Connally I treasury and one-time governor pressed earlier in the day at S10.000 in milk money.' -r party luncheon. After that luncheon. Tower (R-Texas) told reporters Tt is my guess lhal the major- ity sentiment among Republican from office." The Texas Republican, the teenagers H. A. Trimble, said five sticks i broke out'carly'this morning just of dynamite were found under; minutes after a U.N. observer man of nittee, said that there "great concern that the Pros- ident does not perhaps w hend the great hazard he facesL in comin" named in a five- lo trhl in Ihe indielmcnl Charging brib- 10 lml ln UK sclliery, perjury and conspiracy lo Nowlin lolcl Foster, according a scat in Ihe Meditation Room, helicopter flew rlt obstruct justice. Connally is to testimony, lhal he had twoja small, dark room near lhc tied region and headed back lo (.oldwaler Hole [scheduled to enter his pica Fri- jguns and a knife. He said he main public entrance which is; Nicosia" Senator Javils iR-N'.Y.i. who'day and has said he is innocent. RefUS8! TO ReSSgfl'r3'! thl'OU'n glm the 'o delegates and visit- lu-avv artillery shells cxplod-1represented G.O.P. liberal? at a; Star Witness iLcdar rlvcr and lllddc" 'he ors for prayer and silent modi- ed in the fields around three leadership meeting on Tuesday. Jacobsen. once a close aide New York Times Wednesday j Srervey was allegedly stabbed "It apparently had been lit troops Tuesday in what a U.N. i "would be a prime part" came out in support of limes and shot through thc but went out before exploding .spokesman called the ident Nixon's position that he ;back of the head. ;a police official said. mi o i Goldwater. Ihe ml resign. Thc Times said it saw "con- siderable men! in Ihe Pres- ident's altitude that hc in- tends to 'allow Ihe Constitution I lie laClOL, i- i I ir r M u-mcn v i mi f-j i- n'.t.. i t. t -i r 1 fore impromptu audiences Neu, a Republican, said "Ihe easiest thing for thc country" would be for Ihe President to I step down. i Mrs. McDonald said Nixon's [admission "makes it extremely difficult for us to in any way justify this behavior by a leader of our parly and of our country." Won't Be Restored Gov. Ray said the latest reve- lation has created a loss of credibility "that I don't think will be restored." Congressman H. R. Gross of Iowa's Third district, added his voice lo those who think the President should resign. But Gross, who is retiring al the end of his present term, said he will keep an open mind as to ling matters already uncovered1 given in return for Connally's Inow '1C wi" votc on imPMch- 'OIlv'bv thc prosecutors imenl in event Nixon docs not I Continued: Page .i, Co 3.1 Jacobsen was indicted ;resign. i "The situation probably calls 'for his Gross said. j would think that is the thing he should do, but it's a decision he will have to make." Urged Reconsideration NEW YORK tAPi The; cedar Rapids Monday, Sen. In return, the Watergate spe- cial prosecution force agreed lo drop the government's seven- count indictment against Jacob- sen in an unrelated savings and senators is that he should retire !loan scandal in. San of Texas. Jacobsen said, in pleading be- fore U.S. District Judge George Hart, that he gave Connally two 55.000 payments on behalf of his client, Associated Milk Produc- ers, Inc., the nation's largest Texas, and to bring no furlherjdairy cooperative. charges against him concern-! The money allegedly was week at thc same lime Con- Stock Market Keeps Soaring! slock market advanced Rep. David Stanley, the for the third straight candidate for U.S. senator, Psychiatrists Examine High-Rise Tight-Rope Walker NEW YORK i.APi A 21- y c a r-o 1 d daredevil from ing on a melal cable seu-n- "It would do noihing to inhibit, eighths of an inch in diameter subsequent fostering of myth of a PreMilen, houndedj out of office by his political j enemies. Doubts could be crcat-j ed whether the President wouldi actually have been convicted in an impeachment trial, whether; bis departure from office really justified by the facts Money is :i thing you'd gel along without bcaulifully if only nllier people weren't so about il. told authorities later. "And if 1 rep two lowers, I have to The stunt thrilled Ihe curious below a.s Petit slood. lay down and at one poini hung by his feel, police said. Police rushed lo the roollops lo apprehend him and when it was over they look him lo a hospital's mental ward for ex- amination. Police al the Port Authority of New York and Xcw Jersey friends of Petit said In- had performed similar feats in Paris and Australia. I'clit's walk atop the foot-high buildings a 1 m os, t doubled the previous record for Ihe highest tightrope walk. The Guinness Hook of World Records lists thc walk of Karl Wallenda over the deep Tallulah (lorn- in Geor- gia in 1970 a.s the previous record. Later, awaiting booking mi misdemeanor charges of ires- pass and disorderly conduct, the c b u I I i c n I, l-'reiihniaii waxed rhapsodic aboul the slum. "1 am a high uirc walker. Thai was lhc most ln-aiililul place in tin- world lo put a wire lo walk. I saw the oily waking up. which uas beauti- In- said. llc lurncd aside a sugg'-s- lion Ihal .slum was i-il lo lead lo somclhing lucra- live. A: .same time, some of the men whu helped him were al news service ollices with pictures and ai'n'iints of the high walk. In Paris. Petit had walked between the lowers of the Ca- thedral of Noire Dame: in Australia il was Ihe lowers nf ihe Sydney harbor ac- cording in David l-'orman. Formaii. a rock unger. said he helped earn cable and other equipment to the lop of Ihe office complex past un- suspecting guards and con- struction workers Petit and Ins friends al limes there were six played the rules uf delivery men. workers, or messengers, l-'or- inan s.nii Petit and an assistant spent Ihe on the Mitllli lower's niol'lop, hidden al liril under a tarpaulin. Two oilier friends w.illl cameras slaved on Ihe north tower. At dawn, they used a five-foot longbow to fire a fishing bin- attached to Ihe cable across the till feet that separates the structures, l-'orman said. At about 7 a.m.. the slum began. Petit, clad in black lights air carrying a balancing pole, walked from the south towel- to the north and hack again. Then he did it again, a.s crowds gathered on lhc lower Manhallan streets and Irallie snarled. Police found il hard lo gel lo the .scene. l-'orman and oilier friends described IVI it as an ac- complished who has been living in New York since last winter and earning his liv- passes a hal. lie has been performing on a unicyele, doing sleighl-ol band iricks and juggling be- prosecutors to testify truthfully; resign. Sehaben, addressing a Craw- al a trial il called as a witness.. The 2 p.m. Dow Jones ford counly fair audience Mon- party s 196-1 ;lle is expected lo be the Water-: average was up al 787.23. ;day. said: "Enough is enough and these mosl recent facts just add more i agony upon agony. The best thing the President can do for 'this country and the world is to laking supplies to the roof, slep down'immediately." and Wednesday they did their _______________ act." They seem like perfectly normal human beings." High said. "But anyone who does: Ibis stories up can't be entirely right." The World Trade Center is a massive office complex ail- minislred by Ihe Port Au- thority. The upper stories of both towers are still unoccupied because interior construction is not complete. High said Pelil told him he had seen pictures tile Trade Center and decided Ihe Icam "jusl had to do il." High called Pelil and bis assistant "very iiiei1 young men. They're very cxicted. elated, proud "And I High said, "They'll go on lo bigger and higher things." al streets outside surli siles a.s Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden. Mill, l-'onnait said, lie was siiiiile-niiiuleii abnut the World Trade (Vnti'i- since seeing lowers "Thai's Ihe only was in llie Slates, said When Pel it's walk was over, Pori Authority police wciv wailing for him on the roof- lop. They look him and his as- sis'lanl. .lean-Franco lleckel, 2fp, into custody, but the I wo accomplices on the other rool- tup eluded capture Pelil and lleckel were taken lo liei'kman-Dowiilowii hospi- tal, where they were jilarci! ing a.s a .street entertainer who under psychiatric eva "They've been preparing for Ibis lor said Ihe hospital's executive director, Geoflrey High. "They've been Three Lellisls Slain LA PLATA. Argentina lAI'i Three leflisls were shot dead Wi'ilnes.clay in the bloody rivalry o! Peronist groups Today's Index ('limit's ti Criissword ii Daily Itei'iud II Dcailis .'I l-iditiirial l-'ealuri-s l-'iirm Kin.-ineial Marion Movies Siicii-ty Sporls Stall- Trlcvisi'iM Waul Alls 8A 1C 71) ill! HC I2li-l.1l! HMD