Cedar Rapids Gazette, August 6, 1974, Page 24

Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette August 6, 1974

Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 6, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Heaven-Bound UPI T*i#pho»o(the Chedar UnpirU (fin if He Fortune Teller Backyard fortune teller, Jennifer Meyer, 14, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Meyer, 520 Knollwood drive SE, reads the palm of Jane Adams, 7, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, 2201 Ridgeway drive SE. The fortune-telling session was part of a back yard carnival held at the Marvin Heidt residence, at 2217 Ridgeway drive SH. About $40 was raised to be donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Assn. Keeping Cool A bullfrog in central New Hampshire keeps cool in the early August heat by keeping most of his body under water.IVithout Pick!es -UPI Telephoto —UPI Telephoto —Gazette photo by Tom berryman —AP Wirephoto Someone Should Take A Look at Reunions and Improve Do you tow it, push it, or eat it9 Such possibilities faced Washington policemen this week as they tried to decide how to dispose of a giant hamburger which fell from an advertising truck being used by a local restaurant chain. Concrete Bomb Three slabs of concrete fell from the Chicago Conrad Hilton hotel this week, demolishing one car and wrecking the rear of another. One of the slabs rests atop an automobile parked at the southwest corner of the hotel. Bv Erma Hornbeck Truck driver Don Bradford, Fresno, Calif., must have wondered if he was heaven-bound when his truck ran off the road and overturned Monday near Lemoore, Calif. Bradford, who apparently fell asleep at the wheel, climbed down from the rig. shaken but unhurt. You all know how I feel about high school reunions. I only attended mine because the alumni secretary promised me all the girls would bo obese and it would be a real ego trip for me. Well, she was wrong. I was the only civilian in the room wearing maternity underwear. I missed winning a badminton set for coming the greatest distance by 667 miles. And five people came up to me and said, “What an1 you doing now? I thought you were dead." I have felt for some time that people should take a good hard look at the traditional "reunion" and set* how it could be improved. I feel one group is on the right track At a western school, a group of first graders of the class of 1965 got together recently for their tenth reunion. aalii ii va Uh Now that makes a lot of sense At age Hi. there are no bald heads, no insurance salesmen or politicians making points, no losers. no ‘Over-achievers, no billfolds of childrens' snapshots up to your elbow and no starting in February to get the body presentable by June    8°MBec* But mostly at a reunion of 16-year-olds, there is no sandbagging Like, "You haven t changed a bit.” Now, there’s a classic line. When a cheerleader adds ten pounds above each knee, develops 3-D varicose veins, has bleached hair, borne four children and has a gold-cupped tooth in front, sh«'s‘ changed Or, "I miss the old football games." I don't know why this is so, but at my reunion, there wasn't a single boy in the room who hadn't played football. Take Dan Folkertb Ile came limping up to me. pumptd my hand and said, “Son of a gun.” “Why are you limping?" I asked. “Did you hurt yourself9" He looked astounded “Surely you remember my old football injury." Poolhall injury The only football injury Dan sustained was in the game against Central West when he drank tm* much beer and fell out of the bleacher ami broke his thermos Since 16-year-olds are usually without spouses, there isn t the burden of keeping your husband (or wife) awake during the evening while you recall the good times before you met I don t know whi< h is worse Having your husband wander. out into the hotel lobby and talking with the bellhop or making remarks when introduced like, “So you’re the one who used to write answers on the breath mints and eat the evidence I like you no matter what everyone in this room is saying about you.” I wish our reunions had stopped at age 16 Then I wouldn’t feel such pity for the poor devils who don't look as terrific as I do (Cop*r tghl 19/4. T it id    Inc    I ;

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Publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Issue Date: August 6, 1974